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A ballerina nursery is exceptionally elegant and a lovely place for your little girl to grow up in. That being said, it can be difficult to find ideas for decorating. After all, you might wonder, “Are there really that many ballet-themed decor items out there?” 

As it turns out, the answer is yes. From wall clocks to bedding to plushies and more, there are plenty of ways to make your ballerina nursery look cute and coordinated. Let’s take a look at some of the best ballerina nursery ideas.

1) Ballerina Wall Clock

Ballerina wall clocks are a charming way to tell the time, featuring a dancer in the center whose legs point to indicate the hour and minute. They’re great for filling in space above a relatively small furniture item (compared to a crib), like a chair or changing table. They also work well in conjunction with other wall decors, such as above floating shelves or next to a painting. You can buy a ballerina wall clock from Walmart.

2) Ballet Wall Art Set

A set of ballet-themed wall art is a great way to decorate empty wall space. Since it’s a set, you can arrange them in many different ways: vertically, horizontally, diagonally, in a triangle, and more. Many parents prefer putting wall art above the crib or other large pieces of furniture, but you could also have the art be a focal point on an empty wall.

3) Ballerina Fairy Doll DIY

Making your own ballerina fairy doll allows you to customize it to represent your daughter, making it a treasured keepsake. 

There are also plenty of display possibilities for this DIY item, such as displaying it inside a small shadow box, hanging it inside an empty picture frame, hanging it on the door, or arranging a few fairy dolls as wall decor. 

Another idea is to get a small Christmas tree and decorate it with ballet-themed items, which is great for nursery holiday decor or if you love keeping up Christmas trees year-round.

4) Swan Lake Snow Globe

Your little one won’t be old enough to handle snow globes for a while, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them as decor in the meantime. They make cute decorative items for bookshelves, the tops of cubbies or dressers, floating shelves, and other areas where you have empty space. 

If you want the Swan Lake theme to extend beyond this snow globe, I recommend putting it with other themed decors like swans and crowns. You can buy this Swan Lake snow globe from Amazon.

5) Ballerina Girl Doll

Dolls like this ballerina girl doll make for great nursery decor items since they help create a child-friendly and fun aesthetic. They can be placed on a chair next to a throw pillow or on a shelf. You can buy this ballerina girl doll from Walmart.

6) Ballerina Figurine

Ballerina figurines like this one make for lovely pieces of art to add to a shelf or end table. Feel free to mix and match them with other decor pieces like snow globes, dolls, and more to create a unique arrangement. You can buy this ballerina figurine from Amazon.

7) Pointe Shoes Painting

Pointe shoe artwork has an elegant, classic look to it. It can serve as a source of inspiration for your daughter as she grows up since it takes years of hard work in order to dance on pointe. You can buy this painting from Amazon.

8) Ballet-Themed Mobile

Ballet-themed mobiles are entertaining for your baby and also serve as crib decor. This is great since cribs are often difficult to decorate besides using fitted sheets, especially for newborns — keeping pillows, plushies, and other items out of the crib helps keep them safe.

This allows you to tie the space around the crib with the crib itself, making for a cohesive aesthetic. Buy this ballet-themed mobile from Amazon.

9) Ballet Ornament

There are quite a few decor options when it comes to ballet ornaments like this one. When paired with other ornaments (white and pink work well), they serve as fillers for bowls or vases. I recommend placing this ornament at the top and in the center to serve as a focal point and make the decor piece clearly ballet-themed. 

You could also place the ornament on a bed of tulle, making a cute desk display piece.

10) Animal Ballerina Plushie

Along with ballerina girl plushies, animal ballerina plushies are popular decor items for ballerina nurseries. Along with being super cute, they’re toys that your little girl is sure to treasure when she gets older. You can have this plushie peek out of a basket or on a toy hammock.

11) Ballerina Curtains

Ballerina curtains are an aesthetic way to filter out light during naptime and give some privacy. Depending on the curtains you get, they can have different looks. 

Personally, I prefer these floor-length curtains since they have a dramatic look and can make your windows look larger than they really are. 
But smaller curtains can be more practical in some settings, especially if you have items below the windows that may prevent full-length curtains from closing all the way. You can buy these ballerina curtains from Amazon.

12) Ballet Crib Bedding

A crib bedding set is one way to make your nursery’s crib area feel coordinated since all the items in the set are made to match. You can buy this bedding set from Walmart.

