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Your house has been overrun and there’s officially not enough room for you to dedicate a full room to your own man cave.  But it’s okay, there’s still hope and we want to help you plan your own man cave, even if it takes building something out in the backyard.  These backyard man cave ideas will let you turn your backyard into a comfortable space to relax or enjoy yourself outside the confines of your house.

1) Grill Out

Man caves always need snacks, and backyard man caves are no exception. In most man caves, snacks will be simple dry goods, unless you spend a lot of time and money installing a cookstove. Backyards man caves are the exception and can easily accommodate this full-sized grill. It lets you make a filling meal for you or your friends, which will be important as you spend energy on outdoor activities, or simply refuse to go back inside until after dark.

2) Stone Veneer

Wall decoration may seem unnecessary for a backyard man cave, but it is as essential as in any place. While an old concrete wall is not a big deal in most yards, it can be a problem in a backyard man cave. To make the area look nicer and encourage your friends to come over, if you want them, take a look at this video. In the video, This Old House gives step-by-step instructions and demonstrations to add a stone veneer to an existing concrete wall.

3) Outdoor Projector

Most man caves have a television, but that may seem impossible with a backyard man cave. Rest assured, you can have TV anywhere if you set your mind to it. This outdoor projector lets you project onto a screen as large as 230 inches. It is designed for outdoor lighting conditions, but you should bring it inside or store it properly if it is likely to rain. You will most likely not be watching TV if you are being rained on, in any case.

4) Hammock

Every man cave needs seating, and a place to lie down is a great bonus. Since you are outdoors, the most traditional way to lie down is a hammock. Unfortunately, your man cave may be in a clear area with no trees. If that is the case, you can still use this free standing hammock. It stands without trees, and is stiffer than many hammocks. This is good if you prefer more support but still like the feel of a hammock. It also makes it easier to get out of.

5) ​​​Floating Table

If your backyard has a pool, it is only right that you should incorporate it into your man cave, at least part of the time. While swimming, rafts, and other floating objects are obvious for any pool, this floating table is a unique addition for a man cave pool. The table comes as a poker table, beer pong table, or a table for drinks and snacks. Water beads up and rolls off it easily, so the surface does not become slippery.

6) ​​​​​Waterproof Playing Cards

A backyard man cave is great for outdoor sports and games, but you may want to do some indoor activities, also. Rather than building two man caves, try some outdoor versions of indoor man cave activities. These waterproof playing cards are perfect for a backyard man cave. You can play cards even if it is sprinkling, store them outside, and even play them in the pool if you have a floating poker table for your pool.

7) ​DIY Fence It In

A backyard man cave should not be in the same space as the rest of the backyard. After all, part of the purposes of a man cave is to have your own space. Fence off your man cave to create a separate man cave space. This is also important because you may have valuable items in the man cave. After fencing the cave in, you want the space to be accessible and want to be able to move large furniture in and out. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to support a large gate so it does not sag over time.

8) ​​​Sink

No matter what your favorite sport or activity is, you will likely be doing a lot of it in your backyard man cave. Backyards have a lot of dirt, bugs, and everything else. While that is fine during activities, it is not as great when you eat some chips and all you can taste is mud. This sink table lets you wash your hands outside in your man cave. It needs to attach to a water source and the drain should be extended so it drains somewhere away from the man cave. This is also great for grilling.

9) ​​​DIY Outdoor Loveseat

While a hammock makes a nice place to relax, you will likely want regular seating in your man cave. These plans show you how to build your own slat loveseat. The seat comes out looking nice and professional and is a comfortable place to sit when you are watching television or taking a break from other activities. It will require some skill, but it is worth the effort. Make sure to use water resistant outdoor cushions. If you have experience, you can modify the plans to fit your needs.

10) ​Cedar Gazebo

Your backyard man cave does not have to be entirely outdoors. At the least, you can have shade and protection from rain. This gazebo from Home Depot will protect you somewhat from rain, so you can still spend time in your man cave during bad weather. You can also set a heater in it and spend some time outside in cooler weather. The gazebo is made of cedar, which naturally repels bugs. This will keep you from being bitten by bugs as often as you might.

