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You’re a biker and a die hard Harley fan. Your bike of choice is the classic Harley-Davidson Fatboy and all of your biker friends know it.  The issue is, your wife isn’t a fan of the giant Harley sign hanging in your living room, so it’s time to dedicate a room to your biker lifestyle. These Harley-Davidson man cave ideas can turn any room in your house into a Harley-themed personal space. 

1) Logo Bar Stool

It is time to take a load off and grab a drink in your new Harley-Davidson-themed home bar. When you do so, park yourself on this Harley Davidson logo barstool. The stool has the Harley-Davidson logo and will make a great addition to your bar area. Put two or three of these against a black countertop with orange trim, and create a sleek look along with the thematic and distinct Harley-Davidson colors.

2) DIY Metal Harley-Davidson Sign

As you know, the Harley colors are orange and black. These are not subtle colors, and so your man cave will not be subtle. Instead, it will tell the story of an amazing bike and the man who rides one, or wishes he did. Craft your own Harley Davidson sign to show people where your heart lies. This do-it-yourself project does require some specialized tools, however. If you do not have them, read further and see the wooden Harley-Davidson sign later in the article.

3) Garage Door

Your Harley-Davidson man cave will have Harley memorabilia, pictures, colors, and everything Harley except for the bike itself. That said, what if you want your Harley in there, too? Your man cave may be in an interior room, but if it is in a shed or garage, consider adding this garage door. You can roll your Harley inside, or bring in larger machine parts as decoration. The door itself serves as a decoration, transforming even an interior space into a motorcycle garage.

4) Oil Can Tin Sign

Along with Harley-Davidson comes a plethora of motorcycle memorabilia and decorations. Automotive signs are a traditional way of decorating a masculine or vintage space. This oil can sign is orange and black and advertises genuine Harley-Davidson motor oil. Rather than a vintage look, this sign has the bright and glossy colors that mark a well-cared-for machine. It will complement any orange and black decor you have, and the glossy sheen will increase the sleek look of your man cave.

5) ​​DIY Wind Chime

Your man cave is likely located in a spare room, or in an outdoor space, shed, barn, or garage. Thus, outdoor items will be part of the design, whether seen through the window, heard, or used to designate space. This do-it-yourself wind chime is amazing. It incorporates wrenches and could include other mechanic- and motorcycle-related components. You could add to the motorcycle theme by using a motorcycle chain to hang it on, and spray paint it orange and black.

6) ​​​​Bike Decal

If you cannot have an actual bike in your man cave, a bike decal is the next best thing. This black decal shows a Harley driving across your wall. It is black, so it goes best on a lighter background. If you do not mind bright colors, you could do an orange wall color. Most likely, another light color will work just as well. A gray wall color would give the feel that the bike was driving across asphalt. You could also have the wall shaded a darker gray underneath to add to this effect.

7) DIY Wood Harley Emblem Sign

Harley-Davidson colors are recognizable to Harley fans. For others, they are not enough to label it as a Harley-Davidson man cave. To show that this is a Harley zone, or simply to display the emblem you know so well, check out this video. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to make a Harley Davidson sign with woodworking tools that you are likely to have. The wood sign can be placed in the cave as a decoration or outside the door as an entrance sign.

8) ​​Harley Route 66 Sign

Old Route 66 is a famous route that many bikers roder. Most mechanics or antique enthusiasts have heard of the route. This Route 66 sign is painted in traditional Harley-Davidson orange and black and has the word “Harley” on it. The sign fits a Harley decor, and has a shiny, cared-for feel to it. At the same time, it gives a nod to the historic route 66 and the efforts people have made to restore it.

9) ​​Pegboard Organizer

This orange pegboard organizer comes with black hooks. Are you sensing a theme here? You can spray paint or hang the Harley-Davidson emblem in the center of the board, moving the hooks to keep the center visible. You could also let the colors speak for themselves. If you do not want to overdo the orange, Amazon also has similar black pegboards. 

It is likely that a portion of your man cave is in your garage, so this pegboard will be great for hanging your tools for working on your bike.

10) Harley House Flag

If your cave is outdoors, you will want to label it, just like you can an indoor one. The interior may look like a Harley-Davidson Man Cave, but this flag will make it look that way on the outside too. It has the Harley emblem and colors, and “Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” written on it. Add some old motorcycle parts as decorations and you will have marked your territory for anybody outside, as well as those allowed to enter.

