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As a Carolina Panthers fan, you know the value of the home team advantage. In fact, your team always seems to win at their home stadium. You also know that the fan is the most valuable member of the Panthers team; just ask the team’s founder. Since you’re a valued team member, you feel the need to prove it, but here you are looking for ideas. Don’t worry; we’ve got some great Carolina Panthers Man Cave Ideas for you.

1) ​​​​​DIY Ticket Stub Coasters

Every time you go to a game, you come back with something to remember it by. You already know that you don’t get a signed ball from every game, or a jersey, or even traditional memorabilia. So what do you come back with? The tickets, of course! What better way to show your dedication to the team than to show that you went to their game, supporting them financially and morally? You can use this tutorial to turn tickets into coasters. This way they’re part of your décor, and they don’t get bent and ruined or turned into bookmarks.

2) ​Carolina Panthers Gaming Chair

As a football fan, you’ve tossed the pigskin around a few times, and watch games on TV regularly. You may have dabbled in fantasy football, and you probably play some Madden games on your game console. If you don’t have the right chair, though, your gaming experience isn’t nearly as comfortable as it should be. Instead of suffering through an uncomfortable gaming experience in your man cave, spend hours in the comfort of this Carolina Panthers gaming chair.

3) ​​​​DIY Panthers Helmet

You probably have a Panther’s jersey somewhere in your fan cave, or you’re keeping your eye out for a cheap one. While jerseys are a common uniform piece to collect, helmets are becoming more and more popular. The great thing about a helmet is that you don’t need to buy an expensive one from the player, though that would be cool. Instead, get a cheap helmet and use this video to paint it like your team’s helmets.

4) DIY Thematic Bar

A sports-themed man cave deserves a sports bar. Use colored LED strips underneath the cabinets, and paint the bar itself in team colors to make it a Carolina Panthers-themed bar. These are ideas that everybody with a Panthers man cave has thought of. While these ideas are still amazing, you can go a step further and make some etched glass art. With this tutorial, you can etch your bar glassware with the team logo, and even make team-themed etched glass art.

5) ​​​Gaming Console Decoration

As a Panthers fan, you like to play football. You might not be a star football player yourself, but you have an appreciation for the sport. This means playing touch football, football video games, or fantasy football, at the least. With these Carolina Panthers-themed gaming console and controller skins, you can make your PS4 part of your decorations. That’ll make your friends with plain black PS4s jealous, and it adds another touch of Panthers décor to the fan cave.

6) DIY Football Toss Game

If you have an outdoor man cave (or if you don’t have anything fragile around, at least), you can put a football toss game right in your man cave. Use this tutorial to build the game, but paint a Panthers logo on it instead of a football field. You can paint the logo before you drill the holes, or you can drill the holes first, and paint the logo somewhere that won’t get drilled through. Since you’re doing the painting, it’s all up to you.

7) ​Cam Newton MVP

Cam Newton is one of the great Carolina Panthers players, without a doubt. He was MVP in 2015 and helped bring the team to the Super Bowl the next year. Pay tribute to this incredible player and the records he set with this Cam Newton MVP plaque. You can hang this on a wall with memorabilia, or behind a bar. It fits with any Panthers decorations if you don’t have room on your memorabilia wall.

8) ​​​​​​​​Team Colors

Any Panthers fan will instantly recognize the team’s colors. If you want it to be clearly and immediately evident that this is a Panthers Fan Cave, use those colors in several places around the man cave. You can paint your walls and trim with them, buy matching furniture, or use blue lighting strips around the ceiling trim or under cabinets. You can even look for blue pool table felt, or paint some of your furniture in team colors.

9) Carolina Panthers Throw Blanket

A throw blanket seems like an odd addition to a man cave, or maybe even an obvious one, but you’re probably not using it to its full potential. A throw blanket keeps you warm, sure, but it’s also one of the highest impact decorations for the least money. Toss this throw over a couch so the “CAROLINA PANTHERS ESTABLISHED 1995” text is visible, and you have a cheap way to make your couch part of the Panthers’ décor. It’s certainly a lot easier and cheaper than trying to find a Carolina Panthers couch, if one exists.

