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Green and brown tend to have a calming feel to them, evoking images of nature. Depending on the items you choose to decorate with, these colors can be suitable for a girl’s, boy’s, or gender-neutral nursery. 

Unfortunately, green and brown nurseries are a little underrated compared to their more popular blue, pink, or gray counterparts. For that reason, it can be a little difficult to know where to begin.

That’s why today I’m going to be taking a look at some great green and brown nursery ideas so you can create a beautiful environment for your little one to grow up in. 

1) Green Tassel Garland

Besides fitted sheets, cribs don’t have a lot of decorating potential if you have an infant. Of course, nothing’s stopping you from decorating the area around the crib. 

Garlands are a popular piece of decor for this purpose, often being placed on the wall behind a crib to add some color and tie the space together. This green tassel garland, in particular, is great for boho-themed green and brown nurseries.

2) Espresso Crib

Green cribs aren’t super common compared to neutral ones. Plus, you have to be careful about choosing the right shade of green, so it doesn’t clash with the other elements you plan to put in the nursery. For those reasons, it’s often better to get an espresso crib for your green and brown nursery. You can buy this espresso crib from Amazon.

3) Paper Turtle DIY

I love this little paper turtle craft since, along with being super adorable, it’s made using items you probably have around your house, like construction paper and glue. You can add a turtle or two to fill in empty space on a table. It’s also great for wall decor if you add tape to the underside. 

And if you already have little ones at home, they’re sure to love helping out with their new sibling’s nursery and doing a fun craft in the process.

4) Potted Plants

Since green and brown nurseries have such an earthy, natural look to them, it makes sense to put genuine nature in there, too, through potted plants. Large potted plants are great for filling in floor space, while small or medium-sized potted plants look great on tables or a chest of drawers.

5) Green Woven Storage Baskets

Storage baskets are a quick and easy solution to nursery organization. They’re great for all your baby’s essentials, from diapers to onesies and more. 

But did you know they’re also an easy way to decorate your green and brown nursery? The color can add some visual interest to your shelves, while the woven texture fits well with a boho theme. I recommend pairing these with some brown wooden shelves or a bookcase, so your nursery has a cohesive look. You can buy these storage baskets from Amazon.

6) Tree Decals

Brown and green lend themselves to a gorgeous natural aesthetic, and that’s no different for wall decor. Tree decals like these are a cute way to bring nature a little closer to home thanks to their cartoony aesthetic and the cute animal decals included. Also, since each little leaf comes separately, you’re free to get creative and make a nursery you’ll be proud of for your child to grow up in.

7) Ivy and Butterfly Decals

Some of the things I’ve mentioned so far have a boho vibe to them, but a brown and green color palette isn’t confined to just one aesthetic. No, these butterfly and ivy decals show that you can use brown and green in an elegant context. The green leaves have a watercolor-like effect to them, and the butterflies further contribute to the charm.

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8) Artificial Hanging Succulent

If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can still add a natural look with these artificial plants from Amazon. Being artificial, there’s virtually no limit to where you can put them. Add them as an accent to a shelf, as a filler for a favorite vase, or put them in hanging baskets. The only limit is your imagination!

9) Rustic Wood Animal Wall Art

If you want your nursery to feel like a cozy cabin in the woods, you can do just that with a rustic wooden animal wall art set like this one.

10) Brown Wooden Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great space-saving storage solution that can store toys, books, and more. Brown wooden shelves, in particular, have a minimal look that will fit with, but not detract from, your other nursery decor. They also fit into a variety of aesthetics, whether you’re leaning toward a more rustic or modern look.

11) Green Mobile

This is decor both you and your baby get to enjoy! A cute green mobile is a great way to decorate the space around your baby’s crib and also provide some entertainment as your little one looks up at it. You can buy a green mobile from Amazon.

12) Artificial Branches

Artificial branches are great for their versatility. You can use them as vase fillers, shelf accents, and wall decor alike. They add a lovely natural touch to your nursery. You can buy these artificial branches from Home Depot.

