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Sea turtles are symbols of resilience, patience, and calm. They’re perfect for establishing a tranquil environment for an infant to promote sleep and the virtues of the wise and ancient turtle. You’re looking for the best ways to represent these creatures and make a lovely, restful, and possibly cute nursery. We collected some Sea Turtle Nursery Ideas that should help you create just the style you want.

1) Blue Turtle Sheets

Blue is a soothing color and turtles are a calming image, so they’re a perfect choice for crib sheets. This way, you have a restful color right next to where your baby sleeps, and any brighter greens and sunny yellows are further away since they’re more energetic colors. You can get crib sheets with blue turtles on them from Amazon here. These ones even have small bubbles on them and should be interesting for your baby to look at.

2) Blue Turtle-Shapes String Lights

Babies don’t generally sleep on schedule, so you’ll want to have a way to check up on them at all hours of the night without waking yourself up enough that you can’t get back to sleep. This means avoiding bright lights and often means adding a night light so that you can navigate without having to turn anything on. These sea turtle string lights will provide soft blue light, adding a soothing air while illuminating the space enough that you should be able to walk around. You can leave them on like a night light, but there’s also a remote.

3) DIY Felt Plush

Nurseries are soft places, even more so than most bedrooms. Soft decorations and furnishings make it easier to sleep and create a calming environment for an infant the rest of the time, too. To make this a soft space, you can make felt decorations like this plush sea turtle to use as a decoration or toy. This one is small enough that you could even hang it from a coat hanger and dangle the coat hanger from the ceiling to make a mobile. 

4) Realistic Wall Decal

Wall decals can be an awesome nursery idea because they look similar to murals and create thematic walls, but you don’t have to have any artistic skill. Plus, they don’t take up much time and you can remove them once your little one grows up. We found a realistic mama and baby sea turtle decal on Amazon so that you’ll have that convenience. Children love babies, so the tiny sea turtle will be an adorable addition, and the decals are realistic, giving your infant a chance to see what they look like in the wild.

5) Wisdom

Turtles are ancient creatures that live a long time and are therefore known for their wisdom. Many species of turtle can live as long as humans, and rumors of sea turtles living over 300 years in captivity. That makes wisdom a good theme for a sea turtle nursery, so we found you this “Wisdom of a SEA TURTLE” picture for your nursery. It’s part of an artwork theme that’s common in tourist destinations, and it’s a neat way to reference the age of these incredible creatures.

6) DIY 3D Turtle With Beads

It’s essential for a child to experience many different sights, smells, sounds, and textures as they grow up, so adding different textures and patterns to your nursery will be vital for their mental development. You can make a sea turtle art piece like this three-dimensional one that has different textured beads in it. The slight differences in texture and color will be visually interesting and help stimulate their mind. Not to mention, the decoration is pretty and you can do it without any special equipment.

7) Realistic Turtle on Vintage Look Panel

If you’re not planning a cartoonish or cutesy under the sea nursery, you can instead create a realistic nautical turtle theme. We found this vintage look art piece with a realistic turtle image on it that’d make a wonderful nursery decoration. It looks like a turtle swimming through some seaweeds painted on a wood panel, giving it a vintage look that’s appropriate for such an ancient species. The wood look is perfect for sea turtles, too, since the texture is similar to their shell.

8) Turtle Tank Decorations

If you want your little one to learn about actual sea turtles, there’s no better way than to get a pet turtle, but if you’re not interested in a live turtle, there are other options. You can use these ideas to set up a turtle tank as a decoration so that your baby can see their habitat. Try getting turtle statues or toys to put in the tank to make it feel realistic. This way, you can bring in pieces of nature and show a turtle’s environment without the extra hassle of caring for a live turtle.

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9) Decal With Seaweed

Decals are an incredible way to decorate a nursery because they’re temporary, making it easy to use the room for something else later on. They’re a great alternative to murals because they don’t take any artistic skill or large amounts of time, but they can bring any imagery you want into the room. We found this sea turtle decal with seaweed, jellyfish, and sea turtles that has a bright bluish cast. This will create a fantasy look for the nursery and make it feel like you’re underwater.

10) DIY Fluid Art Sea Turtle

Sometimes, as a parent, you want to create something special that no other child will have. If you like the idea of making things for your baby instead of focusing on commercial items that anybody could have, this idea is for you. Many people feel like they don’t have the artistic talent needed to create their own decorations, but with this video, you can create a beautiful fantasy art piece. Since there are instructions to help, you don’t need to be a skilled artist for this fantastic nursery idea.

11) Turtles and Shells

It’s important to have a light source at night so that you can check on your little one without having to turn on glaring overhead lights. While you can get a night light, there are other, more creative options available. You can get something like these string lights to give off continuous soft light. These have turtles and shells to create the impression of sea turtles at the beach. You can also string your own turtle decorations and shells as a daytime decoration.