13) Ballerina Bookends

If you’ve built up a nursery book collection, one cute way to keep them all in one place is by using cute ballet-themed bookends like these. With the pink and white theme, they’d look the most coordinated on top of a pink or white shelf or table. You can buy these bookends from Amazon.

14) Ballerina Lamp

It turns out every aspect of your ballerina nursery can be ballet themed if you want it to be, even the lighting! This lamp from Amazon keeps things simple with the plain sheer lampshade and the bow accent, giving the ballet shoes room to shine.

15) Ballet Pillow Cover

Pillows make any room feel cozier, and that goes for nurseries as well. But if your throw pillows are feeling a little plain in comparison to your other ballet-themed decor items, that’s a good sign you need a ballet pillow cover like this one from Amazon. It’s also great since chairs tend to be solid colored, so it can keep them from looking out of place in your themed nursery.

16) Dancing Ballerina Wall Decor DIY

This ballerina wall decor DIY makes for a great focal piece to add to your walls. The asymmetrical ballerinas on it make it look visually interesting. 

Plus, depending on the materials you use, you can make the ballerinas any color you’d like. If you’re going for a more traditional pink ballet-themed nursery, then pink would be a good option, or you could use a neutral like white to balance out all the pink in the room.

17) Ballerina Wall Decals

Large wall decals allow you to fill in a substantial amount of space on a wall, which is great if you currently have a blank wall that feels out of place with the rest of the room’s decor. I really like this floral and butterfly-themed ballerina decal set from Amazon

It has many vibrant colors and uses black rather than white, which can add some contrast if the nursery is currently white and pink-themed.

18) Bunny Ballerina Wall Art

This bunny ballerina wall art set is super cute and can coordinate with your space if you already have some animal ballerina-themed items like the plushie I mentioned earlier. Buy this wall art set from Amazon.

19) Ballet Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are the perfect place to keep sentimental items like little ultrasound photos, a letter you wrote to your baby, and your baby’s wristband from the hospital. Besides being practical, ballet-themed keepsake boxes make cute decor items for shelves, bookcases, and more. You can buy this ballet keepsake box from Amazon.

20) Brass-look Ballerina Figures DIY

These figurines look like they’re made of expensive materials, but they’re actually made of things like aluminum foil, wire, and air-dry clay. There’s also a lot of room to get creative, including the colors you use — you could change the acrylic color to make the figurines look like they’re made of silver and the ribbon color, so they have pink skirts, for example.

21) Ballet Shoe Vase

This ballet shoe vase looks super unique and is sure to be a statement piece wherever you decide to put it, whether on a shelf or a dresser. 

Since the vase is rather narrow and you have to look into it to see what’s inside (as opposed to a wide or clear vase), I don’t recommend vase fillers like colorful stones. Artificial flowers, feathers, or other fillers that extend over the top of the vase are sure to magnify its elegance. You can buy this vase from Amazon.

22) Ballerina Photo Frame

Have an adorable picture of your baby that you’d love to show off? Why not put it in a cute ballerina photo frame? It would make a great focal point for your shelf decor, or you can combine it with other themed photo frames for a lovely family-themed display. You can buy this frame from Amazon.

23) Ballet Laundry Basket

Ballet laundry baskets are as cute as they are practical. Besides the obvious purpose of storing dirty clothes for later wash, you can also use laundry baskets for storing clean clothes, toys, diapers, and other essentials to keep your ballerina nursery organized. You can buy this ballet laundry basket from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

Creating a ballerina nursery is not as difficult of a task as it may seem with the wide variety of ballet-themed decor items out there. 

Essentials like crib bedding and laundry baskets can be ballet themed, as well as wall decors like decals and paintings. There are also plenty of items you can put on shelves or dressers to fill empty spaces and make your ballerina nursery truly unique. 

If I had to pick a few favorite items off this list, I’d have to choose: 

  • #11 Ballerina Curtains: These ballerina curtains are a great option since there are many decorative possibilities depending on the length. Long curtains, for example, tend to make the window feel larger than it actually is. 
  • #20 Brass-look Ballerina Figures DIY: I love this DIY since it’s made with inexpensive items, yet, if done right, it looks like a valuable figurine. There are also many creative possibilities with it since you get to choose the ballet position the figure is in, the colors, the facial details, and more. 
  • #23 Ballet Laundry Basket: Laundry baskets are crucial for keeping your nursery organized, and you can put pretty much anything in them, from baby essentials to dirty laundry. You can even mix and match laundry baskets to create an even more neat and tidy space. 

With all that being said, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. What decor items do you plan to put in your ballerina nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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