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You’ve probably heard that blue is the most calming color for a bedroom, and you want to include it in yours, whether it’s for the calming effect or because you love the color blue. Now, you need to think of a way to incorporate blue in your color scheme that looks right. If you do it wrong, it can look too generic. Try using some Blue Master Bedroom Ideas like these for a bold and restful master bedroom.

1) Bold Ocean Painting

The ocean is a powerful, beautiful, and calming thing, just like the color blue. In a blue bedroom, you want furnishings that highlight how soothing the color is, like this incredible blue painting of the ocean. The image is serene to help you sleep, but it has depth and color that you could stare at for hours, which is excellent for a room that you spend a lot of time in. This piece is too big for a lot of bedrooms, but since this is your master bedroom, you can have a large decoration like this as a focal point.

2) Upholstery

Part of the purpose of blue paint is to make a bedroom more comfortable and soothing, which means that you’ll also want soft surfaces. Since blue painted things only look good in certain specific themes, your best option is probably to focus on blue cloth items. You can even make your own furniture, like the storage bench Shara makes in this article from Woodshop Diaries. She even includes instructions. We also suggest you look at using old jeans if you have a blue farmhouse-style master bedroom.

3) DIY Boho Decor

A master bedroom should have some kind of theme other than a color, and bohemian decorations and furnishings are easy to find. They’re often blue, making them perfect for a bohemian blue master bedroom. There’s only one downside to the fact that bohemian decorations are easy to find; everybody can find them. To create a unique bohemian blue master bedroom, you can make your own decoration using the instructions in this video by The Crafty Couple or find your own DIY project.

4) Worn Look

A blue master bedroom needs a theme besides the color blue, but there are a number of themes you can look at. Believe it or not, a worn look can be amazing for a master bedroom since it makes the bedroom look older, as if it’s been used for a long time or even by multiple generations. The worn look is also great for a farmhouse blue master bedroom. Try getting a rustic blue area rug like this one for your bedside or for a small sitting or dressing area if you have one.

5) Natural Blues

Blue is a soothing color, making it one of the best colors for any bedroom. Blue can also be a bold color, but since you’re creating a sleeping space, you’ll want soothing tones. Natural blues will be the most calming, so try to include artwork and other furnishings that use natural imagery like these canvases with flowers on them. You can choose a larger size if you have a big master bedroom and want it to be a centerpiece, but this work will look best as one of many decorations.

6) DIY Crochet Rug

Your master bedroom should be the nicest bedroom in your home, and one way to make it look better and give it a timeless look is to get or make handmade decorations and furnishings. For a simple beginning project, try crocheting a rug. You can use these directions by Maria Weaber from Maria’s Blue Crayon to learn how to make a coastal style blue crocheted rug. The handmade look will make your master bedroom more tasteful and unique.

7) Blue Bed Frame

Since this is the master bedroom, you’ll need a big bed, particularly if you’re sharing it with a partner. The bed is the centerpiece for your room, and since you have a blue color scheme, the bed itself should also be blue. You can buy a king-sized blue bed like this with a built-in headboard to add a lot of blue to your room in a soft and pretty way. Try to find other furniture and artwork in the same shade of blue to match it.

8) Blue and Gray

Your entire bedroom doesn’t have to be blue just because blue is the primary color in your theme. There are a lot of colors that combine well with blue, but which color will help you maintain the calming tone you’re creating with a blue bedroom? Blue and gray look wonderful together and both colors are soothing and help with sleep. You can get blue and gray bedding like this set from Amazon. Since it has both dark and light colors, the pattern will make it interesting while the color choices help you and your partner sleep.

9) Teal Floral Dresser Bedroom

While blue is soothing overall, you’ll want some different blues to keep the bedroom from looking monotonous, particularly if you spend time reading, watching TV, or working from home in your bedroom. Teal is a beautiful and vibrant color that’ll break up any feeling of monotony and keep your room interesting. Try using these instructions from A Ray of Sunlight to make a teal floral dresser and create a more old-fashioned look and make the bedroom seem timeless.

10) Blue Patterned Rugs

Blue is soothing, but you don’t want it to look dull. One way to keep it from seeming dull is to get blue patterned things like this blue rug from Amazon. For a bolder look, get a big piece like this rug with dark blue and white or dark blue and teal for contrast. You can use it to keep your feet warm beside the bed or for a small sitting or dressing area. This one has a geometric design, but you can pick a more organic look to make it more therapeutic and less bold

11) Deep Blues

Blue can be a calming color, but it’s also one of the more bold colors if you use it right. If you love the color blue and want a deep colored and vibrant look for your master bedroom, a deep blue rug like this would be a great way to keep your bedroom sitting area or the side of your bed soft and warm. Since this rug is soft, it’ll create the luxurious feeling that a master bedroom needs.

12) Navy

Blue is soothing, but light and airy blues don’t have quite the same intensity as dark blues. Navy, in particular, will help create a very calm and even romantic impression for your room, which is great for a master bedroom you share with a partner. You can design a moody navy master bedroom like the one in this video by Colleen Pastoor for a great place to sleep and relax, and the deep navy color will make it feel more rich and luxurious.

