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“You Are My Sunshine” is now so much more than a song — it’s sparked an entire nursery theme. Bright yellow, sunflowers, sun elements, and incorporating the song’s lyrics are all defining elements. Along with being cheerful, it also allows your little one to grow up surrounded by messages of love. 
If you’re set on this theme but aren’t sure where to begin, take a look at these You Are My Sunshine nursery ideas for inspiration.

1) You Are My Sunshine Calligraphy Art

As mentioned, the You Are My Sunshine theme tends to have a lot of yellow in it. To balance it out while still fitting the theme, you could hang up something like this calligraphy art. Since it’s black and white, it will still match your other decor, and it adds an element of contrast for visual interest. You can buy this calligraphy art from Amazon.

2) You Are My Sunshine Throw Pillow Cover

If you have a chair or glider in your nursery, you may want a throw pillow to make it more comfortable. Another benefit is that it allows you to decorate the chair, especially if you use throw pillow covers like this one. I love the black background on this one since it allows the yellow sunflower and white text to pop. You can buy this throw pillow cover from Amazon.

3) You Are My Sunshine Wall Decor DIY

This wall decor DIY is quick to make and a great way to fill in empty space on your walls.

4) You Are My Sunshine Chalk Sign

With the vibrant sunflowers and beautiful calligraphy, this chalk sign is a great decor item for your nursery. Since it’s small, it can be used as a door sign, table decor, or wall decor. You can buy this chalk sign from Amazon.

5) You Are My Sunshine Lyrics Metal Sign

Metal signs are great for hanging on a wall. If you don’t want to hang it up, though, it would also look great on a shelf propped up against the wall. You can buy this metal sign from Amazon.

6) You Are My Sunshine Tiered Tray Decor

Tiered trays are a fun DIY, but if you want to take the guesswork out of it, you could buy a tiered tray decor set like this one. This decor set looks bright and cheerful with the sunflower elements and prominent yellow color, making it perfect for a You Are My Sunshine nursery. You can buy this tiered tray decor set from Amazon.

7) You Are My Sunshine Nursery Blocks

These nursery blocks double as both toys and decor. The minimalist neutral design is perfect for fitting with the You Are My Sunshine theme without taking away from your other decor items. You can buy these nursery blocks from Etsy.

8) You Are My Sunshine Sign Set

This set of signs allowed you to decorate small areas of the nursery that feel a bit empty. You could put all three signs together on a dresser for an eye-catching display or separate them out and place them on shelves, bookcases, or an end table to spruce it up a bit. You can buy these signs from Amazon.

9) You Are My Sunshine Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are a great piece of decor since you can do so many things with them, plus they’re practical, too. Throw blankets can be thrown over a chair to decorate it, especially if it has a simple design. They can also be used as wall tapestries to create an accent wall and a focal point when you walk into the room. You can buy this throw blanket from Amazon.

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10) You Are My Sunshine Trinket Dish

This cute trinket dish is a perfect little decor item by itself, whether laid flat or put on a stand. It’s also great for storing sentimental items like a baby bracelet. You can buy this trinket dish from Amazon.

11) You Are My Sunshine Photo Frame

If you have a cute photo of your baby that you’re excited to put on display, you can do just that with this You Are My Sunshine picture frame. You can buy this frame from Etsy.

12) You Are My Sunshine Musical Poster

This musical poster is perfect for adding a touch of minimalism to your You Are My Sunshine nursery. You can buy this poster from Amazon.

13) You Are My Sunshine Decorative Paperweight

Paperweights like this one are cute decor pieces that are great if you don’t have a lot of space. It would look great near a window since the transparency allows natural light to pass through. You can buy this paperweight from Amazon.

14) You Are My Sunshine Rainbow Sign

In contrast to some of the more minimal pieces on this list, this sign is full of bright and vibrant colors. It’s sure to add some cheer to your nursery, whether hung on a door or on the wall. You can buy this rainbow sign from Amazon.

15) You Are My Sunshine Photo Clipboard

Photo clipboards like this one are great because they’re more forgiving of photo size. If you have a small photo or one with odd dimensions, as long as it’s smaller than the clipboard, it’ll fit. You won’t have to worry about finding the perfect size photo frame, and it’s much easier to change the photo whenever you’d like. You can buy this photo clipboard from Home Depot.

16) You Are My Sunshine Door Sign

This cute little sign is perfect for hanging on a door to make your little one’s nursery unique, inside and out. You can buy this door sign from Walmart.

17) You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal

I love this wall decal since it can fit with most wall colors. Plus, if you have light-colored walls, it adds some bold contrast to the space. You can buy this wall decal from Walmart.

18) You Are My Sunshine Music Box

Add some music to your song-themed nursery with this You Are My Sunshine music box. You can buy this music box from Amazon.

19) You Are My Sunshine Night Light

When you need a little extra light at night, you can use this nightlight. It looks decorative during the day, and it’s functional at night. You can buy this night light from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy taking a look at these You Are My Sunshine nursery ideas? I hope they gave you a place to begin so you can design the perfect room for your little one to grow up in. 

While I loved all the picks on this list, I’d have to say these three were my favorites:

  • #7 You Are My Sunshine Nursery Blocks: These blocks are subtle yet cute. I also love that they can work as both toys and decor. 
  • #13 You Are My Sunshine Decorative Paperweight: This cute little paperweight can be displayed pretty much anywhere, and its transparency is perfect for letting the sunshine through. 
  • #17 You Are My Sunshine Wall Decal: This simple wall decal is perfect for making a statement on walls of nearly every color. 

So, what do you think? Which of these decor items did you like the best and why? Let me know in the comments!

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