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Peach is a lovely color for nurseries. Being a pastel color, it has a soft and elegant look. Many parents choose to incorporate it in girls’ nurseries. However, gender-neutral and boy’s nurseries are also starting to incorporate this color beyond the traditional gray and blue color schemes. 

When you start with a color as a theme, it can often be difficult to know which decor to choose. There are do many peach decor items out there, from rugs to vases to wall art and so much more. In this article, I’m going to look at my top peach nursery ideas, so you have a place to get started crafting your dream nursery. Let’s dive into it!

1) Peach Fairy Statue

This cute peach fairy statue is great for adding a fantasy twist to your little one’s nursery. It’s a great accent piece to put on a plain-looking shelf or an empty end table. You can buy this statue from Home Depot.

2) Peach Light Switch Cover

With light switch covers, you can make even the most mundane things a part of your decor. This peach light switch cover has an eye-catching look to it. It’s great if you love tying every single little detail in the nursery into a cohesive theme.

3) Peach Tiered Tray DIY

Tiered trays make lovely pieces of decor since they’re centered around a theme, and you can add whatever items you’d like. This DIY allows you to make a peach-themed tiered tray using only items from the dollar store. You can save money on decor and make your nursery look great in the process.

4) Peach Rug

If you feel like your floors are missing something, you might need an area rug. Area rugs are great for adding a pop of color and making the space feel cohesive. They’re also great for adding a bit of softness to hard floors like hardwood. You can buy a peach rug from Amazon.

5) Peach Aesthetic Collage

Collage kits take the guesswork out of finding aesthetic-looking photos that fit a certain theme. In this case, you can get a collage kit with peach-colored photos in it, so it matches your decor.

Another great thing about them is that you can arrange the photos any way you’d like, giving room for plenty of creative possibilities. You could arrange them all in a perfect rectangle for an organized look, place them spontaneously for a fun look, or offset them to create a bit of asymmetry and visual interest. You can buy this collage kit from Amazon.

6) Peach Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheets are an absolute necessity for nurseries, and yes, they even come in peach. Since cribs usually don’t come in that color, it allows you to add a peach-colored element to the crib to tie it into the decor seamlessly. You can buy peach fitted sheets from Amazon.

7) Peach Watercolor Dots

Similar to the aesthetic collage I mentioned earlier, peach watercolor dots come with many creative possibilities. 

Many people like to put them on the wall in various places, giving the wall itself a whimsical and fun look. But of course, you can put them in a more organized arrangement to make them look neat. You can even combine different colors of watercolor dots together for a colorful and artsy twist. Buy watercolor dot decals from Amazon.

8) Peach Milestone Blanket

Most parents say that children grow up so fast, especially when they’re babies. You can cherish and hold onto the memories forever by taking plenty of photos. One prop often used in these photos is a milestone blanket, which you can use to track your baby’s growth during the first few months of their life. You can buy a peach milestone blanket from Etsy.

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9) Peach Watercolor Wall Art

Peach is a very soft color, so it fits well with the soft, more muted look of watercolor art. You can buy this peach watercolor art from Amazon.

10) Peach Storage Bins

Cloth storage bins are a great way to keep your little one’s items organized — everything from toys to clothes to diapers and more. They’re also great for adding a bit of color to a plain-looking shelf, giving them both aesthetic and practical purposes. You can buy peach storage bins from Amazon.

11) Peach Wall Decals

One of the best ways to make your walls stand out is to create an accent wall. When you walk into the room, it naturally draws your eye to it and whatever decor you decide to place there. While you could paint your wall peach, you can create a fun and unique look with these peach decals. You can buy these peach wall decals from Amazon.

12) Peach Artificial Flower Garland

Garlands are great for their versatility. You can use them to decorate the wall behind a crib, the underside of shelves, and more. This flower garland, in particular, is the perfect size to decorate a door frame, giving your nursery a decorated look from the moment someone walks into the room.

13) Peach Mobile

Mobiles aren’t just entertaining for your baby; they’re also excellent crib decor items that you can use to tie the crib with the rest of the space. This peach mobile is very unique-looking and sure to bring your peach-themed space together. You can buy this mobile from Etsy.

14) Peach Nightlight

Since you’ll have to check on your baby during the night, it’s good to get a nightlight, so you and your baby don’t have to be exposed to the bright overhead lights. And what better nightlight to get than this adorable peach nightlight? You can buy this peach nightlight from Etsy.

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15) Personalized Peach Blanket

Many parents love adding elements of personalization to the nursery — after all, you are decorating this nursery just for your baby! 

Personalized items like blankets also make lovely keepsakes that your little ones will want to cherish even when they grow up. But before you have to think that far ahead, you can use a personalized peach blanket as a way to decorate a chair or even as a wall tapestry. You can buy a personalized blanket from Etsy.

16) Peach Floral Hoop Wreath Set

Hoop wreaths have a slightly more minimal look than standard wreaths since usually only the bottom part is decorated. They’re sure to add an elegant touch to your nursery’s wall decor. You can buy peach floral hoop wreaths from Etsy.

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17) Peach Artificial Flowers

Whether you have a cute vase and nothing to put in it, or you just want to add a natural touch to your nursery decor, artificial flowers are perfect for this. You can buy peach artificial flowers from Amazon.

18) Artificial Peaches

What’s more peach-themed than a peach? These artificial peaches make great basket or bowl fillers if you have cute ones you want to show off. They also make great additions to peach-themed tiered trays. You can buy artificial peaches from Amazon.

19) Peach Ceramic Vases

I always love vases as nursery decor since you can do so many things with them. They make great decor items by themselves, or you can fill them with artificial flowers, pampas grass, and so much more. You can buy these peach ceramic vases from Home Depot.

20) Peach Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows make great accents for chairs, plus they’re super comfortable. And one of the best things about them is that you can get so many different types of throw pillow covers. If you ever change your mind about the design later, it’s as simple as swapping out the cover. You can buy peach throw pillow covers from Amazon.

21) Peach Floral Changing Pad Cover

Changing pad covers help to keep the changing pad stainless, but much like every other part of your nursery, you can still factor in aesthetics. This peach floral changing pad cover looks lovely with the watercolor flower design and is sure to tie your nursery decor together. You can buy this changing pad cover from Amazon.

22) Peach Laundry Basket

Babies often have a way of getting their clothes messy, especially when they start walking and exploring the world around them. Laundry baskets come in handy to keep all the laundry in one central location so you can easily tote it to the laundry room. You can buy this peach laundry basket from Amazon.

23) Peach Mid-century Modern Art

Mid-century modern art is all about bold minimalism, allowing you to have wall decor that both fits in with your existing peach decor and stands out all its own. You can buy this peach mid-century modern art from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy looking at these peach nursery ideas? I hope you were able to find some cute decor items to furnish your little one’s nursery and make it feel complete. 

While I loved all the items on this list, I’d have to say these were my top 3:

  • #7 Peach Watercolor Dots: I always love items that allow room for creativity, and these decals do just that since you can arrange them in any way you’d like. 
  • #15 Personalized Peach Blanket: Personalized items are very special, especially when they’re as beautiful as this peach blanket is. Even when your little one outgrows their nursery, this is one item you’ll want to keep forever. 
  • #19 Peach Ceramic Vases: Vases are also very versatile since you can keep them plain or fill them with all kinds of items, like artificial flowers. 

So, what do you think? Which of these peach decor items would you incorporate into your little one’s nursery? Let me know in the comments!

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