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People design nurseries around a variety of animals. They love polar bears, butterflies, turtles, and all kinds of other creatures. You’ve chosen to design an alligator nursery, whether because you love reptiles, love the color green, or something else. Whatever your reason, you’ve probably found that not many people put alligators in their nursery, so you’re struggling to find decorations and furnishings. We’ve compiled this list of Alligator Nursery Ideas that should help.

1) Canvas Storage Bin

These storage bins are some of the best for nurseries because they’re the right size for baby clothes and small toys and changing table items. You can put them on most shelves and then slide them out like drawers, instantly turning a bookcase into a dresser. We found this storage bin with alligators on them so that they’ll match your theme. This bin has a cartoonish alligator to add a fun element to your room and keep your baby from getting scared since real alligators can be frightening.

2) Rocker

Children love rocking horses, but horses don’t exactly fit in an alligator-themed nursery or even in a room with alligator decorations. How can you introduce that kind of fun without upsetting your theme or making the room look hodgepodge? We found this rocker that’s shaped like an alligator on Amazon. It has a seat so that even babies can sit on it without falling off, with a recommended age between six months and two years of age.

3) DIY Wooden Gator Rattle

It’s not easy to find decorations and toys that are alligator-themed, so you might have to make some yourself. Wooden toys are one of the best choices for a more natural look, so we found a tutorial for making a wooden alligator rattle. You can use this toy as a decoration and also for your baby to play with, and the nice thing is that your baby can use it right away. You won’t need too many tools to make it, and the video instructions should make it a fairly easy project.

4) Wooden Alligator Model

Wooden toys are great for old-fashioned or natural nurseries, as are wooden decorations. For example, you can make a simple wooden cutout like the one in this nursery and paint it to look like an alligator. Try to choose a green shade that’ll go with a couple of other accessories or decorations in the room to create a more cohesive look the way this family did with a lamp that was the same color as the alligator model.

5) Alligator Throw Pillows

While your baby won’t be using throw pillows for a while, you can still get them as decorations, and to make you comfortable when you’re sitting reading a book to your little one or rocking them to sleep. These pillows from Amazon are perfect for your alligator nursery since they’re shaped like alligators, making them ideal decorations and comfortable pillows for you. Your child can play with them or use them as pillows once they’re old enough to sleep with pillows.

6) DIY Alligator Handprint Craft

If you have multiple children, you can get your older children involved in decorating the nursery to help them feel more involved in their little sibling’s life and allow them to build a bond with their baby brother or sister before they’re even born. For example, you can make a handprint alligator craft like this one with your children and hang it on the wall. This will also make the room feel warmer and friendlier than store-bought decor will.

7) Activity Wall

Activity walls are underutilized, but they’re an amazing developmental tool and fun activity for little kids and toddlers. In short, an activity wall is a board with a variety of textures, shapes, toggles, and gears that your baby can play with to learn about how things move and what sounds they make. You can buy one like this from Amazon that’s shaped like an alligator or build one by cutting some plywood in an alligator shape and adding toys and gears like the ones on this board.

8) DIY Alligator Mobile

Mobiles are essential in nurseries as they entertain your baby and help soother them to sleep or distract them while you’re trying to change them. You’ll want to get a mobile that matches your theme, and while you can choose a color that matches your room, a thematic one can be much more entertaining for your baby. It may be difficult to find an alligator-themed mobile, but you can make one like this using paper cutouts or cardstock.

9) DIY 3D Paper Gator

If you have more than one child, you might want to get them involved in creating the nursery. This is an amazing way to create a bond between your children, even if your newest one isn’t born yet. Your older children will have the chance to make things just for the baby and prepare for the new sibling, which may reduce sibling rivalry, too. This three-dimensional paper alligator craft is a good example since you can make it with your children and it’s inexpensive. You don’t have to worry about durability since you probably won’t want an alligator theme forever.

10) Closet Dividers

Having a baby is life-changing and stressful, and you’ll want to get organized before the baby comes if you can. If not, it’s never too late to organize your baby’s things. Closet dividers are a helpful way to keep track of baby clothes since you can use them to sort clothes by size. That way, as your baby grows, you can just grab the next-largest set of clothes. Since this is an alligator-themed nursery, you can use dividers like these that have alligators on them.

