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Congratulations! You’ve got a little one on the way, and you’re excited to decorate the nursery. A fox theme seems like a cute one, and you love the energy and curiosity that foxes have. You’re hunting for some Fox Nursery Ideas to help you outfit your baby’s space, either because you want to get things ready before they’re born or because they’re ready to move out of your bedroom. We have some ideas for you here.

1) Red and White Foxes

One thing you want to make sure to keep in mind when designing this nursery is that there’s more than one type of fox. Most people think of red foxes with their signature orange color, but there are also white and even blue foxes. You can create a diverse and colorful look if you keep this in mind with decorations like these fitted crib sheets with red and white foxes, along with various woodland animals such as hares.

2) Fox Decals

Decals are a neat addition to most nurseries because they’re easy to install and you can take them down later if your child wants a different theme or doesn’t like them. For a fox nursery, we found these fox decals from Amazon with tribal clothing. Children’s stories are rife with personification and animals that act like people, so animals dressed like people lounging and trotting around the forest is a neat way to depict these animals. 

3) DIY Felt Fox

Soft decorations are good for nurseries because a nursery is a soft and cozy space. To keep it that way, you’ll probably want to get more soft decorations so that it stays restful and calming. Harder decorations would be better for a playroom where your baby doesn’t sleep. If your baby sleeps here and you want soft decorations, you can use these directions to make felt fox ornaments. These are great for a nursery and can double as Christmas tree ornaments later on.

4) Name Sign

Hanging a sign with your baby’s name on it’s a popular way to decorate nurseries because it makes it feel more like a personalized space. That’s why we found a fox name sign, but this one’s a little different from the standard nursery wall letters and signs. You can hang this one on a wall if you want to, but it’s also designed to go on a door, so your child will probably want to keep using it as they get older and maybe even into their teens when they start wanting the door closed more often.

5) Fox Night Light

Night lights are essential nursery gear because they make it safer for you to check on your little one at night without tripping over things. They also keep you from waking your baby with bright lights and make it easier to get back to sleep after you’ve poked your head into the baby’s room. You can try something like this neat three-dimensional fox-shaped light from Amazon that has a smooth rather than realistic look, giving it a soothing appearance.

6) Soothing and Natural Nursery

Foxes are a part of nature, so it makes sense to put them in a natural setting, such as a nature-themed nursery with just touches of fox decor. You can design a natural nursery or copy elements from a nature-inspired one like this, then add fox stuffed animals, toys, and crib sheets. In this case, you may want to focus on baby furnishings like crib sheets and diaper caddies so that you can easily change the theme once you’re no longer using those items.

7) Fox-Themed Storage Bin

Organizing will be essential in your nursery because you’re going to want easy access to things. You don’t want to be carrying a squirming infant and trying to hunt through a large drawer or tote, so your best option is probably to get a smaller storage bin like this. These storage bins can be used like drawers if you place them on shelves, and we found one from Amazon with pictures of trees and adorable foxes on it.

8) Fox Mobile

Mobiles are a vital part of a nursery because they’re a great source of stimulation when babies are too young to explore and they can help soothe infants to sleep. You’ll probably want one that fits your fox theme, whether it’s a woodland style or one with little foxes dangling from it. You can even get ones like this mobile from Amazon that have a fox, mountains, and trees together to show the foxes and the setting they live in.

9) DIY Woodland

Foxes live in the woods, so while you always have the option to decorate with nothing but foxes, you’ll probably want to include some woodland imagery. This creates some context as your little one learns about foxes and their environment and begins to make connections about where foxes live. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to create a woodland animal nursery, then add fox decorations, pictures, toys, and stuffed animals to complete the look.

10) Fox Lamp

Lamps are valuable in nurseries because they make it easier to see what you’re doing up close at a changing table. They also make it easier to change your baby at night and then go back to sleep without having to deal with bright overhead lights that wake you up, making it harder to fall back asleep. We found this lamp on Amazon with a cute fox at the base. The fox has a curious expression that invokes the imagination and makes him seem friendly, making him the perfect decoration for a nursery.

11) Security Blanket

Security blankets give babies and young children something to hold on to as a comfort item. If you’re thinking about getting one for your baby, you could choose one that fits your nursery theme, like this red fox. The red fox is designed to be a security blanket, with a comforting texture that’s designed to soothe babies to sleep even in unfamiliar places. When you first bring your infant home, don’t forget that their nursery will be an unfamiliar place, so something soft to hold could be nice.

12) Subtle Orange and Green

When most people think of foxes, they think of red foxes that live in forests. This makes orange and green the best colors to associate with foxes and a woodland spring. You can design the nursery with green and orange hints so that they’ll highlight any woodland and fox-themed decorations. Try using shades similar to the ones in this nursery, then getting stuffed animals like the one they have sitting on a chair. You could get a large stuffed fox to act as a decoration and become a toy later on.

13) Fox Window Decals

One neat decoration that most people don’t think to use is a window decal. You can get decals for the walls, but some decals cling to mirrors, creating wonderful scenes. This gives you an extra space to work with and allows your little one to experience the play of light through and around the window glass. You can even get window stickers like these foxes that look like mirrors and will add a unique sparkle to the room. 

