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35 Baseball Man Cave Ideas

It's October and the playoffs are here which means it's time to watch America's favorite past-time.  Some buddies want to come over for the game too, but you realize that aside from crowding around the living room couch, you don't really have a good place to watch.  Use these baseball man cave ideas to create the ideal baseball-lover’s den so that, in the future, playoff baseball viewing takes place in your man cave.

1) Baseball Caps

You have a collection of baseball caps. Maybe you wear some, but others are only for display. If you have an important cap, such as a luck cap you wear during big games, or one that has been passed down in the family, you want to display it. You will also want it to stay in good shape. This hat display can be mounted on a wall and is designed to hold the baseball cap’s shape. This is important if the hat will be displayed in the same position for a long time.

2) DIY Kegerator

While you may watch some games alone, you will want to invite your friends over for the big games. This means you will need snacks and lots of beer. A dedicated keg refrigerator will help you serve your friends beer without constantly needing to replenish the supply. This video shows you how to turn a normal refrigerator into a kegerator using a kit or separately purchase components that you can get off Amazon. Try getting baseball-themed beer taps, or taps that have your team’s name on them.

3) Entrance Music

If you are a baseball fan, you have heard entrance music many times. You have even memorized your favorite player’s entrance music. If you are a player, you have your own music, or you know exactly which song you will pick. With this Amazon Echo, you can give yourself your own entrance music. Pick a song and name it “Entrance Music.” Then, when you enter the man cave, tell Alexa to play your entrance music.

4) Hot Dogs and Baseball

Hot dogs are a staple of the stadium experience in baseball. When you go to a game, you likely get a traditional hot dog with mustard, or a similar favorite. To bring the stadium into your man cave, serve your friends some hot dogs. This hot dog rolling grill serves a dozen hot dogs at a time, and it looks just like a hot dog roller you would see in a food stand at a sporting event.

5) Office Chair

Part of your man cave is likely your office, computer desk, or library. When you are relaxing there, you will need a comfortable chair. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, or have multiple desks, you need a good rolling chair with back support. This chair from The Home Depot has round white cushions with a baseball stitching pattern, so it not only provides the comfort you need but also shows your love of the sport.

6) Baseball Lamp

Since you will be spending some time watching the game in your man cave, you will want to be able to light small sections without glaring light affecting the television screen. Lamps are a good way of getting light when you need it without disrupting the game you are watching with your friends. This lamp has a baseball glove design in the base, making it sturdy and baseball themed, to fit the rest of the man cave. It is also durable and less likely to be damaged if you and your friends get too excited.

7) ​Novelty Baseball

If you have caught a baseball at a game, you likely had it signed and framed. This is, of course, if there was no child nearby to claim it. Beyond signed baseballs, collectible baseballs can be found everywhere. There is a collectible baseball for every National Park, and many states or tourist areas, for example. This novelty baseball shows support for the USA Olympics and is a great way to show patriotism and your love of baseball at the same time.

8) ​​​Bobblehead Display

If you have had the pleasure of entering a stadium and being gifted with a bobblehead, or bought a bobblehead of your all-time favorite player online, you need this item. This bobblehead display lets you show off your bobbleheads and is large enough to fit baseball display cubes as well. The display can be locked, so you can show off your favorite memorabilia without worrying that somebody will come over to see the game and walk off with it.

9) ​​​Hooks

You man cave will be a private area some of the time, and a hub of sports fan activity at other times. When your friends come over, you do not want to sacrifice a chair for piles of coats and hats. Instead, use these coat hooks. They are large enough to fit both coats and hats and can be attached right to the wall beside the door. This also keeps people from wearing hats indoors, if you are among those who consider that bad luck.

10) ​Card Display

If you have a favorite card, you may want to put it on display. After all, it is a core decoration for your man cave. This can be a risk, though, since displaying a valuable piece increases the risk of theft. This case lets you display a single card, rather than a whole collection. This way you can pick the card to display and keep the rest of the collection safe in your desk or locked storage.

11) Feel Like You are on the Field

If you have not been on the baseball field, you likely wish you have. The baseball field is where the action happens, and when the fans rush the field, sharing ground with famous players is an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a player, fan, or both, you can bring the feeling of being on the field into your man cave. This curtain has a realistic photo image of a baseball field from the perspective of somebody standing on the field. The realistic image helps you sit back and imagine you are in the stadium.

