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Sailor nurseries can be a truly stunning theme to go with, between lovely lighthouses and magnificent ships. They often have a lot of blue tones that can also be mixed with red for some contrast, and they can include rustic elements for a unique aged look. 
And if we’re talking about sailor nurseries, you, of course, can’t forget all the stunning decor and DIY options available. Let’s take a look at some of the best sailor nursery ideas.

1) Anchor Wall Hook Rack

Wall hook racks are great for hanging up your baby’s outfits for easy access. They’re also great for baby accessories that might get lost otherwise, like sun hats or headbands. 
This anchor wall hook rack, with its aged metal look, is great for adding a rustic flair to your sailor nursery. It functions as both a piece of wall decor and a helpful item. You can buy this wall hook rack from Amazon.

2) Nautical Baby Mobile

This crocheted nautical baby mobile has many details in it that are sure to feel right at home in your sailor nursery, from the anchor to the sailboat to the cute little seagulls. Since it’s both entertaining for your baby and a beautiful piece of decor, it’s truly a win for everyone. You can buy this nautical baby mobile from Etsy.

3) Nautical Dollar Store DIY

It turns out there are a ton of fun DIYs waiting to be made from items at your local dollar store and things you might have around the house. A nautical vase can be made from an empty breadcrumb container and some mixing spoons, which can turn it into a fun piece of wall decor, and so much more. 

These DIYs are great if you have a lot of empty space on your nursery’s walls or shelves that could do with some decoration.

4) Standing Boat Shelf

This small boat shelf is perfect for storing little decorative and sentimental items and keeping them all in one place. It would look perfect on top of a dresser. You can buy this boat shelf from  Amazon.

5) Nautical Hanging Hot Air Balloon Night Light

This unique night light makes a super cute piece of ceiling decor for your sailor nursery. It’s perfect for illuminating the area above your baby’s crib to check on them at night, making it as functional as it is fashionable. You can buy this hot air balloon night light from Etsy.

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6) Anchor Wall Clock

Wall clocks make for great pieces of wall decor, either by themselves or next to other pieces. They’re often placed next to shelves and would also look good next to a similarly-sized piece of nautical wheel decor for a symmetrical look or even a larger size for an interesting effect. You can buy this wall clock from Amazon.

7) Ship Wheel Wall Decor DIY

By getting creative with cardboard and paint, you can make a gorgeous, realistic-looking ship wheel. This unique nursery idea is sure to be a stunning piece for your nursery, and as mentioned, it would look right at home with an anchor wall clock or another piece of wall decor.

8) Anchor Curtains

Curtains are a must-have, whether you’re looking for better privacy, to block out bright street lights at night, or to help your baby take naps. Besides that, they also add a decorative touch to nursery windows and help to tie the whole space together. You can buy these curtains from Etsy.

9) Model Ship

A model ship is an intricate piece of decor that looks great on shelves, dressers, and cubbies alike. Wherever you decide to place it, it’s sure to be a focal point. You can buy this model ship from Walmart.

10) Anchor Changing Pad Cover

Changing pads is not usually the first place parents think of decorating in their little one’s nursery. Nevertheless, a great-looking changing pad cover can tie your nursery’s aesthetics together. You can buy this changing pad cover from Amazon.

11) Animal Sailor Wall Art

This set of three prints is super cute, with the animals dressed up as sailors. Since it’s three different ones, it can be arranged in different ways, such as horizontally or diagonally. They’re particularly great for decorating the empty wall behind your baby’s crib and adding a bit of personalization. You can buy these prints from Etsy.

12) Mini Sailboats

These little sailboats are great for accenting other decor items or being placed by themselves. With more than one mini sailboat, you also have the freedom to place them around the room to accent different decor pieces and add a sense of cohesion to the nursery. You can buy these sailboats from Amazon.

13) Anchor Fitted Crib Sheet

This cute nautical-themed crib sheet is perfect for decorating your baby’s crib while also making them comfortable. Thanks to the simple bicolor design of the sheet, it won’t take away from other decor items around the crib, like garlands, mobiles, or wall art. You can buy this fitted sheet from Amazon.

14) Ship in a Bottle DIY

Ships in a bottle are always stunning pieces of decor, and this unique one uses items you might already have around the house, like an old card and a glass bottle.

15) Nautical Wall Decals

Wall decals are always a favorite of mine since you can customize the placement to your liking and create a space you can be proud of for your little one to grow up in. These cute nautical decals are great for decorating the wall behind your baby’s crib. You can buy these wall decals from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at these sailor nursery ideas. There are truly a lot of things you can do with this theme, from simple anchor decor to fancy model ships. With these ideas in mind, you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful nursery for your little one. 

While I loved all these ideas, I’d have to say these were my favorites: 

  • #5 Nautical Hanging Hot Air Balloon Night Light: This hot air balloon nightlight is both stunning and functional. 
  • #11 Animal Sailor Wall Art: These animal sailor wall prints are super adorable and add an element of personalization at the same time to make your little one’s nursery unique to them. 
  • #14 Ship in a Bottle DIY: I’m always a fan of DIYs that reuse items in creative ways, and this ship in a bottle DIY does just that. Since it uses a card, you’re free to experiment with cards of different colors and designs to make them fit your nursery’s aesthetics perfectly. 

So, what do you think? Which of these decor pieces would you put in your sailor nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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