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Congratulations on your little one! Or your friend or family member’s little one. It’s time to decorate the nursery, and you’re interested in a rustic look. Maybe you’re from a rural area and have a lot of rustic decorations, or maybe from the city and love that rustic look. Either way, you’re thinking about Rustic Baby Room Ideas and trying to find the right stuff to stock your baby’s room.

1) DIY $5 Blanket Ladder

Blanket ladders were once standard in a lot of homes, and they’re still more common there than they are elsewhere. They instantly give a room an old-fashioned, homemade look that’s perfect for creating a rustic impression. You can use this tutorial to make a blanket ladder, and the neat thing is that it only costs five dollars. If you want it to look more rustic, try making the same thing from fence posts or round logs. Just make sure there are no burrs to injure anyone. These are excellent for hanging keepsake blankets and storing everyday ones.

2) Montessori Floor Bed

If you’re creating a nursery for a slightly older child, you may need a bed instead of a crib. Since a lot of children in rural areas used to sleep on floors or floor mattresses, you can use this tutorial to build a safe Montessori floor bed for your toddler. Because it’s homemade, you can choose the right wood and stain to create a natural wood look that’d be more appropriate for a rustic decoration scheme. 

3) Deer

Deer are a major part of rural life since they tend to be everywhere. You see them in your backyard every day, try not to hit them on the road, or even go looking for them when you go hunting. You can use deer decorations to create a rustic look or even make your little one’s bedding using deer-themed cloth as this mom did. This tutorial is for toddler bedding, but you can do the same thing with crib bedding, too.

4) DIY Barn Door Closet

Barn doors are an excellent way to create a rustic look since they’re common in rural locations. They’re nice for nursery closets since they don’t swing outward, making them easier to use when you’ve got a baby on your hip. You can use these directions by Jenny from The Faithful Farming Family to set your nursery up with a barn door closet, but try to use a stain that shows the wood grain to gain a more rustic look.

5) Bear Wire Wall Hanging

There are a lot of bears in the wilderness, so if you want the room to feel like a rustic cabin, you can imitate the wildlife often found on cabin walls. We’re not suggesting stuffed animal heads, though. For a more nursery-friendly look, try putting bear head decorations like this one made from wire. This is the sort of decoration one might picture a frontiersman making with scrap wires, and the copper wire is the right color to match a lot of rustic decorations.

6) Worn Paint Shelves

Worn paint is one of the best ways to make almost anything look rustic, like an old piece of furniture that the owner couldn’t maintain or replace due to their rural location. You can get worn paint shelves like these from Amazon to create that effect. These are the perfect shape for a baby room because they’ll hold books sideways so that the baby can see the covers instead of the spines. This makes it so the books act like decorations and the baby can pick their own story as they grow older. 

7) Rustic Tribal

If you’re of native descent or like native-style decorating, a tribal decorating style could be just what you need. Tribal decorating has a unique rustic look that pays homage to a proud people, and if you’re of that descent, it’s a great way to teach your baby about that heritage. A lot of people in rural areas interacted with native people more than city folk, and native crafts and decorations are a big part of rustic decorating. You can pick and choose which decorations you like, whether it’s a patterned blanket, wall decoration, or something else.

8) Vintage Candle Night Lights

Night lights are valuable for nurseries because they let you check on your baby without waking them and give you enough light to walk around the nursery without tripping all over misplaced toys or stubbing your toe on furniture. We fund these vintage-style faux candle night lights that make the room look like a rustic cabin from times when electricity wasn’t popular. The vintage look only adds to the rustic charm of the night light.

9) Wooden Baby Gym

For a rustic room, you’ll probably want wooden furniture and decorations. For example, a wooden baby gym like this would look good with your other rustic decorations, and the gym will be entertaining for your baby. The toys are also teethers, making the set excellent for when your little one starts growing teeth. The gym is prettier than plastic ones, making it both a decoration and functional toy, and the paint colors will look good with rustic decor.

10) DIY Cloth Baskets

Wood and cloth are probably the two best materials to make furniture and decorations out of for a rustic theme. They have a rustic look, unlike plastic that’s so typical for baby toys and furniture, and if you make things yourself, you can pick a cloth that fits the theme you want. We found this tutorial for making cloth-looking baskets, but without the effort that’d be involved in making them from scratch. Each basket has a plastic core, making it strong, but the rope and cloth make it look rustic.

11) DIY Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are loops that you hang up to catch bad dreams, ensuring that your baby only has good dreams and restful sleep. If you’re native, a dreamcatcher is an essential baby room decoration, but even if you’re not, they make a wonderful addition to a rustic room. They’re also nice because they’ll help your baby sleep, so we found a dreamcatcher kit on Amazon. You can also add feathers and other natural materials to make a more traditional-looking dreamcatcher.

12) Rustic Framed Photo Moments

Framing certain moments in your baby’s life is so typical that it’s almost mandatory, and you’ll want to have that option, but how do you make it match a rustic theme? Try getting things like this frame that holds a picture of your baby and has an inkpad for adding their handprints and footprints. The frame is made of wood and has a worn and scratchy painted look that’ll make it match a rustic theme. 

13) Tan

Tan is a good color choice for a rustic room because it brings to mind a lot of the natural materials people use to make their own furniture and decorations. In a real rustic room, you’d have a lot of natural decorations, though your baby’s room will probably have many things that are designed to look natural. You can paint the walls tan and use a lot of tan decorations like the ones in this nursery, and rustic decorations will blend in with the tan background better than they would a brighter one.

