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Your team just changed its name, and whether you’re a fan of the name change or not, your man cave has to change with it. Luckily, the colors are the same, but anything that says “Oakland Raiders” is a bit out of date. You might not mind that, but you still want to add a few shiny new Las Vegas Raiders decorations to keep up with the times. These Las Vegas Raiders Man Cave Ideas will help.

1) ​​​​​​Raiders Man Cave Banner

Banners, flags, and pennants are big parts of celebrating sports, but when you put them in a man cave, they have an entirely different effect. Most decorations and photographs are landscape-oriented, so a vertical banner like this adds variety to your decorations. Be careful where you place the banner, and consider the look of the whole area. It’s also great if you have a thin, vertical strip of wall and can’t figure out what to put there.

2) ​​Stop!

Stop! There’s danger ahead; you’re in Raiders Country now. At least, that’s what you want to tell people who dare enter your man cave. You’re a proud Raiders fan, and you want people to know it. Put a sign like this on the door so that people see it before they enter, or display it in a prominent place in your man cave. This way, people see it right when they walk in, and you leave them with no doubt about what team you support here.

3) ​​​​​DIY Team Player Coaster

If your man cave is big enough, a bar is one of the best things you can add. Whether you manage this or not, you’re going to have drinks around when you hang out or watch the game, and coasters will help protect your bar top or end tables. Watch this video to learn how to make coasters from a picture of a favorite player or moment. Pick your favorite players or make a set for the whole team, then display the coasters, or use them on your man cave bar.

4) DIY Frame Jerseys

You might be wondering what to do with some of your old Oakland Raiders memorabilia and jerseys. Should you display them, since they don’t have the right team name anymore? Look at it this way; you’ve been a fan long enough to follow them through multiple names, and there’s no reason to be ashamed of that. Ten years from now, you can say you were a fan of the Las Vegas Raiders before they were the Las Vegas Raiders, and it’ll sound impressive. Use these directions from the Cardboard Connection to frame your jerseys for display.

5) ​Raiders Clock

What time is it? While game time might be an acceptable answer sometimes, you’ll need to keep track of the time when you’re in your man cave. That doesn’t mean you have to do it tastelessly, though. Instead of putting up a digital clock, or checking your phone constantly, get a Raiders-themed clock like this one. This way, you can keep track of the time if you need to, but you won’t have to think about it as much. Doing this will let you enjoy games and time with friends a lot more while you’re in the man cave.

6) ​​DIY Pennant

Pennants are one of the unique things that sports fans do to celebrate their teams, and as such, they belong in your man cave. Show support by placing pennants like these around your cave, either as permanent decorations, or something to show support during a game. In this tutorial, Kristi shows you how to make generic pennants, but you can use this advice as a base to make awesome Raiders-themed pennants. At a minimum, make sure to use Raiders’ colors.

7) ​​Raiders Country

When folks enter your man cave, they’re in Raiders’ Country, and they better not forget it. Your man cave isn’t enough, though. Show people that the Raiders rule with this USA map-shaped sign in Raiders’ colors. The sign clearly states that the entire USA is Raider’s Country. If you might have a fan of a rival team coming over, this is a great way to tell them which team is best, and it’s a great way to show how much faith and dedication you have for your team.

8) ​Team Mask

Raiders wear masks, right? Whether you’re talking about the football players or masked bandits, the mask is intimidating. It’s also a great thing to wear to a game. Display something like this in your man cave, as both a unique decoration and something wearable. This will separate your man cave from any other, as few man caves will have masks displayed. The angry-looking face covering is also a great way to intimidate your rivals if they dare enter your man cave. You can also look for foam fingers and other fan gear to place around the cave.

9) ​Flag

Flags are a symbol of solidarity, and they represent a group of people and what they stand for. Get a Raiders’ flag to show that you support the Raiders, and to show solidarity with other Raiders’ fans. Flags like this one that says “Raiders’ for Life” are a great way to show that the name change didn’t deter you; you’re still a loyal Raiders fan. If you can’t find the right flag, think about making one, or making a banner or print with a similar message.

