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Tiffany blue is an iconic color. Also known as robin’s egg or forget-me-not, this vibrant greenish-blue takes the best elements of both green and blue to create an exciting look with just enough calming blue to make it perfect for a nursery. A Tiffany blue nursery is a space that your baby can play and sleep in. That said, it can be hard to find just the right shade, so we compiled these Tiffany Blue Nursery Ideas for you.

1) Rug

A nursery should have a soft and inviting look that makes it feel cozy and sleepy. Even play spaces in a nursery can be soft to reduce injuries and create a comfortable environment, so you’ll want to find soft furnishings like this Tiffany blue rug. The rug is faux sheepskin, which means that it’s very fluffy, creating a soothing look. That said, items like this can pose a hazard for young babies left unsupervised on them, so make sure to put this somewhere aesthetic rather than in a play area where the baby could suffocate.

2) Cable Knit

Patterns and textures are wonderful ways to help little minds develop since they allow babies to feel and look at the texture. This helps them develop a greater understanding of the world, so you’ll want to include plenty of tactile experiences. Cable knit is a wonderful option because it has a few different textures and is something your baby can explore with both their eyes and fingers. Try starting them with a cable knit Tiffany blue baby blanket like this one from Amazon, either for their crib or as a decoration.

3) DIY Tiffany Flowers

Flowers are standard nursery decorations because they’re beautiful and natural, helping you bring nature into the nursery and promoting both a love of beauty and the beginnings of natural intelligence. You can add Tiffany blue flowers to this nursery to create a vibrant but still somewhat natural decoration. If you like the idea, you can use this tutorial to make the flowers and create a floral accent wall, decorate furniture with them, or use them as wall art.

4) Brown and Blue

Tiffany blue on its own could be overwhelming for a nursery because it’s a vibrant choice even though blue is a cool and generally soothing color. You’ll probably want to pick another color to mix with it, so we looked for some options for you. Brown and Tiffany blue can look lovely together, with Tiffany blue as the background and main color and brown accents such as wooden furniture, brown curtains, or brown rugs. You can even make brown and blue patchwork quilts or other bedding if you can find the right color materials.

5) Clouds

Blue is a calming color, so while Tiffany blue is a vibrant choice, you may be able to use it on the walls without interrupting sleep. Use your judgment to decide if you want Tiffany blue on the walls or as a trim and accent color. This decoration works whether you have Tiffany blue walls or white walls with blue accents, and it creates a more tasteful and natural look rather than the cutesy look many nurseries have. You can hang this cloud-shaped rattan wall decoration to make it look like clouds floating through a blue or white sky.

6) Ribbons

Tiffany blue is an unusual color in that it works for boys because it’s blue, and for girls because it’s Tiffany blue. That means you can create a girl’s nursery with a lot of Tiffany blue or just add a few touches like the feminine ribbons on this baby’s crib. Ribbons make a space feel feminine regardless of the colors used, so they can help make it clear that your nursery is a girl’s room despite the bluish color.

7) Gray and Blue

Gray goes with almost any blue, along with mint green and greenish blues, making it the perfect color to combine with Tiffany blue. You can get decorations in one color or the other, but this color combination might look better with items that each have a mix of both colors such as these drawer pulls. You can replace your existing drawer pulls with these to add a slight thematic touch, and keep the old drawer pulls for when this room is no longer a nursery. These would probably look best on a gray or white piece of furniture.

8) Solid Blue with Patterned Brown

Tiffany blue is a brilliant color and it’ll stand out more if you use it on solid surfaces rather than in patterns. To enhance that effect, you can use a blue and brown theme with patterned brown to break up the color and keep it from overwhelming. Then, add a few touches of blue just like the designers of these rooms did. While they use this color pattern in a variety of rooms, it’ll have a similar effect in a nursery, just with different types of furniture to work with.

9) Tiffany Blue and Lilac

If you want your Tiffany blue nursery to appear ladylike and feminine, lilac is a great color to accent and mix with blue. You can see in this nursery how lilac and Tiffany blue go well together, with the lilac lending a more feminine tone to the bluish-green. You can even use decorations similar to theirs, with clothing, beads, and jewelry as decorations. You may want to paint the walls blue and get lilac decorations because it’s typically easier to find lilac decor than Tiffany blue decor.

10) DIY Abstract Painting

Painting might seem intimidating, but anybody can make an abstract painting that looks good in a nursery. Just pick two or more colors, such as Tiffany blue combined with white, gold, yellow, lilac, or another color. Then, use these directions to mix Tiffany blue paint and draw patterns with your paintbrush. You can make swirls of each color and mix them together, paint a pattern with one color and then wait to paint the next until your first color dries, or even pencil in the design you want and fill in each space with a color of choice.

11) Teddy Bear

You’ve probably never seen a teddy bear like this one before, which makes it a unique and more personal gift that a baby will remember as they grow up and say “remember that blue teddy bear I had?” If you love the idea of creating that kind of lasting memory, this teddy bear decoration made from Tiffany blue flowers would be a lovely nursery decoration. You can display it on a shelf or table like a guardian angel covered in flowers.

