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When you're decorating, you generally need to focus on both wall decor and table decor, but you already found your wall decorations, or you're in a room where you don't really have wall space. That kitchen table, end table, or counter you're looking at is bare, but nothing looks right, or you're not sure what to put there. Try some of these Farmhouse Table Decor Ideas on for size.

1) Macrame Runner

Macrame is a great art form if you don't overuse it. It has texture, which a lot of people don't think about when they're decorating, and it creates a crafty look that's great for a farmhouse table. The nice thing is that it's popular enough that you can buy it instead of making it. Try using this macrame table runner for your dining room table or for a long side table to create a homemade farmhouse look.

2) Galvanized Salt and Pepper Shaker Holder

If you're stocking a kitchen table, it's not just about adding new decorations. Replace some of your everyday use items with farmhouse-themes ones by getting things like this galvanized metal salt and pepper shaker caddy. This gives you a convenient and easy-to-carry organizer to put the salt and pepper in, and it fits a farmhouse theme so that it adds decoration to the table without taking up space that the salt and pepper shaker wouldn't take up anyway.

3) DIY Pallet Wood Rib Lamp

If you're willing to do a bit of woodwork, we found a nice tutorial by Makify1 to help you build a rib lamp from pallet wood. Pallets are cheap if you get them from a business that doesn't need them anymore, and they're useful for a lot of farmhouse projects. This rib lamp has a crafty homemade look, and we suggest whitewashing the wood to make it match the farmhouse theme. You can also stain it brown for a richer country farmhouse style.

4) This Home Runs on Laughter

This little decoration from Amazon is good for any table, from a dining room table to a small end or side table to a desk. It's shaped like a house and says, "this HOME runs on LOVE laughter." If you want to create a homey feeling to go along with the farmhouse decorations, this is the perfect piece. It even has a galvanized metal roof, and the word "love" should be hollow so that you can put a candle or flameless candle behind it at night, creating a small nightlight in case somebody gets up for a midnight snack.

5) DIY Wood Table Runner With Candle Holders

This article from Homeroad describes a Christmas decoration, but we looked at it and thought that there was no reason it couldn't be an everyday decoration. If you have a big dining room table or kitchen island, you can make a wood table runner like the one they make in this article by Homeroad. The decoration has candle holders and has an overall homey farmhouse impression. Think about using thinned white paint or a stain that'll match farmhouse decor instead of the weather wash stain they used.

6) DIY Wood Serving Tray

Serving trays aren't used for serving food very often nowadays, but they make great farmhouse decorations in any room in the house. Buy a wood serving tray like this and fill it with little far-themed odds and ends, including one centerpiece. This way, you can move it easily if you need to clear table space or clean. You can get this tray from Amazon in three different colors, each of which is great for farmhouse decor; we recommend the Rustic Gray one.

7) DIY Windmill Decoration

Windmills are good additions to farmhouse decor since a lot of farms use to have small windmills on them, and a fair number still do. If you have an old ceiling fan that you're getting ready to take to the dump, or if you know somebody who's trying to get rid of one, you can upcycle it into a windmill decoration using these directions by Sarah Ramberg from Sadie Seasongoods. The piece will probably look best as a backdrop for a side table so that it can lean against the wall.

8) Galvanized Napkin Holder

Galvanized metal is a big part of farmhouse decorating, so getting everyday items in a galvanized metal form is a good way to decorate, particularly in a kitchen. Try replacing your napkin holder with this galvanized one from Amazon. If you don't have a napkin holder, we suggest you get one because it creates a more settled and homey environment and makes the kitchen look more like a farmhouse kitchen, even if you tend to use paper towels instead of napkins.

9) Centerpiece Tray

A centerpiece tray is a convenient way to decorate any table since it gives you something you can move if you need table space and because it keeps your decorations compact in a way that doesn't seem crowded or unnatural. We found this centerpiece tray suggestion from Beth Hart Designs, and while it's Easter-focused, we liked a lot of the items in it and decided to share it with you. Just take the bunny out to make it look like a farmhouse decoration instead of an Easter one.

10) Scales

Farmhouse scales are something you might've seen around if you've been in a lot of old farmhouses, and you might even have a set in the basement that you never thought you'd use. If you don't have them, you can get them from Amazon, and they're marketed as a decoration for a reason. These scales add a beautiful vintage farmhouse impression to any room, and they can look wonderful on anything from a bookshelf to a side table. They're an excellent centerpiece, so you don't need to put anything else on the table, either.

