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Owls are nocturnal, making them excellent choices for a place where your little one sleeps. You love owls and you’ve chosen them as your nursery theme. Now you want to find some unique decorations that’ll create a pretty and tasteful space for you and a soothing one for your infant. If you’re looking for some help, you can try these Owl Nursery Ideas.

1) Milestone Blanket

Parents love to measure their child’s progress as they grow and learn new things, and a growth chart is the most common method. Unlike a growth chart, a milestone blanket lets you see not only how tall your little one is but also every little change as they grow month to month. Not only that, but you can start taking pictures right away instead of waiting until your baby is old enough to stand up to be measured.

2) Owl Soother

Soothers can help you get your baby to sleep at night, so we went looking for an owl-shaped soother. This one from Amazon has lights, music, and projection, with several different melodies and gentle nature sounds to soothe your little one to sleep. Since you can control the light intensity and the music volume, you can make sure that the atmosphere is perfect for sleep. Then, set the timer to help your baby stay asleep for a few minutes after you leave the room.

3) DIY Mobile With Leaves

Since owls live in trees, it makes sense to depict them that way. One way to do that’s to get a decoration like this mobile that has leaves and owls, making it look like the owls are sitting in trees. You can use these directions by TracyDIYMom to make a soft owl mobile that looks cute and adds an element of nature to the room. This way, you can show owls in their natural habitat and let the mobile blend into other decorations like the tree image in the background of the video.

4) Pastel

Owls look good in a pastel room since they’re a calming figure and aren’t known for bright colors. They’ll blend into pastel colors and the owls and pastels will both work to make the room seem calming and relaxed, which is perfect for a space where your infant will be sleeping. You can start with a neutral room such as one painted white and then get pastel bedding and decorations like this or use pastel as the base. You can paint the walls and furniture pastel colors and then add owl decorations.

5) Dream Big Little One Decal

Owls are nocturnal, making them perfect for a place where your little one will sleep. They’re a symbol of the night and work well as a symbol of sleep, too. You can get decals like these to show owl friends watching over your baby, along with the phrase “Dream Big Little One” and a moon, stars, and clouds. This will add a wistful look alongside your infant’s owl companion, and since this decal is dream-themed, you can put it on the wall above the crib.

6) Green

Since owls are part of nature, you can create a nature theme with owls in their natural habitat. We found this example of a bright green accent wall that, combined with owl and woodland decals, would make the room look like a greenhouse or aviary in a zoo. This would go well with blue or green owls, but also with brown owls that are designed to look realistic. Try using three-dimensional stuffed animals and other textured owl decorations.

7) Fuzzy Baby Owl Mobile

Mobiles are an essential piece of any nursery, so you’re probably looking for one. Since owls fly, it makes sense to use them as part of your mobile since it’ll look like they’re flying around. We thought this fuzzy baby owl mobile could be appropriate since the owls look like they’re flying in circles, and they’re babies just like your little one! The fuzzy texture is also interesting to look at and babies often like baby animals.

8) DIY Miniature

At the moment, there are probably only a few toys that your baby can safely play with, assuming they’ve even been born yet. As they grow older, they’ll start to play with a wider variety of toys, and small objects will become safe after a few years. You can make decorations that’ll turn into toys as your baby gets older. We thought this owl miniature might work, as they could play with it in a dollhouse or elsewhere. In the meantime, it’ll be a cute, owl-themed decoration.

9) Owl Growth Chart

Growth charts are an amazing way to monitor your child’s growth. While they’re probably not old enough to walk and stand to be measured, you can use a growth chart as a decoration and then begin charting your baby’s growth as soon as they’re old enough. You can even get an owl-themed growth chart like this that’s printed on canvas so that you can move it or save it after your child grows out of it. You can mark your child’s height directly on it so that you can save it forever.

10) Colorful

Owls are typically brown and white in nature, but that doesn’t mean they have to be neutral colors in your nursery. Colors can be stimulating for an infant and help promote brain development, so it may be a good idea to create a colorful owl nursery. You can get owl decorations in green, pink, blue, and even some browns to make the room colorful while adding plenty of owl decor. Try coordinating the owl decorations with an accent wall like the one in this nursery.

11) Colorful Owl Tree Decals

In some ways, owls are natural decorations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use cheerful and bright colors that aren’t common in nature. You can take decorations like trees and owls and get colorful versions of them like this blue, pink, and purple tree decal with yellow and purple owls sitting on tree swings. This sticker set will allow you to create a scene that any child would love, with things that your baby will learn to recognize as fun, such as the tree swings.

12) Printable Wall Art

Printable wall art is probably the easiest way to make decorations so that you don’t have to buy them. You can get nursery-themed owl printables like this one and either print them on stiff paper like cardstock or print them on regular printer paper and frame them. Try getting a cheap dollar store frame and painting it a color that matches your theme colors if you want to get creative and make it seem a little fancier while spending almost no money.

13) Stacked Owl Lamp

Lamps are valuable in nurseries because they give you the ability to shine extra light in areas like the changing table when you need to. They’re also a way to turn on some light without using bright overhead lights if you need to check on your little one at night. This way, you and your baby aren’t blinded and can go back to sleep more quickly afterward. If you’re looking to buy a lamp for the nursery, try something like this adorable lamp on Amazon with a stem made from three stacked owls.

