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It’s game night! You have two or three or ten friends over and you are ready to celebrate. People are arriving early, and you need to find a way to feed and entertain everyone before the game. Once the game starts, you have a whole new problem.

You need a great place to sit, watch the game, and have a good time. These Football Man Cave Ideas will help you get ready for game night and entertain the whole crowd properly.

1) Football

The first and foremost thing to include for game night is a football. If your man cave is outside, in a garage, or in a shed, the party will spill onto the lawn.  Even if it’s in the basement, it’s still a must have. If it’s not a game night, you and a friend can still enjoy tossing this Wilson NFL football around. If you prefer to watch rather than play, it makes a great display piece in an indoor man cave. Make sure to get a high quality glass case for your display football.

2) Indoor Football Field

If you like to toss the pigskin around, you probably spend part of game day outside while waiting for the game to start. This video shows you how to set up your man cave to look like a football field. If the man cave is big enough, such as a barn or two-car garage man cave, you can customize the rug to play touch football.

3) DIY Articulated Wall Mount TV

Since you’re watching TV on a big screen, you will need to set it up so everyone can see. This articulated wall mount fits up to a 55-inch TV, and comes with easy instructions to install. With this, you can angle the TV to prevent glare and get the best viewing experience, no matter where you sit. This is great if you’re watching TV alone, and want to sit in a different spot than when you watch the game with friends.


Sports are best watched on big TVs. This 65-inch SMART TV is perfect for watching the game with friends or alone. The curved screen makes it so the image is clear and can be seen no matter where you are in a room, and the large size makes it great for a big man cave. The SMART compatibility lets you stream or watch regular TV channels, as needed. This way you will never miss a game.

5) Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Your football man cave is not just for watching the game. It is also for playing games and relaxing with your friends, who likely have a similar passion for the game. This fantasy football draft kit will help you set up and play the perfect fantasy football team when you are not watching the game or playing football in the yard. The graphics of this kit bring a new layer to the experience of playing fantasy football.

6) Vintage Football

Having a football to play with is an essential part of a man cave; however, football is not just a sport. It is a legacy with a long history behind it. Honor that legacy with this vintage style football. These footballs can be customized to fit whichever team you like, adding some team spirit to what may be a generic football man cave. Show support for your favorite team while also honoring heritage by putting this in a quality glass display case.

7) Sports Bar Look

Your football man cave may be a cozy place to watch the game, but it can also be a sleek spot for the guys to hang out. If you want to create a hotspot of game activity, nothing makes a place look like a sports bar more than a multi-TV setup. This instructable walks you through setting up multiple TVs to show the game, or to watch multiple channels if you have one friend who is not a football fan. This should be done with one central TV and other, smaller TVs in other locations.

8) ​​Hide Cords

Football in the modern era involves many wires, cables, and other trip hazards. If you have a TV hooked to a computer with HDMI, or if your couch needs to be plugged in for the massage function to work, you will need a lot of wires. Use this wire cover to hide the wires and reduce the chances of tripping. This is particularly important if people are getting up and walking around during the game, when the lights are likely off.

9) ​​Cabinet Knobs

If you are installing your own bar, you may be getting custom cabinets. If you do, consider these cabinet knobs. They are the same shape as a football, which is great thematically. They are also easier to grab. This will be important if you are hosting friends for sports games and they are less familiar with the area. It is also useful when lights are off for the game and you are reaching blindly for the snack cabinet

10) DIY Infinity Mirror Table

Since you will likely spend a good amount of time in front of a television, a coffee table is important. This youtube video shows you how to make a coffee table into an infinity mirror. This makes a cool look, and you can use colored lights to show off your team colors. It adds a tiny bit of light to the room without interfering with the screen, as all the light should focus inwards. This is also an interesting illusion to look at when waiting for the commercial to end.

11) Football Display Case

If your man cave has a vintage football knockoff, team spirit football, or even a real signed football, you will need a way to display it. One difficulty in displaying a ball is that they are round, and roll off surfaces. This simple display case has an indent to keep the football centered in the acrylic case. It is inexpensive  and will let you put the football on display without breaking the bank.

12) Football Lamp

While in most cases you will not have lamps in a space that may host a football party, there are times when one may be a good idea. This football-themed lamp is a fun choice, as long as you put it in a safe place away from excited and possibly drunk football fans. You can place it in a corner or on a work desk, so you have light when you need it. This way you do not need to turn on a bright overhead light during a game.

