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Noah’s Ark is one of the first animal stories, so it only makes sense that it’d be your baby’s first animal story. If you’re having a baby or buying a baby shower gift and want to find something with a Noah’s Ark theme, you’ll need to choose the right toys, decorations, and furnishings to create a beautiful and happy space. That’s why we found these Noah’s Ark Nursery Ideas for you!

1) Wall Decal

Wall decals are one of the best nursery decorations because you can get all the beauty of a mural without having to paint anything or hire somebody for an expensive project. You can just put the decal up and have a lifelike mural in a matter of minutes. Then, when you no longer need the nursery, take down the decals! Try using a decal like this that has a boat with various animals in it just like Noah’s Ark!

2) Learning Carpet

Letters are an essential part of children’s early learning, and many people prefer to expose their children to letters as early as possible. You can expose your child to letters from infancy with a decoration like this lettered carpet. It has a picture of Noah’s Ark on it and letters surrounding it, making it fun, thematic, and eventually educational for them. This is something you can keep in the room for a long time or transfer to your child’s bedroom if they move into a different area as they get older.

3) DIY Playset

Noah’s Ark is a beloved story and would make a wonderful playset. You can create a set with the ark and all the animals to give your baby something Biblical to play with. This video has instructions that’ll help even the most inexperienced person make a functioning playset from paper. This will make the perfect decoration for now, and as they get older, they can start to play with the playset. Try getting animals from the dollar store so they’ll have plenty of animals to play with.

4) Bible Quotes

Since Noah’s Ark is a Bible story, we thought you might like having some appropriate Bible quotes around. You can use some of the ones in this family’s nursery, or pick any that you think are appropriate. The quotes don’t necessarily have to be about Noah’s Ark; anything meaningful from the Bible could work. Just focus on what lessons you want your little one to learn at a young age, print the quotes, and put them in a picture frame.

5) Animal Friends Bedding

Animals are some of the main characters in the story of Noah’s Ark, and children love animals, making them a great thing to focus on. You can get a few things that show an ark, then add many animals throughout the rest of the room. Animal bedding like this is perfect because it’s cute and the animals are in pairs as befits the story. This bedding even has a stylized picture of the ark on it!

6) Noah’s Ark Baby Bank

For many children, their piggy bank was one of their most precious childhood possessions. Kids love to gather up coins or dollar bills here and there and feel like they’re working towards a goal, then later open the bank and see the fruits of their labors. While an infant won’t be doing this, you can get a bank as a decoration that they can save money in later. This Noah’s Ark bank would make a pretty and thematic decoration that your child can later use to save up for something major!

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7) DIY Mural

Murals are popular in nurseries, though many parents feel like they’re not good enough artists to paint them. The secret is that you don’t need to be a great artist; you just need to utilize a few tricks. We found this video of a Noah’s Ark mural, and you can use it to paint one of your own. Just start by drawing outlines, either freehand or by printing and tracing them. Then, paint inside the lines. It doesn’t have to be perfectly realistic since it’s a cute nursery decoration.

8) DIY Loading the Ark Shelf

This shelf decoration is neat and should be something you can replicate with just a few hand or power tools. All you really need is a couple of boards, a toy boat, some plywood, and toy animals that you can get from the dollar store. Feel free to get nicer figurines, instead. Start by cutting plywood into a square of the size you want, or buy a pre-cut piece. Then, draw the ramps with a ruler and cut boards to size, angling the end if you want. Lastly, paint the shelves and place the toys!

9) Light Switch Cover

This idea is a great way to add texture to your nursery. You can use this light switch cover to make it so every bit of the nursery fits the theme, creating a consistency that few rooms have. This light switch cover from Amazon is three-dimensional and depicts the ark with Noah and the animals on it. The three-dimensional aspect is nice because it adds some variety to the space.

10) Thematic Playset

A nursery isn’t just a place to sleep, but a place to play. That means you’ll want plenty of things for your little one to play with not just now but as they grow. One way to get both a decoration and a toy is to buy a playset like this Noah’s Ark-themed one from Amazon. The set would make a nice shelf decoration right now, and when your baby is older, they can play with it. There are also tutorials for making your own set, but this set comes pre-made.

11) DIY Box Fort

This idea is a neat way to go all-out for your baby. You can use the directions in this video to create a box fort that’s designed to look like Noah’s Ark. This would be an impressive decoration, and your child will have an amazing play fort that you can fill with toy animals as they get older. Try bringing in a combination of soft stuffed animals and plastic play animals so there’ll be a variety of textures and types of toys.

12) Night Light

Night lights are essential because they make it much easier to check on your baby in the middle of the night. We found this porcelain Noah’s Ark decoration on Amazon that also functions as a soft night light. This should help keep the room from being pitch black and possibly help you navigate if you don’t want to turn on the lights when you go to check up on your baby at night. It might not be enough light to do more than walk around without tripping, but it’ll certainly be an adorable decoration!

13) DIY Nautical

Since Noah’s Ark was, in essence, a boat with animals on it, it only makes sense to add nautical decorations. You can start with a nautical base and then add pictures of animals and animal toys to it. Since many parents love to have their baby’s name on the wall, we found this tutorial for making an easy DIY sign from a board and some rope. This project will work the best if you write the name in cursive since the flow of the rope will look better.

14) DIY Animal Shadowbox

When we found this tutorial for making an animal shadowbox, we thought that it could be the perfect decoration for a Noah’s Ark-themed nursery since the story of Noah has so many animals in it. You can use these instructions to make the shadowbox, but include two of each animal. Even with one of each animal, it’ll look good with any other thematic decorations and fit the theme. Safari animals fit a lot of depictions of this story, but you can actually use any animals.

15) Window Valance

If you want all your room accents to fit your theme, then a window valance like this is one step. The valance has a cutesy cartoon-style ark on it with two of several different types of animals, and you can get the same valance in either blue or pink, depending on if you’re having a boy or girl. This valance can blend in with other decorations if they’re similar colors, and it works best if you’re creating a cute nursery rather than a realistic or nature-themed one.

What did you think of our list? Is there anything we should have added? Please let us know in the comments below.

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