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You’re an avid hunter or a nature lover, and you’d like to convey that passion to your new child. Whether you love hunting deer or simply think they’re cute, you’re looking for some deer-themed items for your nursery. Maybe you’ve even decided to create a deer-themed nursery. Whatever the case, you’re looking for Deer Nursery Ideas and need some assistance.

1) Buck Night Light

Night lights are valuable in nurseries because they allow you to see if you need to check on your baby, but they’re not so bright that you won’t be able to get back to sleep afterward. They’re also a good way to keep back the dark if it scares your little one, which is why most nurseries have them. If you’re looking for a deer-themed one, this bedside lamp with a cutout shaped like a buck’s head would be a good option.

2) Rectangular Canvas Storage

Canvas storage baskets are wonderful for nurseries because if you get one like this, it’s the perfect size and shape to put on a shelf to turn the shelf into drawers. This is helpful since a lot of baby items are small, and it gives a convenient place to store little toys and clothes. You can get one like this with pictures of bucks’ heads on it and your baby can keep it for years since it’s also a good size for storing young children’s clothes.

3) DIY Antler Glitter Rose Gold Plaque

If you love deer and are trying to create a feminine deer-themed nursery or add deer-themed decorations to a girl’s room, you might’ve found that a lot of deer-themed decorations are designed for boys and hunters. You can make your own pieces, instead, so we found this video for making a glittery rose gold plaque with antlers on it. It even has pink leaves mounted where the deer’s ears would be. This piece is delicate but also makes one think of a deer, making it ideal for a girl’s nursery.

4) Deer Toybox

Your child will need a toy box if they’re going to both play and sleep in here. In that case, you can get a delicate deer-themed one like this that shows a tipi and a couple of deer with flowers around their necks or in their hair. The flowers on the tipi and deer create a feminine look with just a touch of pink, and the deer have an adorable feminine look that’ll charm anyone. The embroidery will also give it an old-fashioned appearance.

5) Wood Deer-Shaped Wall Clock

This deer-themed nursery from Project Nursery has a few ideas in it, but the one that struck us as the most unusual was the clock. This nursery has a deer-shaped wooden clock that most people would never think to put in their nursery, giving yours a unique look. The wood cutout will have a different look than a standard round clock, adding more variety and designs that’ll interest your little one, too. An analog clock is also a good way to start teaching them about clocks if you keep it in their room as they get older.

6) Pink Woodland Forest Decal

Since deer live in the forest, it makes sense to use woodland decals with deer to make the room feel like the deer’s natural environment. For a little girl’s room, you can get a decal like this with many pink and white leaves and pink deer to create a natural but also feminine look. The abundance of leaves also makes the decal seem more realistic even though it’s only an outline and doesn’t have realistic colors.

7) Mobile

Mobiles are essential nursery equipment since they distract babies while they’re being changed, provide mental stimulation to help develop infant minds, and help lull babies to sleep. If you want a deer-themed one, you can get one like this that has buck heads dangling from it and shown on the side. This particular one is musical and attaches to the side of the crib to help soothe your little one to sleep. The gray color will also create a calming atmosphere.

8) DIY Stuffed Deer Head Mount

If you’re a hunter, you might have a deer head or two mounted on your walls, and you can do something similar for your baby; however, it might not be appropriate to use a real deer head in a nursery, so we found a way to make a stuffed deer head that’s more baby-friendly. This tutorial shows you how to make a cute stuffed animal deer head mount, and you can choose a stuffed toy that’s as realistic or unrealistic as you want. 

9) Rifles, Racks, and Deer Tracks

If you’re a hunter, then you may want more hunting nursery ideas. To create a hunting-themed nursery, you can include decals and references to hunting alongside depictions of the animals you hunt. For example, this decal from Amazon says “Rifles, Racks, and Deer Tracks…that’s what little boys are made of.” It includes an image of a rifle, deer tracks, and antlers to illustrate this so that your baby can see what it means even though they can’t read. Someday they’ll become very familiar with deer tracks!

10) Love You Deerly

This idea is a pun, but it’s cute and loving enough to make it perfect for a nursery. If you’re a fan of puns, this is the ideal one for a deer-themed nursery. These crib sheets from Amazon have a picture of deer surrounded by pink flowers, and they say “Love You Deerly,” using the spelling “deerly” instead of dearly. These have a delicate and feminine look, alongside the funny words and the adorable image of deer.

11) DIY Paper Mache Deer Head

If you’re a hunter and want your baby’s nursery to look more like a hunting lodge or hunter’s den, you could mount a buck’s head on the wall, but that might not be appropriate for a nursery. Instead, you can design something similar but without an actual animal head that may scare your infant. We found these instructions for making a paper mache deer head that won’t be as scary to an infant as a real deer head, but still mounts on the wall and adds some deer-themed decoration to the room.

12) Teether Rattle

As your baby gets a bit older, they’ll need something to chew on as they’re teething. We found this deer-themed teether and rattle on Amazon with a soft-knit head and wood ring. The knit parts and wood material are perfect for creating an old-fashioned or nature-themed nursery, and they fit right in with a deer theme. The wood is even the right color to match other deer- and nature-themed decorations, and you can hang it as a decoration if you don’t need it right away.

13) Buck Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are a lovely way to record your baby’s progress in their first year or more of life. Unlike growth charts, they let you see exactly what your child looked like, from their hair texture and color to the expression they had when you took a picture of them on the blanket. We found this milestone blanket with a silhouette of a buck’s head, antlers, and arrows. This would be perfect for a bowhunter designing a deer-themed nursery since you can use it as a decoration and blanket when you’re not taking pictures of your baby on it.