14) Glowing Fox Statue

This next nursery idea is simply beautiful and would be wonderful in any room of the house if you don’t keep it in the nursery when your baby grows older. We found this three-dimensional fox statue with a lot of detail on Amazon. It glows and the fox looks like he’s sleeping soundly, making him the perfect nighttime companion to keep back the dark. The subtle light should be enough to work as a night light and it’ll make an adorable decoration at night.

15) DIY Simple Fox Painting

Wall art is important in any room, so you’ll want to find a way to put up some fox wall art. Since this room will only be a nursery until your baby grows out of it, you probably don’t want to spend fifty dollars on paintings. You can use this tutorial to paint a fox head painting for almost no money and a fairly small amount of time. The fox doesn’t have a realistic look but should be perfect for a nursery because nurseries often have cartoony or cutesy art.

16) Fox Nursery Rug

Nursery rugs are nice because they give babies a safe and soft place to crawl and play. A good nursery rug is soft enough to cushion them if they fall and hard enough that they won’t suffocate in the fibers. We found this one on Amazon that looks like a curled-up white fox sleeping on the floor. You and your baby will probably find this cute, and images of sleeping animals will help create a restful environment that encourages your infant to sleep.

17) Blue and Orange

While their name would suggest otherwise, red foxes typically look orange. They’re the most commonly seen fox, making them ideal for introducing your baby to foxes for the first time, so orange is probably a good base color for this room. A blue and orange room can add an exciting look to a room because blue and orange are opposites. Opposite colors go well together, creating a dramatic contrast without clashing. For example, you can get red fox decorations and use burnt orange and navy blue as the background colors as this family does.

18) Soft Fox and Bear Mobile

If you want to create a restful space, you’ll want it to be a soft space. Soft spaces are for sleeping and contain many soft and fluffy textures while hard spaces are great for learning and playing and tend to have more hard textures, hence the name. The crib is definitely a soft area so it may make sense to use soft decorations. While the sheets and blanket will obviously be soft, most mobiles use plastic pieces. You could try a soft mobile like this one with plush bears and foxes instead.

19) Free Printables

Printables are useful when you’re trying to design a thematic nursery on a budget. You can get free fox printables here, paying the cost of some paper and a frame instead of paying ten, twenty, or even fifty dollars for a piece of wall art. These prints are funny, with the foxes dressed like humans with pipes and glasses that should fascinate a toddler or young child. These prints will almost give a vintage look, as the pipes, hat, and mustache look like they’re from another era.

20) DIY Paper Craft Fox

If you’re willing to get creative, either because you love homemade art or because you don’t want to spend the money, you could make papercraft decorations. Paper crafts are nice because they allow you to get your other children involved in decorating, if you have any. This creates connections between your children and may help reduce sibling rivalry. Even if you do the crafts alone, you can make neat things like this dictionary wall art that has multiple aspects to discover.

21) Fox-Shaped Basket

Baskets are a wonderful tool for storing toys if you want a more modern look than what a toy chest will give you. We found this fox-shaped basket on Amazon that’d be perfect for a pink and gray little girl’s nursery, or one with neutral colors that a pink and gray fox would look good in. This large bin could make a good hamper as your baby gets older, though you’ll probably want to use it for toys until they’re out of diapers and their clothes don’t smell as bad.

22) Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are an amazing trend created by the abundance of photography equipment. Now, instead of just charting height every year, you can see what your infant looks like every month during the early stages of development, whether they have different-looking hair, a bigger smile, or more lively eyes! We found this fox-themed milestone blanket from Amazon that you can use to take pictures of your baby every month to see his or her progress. Then, you can use the blanket as a decoration or blanket in between pictures. 

23) Subtle Woodland

You don’t have to have an overt theme, but can instead choose subtle decorations that show your theme when people look more closely at them. For example, this nursery has a subtle woodland look with tiny sleeping foxes mixed into the light pattern on the wallpaper. This patterned look and natural appearance are good for stimulating a baby’s mind while the subtle,  sleeping foxes will help create a restful impression that encourages your baby to sleep, as well.

24) Stay Clever Fox Family

Having a baby is about completing your family, so adding family-themed artwork is an appropriate way of reminding yourself and your partner that you’ve created this new family. This fox artwork has a picture of a fox family with one baby and says “First we had each other then we had you now we have everything,” showing that this baby is you and your partner’s world. The wall art set also encourages your baby to stay clever like a fox and dream big, both of which are excellent things to strive for.

25) DIY Felt Fox

Felt decorations are excellent for nurseries because they’re soft, adding to the impression of the cuddly and comforting space that you want a bedroom to be. They’re also fairly easy to make, particularly if you have a tutorial to follow like this one for a felt fox that includes a pdf pattern. The neat thing about felt is that while some things look better sewn, you can use hot glue to make felt decorations if you don’t know how to sew. 

Do you have something you’d have put in a fox nursery? There are so many different decorations that can make a space feel cuddly and homey, and we’d love to hear your ideas/ Please tell us in the comments below.

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