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Originally created in the 70s, Hello Kitty has gained worldwide fame. Children and adults alike have come to appreciate her cute appearance. If you’re looking to create a cute-looking nursery, then basing it on Hello Kitty is a great choice. That being said, are there many products that can decorate your little one’s nursery? There are plenty, and that’s why today we’re going to explore some Hello Kitty nursery ideas.

1) Hello Kitty Light Switch Cover

Light switch covers aren’t often thought of as decor — most nurseries just keep the original one. However, they can add a colorful touch to walls and create visual interest. You can buy this light switch cover from Amazon.

2) Hello Kitty Planter

Plants add a bit of cheer and liveliness to any room, and that goes for nurseries as well. Some plants act as natural air purifiers to make the air a bit cleaner, and other plants look great aesthetically, like bold polka dot plants. 

No matter what you’re going for with a nursery plant, a cute Hello Kitty planter is sure to tie it in with the theme. You can buy this planter from Amazon.

3) Hello Kitty Yarn Hanging DIY

This Hello Kitty yarn hanging is perfect for some wall decor over a narrow area or to accent other wall decor pieces. They can also be used for decorating empty hooks, like if you have some that are attached to the underside of a wall shelf and you aren’t sure what to do with them.

4) Hello Kitty Rhinestone Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are lovely decor items that can be used to decorate wall shelves, bookshelves, and nightstands, making them a great nursery idea. Many use them as purely decorative items when in nurseries. But you can choose to use it for its intended purpose if you wish, like saving up for essentials you’ll need as your baby grows or even getting ahead on your child’s college fund. You can buy this piggy bank from Etsy.

5) Hello Kitty Digital Clock Radio

Clock radios are perfect for both babies and parents. The babies get to enjoy some tunes (babies love music!), and the parents always know what time it is, which is especially important for scheduled feedings or naptimes. Besides being functional, this cute Hello Kitty clock radio works as a piece of decor. You can buy this clock radio from Amazon.

6) Hello Kitty Crochet Plushie

Even before babies are old enough to play with plushies, they work as cute pieces of decor on shelves or on nursery rockers. A cute handmade crochet plushie like this one adds a unique touch to your little one’s nursery. You can buy this crochet plushie from Etsy.

7) Hello Kitty Throw Blanket

Throw blankets make perfect decor pieces for plain-looking rockers, adding a pop of color. Throwing one haphazardly gives the nursery a “lived in” look that can make it feel cozier, while one that is placed there neatly can give the nursery a put-together look. You can buy this throw blanket from Amazon.

8) Hello Kitty Cushion DIY

Cushions are perfect for making a rocker more cute and comfortable. While you can buy them, why not test your sewing skills on this beginner-friendly Hello Kitty cushion DIY?

9) Hello Kitty Rug

If your nursery’s floors are feeling a little plain, that’s a good sign you could do with a decorative rug. This cute Hello Kitty rug is great for putting in front of narrow furniture pieces, or it can be used on the floor as a playmat for your baby. You can buy this Hello Kitty rug from Amazon.

10) Hello Kitty Solar Power Figurine

If your little one’s nursery has a lot of natural light pouring through the windows, you can add a solar-powered figurine as decor. Using the built-in solar panel, it bobs around, serving as a dynamic piece of decor that’s pleasant to look at. You can buy this solar power figurine from Etsy.

11) Hello Kitty Poster

Posters are simple yet versatile pieces of wall decor. They’re easy to put up by themselves, or you can add a frame to the poster for some extra decorative flair. A bold pink frame can make the poster practically jump off the walls, whereas a neutral frame can effectively tone down the design. You can buy this poster from Amazon.

12) Hello Kitty Humidifier

Humidifiers aren’t always necessary in a nursery, but they can be useful if you’re in a dry climate or if it’s wintertime. They can add some much-needed moisture to the air, which is particularly useful if your baby has a cold since moist air is easier to breathe. While humidifiers aren’t often thought of as decor, this Hello Kitty humidifier will look super cute near a crib and be cohesive with the theme. You can buy this humidifier from Amazon.

13) Hello Kitty Jewelry Box DIY

If you have a heart-shaped chocolate box lying around from Valentine’s Day, you don’t need to throw it away — instead, you can reuse it to create a glitzy jewelry box. While your baby might not have much jewelry yet (if any), jewelry boxes are great for keeping sentimental items like their wristband from the hospital.

14) Hello Kitty Personalized Night Light

Night lights are a must, especially if you have overhead lights that aren’t dimmable. They’ll make it easy to see when checking up on your baby or feeding them, and you won’t have to worry about tripping on stray toys on the floor. You can buy this nightlight from Etsy.

15) Hello Kitty Curtains

Curtains are great for adding a bit of privacy and filtering out some natural light during the daytime, especially if you live in a bright area. They also allow your windows to fit with the theme since they can feel a bit plain otherwise. You can buy these curtains from Amazon.

16) Hello Kitty Music Box

Music boxes make great decor items that often become treasured keepsakes, especially if they have a beautiful design. Besides the solar-powered figurine I mentioned earlier, this one can also add a dynamic touch that makes the nursery feel more lively since it has a moving train on it. You can buy this music box from Amazon.

17) Hello Kitty Tapestry

Tapestries are great for creating feature walls in nurseries since the large size naturally draws your eye to that area. Many parents like putting a feature wall behind the crib, but it also works for the wall opposite the door, creating a dramatic effect when you walk in. You can buy this tapestry from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

So, did you enjoy these Hello Kitty nursery ideas? Hello Kitty nurseries are truly one of the cutest themes you can go with, and there are plenty of decor items to decorate every part of your nursery, from the wall to the window and even the light switch! 

While I loved all these ideas, I’d have to say these three were my favorites: 

  • #4 Hello Kitty Rhinestone Piggy Bank: This piggy bank looks super glam and is great for adding a luxurious flair to your Hello Kitty nursery. 
  • #6 Hello Kitty Crochet Plushie: Crochet plushies are soft and cute, and they feel special since they’re handmade. They make great pieces of decor for nursery chairs or shelves. 
  • #16 Hello Kitty Music Box: This music box not only plays a soothing tune, but it also is unique thanks to the moving train on it. 

Now I’d love to know your thoughts on this. Which of these decor items did you like the most and why? Let me know in the comments!

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