13) Recessed Downlighting

While watching football is not all you will do in your man cave, the area should be optimized for watching a game. Recessed downlighting will ensure that no light glares on your TV. These lights from Amazon should be placed around the edges of the room away from the TV. A few lights can shine directly on the snack bar to increase the lighting in that area and let people see to pick their snacks.

14) Foosball

Football is not your only love, and you will need entertainment when waiting for a game in any case. Foosball is always a fun addition to a man cave. Put this foosball table in a larger man cave to create a gaming area. This gives you something to do during commercial breaks or when there is not a game, and entertains your friends who are not as interested in the game as you are. It also keeps them from asking stupid questions during the game.

15) ​Football Field Table Cover

Since snacks and drinks are a big priority in any man cave, your football man cave should be no exception. This video shows how to turn your snack table into a showcase of team spirit. While it is designed for a snack table, any table can be made to look like a field with this project.

The great thing about do-it-yourself projects is that you can make them any way you want. You can spray paint team colors, add the team logo, or anything else that will make this table stand out from the crowd.

16) Football Garbage Can

You are going to have to serve snacks during the game, or at least have some for yourself. You will also jot down notes and crumple them up when working at your desk, playing video games, or more. You will need a sturdy trash can for this. This football trash can is a neat addition to a man cave. It is on the small side, so it is best for your office area. You will want a separate trash can with a covered lid for the wing bones and other barbeque food refuse.

17) Serving Tray

No game night is complete without some barbeque. If you like to cook up wings or burgers and dogs for the game, this sturdy serving tray is ideal. The lime green color resembles a football field, if you are trying to be thematic. More importantly, you will have a place to set some food for everyone. The tray has cut out handles to carry easily, whether you are serving food or passing around drinks from your home bar.

18) ​​Electronic Football Game

Tabletop bar games are great ways to pass the time. Sports games are not just for watching the games, but for hanging out with friends and playing games. They also have intermissions that can feel like they take forever. Get in on the football action during commercials with this electronic tabletop football game. While this game is designed for kids, it is also fun to watch somebody play it after a few beers, or to fool around with during breaks from the game.

19) Team Colors

Your man cave should not only show dedication to the sport, but to the team you root for. The best way to show support for your team in the comfort of your own man cave is to use team colors. This means you will not be painting the walls one color with some ceiling white to top it off. You will have at least two colors in your color scheme and may include furniture paint and trim. This kit from Amazon has replaceable liners for rollers and brushes, so you can have all the tools you need in one place.

20) DIY Soundproofing

Sports games are loud, and if you want a stadium experience, you will likely have the volume up. You will also need to turn it up to drown out your friends’ cheers when the team gets a touchdown. The problem is that your man cave is in an interior room and your family is trying to sleep or do homework. This article tells you how to soundproof a room so you can cheer, yell, and holler at the referees all you want.

21) Training Net

If you like to play rather than just watch, you and the guys are likely outside playing touch football before the game. If you cannot run like you used to, this training net is great for a fun competition, and to practice throwing without the danger of being tackled by an overzealous friend or the risk of getting winded. This is a portable game, so you can store it in your shed or garage man cave. It can also be played indoors, if you have a large man cave with nothing breakable, such as one housed in a barn.

22) ​​Indoor Grilling

Since part of football season happens during unpleasant weather, you will need a backup plan if you are snowed in or it is raining during a game. This indoor grill lets you cook out without the unpleasantness of high winds, snow, rain, or other weather conditions. No game is complete without some burgers, hot dogs, or grilled wings. This grill can handle anything a normal grill would, and it is smokeless so you can even grill and watch the game at the same time. The grill is small so it takes up little room inside.

23) ​​DIY Bottle Opener Game

A man cave should never lack for entertainment. Some will be online games, some will be television or books. Others will be more tangible, such as this bottle opener game. This do-it-yourself project lets you make a simple bottle opener game. A bottle opener is useful for a beer drinker, or if you simply have pop-top sodas. The game adds a bit of entertainment to the otherwise simple task of opening a beer or soda.

24) ​​Dual Computer Monitors

If you like playing online games, it may be worth investing in a computer designed for gaming. While watching a game is fun, playing one is even more fun. This dual monitor system from Amazon is set up for multiple monitors. This is great for checking stats as you play or watch a game, or for other serious gaming activity. The system comes with an instruction booklet to set it up if you are inexperienced.

