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Was LSU your alma mater, or do you currently go there? Maybe you’re just a big Tigers fan. If so, you’ve probably been to Death Valley, or want to go there, and you want your man cave to bring you back to the feeling of watching the game from that stadium. Build a man cave with these LSU Man Cave Ideas, and surround yourself with bits and pieces of your favored college.

1) ​Championship Ring Replica

The LSU Tigers are the champions! Or at least, they were in 2019. If you’re still riding that high, you’ll want an LSU Championship Ring replica like this one. Even though it’s small in size, the ring is great in value, representing all the hard work and dedication that went towards the win and ultimately representing the win itself. Make this little piece the center of an LSU sports display in your man cave, or add it to a shelf of memorabilia.

2) ​LSU Fans Only

If your man cave is strictly an LSU fan cave, you want to assert that right away. Show people that this is an LSU fan cave and that they should respect the college and team. One way to do this is with this LSU fans only sign. The sign is a reserved parking sign that claims the parking is only for LSU fans. This sign will fit right in in a garage man cave or at a man cave bar since street signs are popular bar decorations.

3) ​Team Coasters

If you’re spending any amount of time in your man cave (and you definitely should be), you’ll have drinks there. Whether they’re at a bar or on a side table or desk, coasters are an excellent way to keep furniture in good shape, instead of damaging your Chicago Bears furniture or comfortable man cave bar. In this video, Ventuno Art shows several ways to make customized coasters. Choose your favorite design to make your own customized LSU Coasters, with the team colors, logo, and maybe even a favorite player on it.

4) LSU Couch Cover

If you want to transform your room quickly and cheaply, without the effort of painting the whole thing or making crafts and homemade prints, try a simple couch cover like this LSU-themed one. The couch cover is large and vibrant and will add a lot of LSU colors to the room, and all it takes is the effort of placing it over the couch. It’s cheaper than several cans of paint, and the bright store-bought colors may be an improvement compared to your painting skills.

5) ​Mini Helmet

Mini helmets are always a neat way to show support for a sports team, like the LSU Tigers. If you’re a Tigers fan, a mini helmet like this will go great on a memorabilia shelf. The smaller helmet size is perfect for a small man cave. The neat thing about this helmet from Amazon is that it’s made with the same material as a regular LSU helmet, just at a fraction of the size. Since it’s white, you can get autographs on it if you want.

6) ​LSU Colors

LSU gold and purple are a big part of the school and team identity. If you’re thinking about making and printing your own posters or decorations, make sure you get the colors right with these color codes for the LSU Tigers. Try painting these colors, either making a purple room with gold trim, or purple or gold furniture if you don’t want to paint the whole room. You can do a gold accent wall, so the dark purple doesn’t make the room feel dingy.

7) ​Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is another cheap way to make an LSU theme pop. Paint may cover the largest area, but purple and gold walls might not be practical. Try throwing an LSU throw blanket like this over the couch to show off your team colors. The throw blanket covers a relatively large amount of space and can transform a room on its own. This is probably the cheapest way to get a lot of LSU decoration and color in your man cave, with the added bonus of a blanket if you or guests get cold.

8) ​DIY Banners

Banners, flags, and pennants are a telltale sign that there’s a sports fan in the house…or in the man cave. If you’re a die-hard LSU sports fan, you’ll want to make an LSU banner. These instructions will help you get the basics down, but then you’ll want to customize the banner to fit your team Start by measuring a spot in your man cave, since you can choose what size you want to make it, then plan the rest of the banner from there.

9) ​DIY Custom Display Case

If you have LSU Tigers memorabilia, you probably have at least one signed football or commemorative football. Unfortunately, you’ve looked at display case after display case, and none are right. Watch this youtube tutorial to learn how to build a display case. You can then customize it with LSU colors, etch the logo, or really do anything you want with it. This way, you can make it exactly how you want without any letters obscuring the football inside. Make sure to use panels that’ll protect from UV light.

