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You’re remodeling or redecorating your master bedroom, or maybe even your entire house. You like rustic decor, and you have some idea of what theme you want, but you’re not sure how to execute. Maybe you need some inspiration, or perhaps you’re just struggling to find the perfect bed set or wallpaper. Try some of these rustic master bedroom ideas to create the ideal atmosphere for your room.

1) ​Let the Outdoors In

Rustic rooms look and feel outdoorsy and often have little elements of nature in them. Instead of clean-cut boards, you build with rough-hewn logs. Overall, the furniture and decorations you use should make it feel like you’re in a cabin in the woods, not a bedroom in a house. One way to do this is to add big windows if you have a nice view or put up posters that make it look like you have a view of the woods, like the view in this image.

2) ​Log Bedroom Suite

Rustic rooms often feel like log cabins, and one way to make a bedroom feel rustic is to have furniture made with logs. Think about getting a log furniture set like this from Amazon to create a rustic cabin theme. This log bedroom suite set is ideal for a master bedroom since it has several furniture pieces, including a bed that can be anywhere from a twin-sized to a California King. A proper bed is the first step to creating the bedroom environment you want, and a matched set like this will make it feel more like a master suite.

3) ​DIY $20 Rustic Headboard

If you don’t have the money or don’t want to spend the money to replace your entire bed, think about replacing just the headboard. The headboard is the most visible part of your bed when you have sheets and blankets on it, and you can build a headboard for only $20 or so using this video. With this headboard and some rustic patterned sheets, your bed will fit your theme well, and it’ll feel more authentic since it’s homemade.

4) ​DIY Driftwood Mirror

What kind of rustic look do you want? Are you aiming for a rustic cabin in the woods, or is it a beach cabin in Rhode Island? Think about what type of materials would naturally be found in your area, and incorporate them into your furniture. For example, you can use this tutorial to make a driftwood mirror or use similar methods to make a bedroom mirror or picture frame with materials that better fit your environment. Think about making a full-length floor mirror this way for a more dramatic effect..

5) ​Cabin

Your master bedroom should be the largest bedroom in the house, and you’ll probably have room for some furniture other than bedroom furnishings. You might have a small sitting area or TV area, but you can do more. Create the impression of a cabin with a rustic mini bar or even stuff like a pool table. You can make the bedroom feel like an entire cabin by treating it as a rustic suite or man cave and putting in your favorite entertainment items.

6) ​DIY Pallet Trash Can

Your master bedroom should be comfortable enough that you want to spend a lot of time in it, and that means you’ll need some basic things like a garbage can. Instead of grabbing a cheap one from the store, think about building a rustic trash can or trash can holder. You can use these instructions to make a rustic trash can from pallet wood. The great thing about this project is that you can get the pallet wood for free or cheap and use it for other rustic projects, as well.

7) ​DIY Tin Can Pendant Lights

While tin cans don’t fit every rustic room, they’re a neat decoration if your theme is pioneer-based, as opposed to a high-end forest cabin theme. If tin cans don’t work for you, think about things with can or bowl shapes that you can turn into light fixtures, and use these directions to make a tin can pendant light or another, more fitting pendant light. You can even make an enormous chandelier that will look grander.

8) ​Rustic Trash Can

Your master bedroom is more than a bedroom. It’s a place to relax after a long day, particularly if you have a large family and need some time alone sometimes. This means you’ll want to have things like trash cans that allow you to spend long periods of time in the room without having to leave. Make sure your trash can matches your rustic theme by getting a rustic trash can like this bucket-shaped one from Amazon.

9) ​Wood-Patterned Walls

When you think of an old cabin or rustic room, you generally don’t think of smooth sheetrocked walls. Instead, you’ll probably imagine rough wood and cabin logs, and your rustic master bedroom should match this imagery. Cover your walls with wood panels or wallpaper to make it look like an old cabin, or even get log cabin siding to cover the walls in wood. Pallet wood is an excellent option for this, because you can find it free or cheap, though it takes a little work and some carpentry skills.

10) ​DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table

If you want your master bedroom to be rustic in an old fashioned way, you’ll need a few pieces of old fashioned furniture. These pieces shouldn’t be your main furniture since your bed and other large furnishings should be rustic and rough-looking. Instead, make pieces like this rustic coffee table for a small sitting area, provided your bedroom is big enough. You can follow these instructions by April Rutherford with Uncookie Cutter to make a rolling old fashioned coffee table that makes your room feel like a small frontier cabin.