11) DIY Wood Shim Lamp

Farmhouses almost always have all kinds of decorations and practical furniture and tolls made with ingenuity and old, broken-down things, and you can create your decorations the same way. In this case, you can use this video tutorial from Chad Makes It to build a lamp from wood shims. Try experimenting with different leg shapes for it, and think about painting it white or distressed white to match your farmhouse theme better. You can put this piece on a nightstand, end table, or any side table for light.

12) Cows

Cows are, of course, a big part of farms, and you can include them in your table decorations. We don't recommend you bring in a real cow, but this table runner from Amazon caught our eye because of the neat cow image on it. The cow on the runner looks curious with an adorable daisy in her mouth. You can use this as an everyday table runner since it's machine washable and designed to be durable, or only bring it out during holidays.

13) Vintage-Style Chicken Wire Caddy

Chicken wire is a fixture on farms, but you can use it for things other than keeping poultry in. It has a unique and recognizable look that'll make anything made from it remind you of a farm, making it the perfect material for vintage farmhouse table decorations. Instead of working with sharp chicken wire, though, you can buy chicken wire decorations like this one from Amazon. This spice caddy has a rustic bronze look that makes it look like it's made from old chicken wire so that it'll match a vintage farmhouse theme.

14) DIY Wood Bead Garland

Wood beads are a big part of farmhouse table decorations. You can drape them over almost any farmhouse decoration, and they're excellent for centerpieces in any room of the house. They add a new and fresh look since most table decor sits on a table, and these hang from something else. If you want to get in on this popular trend, you can make your own wood bead garland using these instructions by Cathy from A Hosting Home. Then, find a centerpiece or even just one other farmhouse decoration, and drape them over it.

15) Nesting Crates

Crates are good for farmhouse decorating, because they fit the theme, and there are a lot of different ways you can use them. These crates from Amazon are shallow, making them good for table decor, and they come in a few colors that work with farmhouse style. You can use them on a few tables around a room and fill each one with decorations, or maybe use one as a catchall. This will make your room seem more coordinated since you'll have a matching set, and since they're different sizes, you can use them on different sized tables.

16) Antique White Metal Lantern

White metal is popular in farmhouses, so you can look for some table decor that uses white metal. We like the look of this antique white metal lantern from Amazon because it creates an antique farmhouse look but also matches a more generic farmhouse style. It adds a new dimension to your decorating since you can add candles or tealights and use light as part of your decorating, too. The distressed white gives the impression that the lantern has been around for a while, too.

17) DIY Natural Centerpiece

If you like nature and want to include it to some degree, you can add a whole new dimension to your decorating since natural materials have a variety of textures and people often forget about texture when decorating. Try making natural centerpieces like the centerpiece Sarah Joy makes and describes in this article. While hers is Christmas-themed, you can change yours to match the seasons or add garden plants and flowers in farmhouse-style vases or mason jars.

18) Windmill Decoration

Windmills are a big part of farmhouse decorating since you used to see them a lot on farms, and some farms still have them. While there are some cool do-it-yourself windmill crafts out there, not everybody has the time or inclination for that, so we found this windmill table decoration from Amazon. It has a galvanized and rustic metal look, so if you like metal farmhouse decor, this would be a great table decoration for you.

19) Chippy Paint Wood Table Runner

Chippy paint is useful for farmhouse style because it mimics the distressed look of old and worn farmhouse furniture. You can use this on a table decoration or a table runner to make it fit a farmhouse theme. Try following the directions in this video by LA CASA CRAFT to make a chippy paint wood table runner that'll work for any sideboard or side table. The neat thing is that you can use the same painting method for chippy paint furniture and other decor items.

20) Buffalo Check Table Runner

Don't forget buffalo checks. These are for a country farmhouse theme more than a rustic or vintage farmhouse, so if you have a lot of country farmhouse and modern farmhouse decorations, they might be right for you. We found a buffalo check table runner, napkin set, tablecloth, and more from this Amazon collection, and they're 100% cotton, so you can use them every day and wash them anytime you need to. You can browse through the collection to see which things are the right size for your table and which ones you're most likely to use.

21) Miniature Grandfather Clock

Grandfather clocks are fixtures in farmhouses, but they're expensive and big, and you might not think it's practical to get them. If you like the look of them or what they represent, though, you can get a miniature version like this that fits on a table. Like any tall decoration, you'll want to put it behind other decorations and possibly closer to the wall, depending on the height of your other decorations. It's a working clock, so make sure to change out the battery when you need to.