13) Blue and Brown

A master bedroom is a place that was once passed from generation to generation, and sometimes it still is. This creates a timeless feeling that you can match in your room regardless of whether you inherited it. One way to create that in a blue master bedroom is to combine blue and other neutrals like brown. Try getting a blue and brown bedding set like this with an ornate pattern to make the room feel fancier and older.

14) Cut Carpet Pile

Blue is a calming color, and while you’ll want a lot of blue things to match a blue master bedroom, you’ll also want to match the way the room feels instead of just its color. To do this, you’ll want the most luxurious and comfortable materials possible. One way to do this is to get bedroom carpets with cut carpet pile. You can read more about what carpet is best for a soft master bedroom and learn the pros and cons here.

15) Blackout Curtains with Neutrals

Since blue is a neutral color, you can combine it with other neutrals freely. Since you’ll rarely design a room with only one color, this gives you a color palette to work with to keep the room from feeling monotonous. Since blue is a soothing color, you’ll also want to do more to make the room calming. Try getting blackout curtains that combine blue and neutrals like this. This is particularly great if you’re a light sleeper with a partner and need to create a more restful environment.

16) Bold Vintage Blue Art

Blue can be bold or calming, or it can be both in the same room. While you’ll want the room to be restful, you might be using your master bedroom for a variety of things, like watching TV or working from home, or even a romantic dinner night with a partner. If that’s the case, you’ll need some bold blue to make it more interesting and attractive. This picture from Amazon is a great way to introduce bold blue in a master bedroom since it has an old phone booth, giving the room a bit of a vintage look.

17) DIY Blue and Gold

Blue and gold is an amazing color scheme if you want your bedroom to be rich and luxurious, which is only fitting for a master bedroom. It can be hard to find blue and gold bedroom furniture, though, so you might need to make some yourself. If you’re not familiar with metallic paints, you can use these directions from Just the Woods to learn how to paint bedroom furniture in metallic colors. Think about using gold trim for blue furnishings or having a few gold pieces around the room.

18) Patterns

Dark blue is a beautiful color, but if you paint the entire room with nothing but dark blue, it’ll probably come out looking too dark and depressing, particularly if you use the bedroom to work from home or watch TV in. If you like darker blues, you can use blue and white patterns like the patterns in this wall art. This is great for a bohemian theme. You can even use these in a bedroom with white walls to create a tasteful decoration scheme that’s right for a master bedroom.

19) Be Awesome

This is your master bedroom, or yours and your partner’s, which means that you can do anything you want in it! You can look for tasteful and classic designs if you want to, but you also have the option to create an awesome space with your favorite decorations. If blue is your favorite color, don’t think you have to make a fancy bedroom with it using the latest design tips; you can get cool bedroom furniture or rugs like this skull rug with vibrant blues instead.

20) DIY Beach Decor

Blue is the color of ocean waves, and if you love the beach, that might even be why you picked blue for your master bedroom. A master bedroom should have some cohesive theme, not just a single color. While you won’t want the room to have a lot of heavily beach-themed things that could make it tacky, you’ll want a few beach decorations and a lot of light blues. You can take a look at this video by Our Crumby Life to learn how to make a few beach unique decorations.

21) Dusting of Blue

If you want an elegant master bedroom, you might not like the idea of a lot of solid blue furnishings and walls. Subtle touches of blue might look better, particularly if you have a light theme like a beach theme. Try getting bedding like this with only a dusting of blue instead of solid or even patterned blue furnishings. This will give the whole room an airy and tasteful look, and it’ll look particularly good in a room with white walls or light blues.

22) Transparent Blue Curtains

If you have a white bedroom but want a blue one, you don’t have to repaint it. In fact, there’s a reason a lot of bedrooms are white. White matches almost any theme, and while the master bedroom is one room you should feel free to paint in a color of your choice, a white room will feel brighter in the day so that you can use the room comfortably to work from home or spend time with your significant other. To keep the room lighter and still have blue touches, you can get transparent blue curtains like these.

23) Denim Headboard

Your master bedroom will need a headboard, and it should be part of your color scheme. Blue is a calming color, so you’ll want the rest of the bedroom to have a comforting feel, too, making a soft blue headboard ideal for a blue master bedroom. You can use these directions to make a denim headboard or modify it a bit to make a larger headboard that fits a grand master bedroom. Denim is generally blue, so this is a unique thing that only works really well in rooms with a lot of blue.

24) Teal Velvet

If you like the color blue, but prefer the brighter and more glamorous versions of it, you can create a glam blue bedroom. After all, this is your master bedroom, and if you like glamour, you’ll want glamour here of all places. Get glamorous teal velvet furniture like this bench for your bedroom dressing and sitting area. It even has a comfortable and soft tufted look to make the room feel comforting even though you’re using bright colors.

25) Blue and Whitewash

If you want an airy impression for your blue bedroom, you probably don’t want to use only blue. You need a lot of white with some faded blues or a lot of whitewashed blue like these whitewash blue lamps. This faded look makes the bedroom seem older like a vintage room passed from generation to generation, and it can match a beach look or a light and airy one. This lamp set is also ideal for couples who want a bedside lamp on either side of the bed.

What kind of blue bedroom are you looking to create? Is it soothing and quiet or energetic and tasteful? Please, tell us what you’re looking for in the comments below.

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