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If you love the combination of red, black, and white and want to use it in your baby’s room, you’ve probably found that it’s not a common color scheme. It can be rough trying to find decorations that are appropriate for a bedroom, but still fit your color scheme. That’s why we found some Red Black and White Baby Room Ideas that look amazing without being overwhelming.

1) Red and Black Plaid Diaper Caddy

Red and black plaid is one of the best ways to tone down a red, black, and white color scheme enough that you can put it in a baby’s room. Your changing table and the storage around it are some of the most important things in your nursery since you’ll need easy access to that stuff when you’re trying to change your baby. With this in mind, we found this red and black plaid diaper caddy that can become a decoration and convenience. 

2) Antlers Mobile

Red, black, and white isn’t a typical color scheme for a baby’s room, but if you like hunting or nature, you won’t have too much trouble finding thematic decorations. For instance, we found this mobile that’s red and black plaid with antler decorations. The picture of antlers is a wonderful way to add some natural imagery and help your child develop curiosity about nature. If you’re a hunter, antler collector, or deer lover, it’s also a way to connect with your little one as they grow.

3) DIY String Ball Mobile

Mobiles are vital for stimulating your baby and helping them fall asleep, or even distracting them while you change their diaper. It’s difficult to find red, white, and black mobiles, so we found this tutorial to help you make one, instead. This project is neat because anybody can make it with fairly inexpensive supplies and no particular skills. This hangs from the ceiling, so you can put it anywhere, including over a changing table and not just above a crib.

4) Red, Black, and White Checked Bedding

There are a variety of ways to combine three colors in a color scheme, but with colors like black and red, you don’t want large swathes of those intense hues. You’ll probably want to buy smaller furnishings, each of which has all three colors so that no individual item is too red or too black. Try getting things like this bedding set with checks in each of the three colors instead of getting one separate piece of furniture in each color.

5) Black Stars

Black and red are heavily stimulating colors, which is good in some ways, but bad in others. The main issue is that your baby will be sleeping in this room and the space needs to be calming enough that they can fall asleep and have a restful night. This means you’ll need to limit the amount of red and black, and one way to do that’s to have white walls and add things like these black stars. These stickers will add just a bit of black in a way that won’t be too much for your infant.

6) DIY Dresser and Changing Table

Since it’s hard to find red, black, and white decorations, you might have to make or redecorate some on your own, and it may prove to be a fantastic nursery idea. One of the easiest ways to create a changing table is to get a dresser and add a changing station on top so that you have all the storage your need at your fingertips. You can use these plans to make a changing table and dresser combination in any color you like, or buy a dresser and paint it, then add the changing pad portion.

7) Buffalo Plaid Sheets

Buffalo plaid is one of the easiest ways to find the color combination you want, so we found some sheets that have white, red, and black buffalo plaid. This way, your baby will have a soothing and rich place to sleep that fits your theme well. Since the buffalo plaid is patterned, it doesn’t overload the senses as much as black or red would do on their own, making it much better suited for bedding. 

8) Black and White Fabric Storage Cubes

Buffalo plaid is an effective way to mix red and black because the pattern keeps either color from becoming overwhelming the way they might be on their own. You can get buffalo plaid items like these fabric storage cubes that fit well on shelves and are the perfect size for baby toys and clothes. Later on, they’ll still be the ideal size for a young child to store small toys, clothes, and keepsakes, so you won’t have to get rid of them as your infant grows up.

9) White With Red and Black Accents

Black and red can both be overwhelming in large quantities, and you don’t want that kind of intensity in an infant’s bedroom. One way to offset that’s to begin with a white base like the designers of this nursery did and add red and black accents. While their nursery is white with blue and red, you can see the effect that starting with white and adding your more intense colors later can have. Black is excellent for creating patterns, and red will add some delightful splashes of color!

10) Mirrored Circle Modern Art

Mirrors are a cool art form because they use light but don’t create light, causing them to be unique and unpredictable. They add more natural light, which is healthier, and they often create interesting illusions and reflections, making them fascinating decorations. We found these mirrored concentric circle art pieces in red and black that’d be incredible for a nursery with that color scheme. Try placing them against white walls to complete your three-color design and add contrast, making them even more interesting.

11) Vibrant Touches on Blue

Blue is a calming color and red is an intense one, meaning that blue is great while you sleep but red is stimulating while you’re awake. The same goes for your child, who will need a combination of tranquil blue and vibrant red. You can create a room like this that has vibrant touches of red and bits and pieces of black and white, but with a blue backdrop. This also works with grays and cool, off whites.

