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You’re a Chicago Bears fan. Like your team, you’re not afraid to get down and dirty. You know the goal is to conquer, and you’re not afraid to show that off. Your fan cave should show your love of the team, the players, and winning! If you’re not sure where to start, try some of these Chicago Bears Man Cave Ideas.

1) Mini Signature Series Football

Your fan cave is pretty amazing, but nothing beats the thrill of the game. When you’re in the stadium watching the game, and get Khalili Mack’s signature, you’re in heaven. You don’t want that signature to be on a scrap of paper you scrounged from your glove box, right? Get this mini football with the Chicago Bears logo for the next game. A football can be a decoration in its own right, but it also works great for gathering and displaying signatures in your man cave. The white background makes it so any signatures will be visible.

2) Memorabilia Wall

If you already have some signed memorabilia, whether it’s a football like the one in this photo by CJ Sorg, a helmet, or a scrap of paper with Mitch Trubisky’s name, you’ll need to display it. Create a memorabilia wall, with racks for footballs, shelves for helmets, and free space above them all for photographs of your favorite football moments. The signatures you collect show your dedication to the sport and remind you of your favorite moments.

3) DIY Logo

The team’s logo is one of the most recognizable things about it, whether it’s a simple wishbone “C” like the Chicago Bears logo or a complicated design. You’ll want to put the logo in a few places in your man cave, but what if you can’t find a big stencil to paint it on the wall, or the right size stencil to make some Chicago Bears bar stools? Watch this tutorial by Art for All to learn how to draw the Chicago Bears logo so that you can put it anywhere in any size.

4) All-Time Greats

Who’s the best Chicago Bears player of all time? The name probably comes to mind immediately, and you want to make sure they make it onto your man cave walls. Chances are, no matter which name came to mind first, you recognize some common names like Mike Ditka, Walter Payton, and Gale Sayers. Kickstart your NFL wall with this All-Time Greats Plaque. It comes with eight trading cards for the all-time great Chicago Bears player and makes a great start to a collection. If you only want to display a few cards, these are the ones to use.

5) Team Colors

When you see your team colors, you recognize them instantly. They’re a symbol of your team’s dedication to the sport and your commitment to the Bears. Your man cave needs team colors, but if you don’t have the best eye for color, you’ll need a little help getting the correct shades. After all, you don’t want to accidentally use the wrong shade of blue. This site shows the right colors for a Chicago Bears man cave. The color codes work great for creating a sign online.

6) Sketches and Prints of Players

Any Bears fan can tell you who the best players are, but who’s your favorite? Do they have a style you like or are you plain and simple rooting for the team’s best player? If any name comes to mind, set aside a place in your man cave for them. One of the best things you can do is to draw or print sketches like this one by Jack Kurzenknabe, and frame them to add to your walls. You can scatter these around or add them to a memorabilia wall.

7) Flag

A flag marks territory. It shows loyalty. It unites people. Make sure you have a flag for your team in your man cave. Whether you’re marking your man cave as Chicago Bears territory, showing unity with other fans, or just generally showing off, this flag from Amazon will fit right in in your man cave, and tell people they’re in Bear Country. It’s 3 feet by 5 feet, so make sure to put it high enough that it won’t drag on the ground. You can hang it like a flag, or tack it to the wall as a wall display.

8) Homemade Art

You spent hours online or in stores looking for an art piece. You know how you want it to look, but every plaque or canvas you find has the logo in a weird place, and the font is hard to read. Try making your own art instead, as Tiana LaForge did with this canvas art. She used decals to trace the logo, then painted everything in herself to make the piece look the way she wanted it to. You can get letter-shaped stencils if you want to write something and your handwriting isn’t up to par.

9) Throw Blanket

You don’t have a lot of money, or maybe you just don’t have the time you wish you could dedicate to this man cave. That’s fine; there are cheap and easy ways to make your man cave look like the fan cave you want without breaking your back or budget. One of the simplest and most commonly overlooked man cave ideas is a throw blanket. Get a throw blanket like this, drape it over your couch to show off your team, and use it to keep warm if you need it!

