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Your house is completely full of furniture and though you’ve always dreamed of having a man cave, your house space ran out so now you have to give up the dream.   Or do you…?  The old saying goes that “When the goin’ gets tough, the tough get goin’.”  So here you are, trying to figure out if it’s feasible to make your shed into a decent man cave.  The good news?  It is.  We’re here to help you make that happen by providing you with some of the best shed man cave ideas we found through a whole lot of research.  

1) DIY Bar Area

You came out to the shed to relax, and the last thing you want is to head back inside to fetch a drink. In this article, Hazel and Gold Designs collaborate with Jen Woodhouse to make a wall-mounted bar cabinet. It has two shelves for any size glasses, and the fold-down cabinet can be used as a table. This is perfect when you do not have the space in your 10×12 shed for a full bar. The cabinet is also a great place to store snacks if you do not drink.

2) DIY Attic Storage

You may have bought a new shed for this man cave, but there is a fair chance that it was built from an old shed full of tools, firewood, and other supplies. Since you are replacing them with furniture, decorations, and entertainment items, you will need a new place to store them. This DIY video shows how to build an attic space in an existing shed. If you are building a new shed, a partial attic will be a great place to throw an extra bed if a friend needs to stay overnight.

3) Home Depot Shed

While some people have old sheds they are fixing up, others are simply looking for a private man cave away from the house. For those people, buying a shed just for the man cave is a way to get an outbuilding without worrying about hiring a contractor. This home depot shed kit comes with all the materials you need, and can be put together with basic household tools. It is easy to install, and comes with windows for ventilation. This will be important once you are spending a lot of time in your man cave!

4) Electric Space Heater

Your garden shed was only used for storage, or potting plants in the warmer weather. It was cold in winter, but it did not matter. Now, you want to hang out there any time of year, and you need to keep warm. In some cases, you can hire somebody to install heating in your shed; however, an electric heater can be a simpler solution. This heater from Amazon can be set to keep water lines from freezing, or it can be turned up to any temperature you choose.

5) DIY Double Doors

Most man caves are in the depths of a basement or housed in an interior bonus room. Your shed man cave has the unique feature of having immediate access to the lawn. Setting up double doors allows you to open the man cave up to the outside during good weather. You can play touch football or lawn darts with friends, then step into the shady cave for a cool drink. At other times, close the doors and instantly have all the privacy you could need. This do-it-yourself video shows how to make double doors that overlap for an effective seal.

6) ​​Weather Stripping on Doors and Windows

Your shed was probably a fine place to store tools. Maybe there was a small leak, or a bit of snow filtered in through some cracks, but it did not hurt anything. Now, there are books, electronics, or upholstery inside that can be damaged by even the most minor exposure to the elements. This silicone strip from Amazon sticks on your door or window to keep weather, dust, and insects out. It can be cut with scissors and simply stuck wherever you need it.

7) Outdoor Recreation Area

Most sheds are fairly small. That makes it hard to add in pool tables, dartboards, and other activities that take up a lot of space. Rather than trying to fit all your entertainment items inside, plan to be able to open the shed to the outside. You can hang this dartboard from Dick’s Sporting Goods on the door, then simply swing the door outwards to play darts from outside. If you want to play in winter, it will only take up a little wall space, and you can put it on your short wall to get some extra space for throwing.

8) ​Insulation

Sheds are not habitable spaces by nature, and there is a lot that goes into making these spaces your own. To make the space comfortable, you will want warmth year-round. This can be a problem when most sheds are not insulated. This R-13 insulation will help keep you warm so you can stock the shed with your ideal décor, whether it is a bar, gaming system, library, or another setup. Make sure to use this kraft-faced insulation if you have a heater, and unfaced insulation if you do not.

9) DIY Outdoor Electricity

Your man cave should have all the entertainment items that are comfortable for you. This may be books, darts, or a desk for hobbies. For many people, it will include a TV, and maybe a computer. A TV in particular is great for entertainment while you are working on a hobby, or as its own activity. To have a television, wifi, or even a mini fridge and electric heater, you will need electricity. This step by step tutorial from This Old House will show you how to run the rough wiring from the house to your shed.

10) Mini Refrigerator with Freezer

You have a nice bar area set up, or simply a place to relax away from your house. This solitude is great, but it presents some issues. You are hungry or thirsty, and the kitchen is 100 feet away in the noisy house you are trying to take a break from. This mini fridge has both a refrigerator and freezer, so you can cool your drinks or even put some food and microwavable snacks in there. If you have an overnight guest, they will not have to walk back to the house in the dark for a midnight snack.