14) Animal Tracks

Tracking animals used to be a given in rural areas of America, and animals are still a significant part of rustic decorating, whether it’s antlers, mounted heads, or animal skin rugs. In this case, you can get animal track decorations, but not just in the form of pictures or stickers. This wall art has pictures of different tracks and labels telling you what type of track they are, making it the sort of piece your child will love even as they grow out of the rest of the room.

15) Log Look Storage Baskets

Your baby will need plenty of storage for toys, diapers, clothes, and more, and small baskets that fit on shelf organizers are some of the best ways to store things in a baby’s room. They’re a good size for baby stuff and can still be useful as the little one grows older. Since a lot of rustic furniture is made from logs, we found these storage baskets that look like they’re made from logs on Amazon

16) DIY Dollar Tree Braided Baskets

Braided baskets create a homemade rustic look, but the problem is that they’re so expensive. Instead of spending a lot of money on fancy ones, you can use this video to learn how to make them from Dollar Tree materials. These baskets are perfect for storing toys or extra bedding, and they’re another furnishing that’ll still be useful as your child grows up. The nice thing about this tutorial is that it’s easy to follow and anybody can make these baskets.

17) DIY Macrame

Macrame is an ideal DIY activity for almost any rustic- or country-decorated room because it looks homemade, but it’s not nearly as difficult to learn as sewing or knitting. If you want to make your baby’s room look like it’s filled with homemade treasures that befit a rustic room, you can use a kit like this to make macrame decorations. The neat thing about a DIY macrame is that you’ll have keepsakes that you made yourself.

18) Mountains and Animals

Mountains and animals are two of the most popular rustic cabin themes since the mountains are some of the most rural areas and animals abound in places with low populations. If you want to make the room feel like it belongs in the mountains, you can get a set of wall stickers like these ones that have mountains, pines, and animals all over them. You can even arrange them with the words “Adventure Awaits” in any configuration throughout the room.

19) Natural Cabin

Many rustic cabins have natural floors or did once upon a time, so you can create a rustic look by making the room look like a cabin with wood log walls and a natural floor the way this one does. The wooden accent wall makes one think of the horizontal logs laid for a log cabin while the carpet has a pattern that makes one think of sticks scattered on the floor of the forest. The two aspects combine with other decorations to make it feel like your baby is in a woodland cabin.

20) Rope Rainbow

This decoration from Amazon is neat because it combines modern decorating with a rustic look. You can get a rope rainbow like this that’s made from a rustic material: that is, the rope, and combine it with a cute baby-themed idea: the rainbow. The tasseled decoration has a rustic look and a lot of texture that’s stimulating for a baby, and rainbows are sunny images that children and babies often love. You can set this on a table or against a wall, or hang it up.

21) Amish Rocking Chair

Rocking chairs are popular rustic decorations, bringing forth images of sitting out on the porch rocking as the sun goes down. You’ll want something to sit on while you feed, soothe, or read to your baby, and a rocking chair is a perfect seat for a rustic baby room. We found this Amish rocking chair on Amazon that has a natural wood look that’s perfect for your theme. You can even get it in a few different shades.

22) DIY Simple Wood Decorations

Wooden decorations are perfect for a rustic room since wood is a natural material that’d fit in a rustic setting. You can make decorations based on rural locations like mountains, but what if you don’t have the skill? Homemade decorations are much better for a rustic look, so you can use a tutorial like this to make one of the simplest possible mountain decorations from wood. Just follow the decorations and hang the decor or put it on a table or shelf.

23) Woodland Scene Animal Carving

Homemade decorations are nice for a rustic room, but what if you want something a little nicer than what you can make? That’s okay; we found a wooden carving that still has that rustic look to it. This piece is shaped like a bear or other animal and has a woodland scene carved inside, making it an ideal cabin or rustic decoration. The 3D woodland scene is detailed enough to be intriguing to your child from a young age until adulthood, and it’s something that could become a keepsake. 

24) Greenery

Bringing greenery and flowers into one’s home is a natural and popular way of decorating, but it takes a lot of time, energy, and diligence to maintain houseplants. When you’re raising a baby, you might not have that time and energy, so we’d suggest getting artificial greenery like this from Amazon. It’ll give the room an outdoorsy look that’s perfect for a rustic baby room, and the plants won’t die if you become preoccupied with your little one.

25) Hunting

People often make thematic rooms for their little ones, such as ballerina nurseries or cartoon ones, and you can do the same with a rustic nursery if you choose an outdoorsy theme. For example, this nursery from Making Manzanita has a rustic look with faux arrows and animal head wall decorations that bring to mind a hunting theme. The luxurious chairs and faux fur complete the theme for a comfy but rustic hunting lodge impression.

26) Turquoise Wood Frames

Turquoise was a common color on the frontier because the cloth traded to the natives was often red or turquoise. For a long time, blue paint also came in a light, almost turquoise color, so it became a staple in rustic homes in some cases. You can get turquoise decorations for a rustic frontier look, so we found these wooden picture frames with turquoise edges. Try putting family pictures in these or frame a single letter in each one so you can hang each letter of your baby’s name on the wall.

27) Woodland on Wood Backs

If you want your baby’s room to feel cute and cuddly, but like a rustic theme, a woodland theme is a good way to do that. Woodland themes are popular in baby rooms, so you could get rustic woodland decorations like these that look like they’re painted on wood. These pieces have cute caricature animals that are adorable enough for a baby’s room but have a wood-look back that makes them fit a rustic theme, too.

Did we miss any rustic baby room ideas? What would you put in your rustic baby room? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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