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You love hunting, and you want to transfer that love to your new baby, but you’re having trouble finding hunting decorations that are appropriate for a baby’s room. How can you make this space feel comfortable and welcoming, give it a cozy and soft look that your baby needs, and also foster a love of hunting in the same room? It’s a difficult task, but you’re up to it, and we’ve found some Hunting Baby Room Ideas to help.

1) Woodland Decal

Hunting is all about the woods, so a woodland nursery theme would be a good base for your baby’s hunting-themed bedroom. You can rely on woodland decals like this one to make the room look like it’s set in the forest. Then, add some hunting-themed decorations to show the best thing to do out in those woods! These decals are nice because they come with common game animals like deer and rabbits, but you might not want to use the moon decal since you won’t typically hunt at night.

2) Wood Cutout Deer Night Light

Night lights are important in nurseries because they ensure that the room is never pitch dark. This way, you can check on your infant any time you need to without turning on a light and waking them up. If the night light is bright enough, it also saves you from having to turn bright lights on to put your baby back to sleep when they wake. This soft light is easier on your eyes at night and will let you go back to sleep faster.

3) DIY Wallpaper

This wallpaper-like pattern creates a woodland look that’s perfect for a hunting baby room. You can use a stencil as they did to create a pattern that’ll be interesting for your baby, and if you choose an evergreen color, you can make it look like a wintertime forest. Try adding tiny decals or painting animals in between the trees or leaving this abstract pattern as-is to stimulate your baby’s imagination more. The nice thing about this pattern is you can use it for all the walls or just an accent wall.

4) Camo Blanket

Camo is a significant part of hunting, and it’s surprisingly easy to find camo decorations for a baby’s room. You’ll want to add a couple of camo pieces in here, but not too many since you’re trying to make a hunting-themed room, not a camo one. You can get a camo blanket like this one with pictures of deer and panels that say “walk crawl hunt,” plus hunting camo instead of military camo. Make sure you use the correct type of camo so that the room will look more put-together and fit your theme.

5) DIY Rustic Wood Valance

A rustic design is a good way to make a room feel like it’s hunting-themed. Many hunters spend time in isolated cabins and rural areas, and rustic designs bring that to mine. Natural or stained wood are both good ways to create a rustic or cabin-themed look as a base for a hunting theme, so we found this tutorial for making a wood valance. This has the added benefit of blocking sunlight so that your infant can sleep well during daytime naps.

6) Deer Head Mobile

If you’re a deer hunter, then you’re probably going to have a lot of deer images, and more specifically, plenty of pictures of antlers and bucks. You can represent these animals in so many ways, but if you want your baby to become familiar with them, then your mobile is a good start. You can get a mobile like this one with deer heads dangling over your baby so that they can watch the revolving bucks as they drift off to sleep.

7) Gray and Pink Deer Blanket

If you’re having a little girl, you might want to have some pink in the room, but it’s hard to find pink hunting-themed decorations. We found this pink and gray hunting-themed blanket that has images of deer, wood grain patterns, and arrow feather designs. Pink and gray go well together and many girls’ rooms are pink and gray, so you can mix it into a pink and gray woodland room. It also has traces of black to help you match it to other camo and hunting-themed decorations.

8) DIY Wood Changing Table

Wood decorations and furniture are probably your best choice to create a hunting-themed room since they’re natural and hunting is done primarily in the woods. Hunting is a way of connecting with nature, and you probably don’t want a lot of plastic in a hunting-themed room. You can use these instructions to make a homemade wood changing table with all the features you want. Try to use stains instead of paint since they’ll make the wood look more natural.

9) DIY Checkered

Buffalo checks are common on clothes designed for hunting and farming, making them a good fabric choice for a hunting baby room, too. Patterns are also stimulating for babies, making checkered decorations perfect for this space. You can get checkered curtains or even make your own valance using the instructions in this article. The tie-up design adds to the rural look and adding a valance will block light from coming up over the curtain rod when your baby naps during the day.

10) Variety of Forest Animals

There are a variety of animals that you might hunt or come across on a hunting trip, and you’ll want to include as many as possible for variety. This way, you’ll have many images to keep your baby entertained, and you can use them to create woodland scenes that show the little one what a real hunting trip will look like. You can get decorations like this forest animal valance with many of the animals you’ll come across on a trip, or even buy stuffed animals that represent local wildlife.

11) Wood Board Accent Wall

Accent walls are focal points for a room that you can use to concentrate your decorations in one area while leaving the rest of the room more plain. With an accent wall, you only have one area that you’ll have to redecorate heavily when your baby grows up and chooses their own room theme. We saw the wood board accent wall in this baby bedroom and thought it’d fit a hunting theme well. While this one is outdoors-themed, you can replace the fishing reel and oar with hunting tools.