11) Floors

Some sheds have floors, while others are simply built over dirt or concrete. Even if you already have a floor, it may not be enough for a man cave. No matter the use of the man cave, you will want a comfortable place to walk. These interlocking floor tiles from Home Depot can easily be put over a concrete pad or existing flooring to fit any space. They are foam, so they help dampen sound and soften the area. While they look like hardwood, they are not as durable, so that should be considered in your plan.

12) DIY Weatherproof the Roof

Your shed roof is leaking. All you have in the shed is a few old gardening tools, so you have put off repairing the roof. Now that you are converting the shed to a man cave, that small leak becomes a much bigger issue. This do-it-yourself video shows the right way to replace your roof felt. This will ensure that the nice sofa and expensive gaming console you set up do not get rained on.

13) Cooler

While a mini fridge is a neat and useful addition to a man cave, you may want something simpler. If you only hang out in the man cave during the day, consider this cooler. It is great if you do not have room for a refrigerator, or if you do not have electricity in your shed man cave.

The cooler is also cost-effective, and can hold ice for up to three days. This way, you do not need to refill it constantly, and you can still have an ice-cold drink without trekking to and from the house.

14) Microwave

This man cave is set up with a place for snacks and a mini fridge for drinks, but eventually you are going to get tired of eating nothing but chips and cookies. Adding a microwave will let you heat up popcorn, frozen corn dogs, and other snacks. This microwave from Home Depot is also a convection oven. If you are having friends over to party or hang out, you can bake meals or snacks using the sensor cooking and convection features.

15) Locking Bolt Latch

Your shed is now much more than a storage place. Instead of storing tools, you are setting up an expensive TV or computer, displaying nic nacs, and installing a mini fridge. You likely had a lock on the shed if you stored expensive tools in an existing shed. If you are making modifications, such as adding another door, or if you bought the shed new, make sure you have a good latch on it. This latch from Amazon has a hole to put a padlock on, and is comfortable to open and close.

16) Plastic Bowls, Plates, and Cups

You have a fully stocked snack drawer with all your favorite cookies and drinks. Every time you have some chips and salsa, you have to grab a bowl from the house for the salsa, then forget to bring it back inside. As a result, you have an impressive collection of bowls and plates in your man cave. To stop bowls, plates, and cups from migrating out of your house, put a separate set of dishes in the man cave. These plastic dishes are inexpensive, and are dishwasher and microwave safe.

17) Sofa Bed

Seating provides comfort for any activities you do in your man cave. A recliner or couch is nice for watching TV, or you may have a desk chair for reading or writing. A sofa bed or futon gives you a comfortable place to sit. It is also a good place for a friend to sleep if they have one too many drinks and need to stay overnight. This sofa bed is made of polyester, which resists stains for when you are coming in from outside to sit down.

18) Solar Security Lights

Most sheds do not have valuable computers, televisions, and electronics in them. If they do, they are old and not in use. Since your man cave will have your favorite electronics and toys, a simple lock may not be enough to protect it. These security lights turn on when somebody gets close, so you have if somebody tries to break in at night. Since they are solar powered, you can use them even if you do not have electricity in your shed.

19) Propane Space Heater

Heating is a big part of what makes a shed usable as a man cave. A propane heater will keep the shed warm while you are in it. You should only use this if you have good ventilation. This heater from home Depot has sensors to automatically turn it off if it tips over or if the oxygen in the area gets too low. This is a potential heat source if you are not running electricity and water out to your man cave, but still want to do some winter projects.

20) ​Storage Bench

If you want a lot of entertainment in a small space, conserving space will be important. You will also want to have all your entertainment items nearby rather than trekking to and from the house for a new book, game, or movie each time you want one. You will also need a place to put the things you cleaned out of the shed to make room for your man cave. This storage bench functions as both seating and storage, so you are not wasting usable space for storage.

21) Kitchen Sink

If you want a functional and independent space, you will need water. This could be an indoor or outdoor sink, garden hose, or other source. Try putting this kitchen sink inside. This will ensure that water lines do not freeze out in the cold, and give you a place to wash up after spending time outside. You can also wash any dishes you use in the man cave to save you the trouble of hauling them back and forth to the house.

Which ideas would you like to implement in your shed? Let us know in a comment below!

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