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Finding Nemo may have come out in 2003, but it’s still a beloved movie with charming and memorable characters. Whether you have nostalgia for the movie or you just want a cute-looking nursery, a Finding Nemo-themed one is a great choice. 

If you’re stuck on what items to include in it, though, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at some of the best Finding Nemo nursery ideas.

1) Finding Nemo Outlet Plate

If you’re looking to make every part of your nursery feel coordinated, even the small details, you might like this Finding Nemo outlet plate. It’s a super cute way to decorate an often-ignored part of nurseries. You can buy this outlet plate from Amazon.

2) Finding Nemo Photo Clip Frame

Photo clips make it easier to change photos at any time compared to standard frames. I really love this one since it has the cute seagulls from Finding Nemo that always say, “mine!” You can buy this photo clip frame from Amazon.

3) Finding Nemo Snow Globe DIY

Snow globes are actually easier to make than you might think, and the end result of this Finding Nemo snow globe is super cute! Materials from the dollar store are also used, making it a very affordable craft that your little one is sure to treasure for a long time.

4) Finding Nemo Wall Decals

These wall decals make it look like you’re gazing into the world of Finding Nemo and have favorite characters, including Marlin, Dory, Crush, and Squirt. Since they’re not too large, you can put them pretty much anywhere, whether on an empty space on the wall or to decorate a door. You can buy these wall decals from Amazon.

5) Finding Nemo Blanket

Looking to decorate a plain-looking rocker or chair in your nursery? If so, you might want a Finding Nemo throw blanket like this one. It’s sure to make the space look cute and cozy. You can buy this blanket from Amazon.

6) Finding Nemo Squirt Plush

While your little one might not be old enough to play with plush toys yet, you can keep them as decor items in the meantime. Much like throw pillows, you can use them to spruce up a chair or keep it on display in a toy net. You can buy this Squirt plush from Amazon.

7) Finding Nemo Prints

I love prints like these since, along with adding some decorative flair to your walls, you also get to choose the exact frame you want. Whether you want a bold sparkly frame or a minimalist solid color one, it gives you some room for creative freedom to make the nursery exactly the way you want it to be. You can buy these prints from Amazon.

8) Finding Nemo Mobile

Entertaining for your baby and beautiful for your nursery, mobiles are one of the best decor items you can get. I especially love this Finding Nemo mobile since the characters and decorative touches are all crocheted, making it eye-catching. You can buy this mobile from Etsy.

9) Finding Nemo Jumper

If your baby is six months or older, this jumper might be the perfect choice for them. It’ll match perfectly with the Finding Nemo nursery theme while also being super fun for your baby. You can buy this jumper from Amazon.

10) Finding Nemo Activity Gym

This activity gym is perfect for keeping on the floor of your nursery. Whether your baby is doing tummy time or they’re gazing up at the cute little toys, this is sure to be a great source of entertainment for them. You can buy this activity gym from Amazon.

11) Finding Nemo Personalized Wall Clock

Wall clocks like this one can fit nearly anywhere in a nursery, depending on your preferences — above a door frame, next to a shelf, above a dresser, or next to some other pieces of wall art. You can buy this wall clock from Etsy.

12) Finding Nemo Vincent Van Gogh-Inspired Art

This artwork is a creative crossover between the world of Finding Nemo and one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most beloved works, “Starry Night.” It’s great for adding an elegant element to your Finding Nemo nursery. You can buy this artwork from Amazon.

13) “Just Keep Swimming” Shelf Sitter

Thanks to the flat bottom of this cute decor item, it’s made for sitting on a shelf and adding a pop of color. You can buy this shelf sitter from Amazon.

14) Finding Nemo Light

This little light features some favorite Finding Nemo characters and multicolor lights. Along with being a decor item, it’s great for adding a little extra light to your nursery at night. You can buy this light from Etsy.

15) Nemo Plush

This adorable Nemo plush is perfect for sitting on a chair or even decorating a shelf. Along with being a lovely decor item, your little one is sure to love it once they’re old enough to play with it. You can buy this Nemo plush from Amazon.

16) Finding Nemo Drawer Pulls

You can get even more detail-oriented in your nursery with these custom Finding Nemo drawer pulls. They’re perfect for adding a little extra touch to your little one’s dresser, especially if it’s plain looking. You can buy these drawer pulls from Etsy.

17) Finding Nemo Name Sign

You can add a touch of personalization to your little one’s nursery with this lovely custom Finding Nemo name sign, which is in the same style as Nemo’s name on the original movie art. It’s perfect for displaying above a crib. You can buy this name sign from Etsy.

18) Finding Nemo Wall Night Light

Wall nightlights like this one look decorative during the daytime and are very useful at night since you can use them with the push of a button. If you put it near a crib, it can be a helpful tool for checking in on your baby at night. You can buy this night light from Walmart.

19) Finding Nemo Movie Poster

If you’re looking for decor items that fit with the movie Finding Nemo, few things are better than artwork from one of the original movie posters. You can buy this movie poster from Amazon.

20) Finding Nemo Crib Bedding Set

Crib bedding is essential for your baby, and it also is great for decorating your little one’s crib. Getting a crib bedding set like this one takes the guesswork out of it since every element is already made to match, plus it’ll look coordinated with your other Finding Nemo items. You can buy this crib bedding set from Walmart.

21) Finding Nemo Eagle Ray Wall Decals

This wall decal set is super cute and cartoony and would look great over a crib or next to other pieces of wall decor. You can buy these decals from Etsy.

Summary and Top Picks

So, how did you like these Finding Nemo nursery ideas? From the adorable characters to the ocean-themed elements, I hope you find decor items in this list that you’ll be able to incorporate into the nursery of your dreams. 

While I loved all of these, if I had to pick a few favorites, I’d have to go with:

  • #3 Finding Nemo Snow Globe DIY: I love that this snow globe is made using inexpensive materials, plus it’s super cute and easy to personalize. 
  • #8 Finding Nemo Mobile: This crochet mobile clearly had a lot of love and care put into it, and your baby is sure to love staring up at it. 
  • #10 Finding Nemo Activity Gym: This activity gym is not only tons of fun for your baby, but it also looks cute on the floor. 

Now it’s your turn! Let me know in the comments — which of these decor items were your favorites and why?

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