25) ​DIY Flipper Football

Some football games are expensive to buy, and cheap ones run the risk of not working. If you want a bar game that still fits a football theme but you want it to work the way it is supposed to, try this DIY football flipper game. Like any do-it-yourself project, you can customize it to fit your needs, such as adding team colors or changing the board size to fit your man cave’s space and needs.

26) Kegerator

Even if you do not drink beer, your friends probably do. If there is a big enough game, you may need to go out and buy a keg. A kegerator is designed to keep your beer cool throughout the game and has a built-in tap. This saves you the waste of endless beer cans and bottles, greatly reducing cleanup. It also means you will not have to worry about restocking the fridge when your friends keep forgetting.

27) Football Office Chair

Your football man cave might be a big party room with a large TV and sofa; however, it can also be an office where you play games, and watch games from the comfort of your desk. Sometimes privacy is valuable. In such a case, you will need a comfortable office chair. This office chair is football themed and has a comfortable cushion if you are sitting for a long time to watch or play a game. The wheels and spinning action make it convenient and easy to move around.

28) Tabletop Shuffleboard

If you do not have time to make your own tabletop finger football game but you still want a tabletop game that lets you get into the football spirit, this shuffleboard game is perfect. It is designed to resemble a football field, with football field markings and the word touchdown at the end. This makes it a cool game for a football fan. The game can be a permanent decoration for a table, or it can be rolled out only when needed.

29) Surround-Sound

If you have soundproofed your man cave, as suggested earlier in the article, you do not have to worry about being too loud. Whether you are watching the game, playing a video game, or listening to the news, you want to be able to hear. This article tells you how to hang surround-sound speakers to bring the game from the stadium into your man cave. Having speakers in each corner makes it feel as if the sound is all around you, just like you would if you were attending the game in person.

30) Pencil Holder

While you may spend a lot of time gaming, you will also have other hobbies. If a portion of your man cave is dedicated to writing, reading, or working, you can extend little reminders of your favorite sport into the space. Similarly, you may not have the money for a big TV, and your football man cave may be dedicated to posters and playing related computer games. This pencil holder with a football design is a neat touch to add your favorite sport to your man cave, no matter how big or small.

31) ​Football-Shaped Glasses

Every big man cave should have a bar. Even a small man cave needs drinks. If you want something classier than drinking out of red plastic cups, these football-shaped glasses are a neat idea that will show your dedication to the sport. They are large enough to use for anything, though they are best for beer or soda. The natural curve of the football shape is the best shape for holding carbonation in when you drink, so the drink will not go flat as quickly.

32) ​DIY Budget Kegerator

Tapping a keg at any sports game is a great way to keep your friends entertained. That said, you will be hanging out for several hours watching the game, and nobody wants beer that has been sitting out for a few hours. If you do not want to invest in a kegerator, this kit turns a regular cooler or minifridge into a kegerator. The tap lets you dispense beer like a professional bartender, and the minifridge or cooler keeps the beer cold. This kit comes with detailed instructions even for the most inexperienced beer lover.

33) Small Snack Bowl

You may like to grill out on game night, but you will also need snacks and refreshments the rest of the time. Whether you are hanging out alone or serving a group, this small snack bowl is a good size for a dip or small snack for an individual. It is shaped like a football, to keep things thematic. The shape of the bowl is also ideal to keep dips from splashing out while you are bringing it over to the couch to sit.

34) Sectional Leather Sofa

You will need good seating for yourself and for any quests that come over to watch a game. Sectional seating is ideal because it can be customized. This sectional has drink holders so you can ensure everyone has a place to set their drink. This will prevent spills and make everyone more comfortable. The shape of the couch also lets you pick a favorite spot to sit while you watch. This may be necessary if you have glare from a window or if your lighting needs to be changed over to prevent glare.

35) ​Mousepad

When playing games on your computer, you will need a reliable mouse so you can quickly react to anything you need to. A fast processor is important, but it means nothing if your mouse doesn’t respond in time. A decent mousepad is essential to ensuring you get that touchdown you are going for. This mousepad from Amazon will help you get that touchdown. It has a football decoration to make your computer area look nicer than a simple black mousepad would.

What else does a football man cave need? Are there any ideas we missed? Let us know below

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