12) DIY Sea Turtle Crochet

Homemade gifts and decorations are lovely things to have in a nursery because they show a child that they were loved enough that their family took the time to create things for them. Many parents learn to make homemade gifts just so that their little one will have some keepsakes that’ll stay with them forever. If you’re interested in trying to do something similar, you can use these crochet patterns to make sea turtle decorations. Crocheting is fairly simple and you can learn to do it online with a tutorial if you don’t know how to.

13) Storage Cubes

Storage cubes are a useful nursery item because cubes like these are just the right size for baby clothes, diapers, toys, and so many more tiny things you need to keep around. They’re also good for young children, so you won’t have to get rid of them any time soon. You can get a sea turtle one like this with a vintage nautical background to make it feel like your baby’s room is twenty thousand leagues under the sea. 

14) DIY Wall Stencils

Stencils are a simple way to replace murals since many people don’t have the artistic skill or time to paint a full-fledged mural. You can get sea turtle stencils and make it look like turtles are swimming around the room just like this family did. They even used multiple different-sized stencils so that they’d look like an entire sea turtle family. As your child grows up, they’ll love looking at the walls and trying to decide which is the baby turtle and which is the mama and the teenager.

15) Watercolor

If you want to create a fantastical fantasy waterscape, watercolor is probably the best medium for it. It creates a wet underwater look with soft lines, and you can make it colorful in a gentle way that’s perfect for a nursery. Watercolor sea turtle art pieces like these will make a soft and beautiful room and give both you and your baby something lovely to look at. These pictures even have smiles and little bubbles drifting up from them.

16) DIY Paper Crafts

Normally, when you decorate a room, you’ll want permanent and solid decorations that’ll be durable enough to last for some time. With a nursery, though, you can get more temporary decorations since they only have to last a couple of years. These paper craft turtles would be cute decorations and the neat thing is that you can do this craft together with any other kids you have. This is an amazing way to involve the whole family in getting ready for your next child.

17) Hatching Turtle Figure

Little children love babies, and learning about the life cycle of animals is fun. You can include sea turtles in all stages of their lives, from the shell to adulthood, with decorations like these hatching turtle figurines. This set from Amazon comes with three tiny sea turtles crawling out of their shells, and you can even find another turtle figure to act as the “mama” turtle. They’re adorable and they’ll become a teaching tool as your little one grows up and learns about the turtle life cycle.

18) Turtle Exploration

This idea should spark curiosity and make your child wonder about the world. In this picture, a sea turtle explores a bed of seaweed with navigational lines and starfish traced over the faint maplike background. This wall art is all about exploration, and the sea turtle on it looks directly at you as if to say, “Well, are you ready to go?” This is the perfect way to inspire thought and encourage a love of oceans and nature.

19) DIY Turtle Beach Blanket

If you know how to crochet, you might be thinking about making something homemade for your little one. Even if you don’t know how to crochet, there are directions here that can help you make this piece. With these instructions, you can create a blanket that looks like a beach with turtles crawling up it, which is perfect for showing their environment and later teaching your child about turtles. A baby blanket is also the ideal homemade keepsake since it’s easy to store and children tend to remember baby blankets for a long time.

20) Turtle Night Light

It’s a good idea to install a night light in your nursery since you’ll probably need to get up during the night, either because your baby is crying or simply to check on them. With a night light, you don’t have to turn on a light, and the light will be soft so that it’s easier to adjust back when you’re ready to sleep. This turtle night light will be a beautiful and thematic way to softly illuminate the nursery at night.

21) DIY Nature Art Turtle

Nature is an important thing to include in a nursery since it helps your child learn about the world around them and develop natural intelligence. While sea turtles are part of nature, you can go further by making sea turtle decorations out of parts of nature. If you like, use these instructions to create a sea turtle decoration with plants on it that brings to mind legends about turtle island. You can use flowers for a pretty pink decoration of other plants based on what you prefer.

22) Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers

Wall stickers are a neat decoration to have because they’re easier to do than murals, and they’re not permanent. That way, you can take them off when the room is no longer a nursery. We found these neat glow-in-the-dark stickers on Amazon that add an extra level of interest, too. Now, your baby will have some wonderful sights to look at when the lights go out and the room lights up like an underwater fantasy world.

23) Fish and Turtle Mobile

Mobiles are essential in nurseries because they give you something to keep your infant entertained while you change their diaper, and they help soothe babies to sleep over a crib. You’ll probably want a thematic mobile, so we found this mobile with fish and turtles on it. This is a cute and soft design that’s sure to lull your baby to sleep, and it’s designed to clip to the crib to make it easy to install.

What else would you put in a sea turtle nursery? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below!

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