11) ​Natural Look

Since your man cave is outside, it should look like it belongs outside. Adding elements of nature will create this look, but rolling a rotting, ant-covered log into your man cave may not be the solution. This sturdy, lightweight garden seat looks like a log, but it will not rot like a real log. It is also lighter than a real log, so you can move it easily. This makes it perfect for sitting around a firepit, in case you need to move your seat each time the wind changes direction.

12) ​​​DIY Build Walls

A backyard man cave can be separated from the rest of the yard a couple ways. Fences are a nice solution, but if you want something that will separate the area without walling it off completely, a retaining wall may be a good idea. This adds visual separation, and affects the structure of existing landscaping. This video shows you how to put in a retaining wall. You may choose to have a professional do this or rent equipment and do it yourself.

13) ​Outdoor Rug

Rugs and carpets are some of the most comfortable surfaces for a soft space. They are great for any spot that is designed for relaxation, including a man cave. This outdoor rug is ideal for a man cave on a patio, in a gazebo, or anywhere in the backyard, as long as there is some surface to put it on besides grass or dirt. If you are not worried about damaging the rug and grass, you can put it anywhere.

14) ​Outdoor Refrigeration

Refrigeration is a large part of what makes a man cave independent. With a fridge, you can spend hours in your man cave without returning to the house. Since refrigerators rely on electricity, they are often not an option for an outdoor space. This refrigerator is portable, so you can plug it in to cool things off, then carry them out to the man cave. You can also bring it out to the man cave and plug it in there if you have power run to your backyard.

15) ​Seating

A lot of outdoor seating is hard and uncomfortable, which is exactly what you do not want in a man cave. Hard plastic seats are great for a party or barbecue, but you do not want to use them every day when you are relaxing. This outdoor sectional seating is sturdy and UV-resistant, so it will last a long time. It is also comfortable and cushioned. The table has storage for outdoor games, so this sectional can be the centerpiece of your backyard man cave.

16) ​​DIY Outdoor Table

Your man cave needs a table that can hold up to the elements. This article and video shows you how to turn pallet wood into an outdoor table. While this takes some work, it is inexpensive in most cases. If you are doing landscaping or buying large furniture pieces for your backyard, save the pallets they are shipped in. You may also be able to get free pallets in stores that have no use for the packing material.

17) ​Outdoor Bar

Your man cave would not be complete without a corner bar. Even if you do not drink, a bar is a great place to prepare snacks, chat with friends, and serve sodas and other drinks. This bar is designed for outdoor use, so it is waterproof. The dark colors and simple design look like they belong in a masculine space and help designate the area as your man cave, rather than just another section of the backyard.

18) ​​​Solar Lighting

If you do not have electricity run to your backyard, you have two options. You can either run electricity out, or use portable power sources, like generators or solar power. This light is solar powered and dimmable, so you can have light for up to 8 hours. Since it can be dimmed, you can adjust it for the right amount of light for the area. This will make your man cave usable at night, so you do not have to go inside right after dinner every day.

19) Power Washer

Your man cave may include an enclosed gazebo or shed, but a portion of it will likely be seasonal. When furniture has been exposed to the elements all winter, or locked away in a shed, it needs to be cleaned before you can use it again. You will also need to wash your man cave furniture throughout the season if you want it to stay clean and usable. This power washer is light enough that you can carry it around the yard to clean all your permanent furniture comfortably.

20) ​​​​Secure Trash

If you live in bear country, or in a city with a raccoon problem, you already know the importance of securing trash. When spending time outdoors, trash can be a major problem. Rather than carting garbage bags in and out every day, use this metal can with a locking lid to secure your garbage. The lid is secure against squirrels and other small animals, so you can even leave it outside, and take the trash out every couple days, like you would with an indoor trash can.

21) ​Cooler

If you do not have electricity, you will need a way to keep drinks cool for a long time. You will also want a lot of drink storage, so you can leave drinks out for friends and not have to make drink runs. This standing cooler comes with a cabinet underneath to store cups, and a drain to let water out as ice melts. It is tall enough for you to grab a drink without bending down, and the design makes ice last as long as possible.

What does your backyard man cave look like? Are there any ideas we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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