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Turquoise is a beautiful nursery color, with the soothing gentleness of blue and the warmth and energy of green. It’s not too difficult to find decorations, but you need something unique and you’ll want decorations that go well together, keeping the room soft and lovely. You love the idea of a turquoise room, but now you need some Turquoise Nursery Ideas to help you design it. See if these help.

1) Fabric Dresser

Fabric dressers are wonderful for nurseries because the drawers are generally a comfortable size for storing toys but also aren’t usually too big for baby clothes. They’re also the right size for children, so you can keep the same dresser when your little one grows up. We found this turquoise dresser with a soothing bluish turquoise color that’ll look wonderful with yellow or various green tones. The polka dots make it more fun and provide stimulation for a baby’s mind, as well.

2) Orange and Turquoise

Like other shades of blue, turquoise goes well with orange since orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel. They create a striking combination, and you can take advantage of that by getting decorations with turquoise and orange ombre like this window curtain. The ombre allows the two colors to blend slightly in the middle, creating a green section that helps blend them together so that you still get the striking effect of the orange and turquoise, but in a less jarring way since this is a bedroom.

3) DIY Vintage Paint

You can make a vintage version of any theme, but with turquoise as your primary color choice, there are many more options than with other color combinations. You can often buy retro turquoise furniture that’s designed to look old and worn or use tutorials like this one to customize baby furniture with a vintage look. You can mix the vintage-style turquoise furniture with worn white furniture since it looks good in vintage style, as well.

4) Gray and Turquoise

Blue is a soothing color, which makes blue variants like turquoise perfect for nurseries, but you’ll want to have two or three main colors in the room even if turquoise is the most prevalent. Gray makes a wonderful choice because it’s a neutral color and has a similar calming effect to blue. Turquoise and gray also look good together, as long as you pick the right tones of gray and turquoise, such as the lighter choices in this crib bedding set.

5) Brown or Tan

Brown or tan also go well with turquoise, particularly with brighter bluish turquoise, as they add some contrast and highlight the intensity of this beautiful color. You can see in this ColorSnap that some shades of brown and tan make a good base for furniture color. You can get turquoise bedding, curtains, and other accessories and smaller decorations so that it acts more like an accent while the brown makes even the smallest amounts of turquoise stand out.

6) Woodland

Turquoise probably isn’t the first color that comes to mind when you think of natural colors, but it can make a wonderful choice for a colorful woodland-themed nursery like this one. You can see how the softness of the turquoise goes well with the touches of pink, along with some gray, white, and natural wood. The turquoise will look good with both natural wood and whites, pinks, or woodsy colors like greens, helping to pull the color scheme together.

7) Repurposed Gallery Decor

There are many turquoise nurseries out there, so you’ll want to find a way to make yours unique and also ensure that it’s the best space for your child’s sleep, play, and development. One way to create unique decor is to repurpose things to make a gallery wall. For example, if you find a decoration that has a piece you like but that doesn’t look good overall, you can take it apart as this parent did with her wreath. Then, hang the parts you want on your gallery wall.

8) Blackout

Some babies have trouble sleeping, and since babies are likely to take naps during the day, it’s a good idea to find a way to keep the room dark during the daytime. This is why blackout curtains are a good option for many nurseries, though you can get room darkening ones if blackout curtains are too dark. We found a turquoise blackout curtain that’d make a wonderful accent in a room with white walls. You can combine it with other furnishings like crib sheets and chairs on a white background.

9) White With Gray Elephants

Gray and white go well with turquoise since they’re all calming colors, and white and gray can tone down a turquoise space. For example, you can get decorations or furnishings that are white with a gray elephant pattern like the one on the curtain on this mood board. This will break up the turquoise and tone it down, while the elephants will be fun and interesting for the baby and the pattern will stimulate their mind. 

10) Pink Flowers

Turquoise and pink go well together, creating a soft combination as they each keep the other color from being too intense. A pink floral decoration on a turquoise background will add a splash of warm color while the cooler turquoise makes it easier to sleep. You can create this look with pink flowers and floral furniture alongside turquoise walls or with something like this floral bedding set with both pink and turquoise against white walls.

11) Yellow, Gray, and Turquoise

Yellow and gray are other colors that look good with turquoise and help to create a space that’s warm and fun but also cool and calming for sleep. The yellow adds a warm impression and makes the area feel cheerful while the gray tones everything down and makes it easier for them to sleep since this is both a play area and sleeping space. You can see in this nursery how a yellow, turquoise, and gray room is beautiful and vibrant.

12) Boho Feathers

Boho feathers are another good option for a turquoise room because they often come in colors that look good with turquoise. For example, these bins have turquoise and other colors that look good together and create a more natural look. They’re a good way to introduce turquoise since they’re not too vibrant and won’t be too intense for them to sleep the way some turquoise decorations could be. These bins in particular are the right size for baby clothes or toys and can effectively turn shelves into drawers.

13) Beach

Turquoise is the perfect color for a beach-themed nursery since it brings water to mind and makes people feel like they’re in the ocean. You can see in this nursery that turquoise adds a sunny cheerfulness to a beach theme. You’ll want to add some decorations like the wooden beads and wicker decorations in this nursery to create a natural look, but you can also include decorations that are distinctly beach-themed like seashell-covered mirrors and vases.

