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Farm nurseries are one of the cutest themes around, in my opinion. They’re one theme that gives you the option of putting cute little animals everywhere — what’s not to love? 

They also can lean towards a few different aesthetics depending on your preferences. For example, leaning into the red barn theme is perfect for a bold nursery, while soft watercolor animals and neutral colors may be preferred for minimalists. 

No matter where your style leans, you’ll want to check out these farm nursery ideas to get started creating your dream nursery. 

1) Farm Animal Prints

Farm nurseries just aren’t the same without plenty of animals! You can add a cute touch to your nursery’s walls with these prints. 

One of the great things about prints is that you have the freedom to choose the frame, so whether you want a bold red frame or a simple white one, it’s your choice. You can even get creative by painting a frame if you choose. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

2) Cow Rug

If your floors are feeling a little plain, then there are a few things to decorate them with, like this cute cow rug. It’s also great for hardwood floors, so your baby has a soft place to play or do tummy time on. You can buy this cow rug from Etsy.

3) Red Model Barn DIY

This model barn is made from cardboard, but the end result looks gorgeous. If you need a bold piece of decor for a shelf or dresser, this would be a great option, thanks to its vibrant red color. You can also decorate the inside of the barn or around it with little animal toys for a cute touch.

4) Baby Farm Animals Art

This adorable art features cute baby animals and is sure to be an eye-catching aspect of your baby’s nursery. Thanks to the wide size, it’s perfect for putting on the wall behind a crib or even a wide dresser. You can buy this art from Etsy.

5) Farm Animal Throw Pillow

Throw pillows are one of the best ways to make a nursery chair or rocker more cute and comfortable. That’s especially true for this one with the raised cow, sheep, and pig. You can buy this throw pillow from Amazon.

6) Tractor Night Light

Whether you’re trying not to blind yourself with the bright overhead lights or fumble around in the dark, a nightlight is a must-have. It’s great for when you have to check on your baby. Plus, with color-changing nightlights like this one, you can easily change the color depending on what night-time aesthetic you’re trying to go for. You can buy this night light from Amazon.

7) Farm-themed Name Sign

Name signs are great for adding a touch of personalization to your little one’s nursery. Depending on the size you get, a name sign like this one can make a good door sign or piece of wall decor. If you get a stand for a sign, you can even use it as a piece of table decor. You can buy this name sign from Etsy.

8) Cowboy Rooster Statue

If you want to add a fun and quirky touch to your farm nursery, this cowboy rooster statue is perfect. It’s a lovely accent piece for a bookshelf, dresser, or wherever else you have a little bit of empty space. You can buy this rooster statue from Amazon.

9) Cardboard Tractor DIY

Besides the barn I mentioned earlier, you can also make this amazing-looking tractor out of cardboard. I love how the corrugation in the cardboard was used to give this tractor a textured look. Despite being unpainted, it still has a visually interesting appearance. 

Of course, you always have the option of painting it in whatever color you like, such as bright red or even a metallic color like bronze. This cardboard tractor can make for a fantastic nursery idea.

10) Cow Succulent Pot

Succulents are favorite plants due to how beginner-friendly they are. While they’re beautiful in and of themselves with vibrant colors, part of the fun is choosing a pot to put them in. And what’s better for a farm nursery than this cute cow pot? 

Since it’s white, it has a minimal look that allows the succulent to shine. You also have the option of painting it for a unique, personalized look. You can buy this cow pot from Amazon.

11) Galvanized Farm Animal Sign DIY

If you’re looking for something big and bold to fill in space on your nursery’s walls, this rustic-looking farm animal sign might be the perfect DIY for you.

12) Farm Animal Decals

Wall decals like these are great whether you’re looking to create an accent wall or decorate the wall behind something, such as a crib or wide dresser. I especially love these wall decals. The soft watercolor look is super artsy and won’t clash with most decor items. You can buy these wall decals from Etsy.

13) Cow Laundry Basket

Babies go through a lot of laundries, so a laundry basket is a must-have for most nurseries. While the laundry basket will move from the laundry room to the nursery and back again, you might as well have it match with the decor while it’s in the room. 

Laundry baskets can also be used for more than laundry — they make great general storage bins for toys, clean diapers, and more. I love this cow laundry basket with its abstract-looking cows in a doodle style. You can buy this laundry basket from Amazon.

14) Ram Ottoman

Ottomans are a great place for putting your feet up after a long day while you hold or read to your baby. They’re also a great way to decorate the area around your nursery chair. 

I love this ram ottoman since it’s super adorable and soft-looking, almost like a big stuffed animal. It’s certainly a unique ottoman, but it still fits perfectly with the farm nursery theme. You can buy this ottoman from Home Depot.

15) Farm Animal Mobile

This is a piece of decor that both you and your baby will love. It’s a lovely source of entertainment for your baby, and the cute farm animals also make a great piece of crib decor to make that area cohesive with the theme. You can buy this mobile from Amazon.

16) Horse Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are great for when you want to grab certain things quickly, like baby outfits, swaddle blankets, and more, without having to dig around in a storage bin or drawer. These horse wall hooks also double as pieces of wall decor and are great for adding a rustic touch to your farm nursery. You can buy these wall hooks from Amazon.

17) Pig Chalkboard

Small chalkboards like this one allow you to write everything from sweet messages for your baby to birth stats. You can buy this pig chalkboard from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy looking at these farm nursery ideas? I love all the possibilities for cute animal decor that comes with this theme, between horse wall hooks, cow succulent pots, and so much more. I hope these ideas gave you the inspiration you need to create the perfect nursery for your little one. 

I genuinely loved all these ideas, so it was tough choosing my favorites. However, I’ve decided to narrow it down to these three:

  • #2 Cow Rug: I love the cute little cow face on this rug and the neutral color palette, which makes it easy to match with your other farm-themed decor items. 
  • #8 Cowboy Rooster Statue: I couldn’t help but fall in love with this unique little rooster statue. It has a fun look and is sure to be a conversation starter and a source of smiles for those who walk into your nursery. 
  • #14 Ram Ottoman: Ottomans are one way to make nurseries more comfortable for parents. I like how this ram one adds a twist to more traditional ottomans and looks super cute while doing it. 

I’d love to know your thoughts, though. Which of these decor items were your favorites and why? Let me know in the comments!

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