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Congratulations! You’re having a baby and it’s time to start looking for some ideas to outfit your nursery. You’re thinking about a ladybug theme, or maybe you’ve already bought a few things for it, but you need some more Ladybug Nursery Ideas. We’ve compiled this list to help you design the perfect nursery that’ll make your baby snug like a bug.

1) Little Ladybug Wall Art

A ladybug nursery is a perfect choice for your little ladybug; that is to say, it’s perfect for your baby. Wall art is a significant part of most nurseries, so you could get some wall art that talks about your cute, happy little baby. This piece from Amazon just says “little ladybug,” implying that your baby was like a little ladybug, whether you find them cute, pretty, or chose them for another reason. This piece has pictures of adorable and smiling ladybugs, along with flowers and patterns like polka dots that go along with this tiny creature.

2) A Butterfly Kiss and a Ladybug Hug

The statement on this wall sticker expresses what many parents think when they choose a ladybug theme for their nursery. They want their little one to sleep soundly and have the security and love that comes with kisses and hugs. You can get a decal like this that says “With a Butterfly kiss and a Lady Bug hug sleep tight little Princess like a bug in a rug,” or make or buy a stencil and paint the words on the nursery wall.

3) DIY Ladybug Craft

Crafts are a fun way to get all the kids involved in putting the nursery together, so if you have multiple children already, this could be ideal for you. We found this ladybug craft from EzzyCraftsDIY that’s somewhat three-dimensional and looks like the ladybug is actually flying. You and your older kids could make this together and then hang them around the room as if ladybugs were flying around. This is a fun way to create connections between your children before the youngest is even born!

4) Pink Ladybug Night Light and Soother

Night lights are essential in nurseries because they often help babies sleep and they make it easier for you to check in on your infant while they sleep without having to turn on lights that might wake them up. We found this pink ladybug night light from Amazon that’d be perfect for a little girl with a ladybug room. It’s soft and comforting even when it’s not lit up, and it can project a starry sky. The lights even glow blue, green, or amber.

5) Ladybug Trails Name Decal

Ladybug trails are a cute way to make it look like ladybugs are crawling all over the walls and exploring your baby’s nursery. You can use tiny footprint stencils, dots, or dashings to show where the ladybug has been, creating a pattern that’ll intrigue your little one. We even found this decal that you can customize with your baby’s name surrounded by ladybug trails and three ladybugs that are flying and crawling around. It even has hearts to add to the adorable look.

6) DIY Ladybug Pot

If you have other children and want to get them involved in decorating to create a bond between your children, this craft might be a good option. You can use these directions to make ladybug pots together, adding real or faux flowers to enhance the nature theme while decorating the pots to look like ladybugs. This is an excellent three-dimensional decoration and a wonderful way to make it look like there are real pieces of nature in the room.

7) Wall Decals

Wall decals are one of the best decorations for a nursery because you can put them up for as long as you want. Then, you can take them down when your baby grows up and either moves into a different room or doesn’t want a ladybug theme anymore. They typically don’t damage walls and aren’t nearly as permanent as paint, so we found this set of ladybug decals in various states of crawling and flying. Each little bug has a smile on its face, creating a happy impression, too.

8) Ladybug Letter Stickers

Wall letters are a wonderful way to make a nursery feel like home by labeling it with your new infant’s name. Parents typically use three-dimensional letters, paint, or stickers, so we found some customizable stickers that you can get with any letter. Each sticker has pink ladybugs on it, making these perfect for a little girl’s room. They can stick to any flat surface, not just a wall, and they’re removable and reusable if you change your mind about where you want them.

9) DIY 3D Ladybugs

Three-dimensional images are ideal for nurseries because they’re more stimulating and give an infant a better idea of what something looks like if they’ve never seen it in the real world. They can even touch and feel images sometimes if they’re three-dimensional, bringing in more senses and helping them learn more. You can use these directions to make either of two crafts: golf ball ladybugs or spoon ladybug crafts. The neat thing about a homemade decoration is that if you have multiple kids, you can get the older kids involved by having them help make the craft.

10) Tummy Time Ladybug Mirror

Tummy time will quickly become an important part of your baby’s day, so when they’re ready for it, you can have ladybug-themed mats and toys ready. This tummy time mirror is designed to help their development with a mirror surface and ladybug decoration with a spinning ball. The spinning ball will be stimulating for them and help their mind develop while their muscles strengthen. You could even get them a ladybug mat to go with it!

11) DIY Sensory Box

Sensory boxes are wonderful tools for stimulating children with special needs or any infant. They’re ideal for preschools, nurseries, and any child’s room as long as you design them for the children who are using them. You can create a sensory box for a nursery with everyday household items and toys just like the ones in this article. This tutorial also shows you how to make a ladybug-themed sensory box that’ll match your theme and make it look like a giant ladybug is crawling around.

12) Ladybug Curtains

Ladybugs have a tendency to hover around windows, crawling up the curtains and hiding in the blinds, occasionally buzzing from one surface to another. Luckily, you don’t have a ladybug problem, but you can still put ladybug images in your windows by getting ladybug curtains like these. This set has bold coloring that’ll enhance the nursery and add stimulating colors that are good for brain development. Since they’re white with only spots of red, they shouldn’t be overwhelming the way an all-red curtain could be.

13) DIY Ladybug Trails

Ladybug trails are some of the cutest things you can do in a ladybug nursery. The trails are just little dots, dashes, or mini footprints that show where the ladybug has crawled or flown, but they open up a world of imagination. You can follow the trails and picture the bugs moving around, and so can your child. Make sure to choose a color that stands out against your walls, and you can design your own trails with paper ladybugs and some white paint. We even found this example for you to look at as a nursery idea.

