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Monsters Inc is a part of your childhood, and it’s wonderful that you’ve chosen to share it with your baby. You’re determined to create the best Monsters Inc. tribute and exploration that your can for the little one. We’ve gathered some Monsters Inc Nursery Ideas so that your infant can grow up with Sully, Mike Wazowski, and Boo just like you might have.

1) Sully and Mike Wazowski

Sully and Mike Wazowski are two of the most important Monsters Inc. characters, so you’ll want to include them in your nursery. We found this neat watercolor art print of Sully and Mike Wazowski together that’d be a great addition to the nursery. Since it’s only eight inches by ten inches, it’ll look best as an addition to a gallery wall with many monsters inc images and personal photos. The figures in the print are somewhat abstract, but you can see that Mike Wazowski is giving your child a thumbs up.

2) Thematic Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are like throw blankets; they can be a decoration and be practical at the same time. You can throw them over the crib rail or a chair as a decoration, then use them as a blanket when you need to. We found this Monsters Inc. baby blanket that your little one will treasure for years to come. It’s designed to be warm but breathable so that you can use it year-round, and the realistic images of the characters will make it a fun decoration.

3) DIY Boo’s Door

This nursery decoration takes a little effort, but it’s one of the most unique. You can make it so that your baby’s nursery door looks just like Boo’s door did in the movie using the directions in this video. This is a fun way to go all-out decorating without spending a lot of money, and any other kids in the house will love seeing it. This project will vary a bit depending on what style of door you currently have, but you should be able to more or less follow the video instructions for it.

4) Blue and Green Monster Window Panel

Since the main characters in Monsters Inc., Sully and Mike Wazowski, are blue and green, it makes sense to use those two colors as a major part of your theme. This also means that you can add blur and green decorations and they’ll look like they’re part of the theme even if they’re not designed with Monsters Inc. in mind. For example, you can get green curtains like these that are the right shade to mimic the monsters in the movie.

5) Custom Wall Decal

Parents and guardians love putting their child’s name on the wall in their nursery. It’s a way of labeling the space as theirs and it’s a cute decoration that’ll later help your child learn their letters. You can try to make Monsters Inc.-themes letters, but too much thematic decor can be overwhelming, so we found a way to get this custom decal from Amazon with your child’s name. The decal is a solid blue that’s similar to the color of Sully’s fur, so it’ll fit in this nursery even though it doesn’t have any movie pictures incorporated into it.

6) DIY Poms

There are a surprising number of birthday crafts that can also work as nursery decorations. For example, we found these adorable sully pom decorations from Studio DIY. They’re fairly easy to make; just scroll down to the DIY project here. While the crafters turned them into slippers, you can use them as table decorations or attach them to the tops of all kinds of things, from lampshades to mobiles to diaper caddies! These ones are designed to look like Sully, but you could adapt the project to look like other movie characters.

7) Blue and Green Baby Blanket

Blue and green are probably the best colors for a Monsters Inc. nursery because Sully and Mike Wazowski are green and blue. We found this adorable multi-textured plush panel baby blanket that’s green and blue. The neat thing is that each panel has a different texture, allowing your little one to explore the different sensations when they touch it. This is an excellent way to provide stimulation for your little one and help their brain develop.

8) Peel and Stick Decals

One of the coolest ways to decorate a nursery, particularly if you have other children, is to get peel and stick decals that match your theme. In this case, we found a set of Monsters Inc. decals that are easy to peel and stick on any smooth surface, and they advertise that you can take them off and reposition them without leaving behind residue. This makes them a perfect project to do with your other children if you have any.

9) Monster Lampshade

This Monsters Inc. nursery has so many cool ideas that it’s hard to pick one, but this lampshade really caught our eye. You can take any inexpensive green or blue lamp and decorate the shade like the one in this nursery picture to look like a monster. Just get a hot glue gun or some rubber cement and some colored felt or paper! You can even get creative and try to make the lampshade look like one of the specific characters.

10) Tiny Monster Banner

This banner is designed for birthday parties, but it’s such a cute decoration, and you can hang it in a nursery, too. The banner says “Welcome Tiny Monster,” but you can take the part that says “Tiny Monster” and display it over or behind the crib. This is an adorable way to label your little one as a monster, just like the monsters from Monster Inc. It even has a color scheme that matches the movie. 

11) Window Decal

Your walls aren’t the only thing you can decorate in your nursery! You can get cool things like these window decals with Boo and Mike Wazowski that are designed to look like stained glass. It’s about eight inches by ten inches, so it should be big enough to be noticeable even if it’s the only window decoration. Each decal is broken up with panes in slightly different shades so that it looks like the decals are made from stained glass, creating a pattern that’ll fascinate your baby.

