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Oh, the places your child can go! Your baby is destined for wonderful things and you want them to go to all the best places. That’s why you’ve chosen Oh, the Places You’ll Go! as your nursery’s theme. You want your child to grow up knowing that they’ll go to hard places and easy places and fun places alike, but how can you convey that message? See if any of these Oh The Places You’ll Go Nursery Ideas help.

1) The More You Read

Reading is power. We all know that and that’s why we choose books for nurseries. We want our children to grow up loving to read and understanding just how amazing literature can be. To convey this, we chose a decal with the Dr. Seuss quote, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you will go.” This is the perfect quote for a nursery that’s all about going to different places, and it illustrates the power books have to take you there.

2) Cutouts

When you go to a book fair, you find the room filled with cutouts advertising books, and Dr. Seuss’s books are some of the best since the artwork is so recognizable. These cutouts from Oh, the Places You’ll Go! are a wonderful way to show Dr. Seuss’s artwork and include scenes and quotes directly from the book. These will make your nursery feel like a book fair, a prized childhood moment when hundreds of worlds are presented to you in the form of books, and all you have to do is reach out and take one.

3) DIY Hot Air Balloon

Hot air balloons are a symbol of unconventional travel and ultimate freedom in adventuring. In stories, they can go anywhere, even places where civilization is nonexistent. They even appear in the story Oh, the Places You’ll Go!. though they don’t look quite like conventional hot air balloons. This nonetheless makes them perfect decorations for this adventurous nursery, so we found you a tutorial for making a hot air balloon decoration to hang or set on a shelf in the nursery.

4) Rainbows

Dr. Seuss’s books are colorful and have interesting environments, with brightly striped trees, vibrant fields, and strange creatures. This makes rainbows the ideal weather condition to match a Dr. Seuss theme since they’re colorful and unusual, and adding them to your nursery will make them an everyday thing for your baby. Try getting a few rainbow things like this bedding set to accent your room, but don’t get too much since it’s not a rainbow-themed room. Rainbows also add a whimsical touch since they’re relatively rare and have fairy tales written around them.

5) Real Places

While the story Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is about places in your own mind, you can extend that theme to imagine all the real-life places your baby could go. After all, the story talks about fun places and all the things you can see, and some of those will be wonders like the Eiffel Tower and explorations such as the mountains. You can add posters and frames of real-life places like the ones in this nursery to show all the places your baby might go someday.

6) Animal Wall Art

Children and babies typically love animals, so incorporating real animals and fantastical Dr. Seuss-style animals is a wonderful way to catch your little one’s attention and create a theme they love. You can get wall art like this that says “Oh, The Places You’ll Go!” and has pictures of animals in planes that are ready to go off on that adventure with you and your baby. These are wonderful for inspiring gentle and creative dreams.

7) Globes

Since Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is all about travel, albeit to places in one’s own mind as well as physical locations, a thematic nursery must recognize the importance of travel in the book. One way to create an open impression, as if your little one could go anywhere, while also teaching them about the shape of the world, is to get a globe. You can even add several globes as decorations, using three-dimensional globes and flat pictures of globes as wall art, table art, and more. 

8) Simple Quote Decal

Some of the most powerful things we take away from books are our favorite quotes. Most people have them, so if you’re going to design a book-themed nursery, it makes sense to pick a few favorites to display. In this case, we chose the simplest one; that is, we found a decal with the title. In this particular book, the title is often repeated, making it an appropriate quote that conveys some specific ideas as well as the overall theme of the book. You can get a simple black decal like this, avoiding distracting artwork for a bold look.

9) Simple With a Few Touches

A Dr. Seuss nursery doesn’t have to look like a Dr. Seuss book. Instead of making the whole room brilliant with stripes and spots and fluff balls, you can start with a simple and tasteful room to create a calming atmosphere when your child sleeps. Then, add thematic decorations like the maps and bright, childish decorations spaced around this nursery. This way you have a restful environment that still shows the theme distinctly and continues to feel like a child’s space.

10) Banner

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you know, the more places you’ll go.” This quote nicely sums up the importance of reading and ties it into this book’s message, making it ideal for an Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Nursery. There are all kinds of ways to display a quote, though, so we explored a few options and came back with one that seems very appropriate for a dr. Seuss book. You can get this quote on a banner here to bring to mind the many banners that appear in Seuss’s books.

11) Colorful Map

Dr. Seuss’s worlds are filled with color and pattern and excitement and noise. Brilliant colors are essential to their spirit, though you don’t have to copy them exactly since this room is designed to be more restful than a typical Dr. Seuss book. Since this book is about traveling, whether in one’s mind or out in the world, maps are a wonderful way to reflect that and begin to show your little one the concept of mapping. To reflect the book’s art style, you can get colorful wall art designed to resemble maps like the piece on this wall.

12) Clouds

Sleeping is much of what your infant will be doing in this nursery, so many of the places they’ll go are in their dreams. Clouds are a common image to represent dreams and sleepiness, and they’re wonderful for a theme like this because they move and travel just like your baby might in their dreams as they learn about faraway places. These cloud decorations from Amazon are unique because they have a natural look, giving you the option of creating a calming nursery that still matches an Oh, the Places You’ll Go! theme. 