12) Bow Hunting Milestone Blanket

Milestone blankets are ways to hold onto cherished memories and moments of your little one’s life. You can use them to take a picture of your baby every month and see the progress as they grow. After all, they’ll never be that small again, and the photographs will show changes that a simple growth chart can’t. We found this bow hunting milestone blanket on Amazon so that you can take pictures of your little one with a bow hunting background, and use the blanket as a spare the rest of the time.

13) Woodland Farmhouse

A hunting theme usually starts with a base, which can be rustic, cabin-themed, farmhouse-style, or something else. We found this tutorial for starting with a woodland farmhouse base and thought it’d make a good start for a hunting baby room. You can make the pieces in this video and then add things like antlers, toy guns, bows and arrows, hunting vests, and woodland or game animals to turn the woodland farmhouse into a hunting lodge. 

14) Cabin

One way to design a hunting baby room is to make the entire space look like a hunting cabin. This way, instead of showing off the things you like about hunting, you’re making it feel like your baby is already out there doing it. You can put up decorations like these mountain lodge wall art pieces to show the scenery and mimic a real lodge. Your baby’s room will be the coziest place they know, and if it feels like a hunting cabin, they’ll learn to be comfortable in that environment. It’ll feel like home.

15) Gray Deer Storage Basket

These storage baskets are some of the best for nurseries and baby rooms because they’re the perfect size for baby clothes and toys. They can also fit young children’s clothes and act as shelf drawers, so you can keep them in your child’s room for years to come. You can even use them as changing table drawers to keep everything organized and at hand. We found these ones on Amazon with pictures of gray deer heads that’d match a soft, neutral and white hunting baby room.

16) Classic Style

Hunting is an old sport, though it’s alive and well in many areas of the country. It’s a classic activity, so it makes sense to create a tasteful room with a classic style, but how do you make a classic hunting baby room? You’ll want to start with natural colors like cream or tan, and use patterns like checks that are common in hunting. Cream is a good color choice because it creates a subtle look that matches a classic style. Then, you can add things like the classic rug and fake stuffed animal head this family used.

17) Adventure Awaits Mountains Decal

Hunting is an adventure, and it’s one that you probably hope to share with your infant someday when they’re old enough. To foster that love of adventure and prepare them to explore all the fun places they’ll go hunting, you can get baby room decorations like this adventure awaits decal that has pictures of mountains with deer and evergreen trees. This gives the impression of hunting season in the mountains, setting the stage for your hunting theme.

18) Fake Antler Decorations

Antlers are a significant part of hunting since it’s how you judge the age of a buck. People compete for the best antlers and even the small ones are used for making knives, pipes, and more. That makes them good decorations for a nursery, but since your baby isn’t a hunter yet, it may be easier to make some fake antlers than to go buy some expensive ones or spare some from your collection. You can use the instructions in this video to make an antler decoration inexpensively.

19) Buffalo Plaid Blanket

Buffalo plaid is a popular choice for hunting clothes, so it makes sense to have a bit of it around the nursery. It’s a subtle way to show the hunting culture and gives the baby something stimulating to look at. This quilt has the popular red and black buffalo plaid that a lot of hunters wear, along with some black and white arrows, gray and white arrows, and white squares with black bears and deer on them. This has a clear hunting theme and bold enough patterns to make it interesting to your little one.

20) Baskets

When you hunt, you spend long periods in nature. You learn everything about it so that you can predict what the animals will do and create the best set of circumstances for a successful hunt. This means that you’ll want your baby to grow up surrounded by nature where they can learn everything they can about it. Baskets are a simple and inexpensive way to add natural materials to the room, and you can use them as storage as this family did.

21) Cloth Log Storage Bins

This type of storage bin is one of the best for nurseries because it’s small enough to fit baby clothes and to work as changing table storage while still keeping everything organized. It’s also large enough for children’s clothes and to be used for toys later on, making it a long-lasting and versatile choice. We found a bin like this in a log pattern on Amazon so that it’ll look like you have some logs stored on the shelf in your nursery, improving the hunting and woodsman theme significantly.

22) DIY Decoupage

If you’re looking for a way to make your existing furniture into something that fits a hunting theme, one option is to try decoupage. You can transform a plain changing table or shelf into a camo one the same way that Virginia B altered this table with little trouble. This project doesn’t take a lot of tools and skills, and you can follow the instructions to do it even if you don’t know anything about decoupage. The nice thing about this is that you can start with an old and chipped table that you might otherwise have thrown away.

23) Bears and Deer Crib Sheets

Bears are many people’s favorite animal because they’re powerful. As a hunter, you pit yourself against nature while also showing respect and understanding of it. Bears are a good thing to show in a baby room because even if you don’t hunt them, they’re a present danger that you’ll want to be aware of, and young children often love them. We found this set of crib sheets with bears and deer on it that’d look great in a hunting baby room.

What would you have added to a hunting baby room? Are there any ideas that we missed? We can’t wait to hear what you’ve found in your search. Please tell us about it in the comments below!

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