11) ​DIY Fireplace

Nothing is more rustic than a fireplace, though, nowadays, you may want an electric fireplace so that you don’t have to gather firewood and work to keep it stocked. Read this article from The Executive Way to learn how you can make a convenient electric fireplace look like a real fireplace made with old brick. If you don’t like the old brick look, think about making it look like stone instead, since many old fireplaces were made with stone instead of brick.

12) DIY Barn Doors

While barn doors fit the farmhouse theme well, they can also add to the appeal of a rustic bedroom. If you have a home office, you can use this video to create worn barn doors that look like something from an old homestead. Before you install them for closets, your master bathroom, or other doors off of your master bedroom, think about painting them in a way that makes them look worn out, like they were salvaged from an old barn and used for a frontier cabin or other rustic location.

13) Slab Wood Coffee Table

In a true rustic bedroom, people often made their own furniture from slabs of wood or whatever materials were handy. If you have a small sitting area in your master bedroom, you can make it seem rustic using a coffee table like this one from The Home Depot that looks like it’s made from a slab of wood. If you’re feeling ambitious and have the skill to do so, you can also try to make your own table from a slab of wood.

14) ​Handmade Wooden Bowl

Most things in an old rustic cabin would’ve been homemade, so handmade items are a must-have. Get handmade decorations like this teak root bowl to place around your master bedroom and add to the rustic charm. Bowls are an ideal choice because you can use them as a catchall when you first come inside to change clothes or relax for a bit after a long day. They also make effective nightstand catchalls for pocket change and any odd items you stick in your pocket throughout the day.

15) ​DIY Live Edges and Hidden Wiring

Live edges are one of the most excellent rustic decorating tools because they have organic shapes and lines from the tree the wood was cut from, instead of being perfectly round or rectangular. You can use this video to learn how to make a live edge desk for a bedroom home office or to make another table or shelf in a similar style. The desk in the video also has hidden wiring so that there aren’t any wires to interfere with the rustic look. Try using a similar method to build a nightstand with a hidden cord for a lamp.

16) ​Vintage Walnut Chest

Vintage wood furniture tends to look rustic, making vintage and retro furniture a smart choice for your master bedroom. While vintage is more authentic, it can be expensive and hard to find, so retro furniture works well. Get a vintage or vintage-looking walnut chest like this to use as storage or as a coffee table for a small bedroom sitting area. You can also look for genuine vintage wood chests for authentic rustic bedroom storage since this is the master bedroom and should be the nicest bedroom in the house.

17) ​Rustic Bookcase

If you like to read, you’re probably going to have a small library of books in your master bedroom, and you’ll need bookshelves. Wooden bookshelves are best for a rustic room, but you can also get shelves made from other materials that look like wood, such as these shelves from Amazon. These ones have a royal oak finish, but you can pick from several colors to get a bookcase with a finish that matches the rest of the decor.

18) ​Dreamcatchers

Dreamcatchers are wall hangings that have both decorative and spiritual value since they look nice, but they also catch nightmares, promoting restful sleep and making them an important thing to have in a bedroom. They’re a traditional Native American decoration that can be found in many rural homes in some regions, but they’re rare in other places. If you live in an area where dreamcatchers are rare, they’ll make a creative, unique, and thematic addition to your room.

19) ​DIY Fake Fireplace

A fireplace is the ultimate piece of rustic decor. It can transform a bedroom into a rustic cabin, making the room look more complete and showing that you put a lot of time and effort into it. The good news is that you don’t have to build an actual fireplace or even install an electric one. Follow the instructions in this article from The Honeycomb Home to learn how you can build a fake fireplace that looks rustic and worn.

20) ​Jewelry Holder

You’ll need some rustic furniture for your master bedroom, but you’ll also want smaller decorations and minor storage items to look the part. One thing you can add atop a dresser or vanity is a jewelry holder. Instead of storing your jewelry on a cheap plastic or shiny stainless steel rack, hang it on this rustic wood jewelry holder from Amazon that looks like it was made from two rough-cut branches but doesn’t have the rough texture, making it an ideal choice.