11) DIY Garage Floor

If you are working on your bike in your man cave, you need a floor that is versatile enough for both comfort and mechanical work. Epoxy is the best solution for this. It looks nice and can be driven over. This DIY video compares the benefits of doing your own epoxy garage floor versus hiring a professional. Either way, consider tints and shades appropriate to the decor. Black is always a popular color and fits the Harley or motorcycle theme.

12) ​​Pegboard Hooks

Your garage may be partially finished before you design your cave. If you own a bike, it is likely that you already have a pegboard for your tools. Thus, a new pegboard is an unnecessary step. Instead, try these pegboard hooks. They are orange and black without being overwhelming, so they may be a good choice for a new pegboard too. Try using them on a black pegboard so oil stains will not mar the color as much.

13) DIY Pinstripe Orange and Black Walls

Pinstripes are an old bike and classic car tradition. While you put them on your bikes and bike decor, you can also put them on your walls. You can use Harley orange and black, or choose any color scheme that looks cool for a motorcycle theme. This how-to video shows techniques for creating stripes. You will have to adjust the width of the stripes to look right for the motorcycle pinstripe or Harley-Davidson theme.

14) Live to Ride License Plate Decoration

With anything automotive comes license plates. License plate art is an old art style that people have been doing for as long as they have been making license plates. This license plate says LIV2RYD. It resembles a custom plate and includes the common saying ”live to ride.” It also has the Harley-Davidson name on it and is black to go with any Harley decor. Put this on your walls to add to your sign collection.

15) DIY Oil Can Lamp

As you have read, oil cans can be a big part of a motorcycle man cave. After all, you need to change the oil on your bike often to keep it in good shape. As such, this oil can lamp is a great do-it-yourself craft. If you have an old oil can lying around, rinse it out and try this! Lamps are a great light source for pouring over books and manuals, or for keeping any space you need lit.

16) ​Personalized Sign

Your man cave is a personal space. As such, monogrammed cards, coasters, and other items are not out of place there. This personalized sign lets you put your name up on the wall of your man cave. It has images of motorcycles and parts of motorcycles. While it is not specific to Harley-Davidson, it shows your love of bikes and of riding. It also makes the man cave a little more specific to you, rather than just another Harley man cave.

17) Open Road Painting

When you ride your Harley, you feel a sense of freedom like nothing else, as if the powerful machine could take you anywhere. You see the open road stretch before you. Maybe you have even taken a long drive to Sturgis or other motorcycle rally. This open road painting takes that feeling of freedom and captures it on canvas, as much as such a thing can be captured. With this in your man cave, you can imagine the road when you are not on it.

18) ​​Patent Prints

What makes Harley-Davidson so special? Is it the power? The freedom? The history? You are making a Harley-themed man cave for a reason. These patent prints from Amazon show what made Harley so special. The unique design of the Harley is rivaled by nothing else. Hang these prints up to show the superiority of your chosen brand.

These prints make an interesting study, or a conversation piece when you have friends over who are curious about Harleys.

19) Vintage-Looking Poster

Harley is sleek and shiny, and well-cared for. Your shiny decor is  a reflection of the care and devotion you have to your bike. Vintage decor shows your respect for the history behind the Harley name. This poster is a vintage-looking image of a bike. It will go with vintage decors, as well as mechanical parts. If you have a sleek section to your man cave, this poster may go well in a workshop or library.

20) ​​​Clothing Hooks

If you are coming in from outside, or if your man cave is a garage space with inadequate heating, you will need a place to hang jackets, These clothing hooks from Amazon advertise Harley-Davidson motor oil. They are antique pewter, to give a vintage feel while moving away from a strict orange and black theme. Heavy-duty hooks are great for work jackets and clean easily if you are grabbing things with oily hands.

21) Old Biker Decal

Most bikers eventually come to the realization that they cannot ride forever. A day comes when they give up their bike. It could be when they get married, when they have their first kid, or some other event. It could just be the right time. When you give up your bike, you do not give up your love of the brand. If you are an old biker who still has his bike, whether you ride often or not, this “Old Biker” decals is perfect for you.

Did any of these ideas speak to you, or give you inspiration? Comment below to let us know!

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