12) Blue and Green

Since Tiffany blue is a mix of green and blue, it combines well with both colors. You can get decorations and furniture with small amounts of green like this hamper to spread throughout the room. Make sure that they all have the same tone so that they won’t clash, though that’s less of a concern with mixing blue than it is with mixing other colors like green. A light green like this is often a good choice for a nursery and for combining with a vibrant blue.

13) Coral and Blue

Coral often creates a gentle nautical look, combining well with both blue and green to make a room feel vibrant and restful at the same time. Since Tiffany blue is a greenish blue, it goes wonderfully with coral, creating a lovely space that’ll be stimulating for your little one and look pretty to anyone, and beach-lovers in particular. You can decorate using many patterns the way this family did to tone down the intensity of both colors, as they’re both vibrant choices.

14) Nautical

Blue and green are the colors of the sea, and since Tiffany blue is a greenish blue, you can use a few nautical decorations like these wall decor. Decorations like this with both blue and green pieces will complement both the blue and green aspects of your primary color to make a seamlessly coordinated nautical space. The amber and lavender lights will also look good with Tiffany blue and add to the beachy look, as well.

15) Ornaments

You might not typically think of ornaments as nursery decorations, but they can look good in places other than on your Christmas trees. You can get Tiffany blue ornaments like this and hang them along the edge of a shelf or on a string to make it look like you’ve strung a garland up. Try using all one color or maybe alternate between blue and green. Then, when your little one grows up, you can use the ornaments for Christmas decorations or elsewhere.

16) Green and Yellow Floral Baskets

Tiffany blue looks good with green and creates a brighter and happier look than a lot of blues. You can add cheerful decorations like green and yellow baskets or add floral decorations to intensify that cheery effect. We even found this yellow and green floral basket set that’d be the perfect size for changing table organization and storage, as opposed to the diaper caddies and other bathroom organizers that a lot of people use in nurseries.

17) DIY Blue and White Backdrop

This backdrop is an unusual one that works exceptionally well in a Tiffany blue room. You can buy or make Tiffany blue faux flowers to begin this project, then use the directions in this video to create any size backdrop, from a full accent wall to a small floral decoration behind your baby’s crib or changing table. You can copy the beautiful blue and white they use or try a blue and green or even blue and lilac.

18) Two Blues

Blue is an unusual and versatile color in that you can mix different blues together, whereas you usually don’t want to use different shades of the same color in a room. With blue, you can even have two different blues on the same item, such as this hamper. Try choosing another blue to go with your Tiffany blue and creating a two-blue theme throughout the room. You can break it up with some white, or possibly with cream.

19) Ink Pad

Many people create keepsakes with their baby or young child’s footprints or handprints, so if you want to include some keepsakes that both represent your child and fit your nursery theme, you can pick a color that’ll go well with Tiffany blue. These ink pads come in a variety of colors so that you can pick the right one, like this sky blue or the pink that’d both go well in a Tiffany blue space. The pink might stand out a bit more than the blue, but the blue will help create a cohesive blue-green nursery.

20) White Trim

Most rooms have two or three main colors that make up their theme. Obviously, Tiffany blue is going to be one, but what if you don’t want other colors to take the spotlight? You can use Tiffany blue and white, and since this shade is light enough to go on walls, you can use it as the main wall color. Start by painting the walls either solid Tiffany blue or blue with a white pattern. Then, paint the trim white like this family did to break up the blue without introducing a new color.

21) Navy and Tiffany Blue

Blue is a versatile color because unlike many colors, you can mix shades of blue. Tiffany Blue is no exception, but what blues look the best alongside it? Navy is a good choice with almost any shade of blue, and it can make a bold choice seem even bolder since the dark color contrasts with a lighter one. You can see in this blanket set how navy blue and Tiffany blue mix well together, and imagine how well they’d mix if you chose a Tiffany blue theme with navy accents.

22) Dreamcatcher

According to some, dreamcatchers promote sleep by catching bed dreams and keeping them away, while others think the bad dreams pass through the net and away from the child while the good ones are caught and slide down towards the baby. Either way, their sleep promotion properties make them a helpful addition to any bedroom and nurseries in particular. This would be an excellent decoration for a fussy newborn or infant that has trouble staying asleep, and it fits your Tiffany blue color choice. 

23) Blue and Pink

Generally, a room won’t be just one color. You might be looking for Tiffany blue ideas because you’ve already decided on the other color and just need a few finishing touches, but if you’re still not sure what to pair this hue with, pink could be a good option. This blue is unique in that it looks good in a girl’s nursery, but including some pink may help make it clear that it’s a girl’s room and not a boy’s. Pink also goes well with this color, creating a softer look.

Is there an item that you think should have been on our list? Tiffany blue is a unique hue and we’d love to hear what you’ve done with it! Please let us know in the comments below.

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