21) ​Rustic Mantle

Fireplaces are authentic and attractive decorations for a rustic room, and if you want the room to look old-fashioned, they’re a throwback to times when every bedroom had to have a fireplace. Part of what makes a fireplace look rustic is the mantle you choose or make. Try building a rustic mantle for your bedroom fireplace using these directions by Tamisha from Toolbox Divas. This will give you a place to put decorations and look more realistic if you have a fake fireplace.

22) ​Leather-Handled Baskets

You’ll need decorations to create an attractive master bedroom. Even though many rural spaces wouldn’t have a lot of decoration, your decorations are part of how you show off your theme, so you’ll want practical decorations. This way, you can choose items that might be found in a real rustic cabin or rural home. Try taking old wicker or wood baskets and adding leather to them using these instructions from Craftivity Designs to make them look more rustic. They’ll also be more practical with handles since you can move them around easily to use them as both catchalls and decorations.

23) ​DIY Rustic Dog Bed

Do you own a dog or other pet? If your dog shares your master bedroom, you’ll have to think about how to include his or her furniture and maintain the rustic theme. The most significant piece you’ll need to figure out is the dog bed, of course. You can use these directions to learn how to build a rustic wood dog bed for your pet. Try adapting them for any animal by changing the size to fit your cat, rabbit, or other pet.

24) ​Necklace Display Stand

If you have a lot of necklaces or even just a few necklaces that you want to be able to see and pick from easily, a necklace rack is a good idea. These necklace display stands from Amazon are ideal if you like to look at all your options at once before picking the right necklace for the day. The stands are also made from barn wood, making them beautiful rustic decorations for your vanity or dresser.

25) ​Freestanding Electric Stove

A fireplace makes the room look more rustic, but if you don’t want to go through the effort and spend the time and money on installing a fireplace, you can also get a freestanding electric stove like this one from Amazon. The freestanding stove will make your room look like a backwoods cabin, and it’s convenient since you won’t need to get firewood to burn. It comes in a few colors that fit a rustic theme, so you can choose the one that fits your other decor best, or stay safe with a simple black stove.

26) ​DIY Wood-Framed Mirror

Your master bedroom should have full-length mirrors for dressing and to reflect light and brighten the area. Instead of just buying any mirrors, try to find or make rustic mirrors. You can make a wood-framed mirror using these directions from The Wood Grain Cottage or buy an antique wood mirror from a yard sale or flea market. Choose a type of wood and stain color that fits with your other furniture, but make sure the natural grain of the wood is visible.

27) ​Rustic Wall-Mounted Desk/Table

​If your bedroom has a home office or even just a computer desk or writing desk in it, you’ll want to make sure your desk and chair match the rustic theme. This wall-mounted desk from Amazon looks rustic, but it also takes up very little space and folds down when not in use, making it ideal for a small rustic master bedroom. Try using it as a desk, nightstand, or as a shelf to store decorations in your master bedroom.

28) ​DIY Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Rustic furniture is often handmade, or looks handmade, and involves hand-hewn logs, visible wood grain, and rough finishes. To match that theme, try using some old wood you have lying around to build reclaimed wood shelves. You can follow this video tutorial to build the bedroom shelves and create a display wall for decorations, or even use these in the bedroom closet to store clothes. These shelves will be handmade, and the reclaimed wood will make the shelves fit right in in a room with rustic decor.

29) ​Barn Door Mirror

Barn doors match a farmhouse theme well, but a weathered barn door is excellent for a rustic room. Since your master bedroom should have some floor-length mirrors for dressing and to reflect light, think about getting a mirror like this that’s mounted on a sliding barn door. This looks rustic, and if you want, you can even build one yourself by mounting an unframed mirror on a barn door. You can build barn doors using a hardware kit and tutorial.

30) ​That One Chair

Does your bedroom, office, or living room have one particular chair that’ loved above all the rest? It’s comfortable and matches the decor, but it’s more worn than any of the other furniture. You don’t want to get rid of it because it’s your favorite. Whether or not you have a seating area or desk, you’ll want to find one extremely comfortable chair that matches your theme, such as a leather upholstered chair, brown fabric chair, or a solid wood one, if you can find a comfortable wooden chair.

What kind of decor have you put in your rustic master bedroom so far? Are there any ideas we’re missing? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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