22) DIY Seasonal Farmhouse Beads

Farmhouse beads are a popular farmhouse decoration, but Sarah from Ruffles and Rain Boots added a unique twist to her design for them. Instead of having one set of farmhouse beads year-round, you can use her instructions to make seasonal beads for each season. This way, you have farmhouse table decor that's always appropriate and changes a bit so that it doesn't become stale. This is great if you don't have time to put out big seasonal displays but want your house to have some seasonal decor changes.

23) Distressed White Serving Stand

Distressed white is popular with farmhouse-style decorations and furniture because it makes a piece look like it was once painted white, which was the most common color in farmhouses once upon a time. Servings stands are less popular nowadays, but they're an essential part of farmhouse decor, so we found a distressed white serving stand on Amazon that'd look great on a kitchen or dining room table or server. You can use it for baked goods, but it also makes an excellent base for a farmhouse centerpiece.

24) Galvanized Milk Can for Flowers

Galvanized metal is common on farms, and it's become a staple of farmhouse decorations, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms. If you like that look, one way to imitate it's to get a galvanized milk can decoration like this. Milk cans are one of the most commonly repurposed things on farms and in country homes, and this milk can decorations from Amazon is the perfect size for flowers. Try finding wildflowers that're native to the area to make it seem like something you'd see on a farm.

25) DIY Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a helpful resource if you don't have a lot of money or if you want to get a lot of decorations. It's also great for do-it-yourself decorations like this craft idea from Glue Guns & Roses. You can watch their video to learn how to make several farmhouse table decorations from things you find at the dollar store. Depending on what they carry in your area, you can also go to crafts stores for a lot of the materials. These crafts are simple but homemade, which is a staple of farmhouse decorating.

26) Fake Plants

Plants are, of course, a big part of farming and farmhouses, which makes them a good thing to include in your farmhouse decorating. They take a lot of work to upkeep, though, and some people just don't have the green thumb they need to keep indoor plants. That's okay. You can get fake plants like these from Amazon that make wonderful farmhouse decorations with rustic farmhouse cloth planters and frosted leaves. If these don't suit you, you can also try fake wildflowers.

27) Galvanized Serving Tray

Serving trays are incredible decorations because they can be used for serving food but are also an excellent place to hold table decorations since they can be moved easily for cleaning or to make room. Galvanized metal is a major part of farmhouse themes, so one way to create an easy and practical farmhouse table decoration is to get a serving tray like this galvanized one from Amazon and either serve food on it or place other decorations on it.

28) DIY Upcycled Frame and Wreath

This farmhouse craft by Sarah and TJ from Making Joy and Pretty Things is a sunny and happy craft that fits a farmhouse theme. This piece is basically a white painted decorative frame with a wreath. The bright green wreath makes the decoration brighter and happier, and the white-painted frame is perfect for a farmhouse theme. We love the texture of the frame and the spot of color and nature that the wreath brings into a room.

29) White Metal Napkin Holder

White metal is a major part of farmhouse decor. A lot of antique furniture pieces and decorations from farms are made from white metal, and you can keep up this tradition with pieces like this white metal napkin holder from Amazon. It has pretty birds worked into the metal with a leaf pattern, and it's designed to look like the paint is flaking off from age. This brings in nature and gives it an antique look.

30) "Farm Fresh" Table Runner

If you like country farmhouse furnishings and decorations, this idea may work well for you. This table runner from Amazon says "Farm Fresh" and has a picture of an old pickup truck with sunflowers in the bed. This fits firmly in the category of country farmhouse decor, and the sunflowers create a happy look that's great for holidays, and it's machine washable so that you can use it every day. Since it comes in many sizes and a few different patterns, you can choose something that works for your kitchen table, dining table, or side table.

31) DIY Five Bottle Centerpiece

This centerpiece by Sarah and TJ from Making Joy and Pretty Things is a beautiful piece for a farmhouse dining table or even a large sideboard. You can check out their post to learn how to make it, and it's simple enough that you can make some minor adjustments if you want. The centerpiece has five bottles in it that you can put flowers in, and it could be cool to put real wildflowers in mason jars instead of the flowers and jars they use.

How's your table looking? Did you find a must-have decoration or gain inspiration for your next one? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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