13) Tree Curtains

Help your little one feel close to nature even when the curtains are shut with these lovely tree curtains from Amazon. The watercolor effect almost makes them look like a work of art, which is great if you want your windows to be a focal point.

14) Plant Throw Pillow

Add a natural touch to your nursery rocker or chair with a plant throw pillow. You can even mix and match plant throw pillows to make the nursery feel like a thriving rainforest. Buy plant throw pillows from Amazon.

15) Green Shag Rug

Green shag rugs from Amazon have a grass-like aesthetic. They fit perfectly if you have other plant-themed elements in the nursery. They also give the nursery a cozier, more comfortable feel, especially if you have hardwood floors.

16) Brown Gradient Polka Dot Decals

Wall decals come with so many possibilities, especially if they’re abstract, like these polka dot decals. There’s no correct arrangement with these. You can just decorate your nursery to your heart’s content! You can arrange them randomly for a spontaneous and fun look, in a symmetrical arrangement for an orderly look, or put them in a specific shape like a rainbow. Buy these dot decals from Amazon.

17) Brown and Green Wallpaper

If you feel that your nursery is lacking something, you may want to take a look at the walls. Are the walls making the space feel plain and do not fit the theme you’re going for? If so, you may want to try some wallpaper. 

Once you’ve decided wallpaper is a good solution, you’ll then need to decide whether to wallpaper an accent wall or the entire room. 

Accent walls call attention to one wall, which is great if you want one wall to be the focal point when you walk into the room. Wallpapered rooms have a cohesive look to them and tend to look fun if you choose a cute pattern like this deer and tree wallpaper from Walmart.

18) Brown Cow Print Blanket

If you’re going for a rustic or cabin-themed green and brown nursery, you may want a brown cow print blanket to spruce up the space. If you’re looking for an organized look, you may want to neatly fold the blanket and place it on a chair. 
Meanwhile, if you want a cozy, lived-in look, you can hang the blanket on the side of a chair or have it peek out of a basket. You can even use it as a wall tapestry if you love the pattern and want it on full display. There are all sorts of ways to have fun with throw blankets! Buy this blanket from Amazon.

19) Green and Brown Lamp

Yes, even lamps come in green and brown! Leaf-themed lamps like this one lend themselves to a natural-looking nursery and work well with a rainforest or woodland aesthetic. You can buy this lamp from Home Depot.

20) Woodland Creature Tapestry

If your nursery’s walls have a lot of empty space and you aren’t sure what to do with them, that’s a good sign to look into tapestries. I love this one since it features cute little woodland creatures.
If you plan to have natural-themed decors like the potted plants and artificial branches I mentioned earlier, they will coordinate well to create a forest-y theme. You can buy this tapestry from Walmart.

21) Camo Name Decals

Name decals are a great way to give your little one’s nursery some personalization. They’re also easy to apply to anything, from the walls to the door and even to a wooden sign. You can buy name decals from Walmart.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy looking at these green and brown nursery ideas? I hope they helped give you some inspiration, especially since these two colors tend to be underrated in nurseries. 

If I had to pick some favorites from this list, I’d have to go with: 

  • #2 Espresso Crib: Cribs are absolute essentials for nurseries, and it feels even better to buy one that will go with your nursery’s aesthetic. No matter what you want your green and brown nursery to look like — whether boho, rustic, or modern — an espresso crib is sure to fit right in. 
  • #12 Artificial Branches: I can’t help but love versatile ideas, and artificial branches are just that. You can place them virtually anywhere, from shelves to baskets to jars and more. You can buy many branches and make them a key part of the room’s decor, or just have a few here and there as accents — you decide! 
  • #17 Brown and Green Wallpaper: Few things have more of an effect on a room than the wallpaper. Wallpaper allows you to make one wall a focal point, or you can wallpaper the entire room for a cohesive look. 

I’d love to hear from you, though. Which of these decor pieces would you pick for your nursery and why? Let me know in the comments!

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