10) Frame Trading Cards

Trading cards are one of the best ways to customize your man cave, but there are a few problems when you want to display them. First, if you have a valuable card, you might not want it out in the open if you have a party. Second, you’ve probably got too many cards! Watch this youtube video by Josua Coogler to learn how to make a wall display for a small selection of favorite Chicago Bears cards. You can modify this to work for more cards, and make sure the card sleeves have UV protection.

11) Moments and Wins

Close your eyes. Imagine you’re watching a game. It could be in a stadium, your living room, or your man cave. Picture the excitement of watching the moment that your favorite player… What moment did you picture? Take that moment and frame it. If you don’t have a specific moment that comes to mind, think of some significant victories, like when the Bears beat the Packards in 2007. Ryan Afflerbaugh captured that moment in this image, and you can capture your moment to print and frame.

12) ​Overall Color Palette

Your team colors are instantly recognizable, but if you want the man cave to have a little more interior decorating finesse, you’ve got options. This is great for somebody who shares a man cave with a less enthusiastic fan or simply if the team colors are too intense to add in large quantities. Instead of using the team’s colors, use a palette like this one that’s designed to mimic those colors while looking good on your walls and furniture.

13) ​Bears Dartboard

When you sit down and watch the game, you’re focused on watching your team play, but you’ll want some entertainment during breaks. Add a dartboard to your man cave for something fun to do between plays. This dartboard from Fanatics is perfect for a Chicago Bears man cave because it has the team colors and name, with the image of a bear on it. This makes it both a decoration and a fun game for when you’re hanging out or watching a game.

14) ​DIY Pennant

Pennants, flags, and banners are an integral part of sports. While you’ll have a lot of photographs and drawings and plaques, the banners and pennants are what makes a sports man cave stand out from any other thematic one. Try making your own Chicago Bears pennants using these instructions on the Brimful Curiosities blog. The instructions show Brewers’ pennants, but you can use the same directions to make pennants and modify them for the Chicago Bears.

15) ​Billiards

Your man cave is dedicated to the Bears, which means you love to watch their games, but you also like to play. Sports fans know how to have fun, and a billiards area is one of the best ways to enjoy a man cave…when there’s no game on. When you set up your man cave billiards area, you can use this Chicago Bears billiard cloth to make it Chicago Bears themed. The cloth fits a full 8-foot pool table and has the team logo on it.

16) ​Man Cave Street Sign

If you want people to know they’re entering a Chicago Bears man cave, don’t wait for them to come in. Put a sign like this “Bears BLVD.” one right outside the man cave entrance. If you don’t want to decorate outside, it’ll go well near a man cave bar. Since this one is designed to look like a street sign, it’ll match vintage bar decor, but with a Chicago Bears theme. The sign adds a more classy look to the man cave.

17) ​Staley Da Bear

Your team’s mascot represents the team, but they also represent the spirit, energy, and love of the game that you bring to every sporting event, whether it’s from the comfort of your man cave or the stadium stands. The mascot is the ultimate fan, and you’ll want him in your man cave. Get some prints or photographs or Staley De Bear to display in your man cave, and show your love for the team’s bigger fan.

18) ​Insulated Acrylic Tumblers

Your man cave probably has a small bar, if you can fit one, and if you’ve got a big enough man cave, you might even have a kitchen. Either way, it’s a good idea to have a dedicated drinkware set for your man cave. This way, when you’re hanging out, watching the game, and drinking, you don’t have to steal dishes from the kitchen. These acrylic tumblers are great because they’re Chicago Bears themed, and they’re made of durable materials so that you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged if they get left around after a game.

19) DIY Frame Jersey

If you’ve been a fan for a long time, you probably have a jersey, or you’re looking for one you can afford. There are a lot of cheap ways to frame jerseys, but each jersey is unique, and you don’t want them to get damaged by improper framing. Watch this video by, llc. To learn how to frame a jersey. You can use the step-by-step instructions to display all your jerseys nicely around your man cave.

What’re you looking to put in your man cave? Are we missing any ideas? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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