14) Dark Blue Butterflies

Unlike many colors, blue looks good when you mix different shades together. In a turquoise room, you can use this trait to add a bit of variation without taking away from the uniquely cheerful and soothing effect of your main color. Dark blue butterflies like these ones from Amazon will break up any turquoise on the walls and add some variation. Try placing this entire swarm all around the nursery as if the butterflies are fluttering around.

15) Nursery Center

Nursery centers are great for any nursery, and a small one in particular since they combine all the most important nursery features into one piece of furniture. You can get a turquoise nursery center that’s a crib with a changing station and storage area for diapers and other essentials. This example is a brilliant, somewhat dark turquoise that should go well with other shades of turquoise and will add a pop of more vibrant color to the room.

16) Gold With Turquoise Accents

Gold and turquoise together are ideal for a glamorous nursery with plenty of textures. Try to get shiny gold metallic decorations such as mirrors and heavily textured turquoise decorations such as knit blankets. You can take some ideas from this sunny and glamorous gold and turquoise nursery, but as a general rule, ribbons and hard surfaces can be gold while most soft surfaces should be turquoise. Turquoise items should have a rougher texture while gold items should be very smooth.

17) Elephant Stripe

These elephant-themed curtains would be a wonderful addition to a turquoise nursery with their tasteful and beautiful patterned pink and turquoise stripes. Some of the stripes have dashes and other patterns while others are filled with elephants, which are some of the cutest and most attractive decorations you can include in such a space. The light colors, along with the combination of gray, pink, and turquoise, and the way the patterns break up each strip, combine to create an interesting but not-too-intense furnishing.

18) Test Paint Colors

One problem with turquoise is that there are many different tones, from the greenest possibility to an almost completely blue option. This means that you have an incredible range of possibilities but also makes it difficult to ensure that everything is the color you want. That’s why it’s important to test all your paint choices by bringing them home and either painting sections of walls or holding sample cards up to the walls so that you can see them in the nursery’s lighting just like this family did.

19) Silver

Turquoise looks amazing with silver, creating a variety of possible effects, including a moon and stars look like the one this curtain has with little star shapes all along the silver that snakes through the curtain. You can thread silver through a large area of turquoise to break it up and create a textured look. The metallic silver makes everything shine a bit and can collect light to fascinate your baby, and it’ll create a glamorous look if you combine it with the right luxurious silver and turquoise decor. 

20) Pink Patterns

Pink and turquoise go well together, but some choices make a difference with this color combination. For example, solid pink and turquoise may look good, but pink and white patterned pieces alongside turquoise and white patterned pieces make the room infinitely more interesting without making it too busy for your baby to sleep in. You can see in this nursery how pink and white patterns on solid, light turquoise makes the pink stand out more, too.

21) Magic

Who doesn’t love magic? Most adults love it, and for babies, most things are like magic since they’ve barely begun to explore and figure out how the world works. Magic-themed nurseries are some of the best, and you can use turquoise combined with purple or navy blue to make a room instantly appear magical. Other decorations that enhance a mystical effect are stars like the ones in this Harry Potter Nursery, moons, and swirling patterns with hints of metallic paint.

22) Watercolor Floral

Watercolors are good in nurseries because they create an almost ethereal or magical look and because they’re soft, making them good for a sleeping room. Turquoise is a good color choice for a mystical-themed room and it’s a bright color that benefits from the softening effects of watercolor paint. You can get decorations like these curtains with turquoise watercolor plants and flowers on them to make the room look calming and natural. The variety of colors that blend into the primarily turquoise decoration help create a more natural look, as does the watercolor appearance.

23) Purple

Turquoise and purple look good together, creating an almost magical look if you choose lighter shades. Darker shades create contrast, leading to a bold and intense look that catches the eye, as well. For example, this ombre curtain with turquoise at the top and purple on the bottom looks bold, but the see-through design also makes it so it’d fit in in a magical or storybook-themed nursery. For a bolder look, use more solid colors, and for a more whimsical look, try something sheer.

24) Carpet

Rugs and thick carpets aren’t common in nurseries because babies can suffocate on thick carpets or rugs and rugs can be easy to trip on. You can get thin rugs and carpets, though, and a jewel-toned carpet like the one in this nursery can create an eye-catching turquoise room. With a turquoise carpet, you don’t need many other turquoise decorations since the carpet will be intense enough on its own. Try using mint or similar colors that complement it on your walls and large furniture pieces.

25) Drawer Dividers

When you’re changing a squirming infant, you probably don’t want to be digging and hunting around for the things you need. It’s a lot easier to care for a baby when you have everything organized and can just reach into the correct compartment to get whatever you need, so we found some turquoise drawer dividers. These are excellent for a dresser that’s being used as a changing table or a changing table with a drawer, and they should work well for organizing tiny baby clothes, too.

What other things could we have included in this list? We love sharing ideas and can’t wait to hear yours! Please let us know in the comments below.

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