14) 3D Wall Decals

Peel and stick wall decals are one of the best decorations for a nursery with a thematic design because you can attach them to the wall fairly quickly and take them down whenever you no longer want the theme. You may have come across them before, but if you want to make them a bit more interesting, you can get three-dimensional ones like these from Amazon. This adds a new dimension, literally, and makes the decals more interesting to look at.

15) DIY Ladybug Dollhouse

This dollhouse would be an adorable addition to a nursery, though it’d probably start as a decoration and later become a toy for your child to play with. You can use this tutorial to learn how to build a dollhouse with some simple tools and give it a ladybug theme. The neat thing about this is that you can include as much bright red and as many thematic items as you want in it because it’s not big enough to be overwhelming. 

16) Colorful Ladybug Name Decal

Name decals and letters are wonderful ways of labeling space to show that this room is dedicated to your baby. They help make a new baby seem real even when he or she hasn’t been born yet and assist everyone in the household when it comes to bonding with a child they haven’t even seen yet. You can get a name decal as soon as you pick a name. We even found this ladybug-themed one with a colorful ladybug and colorful letters.

17) DIY Ladybug Hotel

This idea is for homeowners who want their baby to be exposed to nature as early as possible to help with his or her brain development and natural intelligence. If the nursery has a window, which it should, you can build a ladybug hotel just outside their window using these directions. You can also build one in the room and add fake ladybugs to make it feel like the room is out in nature. If you put one both inside and outside, it’ll create continuity and make the two spaces feel connected, too.

18) Green and Pink Shimmering Ladybugs

Ladybugs can be glamorous if you use them correctly. For instance, there’s plenty of decor with messages about a little princess being tucked in tighter like ladybugs. You can get shimmering ladybug decorations like these green and pink ones that’d go well in a ladybug princess room or a feminine pink ladybug room. The shimmer and the black gemlike pieces on these wall decorations add a little bit of glamor but still matches your theme. 

19) DIY Ladybug Wreath

Wreaths are a popular decoration in many country homes, and not just for holidays like Christmas. People love to use seasonal or thematic wreaths, such as beach wreaths made from sandals and fall wreaths made from orange, yellow, and red leaves. You can make a ladybug wreath using these instructions, or even take a regular leafy spring wreath and add tiny red dots sprinkled with black to make it look like ladybugs are crawling on it. 

20) Ladybugs as Polka Dots

These peel and stick decals from Amazon are a little bit different from most because there are enough and they have enough of a uniform appearance that you can use them like polka dots. The neat thing about doing this is that they’ll encourage people to look a little bit closer at your decorations and it’ll make it look like the room is filled with tiny bugs. It’s also more toned-down than using black polka dots on a red wall or even using solid black and red polka dots.

21) DIY Ladybug Buddy

Babies and children love plushies because they’re soft and comforting but also fun to play with. They can make good decorations or toys for a nursery, so we found a sewing pattern for making a plush ladybug buddy. This one’s fairly realistic because it has the antennae and other body parts that many plush toys wouldn’t include, making it more educational for a baby. This fits your theme and could become a buddy for your child for years to come. 

22) Colorful Ladybug Banner

You can add banners to your nursery, usually by putting them behind the crib. This puts the banner near your infant so that they can see it and also helps highlight the crib as the primary focus of the room. We found a colorful ladybug banner on Amazon that has ladybugs in all different colors, making it more stimulating for your infant and interesting to you and other caregivers. It’s also somewhat three-dimensional because it’s not stuck to the wall, adding a slight amount of refreshing texture to the space.

23) ABC Cloth Book

You can use cloth books to introduce your child to reading at an early age, though all they’ll learn at first is that they love or hate reading. They’ll also start to develop book concepts like the idea that you turn pages one at a time and that there are words or pictures on the pages. You can get an ABC cloth book like this with polka dots and red and black that’ll help it blend into your decorations. Then give it to your baby as a toy so they can begin to explore it.

24) DIY Painted Twig Wall Letters

Many nurseries have wall letters because they help make a space feel like it belongs to the baby, particularly when the baby is unborn or hasn’t had time to develop favorite items that can be incorporated into the room to give it character. We found this unique idea for making wall letters using painted twigs, and we thought it could look good in a ladybug room since people often find ladybugs on twigs. You can even paint them red and black like a ladybug.

25) Wall Stencils

If you don’t want to have to buy a bunch of decals or hand paint your ladybugs, you can buy a wall stencil like this one from Amazon and just reuse it to paint as many ladybugs as you want without much trouble. You can use it on any flat surface, creating ladybug-themed walls, dressers, changing tables, and closets. You can even change up the color and create yellow, orange, and green ladybugs instead of just red ones!

26) DIY Black and Red Polka Dots

Most people think of ladybugs as being black and red, so if you want to have some decorations that fit your theme without actually having a picture of a ladybug on them, you could use those two colors instead. For instance, you can paint a wall, dresser, or other item red and add black polka dots. We linked to this article with some guidance on making polka dot walls if that’s the direction you prefer to go.

27) Plug-In Nightlight

Night lights are valuable in nurseries because they make it easier to check on your little one without turning on lights that might wake them up. You can get all manner of night lights, but the most popular type is probably the simple plug-in one. You can get a plug-in one like this from Amazon that looks like little ladybugs are crawling all over it. This will be a pretty decoration during the daytime and an essential light at night.

Do you have an item that you think we should have included? There are so many ideas out there and we’d love to hear yours. Please let us know in the comments below.

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