13) Travel Decor

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is all about traveling to far away and nearby and fun and boring places. While the book teaches important lessons about life, it’s the sort of literature that’ll appeal to somebody who loves travel. You can create a travel-themed nursery and add touches of Oh, the Places You’ll Go! decor. For instance, this nursery has whimsical travel decorations such as books on piratology and furniture pieces that look like they were salvaged off a ship. These sorts of decorations are perfect for a travel-themed and Dr. Seuss-themed room.

14) Wall Art Quote With Hot Air Balloons

“Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” may be the title of the book, but it’s also one of the best quotes in this book since it captures the essence and the many individual scenes in the book well. With both a literal and figurative meaning, you’ll probably want to include this title and quote somewhere in the nursery. We found a decal from Amazon that has the title of the book along with pictures of hot air balloons to add decoration that matches the decal’s style.

15) Table Art

As your baby gets older, they’ll need shelf space. They’ll need desk space and places to store their books and their favorite rocks and collectibles. For now, though, all they need is a changing table and some clothing and toy storage. That means that while you’ll want plenty of drawers, you’ll also have a lot of drawer and shelf space free for decorations. You can make things like this Oh, the Places You’ll Go! themed table centerpieces and other table art. It’s a temporary decoration, but you probably won’t keep this theme forever anyway.

16) Decal With Planes

Dr. Seuss’s books always have unusual modes of travel, such as trains and planes and hot air balloons, in addition to standard cars and bicycles and trucks. Since this book is about going places, it makes sense to depict different modes of transportation, even ones that don’t appear in this particular book. For example, you can get a decal like this with the book title and pictures of airplanes flying around it with trails showing where they’ve flown.

17) Characters from Different Books

Your child will go many places, and among those places are the different books that they’ll read over the years. As such. It makes sense to involve characters from various books in this nursery, particularly if they’re from Dr. Seuss’s books since you’re a Dr. Seuss fan. You can get a few decorations that include various characters, such as this bedding set with The Cat in the Hat, Thing 1, Thing 2, and more characters from different books.

18) DIY Thematic Wastebasket

If you want the bedroom to be heavily thematic with Dr. Seuss-style decorations, you can get things that have bright colors and patterns that match his signature illustration style. One of the best we’ve found is this wastebasket that you can have customized with your baby’s name and the book title. It even has a scene from the book with plenty of pink since this family is having a girl. If you’re having a boy, try to include plenty of blue!

19) Kid You’ll Move Mountains

If you’ve read this book recently, you’ll probably recall a line in which the author tells the reader “kid, you’ll move mountains.” This is an important message since this book is all about how the reader will succeed and fail and feel sad and happy and accomplish great things and fall into a slump. They’ll do all these things, but it all boils down to that belief that they’ll move mountains. If you want a great quote that summarizes what you want your baby to get from this book, this wall art set from Amazon might have the perfect message.

20) You Can Steer Yourself!

“You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!” This is one of the more powerful quotes from Oh, the Places You’ll Go!, telling the reader that they have choices about their life even though they may sometimes find themselves in a slump. This is a strong message to send your child, so if you’re a fan of this quote, we found a decal of it that you can put on your nursery wall.

21) Chalkboard

If you want to create a world of infinite possibility, chalkboards are one of the best tools. You can decorate them with anything, from the travel-inspired, Oh, the Places You’ll Go! Decorations on this chalkboard wall to a direct scene from the book to your child’s name. Then, when your baby gets older, they’ll have a space to draw anything and express their own creativity. Try getting some chalkboard paint to create an entire chalkboard wall as this family did.

22) Shore Flora

When people travel for enjoyment, they’re often going somewhere like the beach or a tropical location. Because of that, vegetation and other things from the beach make people think of traveling. You can get things like this bedding set with tropical vegetation to create a travel theme without any suitcases or even images of transportation like planes and trains. These also have an exotic look if you’re not from a coastal area, just as Dr. Seuss flora and fauna look strange and fun.

23) Name Decal with Book Title

People love to show their baby’s name on the wall of their nursery to label the space and make it feel like it belongs to the infant. In this case, a customized decoration like that can also be a direct statement to the child. For instance, you can get a decal like this with your baby’s name that says “Oh, the places you’ll go!”, giving the impression that you’re talking directly to the child about the places they’re destined to go as they grow up. This decal even has a picture of a plane.

24) Geometric Map

Since this book is all about travel, a map would be a logical decoration and begin to give your baby an understanding of maps and the very beginnings of geographical understanding. Since Dr. Seuss often shows unusual shapes that vaguely resemble reality, you can do something similar with your maps, but in a different style. For example, this family used a geometric style map as a decoration in their Oh, the Places You’ll Go! nursery.

25) Balloon Valance

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! has unique hot air balloons with a classic, slanted and dramatic Dr. Seuss shape. If you’d like decorations with these hot air balloons instead of the standard ones that you’d see in the real world, you can buy decorations like this valance. The neat thing about a decoration like this is that the balloons look like they’re really floating through the sky since it’s a hanging decoration and they’re close to the ceiling.

Did we list any decorations that you can imagine in your baby’s space? Which nursery decorations do you think you’ll use? Please let us know in the comments below.

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