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There’s nothing better than taking a favorite movie, comic, or cartoon and bonding with your little one. The trick is creating one that’s not too scary and that’ll actually entertain an infant. If you do it right, you can create a room that your child loves from the day they come home until well until their childhood or teens. These Batman Nursery Ideas are a good start.

1) DIY Batman Shelf

This do-it-yourself project is neat because you can keep it for years since most children and even teenagers will like it. This Batman shelf is fairly simple, and you can use these instructions from Cookies Coffee and Crafts to make one. The shelf is certainly large enough for action figures, but you can also make sure it’s wide enough to place books on so that your child and later teenager will have a fun place to store their reading material.

2) 3D Wall Bats

Batman is all about bats, naturally. This means that you can use pictures of bats in your decorating just as you can use images of Batman himself. We found these 3D bats that are designed to go on the wall so that you can add some texture and a sense of depth to the room. These 3D bats from Amazon are designed to go on the wall and would look amazing next to a Batman decal.

3) DIY Batman Lamp

Lamps are nice in nurseries because they allow you to use less light when you’re checking on your baby at night so that it’s easier to fall back asleep. They’re also useful when you need more light in a small area such as a changing table or crib. We found this tutorial for making a Batman lamp so that even your lighting can be Batman-themed. The neat thing is that you don’t need any materials that aren’t cheap and easy to find at Walmart.

4) Comic Letters

If you’re a comic book fan, you’ll want to buy or make some things that are based on the Batman comic. So few people still read comic books, so you’ll want to make sure your little one gets to see Batman comics instead of just the popular movies. You can get wall art with comic panels, or use wall letters like these that are decorated with a Batman comic. You can use this link to get any letter by hitting the “Customize and Add to Cart” button; try spelling your baby’s name and hanging it on the wall.

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5) Pixelated Batman Quilt

If you want some homemade decorations and keepsakes for your baby and know somebody familiar with quilting, this project would be ideal. You can ask Grandma, Grandpa, or another relative to make a quilt as a baby shower or birthday gift for your little one, too. Try using a pattern like the one in this picture in which the quilt squares form a pixelated bat symbol! That way, you’ll have a keepsake that you can use as a wall decoration or a baby blanket.

6) I’m Batman, Not Prince Charming

This print is for people with a sense of humor. If you’re making a Batman nursery, you’d probably rather be Batman than prince charming, but a lot of people like to get “I’m Prince Charming” clothes or things with similar messages for their baby. You can get a print like this one that says “Little Prince Charming,” but has it crossed off and replaced with the words “I’m Batman,” as if your baby made the correction. This is a cute and funny way to show which you and your baby would rather be.

7) DIY Thematic Mobile

Mobiles are important when it comes to getting a baby to sleep, but also when you need a bit of entertainment to distract them as you change diapers. It’s never a bad idea to have a mobile that fits your theme, so we found these instructions for making a Batman mobile. This one uses the yellow and black bat signal, and the simple step-by-step directions will get you a professional-looking mobile for much less than they’re likely to cost in stores.

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8) Gotham City Wall Decal

Since Gotham City is the setting for Batman, you can make this nursery into a mini replica of Gotham City. While there are many things you can do to make the room feel like Gotham City, you can also add depictions of the city skyline by getting wall decals. This wall decal is fairly small but would be perfect next to a crib and changing table to make it look like your little one is in the city. This decal in particular is neat because it has a bat signal visible in the sky.

9) Cityscape Mural

If you really want your baby’s nursery to look like Gotham, you can go all-out by adding a Gotham City mural to one wall. You can hire somebody to do a professional mural like this one or stencil and paint one yourself if you have the artistic skill needed. Once you’ve painted the mural, paint the remaining walls with the dominant color in the mural. For example, if most of the mural is some shade of gray, paint the rest of the walls in that same gray.

10) Black Light-Up Letters

Many parents love to add letters with their baby’s name to the wall in their nursery to show that this is that child’s space, but what’s the best way to do it in a Batman nursery? We found these black, light-up letters that should create a Batman cityscape effect. The dark letters imitate the dark nighttime buildings of Gotham, while the lights represent the lit-up windows that add a small glow to the night sky.

11) Batman Storage

Storage containers are essential in a nursery, and you’ll need ones that are small enough that baby clothes and diapers don’t get lost in them. These Batman-themed storage containers are an ideal size because they’re small enough for diapers and clothes but big enough for toys and children’s clothes. This way, you can use them now and keep them for probably the next ten years or more as your child uses them for clothes and toys.

12) DIY Comic Book Dresser

If you’re a comic book fan, then you’re probably looking for ways to incorporate your favorite comic into this Batman nursery, whether you’re including things from the films or not. A great nursery idea would be to make a comic book dresser using the directions in this video, and since you’re making it yourself, you can make sure that every comic is a favored Batman one. Alternatively, you can pick the Batman comics you don’t like as much so that you’re not damaging good ones. If you’re unwilling to use comic books, you can see whether printed pages from online work as well.

13) Light Switch Plate

This is a bit of a unique idea. Most people focus on the larger aspects of a room like the walls, along with the baby-themed items like mobiles and cribs, but there’s more to creating a comprehensive nursery Instead of making larger objects fit the theme, paint your walls a generic color that works with your theme, such as gray, then add Batman-themed accessories. For example, you can get a light switch cover like this one from Amazon that looks like Batman.

14) Peel and Stick Decals

One of the simplest ways to make a nursery fit a theme is to get stickers that match the theme and place them on the walls or have your other children place them. The nice thing about stickers is that most are removable and they don’t cost much, making it easy to set up the room with them and remove them when the room isn’t a nursery anymore. These Batman stickers are both removable and repositionable so that you can have other kids place them and not worry about making mistakes.

15) Paint It Black

Despite being a hero, Batman is, in essence, a dark character. He performs at night, making nighttime the proper color scheme for your nursery. You can paint furniture black like this family did to make the crib, dresser, and shelves look like the buildings in Gotham. Use yellow accents to imitate building lights, and add decorations like the bat signal this nursery has on the wall. This combination makes the room look like Gotham City, but you can paint something black any time you want it to look a little more Batman-themed. 

16) Bat Name Decal

Having your child’s name up on the wall in their nursery is standard practice nowadays, and it’s a nice way to recognize that this is their space for the next few years or more. We found this decal that’s shaped like a bat and can have your baby’s name cut into it to create a bat signal version of their name. This is a unique and thematic way to add your child’s name to the room and brand it as their own. You can get one in different colors, though the black one is probably the most fitting. 

17) Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be Batman

It’s important to be yourself, but let’s face it. You chose this room because you love Batman, so we found this poster that might reflect your feelings. Plus, it’s a funny joke! This unframed print from Amazon has a picture of a cartoon Batman that’s just cute enough for a nursery, and it says “Always be yourself unless you can be Batman then always be Batman.” This is a hilarious message and will add a layer of humor to the area.

Are you a comic book fan or did you watch all the Batman movies? How can you bring beloved shows into your little one’s nursery to bond with them as they grow up? We’d love to hear about your own nursery ideas. Please let us know in the comments below.

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