10) ​​Replica Helmet

Helmets are the “in” things right now when it comes to football. We’re not talking about wearing helmets, which has been popular for quite a while, but the trend of buying and painting old gear to repaint and display in a man cave. While you can paint these using youtube tutorials, you can also just buy this helmet on Amazon. It’s a full-size replica of the Las Vegas Raiders’ helmet that players will wear onto the field, so you aren’t settling for a miniature version.

11) ​​​​​Throw Blanket

One of the cheapest, easiest, and fastest ways to make a room look like a Raiders’ man cave is to add a throw blanket. A throw blanket like this one can go over the couch so people can see the Raiders’ logo on both the back and front of the couch, and it has the added benefit of keeping you warm if you need it. It’s cheaper than paint, but it provides Raiders’-themed decoration for the whole area around the couch with little effort.

12) ​​​​​​​​​DIY Silver and Black

Silver and black are, of course, one of the most recognizable things about your team. That, combined with the logo, will make your man cave obviously Raiders’-themed. The only problem is that silver and black are hard colors to use a lot of in a room. So, how do you use silver and black without making the room dark and claustrophobic? You definitely don’t want black walls, but you can paint silver walls, silver furniture, or a single silver accent wall. Follow the instructions in this video to learn about painting with metallic paint, which can be tricky.

13) ​​​Uniforms

If you’re not trying to turn your man cave into a dungeon, but want those iconic silver and black colors, try going back to the team uniform. What elements do you see in the design that you can add to the room? In this picture by Fernando Martello, you can see the simple stripes on the uniform legs. These stripes are a great way to bring the uniform into the man cave. Try painting the walls light gray and adding a white and black stripe across the wall, either horizontally or diagonally.

14) ​​​​​​​DIY Customized Display Case

Do you have a signed football in your memorabilia collection? Maybe you just have a Raiders’ collective football without any signatures. Either way, you’ll need a safe and visible place to store them. Instead of going with a simple stand for such a significant part of your collection, get a shadow box to keep your football from falling or being damaged, while still showing it off. These instructions will help you build a shadow box that you can customize with team colors and the logo.

15) ​​​​​​​DIY Wordmark

When people think about what represents a team, they think about the mascot, the logo, and the colors. They might think about a favorite player or the home stadium. The wordmark for a team can be significant, too, though. Try making a horizontal team-color stripe across the room, then writing the team name across the top of the stripe. Make sure to use the right font, or just print this picture in large size and trace it onto the wall. Doing this makes everything look more official than if you just picked a font or hand wrote the name.

16) ​Playing Cards

Your man cave shouldn’t lack in entertainment, but there’s not always a game on, and frankly, football games aren’t your only source of entertainment. When you’re taking a break during commercials, or when you’re just looking to do something else, you can pull out this deck of Raiders’ playing cards. The pack of cards is a subtle way of staying with the Raiders’ theme, and if you’re going to have playing cards, they might as well have the team name on them.

17) ​​​​​​​Thematic Home Bar

A home bar is an amazing addition to a man cave, whether you drink a lot or just need a place to serve sodas. While you’ll have to customize the bar to have the right number of beer taps, liquor bottle displays, and so on, your bar stools and bar top should be painted to have the Raiders’ logo. While you might have to stencil the team emblem onto the bar and paint it, you can decorate any cheap bar stools by adding these bar stool covers from Amazon.

18) ​DIY Helmets

Helmets are a popular DIY item for sports fans nowadays. All you need is some paint, and old football helmet, and some decals, and you can create a fantastic Raiders’ decoration for little cost. In this video, you can see that Steven Church already painted the helmet in Raiders’ colors. All you need to do is get out some spray paint, paint the mask and helmet separately, and let them fully dry. Then, add the decals the way he does in this video.

19) ​​Football Toss

If you have an outdoor man cave or a shed or garage man cave that sometimes drifts outdoors, you might want some football lawn games. If not, well…you might want some football lawn games anyway. If your man cave is big enough, who’s to say you can’t play ball in it? In all seriousness, you can build a football toss game like this one from plywood and paint it with the Raiders’ colors and logo. This will add to your backyard man cave decor and show neighbors who your support on top of that.

Did we miss any ideas? What else would you want in a Las Vegas Raiders man cave? Please, let us know in the comments below.

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