10) ​DIY Stripes

Take a good look at the Carolina Panthers helmets. In fact, look at most NFL helmets. They have stripes down the helmet in team colors. Now, you can paint your walls blue with silver trim, a white ceiling, and black furniture. This will definitely fit the theme, but you want the theme to pop out at people. Run a team-colored stripe down your wall, just like the Panthers fan in this photo. You can use the diagonal stripe, or have the strip circle the room horizontally, and use it as a frame of reference for hanging other decorations.

11) ​​​​DIY State String Art

Your team isn’t just the Panthers; they’re the Carolina Panthers. Specifically, they’re based in North Carolina. Include some touches to show where your favorite team is from, even if you don’t live in North Carolina itself. This video shows you how to make string art in the form of any state, so you can hang it up anywhere in the man cave. If a non-fan asks why you have North Carolina art if you live in a different state, that’s your chance to educate them!

12) ​​​​​​​​DIY The Logo

The Carolina Panthers are known for having one of the best-designed logos in the business. Be proud of that fact, and show it off! Print off some photos of the logo and turn them into a stencil. If you want a big logo, use multiple pieces of paper and fit them together. Cut them out, trace them onto cardboard, and cut out the cardboard. Now you can trace and paint the logo onto any surface in the man cave. This can be chairs, walls, the bar, or anywhere you want!

13) ​​Autographed Mini Helmet

Jerseys and helmets are some of the most collectible team-themed memorabilia. While you can paint a cheap helmet to look like the Panthers helmet, nothing beats the NFL sponsored stuff. This mini helmet is official Ridell merchandise, and it comes autographed from the manufacturer! While you may not have the experience of asking the team member for their autograph yourself, you’ll still have the autograph itself, and it’s always great to have autographed team memorabilia around.

14) ​​​​​​Team Cards

​You probably have a few football cards around, though they may be stored in an album somewhere so nobody else can see them. After all, they’re precious possessions. If you already have a set of cards, consider buying duplicates of the great players, so you can display some without sorry. Whether you display them or hide them, you’ll want these Carolina Panthers football cards. The set comes with a variety of players, but it’s guaranteed to have Cam Newton and Christian McCaffrey in it.

15) ​​​​​​Make Your Own Sign

You’ll want signs in your man cave, whether they’re behind the bar or proudly hung across a central wall. Unfortunately, you just can’t find the right sign. Maybe you want to show support for your team, but you have a personal message that you’d like to hang up with it. This custom sign maker lets you choose your own message and colors. You can print it out on high-quality paper and frame it, or get into the DIY spirit and transfer it to another surface. Make sure to use the RGB color codes #0084CD, #000000, and #BFC0BF.

16) ​​​​​​​Team Flag

As a Caroline Panthers fan, you might bleed red, white, and blue, but you definitely bleed blue, black, and silver. Show your team pride with this Carolina Panthers flag from Amazon. It has grommets, so you can put it on a flagpole in a corner. This is a great addition to a corner you don’t use often, so you won’t have to worry about hitting your head. Try putting it above a corner home bar.

17) ​​​​​​DIY The Wordmark

Some people forget the importance of words. They focus on color and logos and just write the team name in any font where they can fit it. The Panthers have one of the best-branded teams in the NFL, so instead of using any old font, copy their wordmark to represent your team correctly. You can put this on a wall, pool table felt, or anywhere else simply by printing it, cutting it into a stencil, and painting it. Make sure to transfer the image to cardboard, vinyl, or something the paint won’t bleed through when you make your stencil.

18) ​​DIY State Sign

If you’re not into string art or don’t have any interest in making your own sign, you can still buy a sign that shows your team spirit. You want people to know that you’re rooting for North Carolina, so you’ll want something with an image of the state. This Carolina Panthers sign has an image of North Carolina behind the panther logo, so you can show your team colors, logo, and home state on the same sign.

19) ​Throw Pillow

While your man cave will have big swathes of Carolina Panthers décor, it should also have little touches that accent the room. These Carolina Panthers pillows are a great touch to add to your cave. Unlike your blue or silver-gray couch, these pillows have the Panthers logo on them. They’d go great on a team color couch, or match a Panthers logo throw. With these, your couch instantly becomes Panthers-themed, even if it’s not the right color.

What kinds of things do you have in your Carolina Panthers Man Cave? We’d love to hear about any ideas we missed! Please let us know in the comments below.

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