10) ​Metal Signs

Metal signs are common in garages and garage man caves. They’re also typical bar decor, and you can see them at many old-fashioned restaurants. If you’re old-fashioned, you’ll want some metal LSU signs like this to go around the man cave. This sign is even scuffed up to look like somebody used it outside in the elements. Try putting a few similar signs behind the bar to make it look like an old-style bar that students might’ve snuck drinks from.

11) ​Players

Signed memorabilia is the best man cave addition you can have, but as it happens, you won’t always have the signed memorabilia you want. That’s fine, but don’t let the lack of a signature stop you. Put up pictures of your favorite players. After all, it’s not their signature that matters most; it’s your love for the sport and pride in that player. Pick a favorite player, and put up a photo of them. You can get a static pose like this picture of Patrick Queen by Tammy Anthony Baker, or get one of your favorite play.

12) ​Glasses

If you’re sitting in your man cave day after day, hanging out or watching sports, you don’t want to go to the kitchen each time you need a drink. This means you want a minifridge or cooler of some sort, but you’ll also want your own set of glassware. Instead of letting your man cave become the collection spot for old, mismatched glassware, get glasses like these that have LSU’s logo. This way, your man cave fits the theme down to the smallest detail.

13) ​DIY Frame Jerseys

If you like LSU sports, you’ll probably try to get ahold of a team jersey, if you haven’t already. Whether it’s a signed, game-played jersey or an untouched jersey you got for display off Amazon, you want it to stay nice and be on display in your fan cave. You can use this video tutorial by Art & Music by DENNIS to learn how to display your jerseys in a way that’ll look nice and keep them in good shape for a long time.

14) ​Stadium Panoramic

Whether you’re in it for the academics or the sports, you were probably proud of your team when they became football playoff National Champions. Take a snapshot of that moment with this panoramic from Amazon. It shows the stadium after they won the championships, and the photograph is big enough to be a central part of any display wall. You can include multiple similar panoramics, for a symmetrical look, or make this the main focus of a display by adding smaller pictures around it. Use frames of different shapes to create an interesting and visually balanced wall display.

15) ​LSU Logo

Your team logo is probably an obvious thing to include, but where do you put it? Take a picture like this one and print it out, then make it into a stencil. Printing on cardstock will work best. Then place it wherever you want in your man cave, and trace it. You should be able to adjust the size of the page when you print. Once you outline the logo, you can paint the inside with purple paint to add the logo anywhere you want. Try putting it on bar stools, if you have a man cave bar.

16) ​LSU Refrigerator or Minifridge

You’ll want to have drinks in your man cave. No matter what you do there, you don’t want to have to keep leaving the cave to grab food and drinks from the kitchen. The best solution is a fridge or minifridge, but a silver or white fridge doesn’t exactly fit your LSU theme. Don’t give up, though! Read this article by The Crafty Geeks to learn how to customize your own LSU refrigerator or minifridge. This way, you get cold drinks and snacks without compromising your room design.

17) ​DIY Make Your Own Sign

You have some decorations now, and you’ve decided how you’re going to bring LSU colors into the man cave, but you need something that really says, “This is an LSU man cave.” If none of the man cave signs you find are working for you, try making your own, like the one in this picture. All you need are some basic woodworking skills and paint, and you can customize the sign to look exactly the way you want.

18) ​Mike the Tiger

Mike the Tiger is a big part of LSU culture. After all, who else has a real live tiger for a mascot? If you want to include Mike in your man cave, but can’t find the right image, and aren’t sure where to purchase a tiger, try watching this tutorial to learn how. Use it as a guide to draw, then paint, the mascot on bar stools and around the man cave. If you prefer a more realistic version, think about buying or printing an image of the real tiger.

19) ​Team Uniforms

If you watch LSU football, you recognize the team uniform at a glance. Look at these images by gamezero05 for inspiration when you design your color scheme. Instead of throwing purple and gold paint around and hoping it’ll look okay, copy some of the minor elements you see in these uniforms. For example, you could create a horizontal white stripe on your wall, with purple and gold edges to resemble the uniform pants leg lines. This stripe immediately makes somebody think of LSU football without being obvious.

What would you put in your LSU man cave? Did any ideas stand out? Let us know in the comments below!

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