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Congratulations! You’re having a baby, or you’ve finally decided it’s time to finish the nursery and move your little one into their own nursery. You’re trying to design an under the sea nursery for them, but you’re short on ideas and need some help. How can you transform this room to create the wonderland your baby deserves and still meet your financial and time-saving goals? These Under the Sea Nursery Ideas should help.

1) Fish School

When you see nature videos from underwater cameras, some of the things you see the most are schools of fish. When children first see these, they’re often mesmerized by the beautiful creatures moving in perfect sync as if they were one large and often multicolored creature. These are a beautiful aspect of nature and they’d be the perfect way to transform your nursery into an aquatic wonderland. We found these decals with a school of fish and some seaweed and sea turtles that’ll make the nursery floor feel like the ocean floor.

2) Bubbles

Bubbles are one of the most fun aspects of water for young children and many adults. Children love to play with bubbles, so why not add bubbles to their under the sea nursery? We found these garlands that make it look like the room is filled with real bubbles. The bubbles look 3D but are actually flat pieces hanging from the garlands. You can drape them in front of a bluish or even greenish wall and make it look like the nursery is underwater. Try painting an accent wall and putting these up in front of it.

3) DIY Shelf

Boats are a major part of the sea, so you can include them in an under the sea nursery. They make wonderful shelves, but if you’re not a woodworker, you might want to make something easier like this small boat shelf decoration. The decoration would look amazing on a shelf and add to your nautical undersea theme. If you’re a woodworker, you could try something more creative like making a wall shelf shaped like a boat and painting the wall blue up to that height so that it looks like the boat shelf is sailing on some water.

4) Glow-in-the-Dark Creatures

If you’re trying to make the nursery look like it’s underwater, you’ll need plenty of sea creatures to keep your little one company. These glow-in-the-dark stickers are a neat way to add creatures to the room because they’ll add a bit of light to the room to keep it from becoming completely dark. This will entertain your baby and fascinate them, helping them develop a sense of wonder. If you put the creatures on a bluish or greenish wall, they’ll look like they’re swimming through some water in the daytime, too. 

5) Soft Blues and Purples

You’ll need to choose the right color combination to create an under the sea theme. For a nursery, soft purples and blues like the ones in this baby’s room are good options because they create not only the aquatic look of a blue wall but also a bit of a fantasy look. The purple adds a touch of mysticism, making this the perfect room for merfolk and other legendary creatures like sea serpents and selkies.

6) Aqua Valance

Aqua is naturally one of the best colors for an under the sea nursery since it’s the color of water. It makes a good background color for walls, but colorful walls have some disadvantages. If you want to get rid of the under the sea theme when your child grows out of the nursery, you’ll have a much harder time repainting walls than you will replacing decorations, for one thing. One way to deal with this is to start with white walls and add aqua accents like these valances. Valances will also help keep nurseries dark during daytime naps.

7) One Green, One Blue

Green and blue are two of the best colors for an under the sea nursery since the sea can look blue or green at any given point, depending on the way the light reflects against it. One way to capture this unique feature of the sea is to paint two accent walls: one green and one blue. You can see how the two colors work well together in this nursery, with sea turtles and other green creatures on the green wall and blue furnishings against the blue wall.

8) Coffee Filter Backdrop

Accent walls are a unique nursery idea if you want to add a creative and colorful design without filling the entire room with that design. With an accent wall, you can do things that are too intense to use throughout the room and create a central focus. Like accent walls, backdrops give you a central focus so that you can concentrate your decorating around that area. You can use this video as a resource for making a coffee filter backdrop that’s perfect for an under the sea nursery.

9) Sea Creatures

An underwater setting wouldn’t be complete without sea creatures to live there, so you’ll want to find ways to add sea critters to the nursery. This can include stuffed animals, toys, and wall stickers, among other things. Wall stickers in particular add a lot to the theme because you can get sets like this one that includes seaweed so that you’re creating a more realistic image. This way, you’ve included both unique underwater plants and sea creatures.

10) Merfolk

Many people, grown or otherwise, like the legends about mermaids. There are numerous cartoons and movies with recreations of these legends, making them a wonderful way to decorate a nursery, particularly if you’re one of the many adults who love mermaids and their legends. You can use this article to create mermaid decorations like knit tails that’d turn your own baby into a mermaid infant. You can add mermaid decals on the walls and mix them in with non-legendary creatures, or create a legendary creature theme.