12) Wild & Free

You’re not conforming to standards with this room. Your baby won’t grow up in a traditional baby blue nursery or a standard pink room. Instead, you’ve chosen to do something bold, so it only makes sense to choose more bold decorations. This crib sheet that says “Wild & Free” would be perfect for this strange, unconventional room you might be making. It’s also a great sentiment to share and would be a wonderful way to encourage your little one to grow up adventurous.

13) DIY Herringbone Accent Wall

You probably aren’t going to want to use wide swathes of red and black since they’re way too intense for a baby’s bedroom. We found a neat way to start with a white wall and add black using this herringbone pattern tutorial. You can create the accent wall in the video, then use a few pieces of red furniture to add a splash of vibrant and stimulating color. This is great for a modern room or a woodland theme in particular, but it looks amazing for any red, black, and white room.

14) Red and Black Butterflies

This next idea is a neat way to add black and red decorations to a white base while bringing nature into the nursery. Having depictions of animals in your baby’s room is an excellent way to encourage them to love nature and help them develop natural intelligence. We found these red butterflies trimmed in black on Amazon, and you can place them all over your walls to create the illusion of butterflies fluttering around the room.

15) Mickey Mouse

If you’re a Disney fan, your color scheme is perfect for Mickey Mouse decor! You can get things like this Mickey Mouse bedding set with his red pants and black and white head, or look for Mickey Mouse decals. You could even turn it into a Mickey Mouse-themed bedroom! Try finding polka dot wall stickers that are shaped like Mickey’s head, or making cardboard mickey mouse heads and painting them, then hanging them as decorations.

16) Patterns

Patterns help children’s minds develop and give them something stimulating to look at, making them excellent for a baby’s room. The neat thing about your color scheme is that you don’t want to use wall-to-wall red or black, so presenting those colors in a pattern can be the best way to make the room stimulating and attractive. Try getting decorations like the black triangle stickers in this room or the patterned red bedding that stands out and looks prettier than a solid red would. 

12) Chevron

Since red and black are both too dark or intense to use large swathes of either one, you’ll need to look for ways to use them in smaller doses. This way, you can make the room stimulating but still tranquil enough for your little one to sleep. When we saw this chevron black, white, and red bedding set and diaper stacker, we thought it could be the perfect way to put those three colors together in a combined furnishing and decoration.

18) Chalkboard With Accents

Typically, black is too dark on its own, but there are some exceptions, like a chalkboard. Chalkboard paint allows you to turn an entire wall or furniture piece into a chalkboard. The neat thing about creating a chalkboard accent wall like the one in this room is that you can draw decorations on it with white chalk. Then, add red embellishments to complete your red, black, and white color scheme. When your baby grows up, they’ll have a chalkboard wall to draw on, too!

19) Mickey Mouse Head Polka Dots

Mickey Mouse is probably the perfect decoration for a red, black, and white baby room because he’s already red, black, and white. If you love this iconic cartoon character, you can use him to create a beautiful space with something you and your child can both enjoy together. We found these Mickey Mouse head polka dots that you can stick on the wall to create a black and white wall. Then, add red furniture and accent pieces.

20) Large Black Letters

Red letters don’t typically stand out on their own, and you’re probably going to want white walls since red and black are too intense or dark to use for entire walls. This leaves black as the best option for adding wall letters to your baby’s room, so we went ahead and found you some black wall letters. These are over a foot tall so that you can spell your baby’s name with them and it’ll stand out more than anything else in the room. 

21) Wood Wall Panels

One way to create a rich black, white, and red theme is to use red and black plaid for bedding and decorations like the designer of this room did. Medium to dark stained wood accents look good with red and black plaid or darker reds, so you can build something like the wood accent wall in this room. Try buying premade wood wall panels or staining wood boards and tacking them to the wall with finish nails.

22) Little Man Cave Buffalo Check Border Sign

If you’re having a boy, this room is like his man cave. It’s his recreation place where all his favorite toys are, so if you want to do something cute, you can get him a man cave sign, just like his parents might have. This adorable white mane cave sign with a black and red border says “Little Man Cave: No Girls Allowed: Except Mom.” It also has a picture of an arrow, giving it an outdoorsy look.

23) Black, White, and Mirrored Butterflies

Butterflies are wonderful decorations for a red room since some of them are red in nature and it’s an excellent way to include nature in your baby’s room. Mirrors are also nice because they reflect light in interesting ways that’ll catch your baby’s attention and stimulate his or her mind. These mirrored, black, and white butterflies will introduce nature while creating a pretty and fascinating light show for your infant. There are 168 pieces, so you can make it look like there’s a swarm of butterflies fluttering around the room.

Do you have something that you think should be on our list? What decorations and furniture are you planning to add? Please tell us all about it in the comments below.

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