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Sock monkeys are one of the cutest ways to display animals in a nursery. They’re fun and soft and fairly easy to make, even if you don’t know how to use a sewing machine. You want a sock monkey nursery, but you’re having trouble finding decorations other than the monkeys themselves. For instance, what color scheme is best? We found some Sock Monkey Nursery Ideas to help you figure everything out.

1) Jungle Background

Sock monkeys are a cutesy version of a monkey. This means that you can take anything that you’d put in a monkey nursery and put it in a sock monkey nursery. You just might want to create a more cutesy version of it instead. For instance, you can create a jungle nursery like the one this family made, then add sock monkeys. Try finding cute jungle decorations like soft mobiles and blankets, monkey caricatures, and more.

2) Sock Monkey Stickers

You may have seen monkey stickers and decals before, but you probably haven’t come across sock monkey stickers like these. This set comes with 48 stickers, which is plenty to create a polka dot pattern on a large piece of furniture. You could also use these stickers to customize furniture and decorations, such as by putting stickers around a lampshade or on a picture frame, too. While they’re designed as envelope seals, they’re also marketed for DIY decorations.

3) DIY Personalized Sock Monkey

Parents love to personalize nurseries, and a sock monkey nursery should be no different. You can actually customize the sock monkeys in this nursery in a variety of ways. For example, if you’re a football fan, make it look like your favorite player. Try customizing one sock monkey to have the same hair and eye colors as your baby. There are so many ways to customize sock monkeys to look like you, your spouse, and your child or children. You can watch this video to learn more.

4) Fluffy Monkeys and Bananas

If you have nothing but sock monkeys in this nursery, it’ll probably start to feel overwhelming and even monotonous. There can be too much of a good thing, so you might want to try adding different types of monkeys that still fit in with a sock monkey theme. You’re probably not going to want overly realistic monkeys, but a cute, fluffy one like the ones on this mobile could work. The mobile is neat because it not only has fluffy monkeys but bananas positioned as if they’re climbing a banana tree.

5) DIY From Kits

If you want to make the sock monkeys in this nursery to make them feel special, but don’t have sewing skills or don’t know how to use a sewing machine, you might think you’ll have to buy the monkeys instead. One alternative to making a sock monkey from scratch is to get sock monkey kits like the ones at this site. This way, you still get to make the monkey and give your baby a homemade gift, but you don’t need the skills to do it from scratch.

6) Clinging Monkey

In a sock monkey nursery, you might want to have a few different types of monkeys to add variety, but you’ll want them all to be somewhat similar to a sock monkey. This means getting toys and decorations that are soft like sock monkeys. One amazing example is a clinging monkey like this one that you can hang from almost anything and that’ll become a beloved toy and companion to your child as they grow up.

7) DIY Baby Sock Monkey

Since this is a baby’s room, it only makes sense to have baby sock monkeys! Babies and children love animals and young kids love babies and baby animals, so a baby sock monkey is the perfect cuddly creature to put in a nursery. You can use these directions to make a baby sock monkey that your little one can cuddle with or that you can place on a shelf or in a toy crib as a decoration. 

8) Tropical Leaves

If you want to make it look like your baby’s sock monkeys are in a jungle like a real monkey, broad leaves like the tropical leaves on this changing pad could be a good background decoration. You can get this changing pad, but you can also paint leaves on the walls or buy decals or wallpaper to create the illusion of a leafy jungle behind any sock monkeys you have on shelves or tables. Then, sit sock monkeys on shelves and hang them from hooks around the room to make it look like a jungle.

9) DIY Hand Sew

If you don’t know how to use a sewing machine, you can still make a high-quality sock monkey. Handmade decorations are important to many parents, and a sock monkey would be the perfect thing to give so that your little one can say “My parents made me this.” You can use these directions to learn how to make a sock monkey without a sewing machine so that your little one will have a homemade decoration in a time period when homemade things are rare.

10) Monkey on Swing Background

Sock monkeys are some of the cutest monkeys in existence, so it only makes sense to make any other decorations cute, too. We found this decal on Amazon that shows monkeys climbing up a tree and swinging on an old-fashioned wooden swing. This would be a cute background to complement the sock monkeys in your baby monkey’s nursery. It includes monkeys playing but also sleeping, reflecting the nature of a nursery in which a baby both sleeps and plays.

11) DIY Plush With Banana

Your sock monkeys don’t have to look like a traditional cotton or wool sock in a typical gray or white. You can make your monkeys unique and make them fit a nursery by creating plush monkeys from socks using this video tutorial by PinkSugarCotton. With this video, you can even learn how to make a plush sock monkey that’s holding a banana! If the monkey in the video seems like it’d be too hard for you to make, you can simply borrow some ideas, such as using a very plush brown sock.

12) Monkey Changing Pad

A sock monkey nursery is all about being cute, and having monkeys, of course! You’ll want plenty of soft spaces, too, since sock monkeys are plush. If you want to add some variety with monkey decorations that aren’t just sock monkeys but still fit the theme, this changing pad should work. The pad is soft and the monkey on it’s in the same position a baby would be in, making the cartoon monkey look silly.

13) Plush Monkey Baby Blanket

Sock monkeys are like soft carton monkeys that are geared towards children, though adults love them, too. If you want to add more similar decorations to create variety without conflicting with your sock monkey theme, a plush monkey baby blanket like this one could be perfect. The monkeys look like cartoon baby monkeys, making them ideal for a nursery, and the cartoonish look and shape makes them resemble sock monkeys. The blanket is ultra fuzzy to add to the soft effect.

14) DIY No Sock

If you want more creative sock monkeys than the typical ones, you might find that you have to stray from the original idea of making them from socks. How can you make a sock monkey without a sock? Well, you can use these instructions. Why would you make a sock monkey without socks? This gives you the option of choosing any fabric, whether or not you can find a pair of socks. If you want a carebear sock monkey and can find the fabric for it, go for it!

15) Pink

If you’re going to buy sock monkeys instead of making one, you’ll have more options since it’s easier to find manufactured sock monkeys in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Homemade ones, on the other hand, can only come in the colors that you can find socks in. For example, you can get an all-pink sock monkey for your little girl by following this link, but you might not be able to find a sock in the shade you want. 

How would you rather add sock monkeys to your nursery? Did you see something here that you’d want to add, or do you have an idea of your own? Please let us know in the comments below.

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