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If I were to make a “Top 10 cutest nursery ideas” list, fairy nurseries would have to be somewhere near the top. They emphasize tiny decor items like fairy dolls and mushrooms, vibrant colors, a whimsical feel, and, to top it off, a touch of nature. It’s the perfect environment to inspire your little one’s creativity and imagination.

Sometimes nursery themes can be easier said than done, though. That’s why today I’m going to be exploring some fairy nursery ideas to help you out. Let’s get started!

1) Fairy Lanterns

These fairy lanterns serve as both nightlights and decor. Since they’re solar-powered, you can simply put them under a sunny window to charge them and have them ready when needed. They would make great decor items for a shelf or a dresser with empty space. You can buy these lanterns from Amazon.

2) Fairy Jewelry Box

Tiny jewelry boxes like this one can work as both decor items and little memento boxes. You can keep your baby’s wristband from the hospital or a baby ring or bracelet if you have them. You can buy this jewelry box from Amazon.

3) Fairy Wall Hanging DIY

Sometimes the best things are made of the simplest materials. This wall-hanging DIY is made mostly of paper and cardboard, but it looks so cute. It’s perfect for adding a pop of color to your nursery’s walls to make the room stand out.

4) Fairy Door Sign

You might think that nursery decor is only on the inside of the nursery, but with door signs, you can make your decor cohesive inside and out. It’s also a great way to distinguish your little one’s nursery from other rooms in your home if you have guests or babysitters over. You can buy this fairy door sign from Amazon.

5) Fairy Glass Ball

This beautiful glass ball makes for a stunning decor item. Since it’s clear and silver, it will match your fairy-themed nursery no matter what color scheme it is. Plus, since it’s small, you can still decorate the space even if you don’t have a ton of room for decorative items. You can buy this fairy glass ball from Amazon.

6) Fairy Wall Decals

I’m always a big fan of wall decals since you have a lot of options when it comes to placement. You could spread the decals out over nearly the entire wall for an eye-catching display, keep the decals to one side, or even do something in between. The sky’s the limit on this one. You can buy these decals from Amazon.

7) Fairy Wall Art

If your fairy nursery’s walls are looking a little plain, that’s a good sign you should get some wall art. Colorful wall art like this can make a bold statement and allow your walls to stand out even if they are painted a neutral color. You can buy this fairy wall art from Etsy.

8) Gemstone Fairy

Gemstones are great for adding a natural element to your little one’s nursery decor, and what better way to incorporate them than with these cute gemstone fairy carvings? You can buy these carvings from Etsy.

9) Colorful Fairy Wall Art

One of the best things about fairy nurseries is how colorful and whimsical they are, and you can bring out that aspect with colorful fairy wall art like this. Due to the small size, it would look lovely above a shelf or narrow dresser. You can buy this colorful fairy wall art at Amazon.

10) Fairy House Storage Box

This cute little fairy house storage box comes with many possibilities. You can put fairy lights or LED candles in it to make a nightlight. You could also use it to store mementos. It would also be cute paired with other items like fairy dolls to make an indoor fairy garden. No matter what you decide on, this is a charming piece of decor with boho vibes thanks to the rattan construction. You can buy this storage box at Amazon.

11) Fairy Garden Furniture Set

This fairy garden furniture set would look cute alongside other fairy decor items like fairy houses, fairy dolls, and more. The fun thing about it is that you have the creative freedom to arrange it however you’d like and add as many items as you’d like to for a perfect fairy-themed nursery display. You can buy this fairy garden furniture set from Etsy.

12) Mushroom Fairy Lights

Fairies are often associated with mushrooms based on old tales about them. For example, some people believe that stepping in the middle of a ring of mushrooms (a fairy ring) will transport them to the world of fairies. 

These tales continue to appear through fairy decor, with fairy gardens and nurseries often having mushrooms in them. One way to incorporate mushrooms is through these mushroom fairy lights, which are not only cute but also serve as some ambient lighting. You can buy these mushroom fairy lights from Amazon.

13) Mushroom and Hedgehog Fairy Garden Accessories

Something else you can add to your fairy-themed decor is this lovely little hedgehog and mushroom set. The small size makes them easy to display almost anywhere, and they look super cute. You can buy this set from Amazon.

14) Mushroom Night Light

This little mushroom night light offers a little ambient light so you can check up on your baby easily, and the mushrooms fit perfectly into the fairy theme. You can buy this mushroom nightlight from Amazon.

15) Fairy Garland

This beautiful fairy garland is great for adding a decorative touch to the wall behind a crib, to the underside of shelves, or even by itself on a blank wall. You can buy this fairy garland from Etsy.

16) Fairy Pond

With the frog sitting and reading a book, this fairy pond has a whimsical look that will feel right at home next to your other fairy-themed decor. You can buy this fairy pond from Amazon.

17) Fairy Tree House

This fairy tree house statue is a cute and colorful piece of decor that can be placed pretty much anywhere, whether to accent a bookshelf or to add some cheer to an end table. You can buy this fairy tree house from Home Depot.

18) Personalized Fairy Night Light

You can make your little one’s nursery feel unique to them with some personalized decor. I love this nightlight since it serves as a decor item during the day and a functional light at night. It also has a delicate look with the fairy lights inside. You can buy this night light from Etsy.

19) Pom Pom Fairy DIY

Pom pom fairies are popular crafts since the end results are absolutely precious. They’re sure to make vibrant and colorful accents wherever you decide to place them, whether on a shelf or otherwise.

20) Fairy on the Moon Metal Sign

Metal signs like this fairy on the moon sign add an elegant take to the fairy theme. Thanks to the neutral coloring, it would work well to balance out a colorful fairy-themed room. It would make a great piece of wall decor next to a shelf or other wall art. It can also be used as a door sign to make your little one’s room distinct. You can buy this metal sign from Home Depot.

21) Fairy Doll

These tiny fairy dolls make for great accents by themselves or with other fairy-themed decors like fairy houses and little furniture items. You can buy these fairy dolls from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

From mushroom fairy lights to fairy wall decals, there are many possibilities when it comes to this fairy nursery decor. Armed with these inspirations, I hope you find what you need to create a nursery you can be truly proud of. 

If I had to pick from these lovely items, I’d have to say my top three would be:

  • #5 Fairy Glass Ball: Despite its small size, this glass ball stood out to me due to its unique and stunning appearance. It can also be forgiving of the color scheme you would choose since it uses only silver-colored and clear materials.
  • #10 Fairy House Storage Box: I love that this small box can be used for many things, from a nightlight to a memento box. 
  • #21 Fairy Doll: What would a fairy nursery be without fairies? I love how you can place these cute little fairy dolls virtually anywhere, whether as decor items by themselves or with some small fairy furniture to set up a scene. 

I’d love to know your thoughts on this — which of these decor items would you pick for your fairy-themed nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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