12) DIY Storage Bins

Storage is vital in a nursery because it makes it easier to care for your baby, particularly when you’re trying to change them and don’t have a hand free to hunt around in large drawers. Smaller bins like these are ideal for storing diapers, small toys, baby clothes, and more, and you can customize them with a Monsters Inc. theme. Take a look at this Tastefully Frugal DIY project in which they created cheap and simple Monsters Inc. storage boxes.

13) Monsters Inc Action Figures

Action figures are cool because you can put them in a nursery as a decoration and then your child can play with them later on. This makes them the ideal decoration to get for a baby since they’ll last well into their childhood. We found these Monsters Inc action figures of Mike Wazowski and Boo that’d be adorable decorations for this nursery. They’re recommended for kids three years old and older, so once they’re old enough to play with them safely, you can move them from a shelf decoration to a toy.

14) DIY Temporary Monsters

Nurseries are generally temporary places. A baby seeps in it for a couple of years until they’re old enough for a child’s bedroom, and then the nursery decorations are taken down and the space becomes a bedroom or is used for something else. The temporary nature of this room means that you can use party decorations like these monsters. Follow this video tutorial to learn how to make Monsters Inc. party decorations that you can tape up or otherwise hang around the nursery.

15) Sully Pizza Delivery

This little sticker is one of the most realistic decorations we’ve seen yet. The decal sticker has Sully carrying an order of pizzas, making it a funny and cute decoration. It’s ten by fifteen inches, so you can use it as the centerpiece of a small sticker wall, or just place it anywhere that looks nice. It’s supposed to be removable, repositionable, and reusable, so it should be easy to put up and reposition if you need to. 

16) Tulle Wreaths

Tulle wreaths are adorable and froufrou decorations that are perfect for a fantasy nursery like this Monsters Inc. one. You can use these instructions from Crafts Direct to make tulle wreaths that look like any monster from the movie. If you want them to resemble Mike Wazowski and Sully, there are even pictures to help you figure out how to make those particular characters. This project can be adapted for any character, but the supply lists are based on these two particularly famous ones.

17) Monsters Mobile

Mobiles are essential when it comes to entertaining babies, but also helping soothe infants to sleep. We found this Mike Wazowski and Sully mobile on Amazon that has fluffy 3D versions of the two characters, along with some cute and soft orange stars. The mobile is musical, too, so your little one can get to sleep watching these adorable monsters and listening to Brahm’s lullaby. The mobile is designed to go on a crib and advertises that it fits most of them.

18) DIY Mini Door Decor

The doors in Monsters Inc. are one of the most unique and memorable parts of the story, so if you want to create a Monsters Inc. background, the doors are probably one of the best ways to do so. You can use the directions in this article from Studio DIY to learn how to make a miniature door that looks like the doors in Monsters Inc. Then, put them up all over the walls so it looks like Monsters Inc. HQ in your baby’s nursery!

19) Monsters Inc Doors

Since the Monsters Inc. doors are so iconic, you can go further than decorating will small versions of them. If you want, try using these images as inspiration to turn your nursery door into one of the doors from Monsters Inc. That way, it’ll feel like a scary and cuddly creature is about to pop out at any minute…or maybe your little one is the cuddly monster. Try painting the door or taping paper to it to create a cute and thematic decoration.

20) Hole In The Wall

Hole in the wall art can be some of the most unique, and it seems appropriate for a movie like Monsters Inc. This hole in the wall art piece from Amazon will make it look like several of the monsters from the movie breached the walls of your nursery and are ready to come in and visit your child. This is a hilarious and fun decoration that’s really in the spirit of that goofy movie, and it’ll be a centerpiece at almost four feet wide!

21) DIY Monster Toy Box

This DIY project will last a long time and serve many purposes. Like everything in this nursery, it’s monster-themed, but this piece doesn’t have to be based on any specific character. You can use these instructions to create a monster toy box and then add your own touches if you want it to look like a specific creature. The neat thing is that you can turn cleaning up into a game since it’ll look like your child is feeding the toys to a monster. This will probably be a fixture in your child’s room for years to come. 

22) Mike Wazowski Decal

Mike Wazowski is one of the main characters in the movie, so it only makes sense to make him a significant part of the nursery decorating. We found this enormous Mike Wazowski decal that you can put up on the walls to make it look like the real monster is there. It’s a black decal so that it’ll seem more like a shadow, but it’s a neat way to bring the movie to life in your child’s bedroom. You can also get it in a smaller size.

23) Polka Dots

Polka dots are a common nursery decoration because they form a pattern that’s stimulating for infants and you can choose almost any color scheme. While green and blue are definitely good choices for a Monsters Inc. nursery, you don’t want to make the entire room about the two main characters. You can add more bright, solid colors like these purple polka dots to make it feel like the plethora of different and strange monsters all belong here.

Did any of these ideas stand out to you? What would you add to your Monsters Inc. nursery that’s not here? We can’t wait to hear all about it in the comments below!

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