12) Baseball Display Case

Collecting baseballs is an integral part of the sport, It may be a signed baseball, a commemorative one, or one you caught as a kid. Either way, you want it to be on display and visible from all sides. This clear case has UV protection to keep the ball from deteriorating, and the simple and clear design keeps all the attention on the ball. You can also see all sides of the ball if the signature on it wraps around multiple sides.

13) ​Tapestry

If you want to feel like you are on the baseball field, the man cave could seem like the furthest place from that field. If you cannot go to the stadium, bring the stadium to you. This tapestry has a realistic image of a baseball field from the perspective of somebody on the field. While Amazon has similar curtains, this tapestry can be hung anywhere and covers a large area. Turn an entire wall into a stadium entrance with this hanging tapestry.

14) DIY Baseball Diamond

If you are a true baseball fan, you likely enjoy the sport rather than just the teams. You watch major league games, but also minor games. You have played on a baseball field at some point in your life, if only as a child. Turn your man cave into that field with this turf. By cutting it to the shape of a baseball diamond, you can make it feel like a field, or show your dedication to the sport.

15) ​​Cabinet Knob

Some of you baseball man cave ideas will be grand, Others will be simple. This simple man cave idea will bring the baseball theme into your whole man cave, including the bar or snack cabinets. Replace your cabinet knobs with these baseball-shaped ones. They can also be put on desk drawers or other drawers to remind you of your favorite sport while you are playing video games, working from home, or reading at your desk.

16) ​Sports Coat Hooks

You love baseball, but it may not be your only sport. Either way, you need a place to get hats and coats off the floor. These hooks are decorative, with the word “Sport” spelled on the back, and images of several sports balls in the background. This includes baseball, of course. With this rack, you are not only keeping coats out of the way during the game, but displaying images of your sports when nobody else is there.

17) Baseball Pull Chain

Your man cave could be in a bonus room, a garage, a basement, or even a shed. Wherever it is, the room was likely not designed as a man cave originally, It may not have been designed for people to spend a lot of time in at all. Many common man cave locations have pull chain lights, rather than wired switches. If your man cave is in such a place, this pull chain will make even the lighting decorative. The pull chain has a baseball at the end. This is thematic, easy to see, and easy to grab and pull.

18) ​​​Crystal Baseball Paperweight

If you like to do your gaming at your desk, or have a workspace or library built into your man cave, you will need paperweights. This is important when the man cave is used for active things like sports, or if you have a fan on during the hot summer days. This paperweight is shaped like a baseball, so it fits with your baseball theme while serving an important function for your man cave’s desk or library area.

19) Popcorn

Like hot dogs, popcorn is a big part of sporting events. This is particularly true if you are watching from home. Even if you are watching a movie or TV show, you can use this baseball-shaped popcorn maker as a part of your decoration. The popcorn maker itself looks like a baseball and the top flips off into a popcorn bowl, so you can eat out of a bowl that looks like half a baseball, no matter what you are watching.

20) Baseball Lamp

Lamps are useful when watching a game. You do not need to turn on all the lights and create glare on the TV. Your man cave will often be dark when you are watching television. If you are not watching a game, you will be taking advantage of your nice television to watch something else. That means that your lighting will be designed for television, not desk work. This lamp will brighten your desk area and is designed to look like stacked baseballs. The baseballs are weathered, like a real baseball.

21) DIY Bat Display

If you want to show off your bats, you will find many displays that place bats behind glass for expensive prices. While your bats are precious and should be protected, they are also sports equipment. This may be the first time those bats have been confined to glass. If you have bats that you use, rather than just display, you will also need access to them. This video shows you a simple and easy way to display bats where you can access them.

22) ​​​Bat and Ball Display

Displaying sports items is common in many sports, but none so much as baseball. You likely have or want to have baseballs, gloves, and bats that were used in real games. You have some signed memorabilia if you’ve been able to get a hold of some. While bats and balls are often displayed separately, they are inherently linked when you play the sport. This display holds both balls and bats and is vertical, the way you might store a bat that was not in display. 

23) ​​​Baseball Stitching

There are many iconic baseball images. While the image of a baseball itself is important, there is one key element to a baseball that can be recognized anywhere. If you add baseball stitching to any location or object, a baseball fan will recognize the stitch. This do-it-yourself project shows you how to add baseball stitching to a wall.

To get a better curved line, tape a string to the very corner, tie a pencil to the end of the string, and draw a line with the pencil at the very end of the string.

