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Mirrors are joyful nursery decorations, reflecting light throughout the room to create a more natural environment. They’re lovely for nature-themed nurseries since they bring in natural light, and the sunlight reflecting against them forms patterns and streaks of lights that your little one’ll love. Now, you’re searching for the coolest Nursery Mirror Ideas, so we found some options you might like.

1) Leaf

Mirrors bring in sunlight, which is an amazing way to create a nature theme and make the nursery look like a garden, so we found a nature-themed mirror for you. This mirror from Amazon is shaped like a leaf and would look wonderful on a pale green wall or in a nature-themed nursery with natural-patterned rugs and faux plants. This would probably look best on a light, solid-colored wall so that the decorative edgework would stand out.

2) Feather

This mirror from Amazon is unique because it doesn’t have a border but instead draws attention to its overall shape. The mirror is shaped like a feather, making it the perfect way to draw in sunlight and illuminate the room more naturally. This piece will create the illusion of a luminous feather and fascinate your baby during the day, and it’s big enough to provide quite a bit of lighting. Since it’s a sticker, you don’t have to worry that your little one’ll knock it over, either.

3) DIY Heirloom Mirror

This next mirror takes a bit of effort on your part, but the end result is something unique to you and your child that you can keep for a long time. We found this tutorial for creating a nostalgic vintage window decoration, but you should be able to use the same method to make a mirror decoration. You can put writing on it that’s special to your family as they do in the video, making this a one-of-a-kind piece that you can keep with you forever. For now, it’ll match a vintage, farmhouse, or nature-themed nursery perfectly.

4) Dinosaur

If you’re searching for a cute mirror for a baby boy or girl, this dinosaur mirror may be it. This acrylic mirror has a blue dinosaur backing it, and it’s designed to work with a water-based pen. That means your little one can draw on the mirror and dinosaur when they get older, making it a cute decoration and a fun activity. On top of that, children love dinosaurs, so this would make an ideal mirror decoration and then a toy.

5) Farmhouse

This next decoration works for so many types of nurseries! You can use it to create a farmhouse or barn animal theme, or design a rustic-looking or nature-themed nursery. Either way, this mirror from Amazon will look like an ancient and rustic barn-style window in their bedroom. It’s a fairly large mirror, as big as some windows, so it’ll reflect a lot of light and make it feel like the room is lit primarily by sunlight.

6) DIY Typography Mirror

Letters and words are a huge part of development as many parents strive to familiarize their children with letters from a young age. One favorite option is writing your child’s name on the wall with big wooden or other decorative letters, but you can have a word art mirror, too. If you want, use these directions to create a mirror with any words you want on it, whether it’s your baby’s name or an inspirational saying, or something else entirely.

7) Crescent Moon

The moon is a wonderful symbol of sleep that you can use to make this nursery a restful environment. We found this crescent moon mirror on Amazon and it could be the ideal way to make the room feel calming and promote sleep. The neat thing is that moons naturally reflect light, and this mirror will reflect sunlight and moonlight to keep the room naturally illuminated. This mirror would be ideal for a space-themed nursery, but it can go in any baby’s room.

8) Rope

If you have a nautical, beach, or bohemian nursery, then this idea could fit your theme perfectly. We found this mirror on Amazon with a frame made from triple rope that resembles part of a ship, making it excellent for a nautical room. Try using this on a navy or other blue wall to complete the nautical effect, or against a yellow or off-white wall for a beachy look. This one is circular, but you can get an oval, square, or rectangular one, too.

9) DIY Fringe Mirror

Bohemian style is popular nowadays, and it creates a soothing, natural impression for a nursery that’s perfect if you want a calming space where your little one can rest comfortably. For a peaceful bohemian room, you can use the directions that start about seven minutes into this video by Erin Payne to make a simple bohemian-style fringe mirror. This also works well for a beachy theme since the ropelike fringe gives off a nautical vibe. 

10) Sun

If you’re focused on using mirrors to bring more light in and create a sunny, happy impression for your nursery, then this mirror is perfect! This piece looks like a sun radiating beams of light, with mirror surfaces on both the center of the sun and the beams that radiate out from it. This will bring in natural sunlight and create a golden and sunny impression, particularly if you pair it with warm colors like yellow and orange

11) Woven Bamboo

If you like the idea of a natural nursery, a mirror will do wonders for increasing the natural light in the room. A woven bamboo one like this piece from Amazon would be excellent for a grassland- or nature-themed nursery. You can add real or fake potted plants and decorations made with natural woven fibers like wicker baskets and furniture. This mirror is also nice because it has a detailed pattern that’ll be stimulating for your baby.

12) DIY Death Star

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this next idea. With these instructions from Mad in Crafts, you can build your own Death Star with a built-in mirror. Don’t worry, though; it’s not as difficult as it sounds. This project is fairly simple, and you can use the mirror to make the Death Star look more realistic! This prominent spaceship is the perfect centerpiece for a space-themed or Star Wars nursery, and since you’re making it yourself, you can make it any size you want.

13) DIY Cat

Most little kids love animals, so animal-themed mirrors are cute ways to include them in a nursery. We found this cat mirror on Amazon that your little ones will love. It’s made from acrylic material so that it’ll be safer than most mirrors, with less risk of it falling and shattering. You’ll have to do some assembly, but it should be fairly easy, and that may give you a chance to customize it with some paint or other decorations. 

14) Cloud

Clouds are a cute and whimsical way to decorate a nursery, giving the space a dreamy look that’s perfect for a sleeping place. Many parents and caregivers paint clouds on the walls, but you can get a cloud-shaped mirror like this one from Amazon for that effect. The mirror is shatterproof, making it safer for a nursery than most, and its non-slip bottom ensures that it’s even safer. It’s designed to look antique and sit on a tabletop, making it great for a changing table, among other places.

15) DIY Bunny Ears

Bunnies are probably one of the cutest animals in existence, and children usually love them. That makes them an exciting decoration for a nursery because your child will recognize them from a young age and love having a cute bunny in their room. We found these instructions from PMQ for Two that you can use to make a simple and easy bunny mirror decoration. The craft doesn’t look difficult and doesn’t require a lot of tools, so let us know how it goes if you try it!

Did any of these mirror ideas stand out to you? What ideas do you have that we could have added to our list? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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