11) Hatching Turtle Figure

Turtles represent nature, wisdom, and long lives. They’re a symbol of healing and a calming and steady image to have in any space. If you wish for your child to grow old and wise like a turtle, you can add turtle images to the other sea creatures in the room. These hatching turtles are a cute and appropriate representation of your baby who is just climbing out of his or her shell and beginning to explore the world. 

12) Narwhals

If you like legends and myths, narwhals are unusual mythical creatures that don’t get nearly enough attention. Little kids are fascinated with this sea unicorn, making them perfect for a nursery. You can get cute images of narwhals like the ones on these wall art pieces that your little one can enjoy. These images are blue, pink, and purple, making them appropriate for a baby boy or girl, and the undersea background will add an aquatic impression to neutral-colored walls or blend into blue ones.

13) DIY Turtle Beach Blanket

You’ll want to add a variety of sea creatures, and turtles are an excellent choice because they’re wise, long-lived, and symbolic of healing and longevity. These are good traits to promote in children, and sea turtles are some of the cutest animals out there. To make things cuter, you can get baby versions of the animal. Try using this crochet pattern and instructions to make a sea turtle blanket that looks like baby turtles crawling to water for the first time. 

14) Fantasy Seaweed Decal

People often focus on animals when they’re creating a theme for their nursery because children typically love animals, but you’ll probably want to include some background for them since they’re not the only things under the sea. Decals like these that include seaweed in the foreground are an excellent way to add a bit of setting. This decal set would make the room feel like an underwater fantasy world because of the brilliant colors and because it includes unusual creatures like jellyfish.

15) Submarines

Under the sea, you’ll find numerous unusual creatures and unimaginable plant life, but those aren’t the only underwater things that fascinate young children. There are also submarines. Little children love submarines, imagining themselves as explorers in the nautilus traveling through impossible places that nobody has seen before. These vehicles promote imagination and open up a world of possibility. You can add them to your walls as Juan Camacho did in this video, creating an under the sea cartoon exploration theme.

16) Coral Reef

Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful and wondrous things the ocean has to offer. They have many brilliant, gemlike colors that few people ever see in person, and the concentration of color is unlike anything you’ll generally see on land. You can get coral reef stickers like these to make your bay’s whole nursery feel like it’s a coral reef for them to explore. To get really creative, buy or make some 3D coral decorations to make the reef extend out into the room.

17) Whales and Schools of Fish on Walls

Whales are some of the biggest creatures under the sea, and as such, they fascinate many children and adults alike. There’s a reason people write so many books about them, whether you’re reading about Captain Ahab or a children’s storybook. Whales are a great way to decorate an under the sea nursery, and if you want to get creative, you can do what this family did with the whales near the top and schools of fish throughout the bottom. This way, the whales look like they’re surfacing for air and the fish appear to be swimming under the water.

18) Sea Creature Stencils

If you want this bedroom to look like it’s underwater, sea creature stencils are the perfect decoration. You can get stencils like these ones from Amazon to make it look like a sea turtle family is swimming around. This set is particularly cute because some little kids will look at the family and make up stories about them or even name them. These would look good in any room, and you can get more stencils to fill out your undersea nursery.

19) Coral

People always think about blue and maybe green or purple as appropriate undersea colors, but what if you want something unique? Coral can add a bold touch to any under the sea nursery because it’s a warm color while the typical blue is a cool color. It’s a great way to add a splash of color and make the room feel more energetic, but it’s not saturated enough to make the room hard to sleep in. You can add actual images of coral, like the pictures on these valances, or add small, coral-colored accents.

20) Blue Paper Garlands

Blue is generally the color of the sea, so you’ll probably have quite a bit of it in this nursery, but what’s the best way to introduce it? If you use a light enough shade, you can paint the walls blue, but what if you want something bolder? These blue paper garlands from Amazon are brilliant in all shades of aqua and deep blues, and they’ll add not only color but texture. They’re perfect for a room with white or green walls that you don’t want to repaint.

21) Window Sticker

Many people are nervous putting up wall stickers for a long time because while they all say they’re removable, most people have had that experience when the wall stickers ripped paint off. This creates an ugly room and forces you to repaint if you want the area to look nice again. Window stickers, on the other hand, almost always come off perfectly, and under the sea window stickers like these can create an aquarium effect. With these, the sea creatures will look like they’re swimming against the clear backdrop of the window.

What would you have added to our list? Are there any under the sea ideas that we missed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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