24) ​Custom Decal

Most man caves have a label of some sort. This is most common in bar man caves, and what better theme for your cave than a home sports bar? This decal shows the classic image of a batter in mid-swing. You can have it customized with your name or a message, such as the name of your sports bar, and add it to one of your walls. The image looks nice, and it lets you mark the space as your own.

25) ​​Baseball Print

As you are decorating the man cave, you will include your memorabilia, but you will also need some historic or classic images of the sport itself. This could be an image of your favorite player, or a simple image like this baseball print. This print is striking in that it is on a perfectly white background andthe normally white baseball is dirty. The dirt does not seem to touch the background, giving it a simple yet surreal look

26) Glove

You have plenty of baseballs, gloves, and bats to display, but you love baseball, not just watching baseball and collecting baseball memorabilia. Get this right-hand baseball glove and store it somewhere that is easy to access. You will need to keep it in good condition so you can bring it out before games, or while you are hanging out with your friends or children and want to play a little baseball. Make sure to keep it in good condition so you are ready any time the mood strikes.

27) Glove Chair and Ottoman

When you are watching the game, you will likely be taking breaks to use the bathroom or grab a snack or drink during commercials. Since commercials can go by quickly, you need to be able to get up quickly. Instead of an automatic recliner with a footrest that can take forever to go down, get a chair with an ottoman. This chair is shaped like a baseball glove, with an ottoman designed to look like a baseball. 

28) Hot Dog Steamer and Bun Toaster

If hot dogs and baseball are inseparable, then so are hot dogs and properly toasted buns. While a grilled bun is always best, this hot dog steamer and bun toaster makes it quick and easy to put a few hot dogs and buns in for the group, then sit and watch the game while they cook. Unlike when you are grilling, you do not need to babysit this food. This lets you focus most of your attention on the game. The Coca-Cola logo adds to the traditional, classic feel of cooking hot dogs at a baseball game.

29) Baseball Curtain Rod

If you have a window or two in your baseball man cave, you will need good quality curtains to keep light out when you are watching a game during the summer. A sturdy curtain rod will help and will let you pull the curtains back to let in light the rest of the time. This curtain rod has baseballs at either end. They are decorative, but also function as stoppers to keep the curtain from sliding off.

30) Baseball Diamond Pinball

You like games and sports. This does not translate just to baseball, though baseball is a favorite. When you are not watching or playing baseball, you will want some other man cave games. This pinball game is good for a baseball man cave because it is baseball themed. This way, the pinball game provides alternate entertainment while functioning as another baseball decoration. This is useful if a friend comes over to hang out in the man cave but they are not a serious baseball fan.

31) ​​Accent Wall

When you decorate your man cave, you will look for ideas that complement your sport, along with personal favorites. Amid the decorations and memorabilia, you will want some touches of team colors. This article tells you how to use decals and balance color to use one of your walls as a decoration. You can even combine the wall colors with wall hangings and decor to create a display wall that draws attention to the right places.

32) ​​Batter Decal

Decals are common in children’s rooms but they are also cool additions to a sports man cave. This batter decal is great for a man cave. Place a few of them around the room to make the room feel like a real field. This can be combined with turf or green carpet and paint to make the whole room feel like a field. Place the decals around the room or put one right next to a baseball plate to give the feel that a game is being played around the edges of the room.

33) ​Batting Cage

A batting cage may seem like a lot for a home man cave, but not all man caves are indoors. If you have a man cave in your backyard, or a shed man cave that spills into the yard, you will need some outdoor activities. This batting cage lets you play in a small yard so that neighbors do not complain about balls landing in their yard. It also lets you practice or teach your kids to play if you are a baseball player.

34) Add a Bathroom

During a game, you are likely spending a lot of time drinking. You take one drink after another to your seat quickly getting up and running to grab a new one during commercials. Beer bottles or cans pile up. You really need to go to the bathroom, but there is no way to get there and back before the game starts up again. Try adding a bathroom to your man cave. This article helps you to assess your man cave space and pick a spot, though you will need a contractor to do the install itself.

35) ​Koozie and Bottle Opener

Nobody likes a warm beer. Even more so, nobody likes to leave a game when their favorite batter is at bat. These beer bottle sleeves help you avoid both issues. The sleeve keeps the beer bottle cool, and an attached bottle opener means that you do not need to get up if you forget to open the bottle before sitting down. You probably drink your beer fast enough to keep it cool, but when you get wrapped up in a game, it is easy to forget your drink, or forget to open it right away.

What is your ideal baseball man cave? Tell us in the comments below!

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