14) DIY Owl Pillow

Babies don’t use pillows at first, but you probably will. Parents need to have a place to sit and rock their baby, feed them, or simply watch over them without having to stand the whole time. While this could be a rocking chair, window ledge, or even daybed, it should be a comfortable spot. You can use these instructions to make an owl-shaped pillow that’ll serve as a decoration and also make a comfortable pillow for your nursery chair.

15) Tree Bark Containers

Since owls come from the forests, you may want to add a bit of a forest theme to your nursery. You can do that by getting wooden furniture and decorations that look like they’re made from forest products. For example, this article has directions for making a tree bark flower vase that can hold flowers, faux flowers, or other plantlike decorations. Try getting decorations with owls that look like they’re sitting on tree branches, too.

16) Owl Switch Plate Cover

If you want to have owls in subtle places, you can take everyday parts of the nursery like light fixtures, light switch covers, and outlets, and add an owl-themed decoration. For example, you can get these light switch covers with a pink, white, and gray owl family and nighttime stars. These kinds of decorations are a subtle way of introducing owls to the bedroom and still create a calming nocturnal impression, just in a less obvious way.

17) Nighttime Native

If you’re Native, you’re probably already planning to add a dreamcatcher to the room, but there are creative ways to do so. If you’re not Native, you might have heard of dreamcatchers; they catch bad dreams and will help your baby sleep restfully. Whether you’re Native or not, you can use Native decorations to create a natural nighttime look similar to what this family did. They designed the room with a navy color scheme and used a mobile with feathers and dreamcatchers to give an avian impression that’s perfect for an owl nursery.

18) Owl Diaper Caddy

Diaper caddies will be essential in this room as they’ll allow you to keep your things organized on the changing table. This way, once you have a squirming infant on your changing pad, you can find what you need easily instead of having to hunt for it. When you pick out your diaper caddy, you can choose an owl-themed one like this cotton rope one from Amazon. This one is kind of cute because it looks like the caddy itself is an owl with two big eyes attached to it.

19) Gray Owl Bedding

If you prefer to show owls in their real habitat, you’ll want a natural-looking nursery instead of a colorful one. Owls are beautiful, but not in a colorful way, so you’ll want browns, grays, and whites mostly. You can get pieces like this gray bedding that has a tree and brown owls on it. This bedding set in particular is neat because it has a furry texture that brings a fuzzy baby owl to mind and that’ll be incredibly soft and cozy.

20) DIY Fabric Owl

If you’re going for a more natural theme instead of a colorful one, you’ll need to buy or make decorations that look natural. We found a neat tutorial for making a fabric owl decoration with a realistic texture. The neat thing is that the soft texture means that your little one can play with it or cuddle it, and you don’t have to worry about it falling and breaking. You’ll want to use fabric that’s textured and neutral-colored to give it a more realistic and natural look.

21) Woodsy Decor

Since owls live in the woods, it makes sense to have woodsy decor that makes people think of owls’ forest habitats. For example, you can paint trees on your furniture like this family did, transforming junk furniture from yard sales into woodland furniture for your decorative or toy owls to roost on. Try painting a shelf and the wall behind it to make it look like a tree branch, then putting owl decorations and toys on it.

22) Owl Door Sign

People love to label nurseries with their baby’s name, and while it’s most typical to put the baby’s name on the wall with decals or crafted letters, you can also hang it on the doorknob. We found this cute owl-themed doorknob sign that you can customize with your baby’s name. You can also hang it on the wall to represent your little one on its own or as part of a gallery wall. This sign only comes in pink, but you can look at the other signs in the collection; there’s a purple one and one woodland one, too.

23) DIY Simple, Cute Owl Canvases

Nursery decorating doesn’t have to be complicated. Sometimes you can just have a neutral space with a few simple decorations such as canvases, photographs, and your baby’s name in letters. We found instructions for making simple canvases with simple and adorable pictures of owls. It doesn’t require any artistic talent since this parent came up with the idea of putting owl wall decals on canvas so that they’re portable and easier to remove than a typical decal.

24) Huggable Night Light

Night lights are typically hard, sometimes decorative objects that are plugged into outlets to make it so that you can see when you’re walking around in the dark. This one, on the other hand, is huggable so that your baby can hold and cuddle it or play with it during the day. Then, it becomes a night light during the night. It even comes with a remote and has the option for a timer so that you can set it up, however you need to comfort your baby to sleep.

25) Many-Colored Tree Branches with Owls

Many nursery decorations are simple, with one or two bright colors on them, but they don’t have to be. This decal of many owls on a tree branch is unique because each owl has several colors in it, and the many colors combine to create interesting textures and a fascinating look that you or your baby could become lost in. The color choices aren’t the typical ones, either, with deep purples, orangey yellows, and more colors that aren’t standard nursery options.

Is there an owl nursery decoration or furnishing that we should have included? There are so many fun and soothing ideas out there that we’d love to hear about. Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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