11) DIY Alligator Initial Door Hanger

Parents love to put their baby’s name up on the wall, get monogrammed blankets, and otherwise customize nurseries with their babies’ names. While custom blankets and wall letters are fairly common, you can make something unique like this door hanger for your baby. This neat thing about this is that children love door hangers well into their teens, and this one will fit your alligator theme with a cute alligator decoration at the bottom. You just have to use these directions to make one.

12) 3D Color-Changing Night Light

Night lights are important for nurseries because they keep the dark at bay if your baby is afraid of the dark and also illuminate the room enough that you can check on your little one during the night. This way, you don’t have to turn on bright overhead lights that’ll wake your baby and make it hard for you to go back to sleep. For a unique night light, you can get an alligator one like this that looks like a lit-up three-dimensional statue!

13) Blue, White, and Green

One thing you’ll have to decide is what color scheme looks the best in an alligator-themed nursery or with alligator decorations? While green is an obvious choice since alligators are green, you’ll need other colors to go with it. Blue, green, and white go together well, and you can see in this article how well that color combination can work for a baby shower. You can use similar decorations and the same color scheme for your nursery.

14) Alligator Fitted Sheets

One way to design a themed room is to start with a neutral base like white, gray, or brown and then add thematic components. For an alligator nursery, white or brown would both make good wall and furniture colors since they’re natural colors. Then, you’ll want to get alligator-themed items such as alligator sheets in a brown crib or alligator wall letters on a white wall. You can even get figurines, as long as the decorations are thematic and not the furniture.

15) Custom Alligator and Turtle Blanket

People love to customize their babies’ nurseries with their names to make the space feel personal, so we thought we should find some alligator decorations that you can customize. This blanket from Amazon has alligators and turtles on it and you can add your baby’s name to it. The turtles and plants on the blanket add some variety, but it’ll still fit in an alligator-themed room as long as most of the animal decorations are alligators. 

16) DIY Swamp Model

Any time you have an animal-themed nursery or an abundance of animal decorations in a baby’s room, you can add decorations and furnishings that allude to the creature’s native habitat. This is an excellent way to show your baby a little bit about the creature and create a more natural-looking space. For an alligator nursery, that means adding some swamp decorations like the one in this video. You can use the tutorial to create your own or settle for printed pictures of swampland.

17) Peel and Stick Decal

Decals are some of the best decorations for nurseries because they’re easier to apply than a mural and you can remove them later on when your child no longer wants the same theme or when the room is no longer a nursery. You can create a setting for a decal by choosing a color that’ll look good behind it. For example, you could paint the walls green and then get a decal like this cartoon alligator from Amazon. Or, simply put the decal on a white wall.

18) Chevron Wall Art

You’ll naturally want to add wall art to your room since it’s the standard way to decorate walls, but how can you make it exciting and different? You can get pieces with decorative backgrounds like this wall art set with a green alligator and blue chevron background. The blue, white, and green go well together and would look amazing in a blue, green, and white alligator nursery. The chevron pattern adds some excitement while the color combination creates a tone for the room.

19) Green and Blue

Green and blue is a beautiful and bold color combination for a child’s room regardless of what shades of each color you choose. You can start with white and add bold blues and greens or start with a deep blue like the one in this nursery. Then, get bright green alligator decorations like the ones in this Project Nursery nursery. You can mix in some reds and oranges as long as you stick with the bold and colorful theme.

20) Storage Bins

This type of storage bin is one of the best options for a nursery because it can turn any shelf into a set of drawers. This particular storage bin from Amazon has pictures of alligators crawling all over it and would make a wonderful drawer for an alligator nursery. It’s not realistic so it won’t scare a baby, but it also doesn’t have a fully cartoonish look, making it a good choice for a more natural nursery. The brown handles add to the natural look.

21) Nursery Hamper

It’s important to have a waterproof hamper in a nursery, even if you have a diaper genie or a separate covered hamper for dirty diapers. Baby clothes and cloths that you use to care for them will likely get wet since babies are messy, and a waterproof hamper will be easier to clean and get smells out of. We found this waterproof hamper with cute, cartoonish alligators wearing striped shirts. It has handles to make it convenient and of course, the alligators will fit your theme.

Do you have an item that we should have included? Alligators are an unusual nursery choice with many possibilities and we’d love to hear what you come up with! Please let us know in the comments below.

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