14) DIY Fawn Heart

If you’re the sort of person that likes making decorations and crafts, this one would be a nice, simple, but beautiful decoration. While this image would be good for a girl’s nursery, you can make the same craft with different colors for a boy’s room. The soft book in this article would be wonderful for recording memories and introducing the idea of books to a baby who can’t turn paper pages yet, and the felt heart decoration with a fawn over it’d be a wonderful wall hanging. You could even stitch it onto a pillow.

15) Forest Decal

If you want to show a little bit of nature, it makes sense to show a forest with deer in it since that’s deer’s natural habitat. Decals are a wonderful way to do this, so we found this decal with trees, green leaves, and brown deer. The image gives the impression of springtime and shows a little bit of context for what deer are and where they live since your baby probably hasn’t seen a real one before. The decals are also pretty and are easier to remove than a mural if this room isn’t always a nursery.

16) DIY Button Tree

This next idea is perfect for a vintage or old-fashioned nursery, and it’s a great way to use extra buttons if you still have your grandmother’s button collection but don’t sew. You can use the information in this Make and Do Crew article to make button art shaped like a tree on a piece of wood, then hang it as a decoration in your nursery. While trees are deer’s natural habitat and you can leave the decorations as-is, you can also add more buttons to put a deer next to the tree or even try making a deer head version.

17) Custom Name Banner

There are many things you could take away from this deer-theme nursery from Project Nursery, but we were looking for unique ideas that everybody else hasn’t thought of yet. For something a little different, you could copy the banner they used to spell their child’s name. The banner is made from triangles of checked cloth, each with a letter painted on it, with images of deer on the first and last triangle. This adds some texture and looks different from a typical set of letters that a parent might put on a wall.

19) Stuffed Deer Head Wall Mount

If you’re a hunter, you probably have a deer head mounted somewhere in the house, and you might want something similar for your baby. Since real deer heads can be scary to infants, a stuffed animal deer head may be more appropriate, but it won’t be very realistic. This stuffed deer head decoration from Amazon looks a little less fluffy than a stuffed animal, but it’s still nowhere near realistic enough to scare a baby. That, along with the fact that you don’t need to butcher a stuffed animal to craft it, makes it a good option for a nursery.

19) DIY Natural Materials

Since deer are part of nature, it makes sense to try and keep the materials in your nursery natural if you’re going to use a lot of deer decorations. You can buy wooden decorations or even use materials from your own backyard. For example, you can use this video to make a deer head wall decoration using sticks, grass, or whatever material is common in your area. If you’re worried about allergies and air quality, you can also buy natural materials from a craft store.

20) Custom Woodland Blanket

Deer are woodland creatures, so if you’re creating a deer-themed nursery, you might mix a couple of other woodland animals in as long as deer are the most popular creature in the room. For example, you can get this customizable woodland blanket from Amazon with deer, elk, and bears on it. When you buy it, the site should prompt you to put in your child’s name so that you can customize it with your baby’s name or another message.

21) Boho Woodland

Bohemian style is a wonderful choice for a woodland or natural nursery such as a deer-theme nursery because many boho decorations have natural fibers. You can see how elegant and relaxing a boho woodland nursery can be in this article, and use the article as a guide for creating one. Then, add your deer decorations to transform the gentle woodland room into a deer nursery. If you include other animals, make sure deer are the most prominent.

22) Closet Dividers

Having a baby shakes up a person’s life significantly. You might find that whatever organization system you have and all your well-thought-out plans for this baby don’t go exactly as expected, but laying those plans and creating those systems initially will help keep you from becoming overwhelmed. For example, you can get closet organizers like these that help you organize clothes by size so that you’re always ready with the next set of clothes when your baby grows out of theirs. These organizers are deer-themed to fit your nursery plan.

23) Table Night Light

This night light is an odd change from the standard plug-in ones that go in outlets. This one’s a table night light that casts a cloudy and starry night sky across the room, showing a deer leaping across it. The light itself has antlers to make it look like a buck, too! The nice thing about a table night light like this is that you can place it in the best place to illuminate the room since it doesn’t have to go in an outlet.

24) DIY Confetti Globe

This idea is a unique one that you can easily customize for your baby. You can use these directions to make a confetti globe using blue- or pink-colored paper, depending on whether you’re having a boy or girl. You can even use green or yellow to create a grassy woodland appearance. This decoration will make it look like a buck is wandering through a forest, but you can also get a figurine or a fawn or doe, or customize it however you want.

25) Copper Deer Head Outline Wall Art

Outline wall art is neat because it looks like a design more than an image and can help stimulate your baby’s mind while also fitting your theme. Natural materials can be good for natural intelligence, but metallic wall art has a shine that can be interesting to your baby. We found this copper deer head outline art piece from Amazon that you can hang up to add some variety to the room, particularly if you have a lot of natural, soft, or flat decorations.

26) Native Patterns

Natives are known for being close to nature, so if you want your deer nursery to have a lot of nature-themed decorations, then some Native patterns would not go amiss. You can choose authentic Native-made patterns or imitations, but the most common choice is a rug like the one in this nursery. You can also find blankets with similar patterns or even get Native dolls, moccasins, and dreamcatchers to go along with your deer decorations.

27) Deer Lamp

Lamps are useful in nurseries because you’ll sometimes need more light at your changing table or to read your baby a book, and because they allow you to tend to your baby in the middle of the night without having to turn on glaring overhead lights that will keep you and your little one from falling back to sleep easily. You can get a lamp like this that has a deer lying at its base from Amazon.

Do you have an incredible item that you think would create the perfect deer nursery atmosphere? We’d love to hear what you’re planning for your room! Please let us know in the comments below.

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