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Farmhouses are unique because they have a rustic charm that combines with an unusual sense of humor and leads to some fun decorations in modern farmhouses. Farmers scrounge for what they need and convert old items into new decorations and furniture, and while you've probably seen repurposed items for every room of the house, you might be struggling to come up with Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas.

1) Vintage Outhouse Picture

There was a time when the bathroom for a farmhouse was simply an outhouse. While outhouses are rare nowadays, you have a rare opportunity to decorate your bathroom with all kinds of outhouse decorations and artwork. Since outhouses are old fixtures, they give the bathroom an old-fashioned farmhouse look, so if that's what you're going for, you can get a vintage farmhouse picture like this to hang in your bathroom. The picture even has a field next to it like it was taken on a real farm.

2) Galvanized Soap Dish

Farms are places where anything is salvaged and reused for a new purpose if necessary. They tend to have a lot of galvanized metal out and about, and a lot of it's repurposed into household items and outdoor decorations. You don't have to go out and find old galvanized metal things, though; you can buy things like this galvanized metal and stoneware soap dish from Amazon that are designed to look like old repurposed galvanized metal buckets.

3) DIY Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Have you ever seen Jack Daniels seats or whiskey barrel bars? Once upon a time, people could buy old Jack Daniels barrels for ten dollars straight from the factory. While that time is long gone, and they sell for over a hundred dollars per barrel, a lot of people took advantage of it to make all kinds of repurposed furniture that still resides in old farmhouses. You might not have a good use for a full barrel in your bathroom, but you can borrow the Jack Daniels theme by making a Jack Daniels soap dispenser using this video.

4) Off-Color Humor

Off-color humor might not seem like a farm-related thing, but if you've been in an old farmhouse that's still in use, you might have noticed a particular brand of humor. Bawdy or off-color humor seems particularly appropriate in a bathroom, so if you like that humor, you can add decorations like this wall art that says, "I hope everything comes out okay…" We certainly hope things come out okay, and this sign will certainly fit a farmhouse bathroom if you have that unusual sense of humor.

5) Neutral Colors

You might not want to do a complete remodel, and frankly, it's easier to keep most of your bathroom appliances white to save the cost of replacing them repeatedly. That's why a coat of wall paint is the best way to make a big change in the bathroom without a lot of hassle. When you remodel or redecorate your bathroom, you can use this article by C. Enos from Farmhouse Only to learn how to get your color scheme right, but the rule of thumb is to use neutral paints and white or metal furniture for a farmhouse theme.

6) Towel Ladder

You've probably heard of blanket ladders, which are ladder-like pieces of furniture that are used as blanket racks. They're common in old farmhouses, but they don't really work in a bathroom since you don't store blankets there. Instead, you can buy a towel ladder like this from Amazon. It looks like a blanket ladder and has that typical white farmhouse paint style, but it's smaller to give you a place to hang a few towels. It's also convenient since you can hold more towels than with a typical towel bar.

7) DIY Watering Can Faucet

Since farms are places where people often repurpose things, one way to make a unique farmhouse-style bathroom is to repurpose things typically found on a farm. For example, you can take an old metal watering can and turn it into a sink faucet. If you're not an expert at this type of thing, that's okay; check out this article from crafty staci to see how you can make one. They chose to use a galvanized tub as a sink, which matches it perfectly.

8) Barn Door Bathroom Mat and Shower Curtain Set

If you want a more clean and new-looking farmhouse bathroom instead of an old-fashioned one with vintage and rustic decorations, you can look for farmhouse imagery to decorate with. For example, this bathroom set from Amazon has images of a barn door, including a shower curtain that looks like a barn door and a toilet cover, toilet mat, and shower mat with the same image. While this isn't something you'd see in a real farmhouse, it has the right imagery and looks nice

9) Galvanized Wall Container and Towel Bar

If you prefer an authentic farmhouse theme, galvanized metal is a great place to start. This galvanized towel bar caught our eye, and we think it'd go great in a realistic farmhouse bathroom. The neat thing is that it has a place to store things in the top compartment. The picture on Amazon has flowers in it, which would be a great way to make your bathroom smell nicer in an authentic way. You can also store newspapers in it. Even if you don't read them, it'll look like a real bathroom in a farmhouse.

10) Wood Plank Ceiling

Don't forget to look up! What ceiling style works in a farmhouse bathroom? While that might not seem like something people will look at a lot, the ceiling can make a big difference when it comes to the general impression people get walking into a room. One farmhouse bathroom ceiling option is wood planks. If that sounds neat, but you're not sure about it or want to know how to do it, check out this article from Life on Shady Lane to learn how to install it in the bathroom.

11) Funny Bathroom Caddy

There was probably a time when funny statements weren't considered a major part of a decorating scheme, but nowadays, they're fun and common. What statements fit a farmhouse bathroom, though? It's not so much about the statement in this case, but the way it's presented. You can get caddies like these that are wood with rope handles to fit a farmhouse theme and have unashamed flirtatious statements on them to liven up your day. They'd be great for a master bathroom.

12) Dark Bronze Trash Can

Dark bronze is great for a modern or clean-cut and sleek farmhouse look instead of a vintage look. If you have that sort of theme, this dark bronze trash can is a good way to match the modern farmhouse theme, and it has the convenience of a typical covered modern trash can with a pedal to open it so that you don't have to touch the lid. If you have a vintage look with a lot of bronze, such as bronze ceiling tiles, it can match that, as well.

13) Mason Jar Organizer

Mason jars are used a lot in farmhouses. You've probably used a mason jar as a glass to drink from before, and a lot of people use them for toothbrush holders and to keep nuts, bolts, nails, and screws organized. You can make an entire bathroom organizer instead of just a toothbrush holder, though. Check out these instructions from The DIY Playbook to learn how to make a wall-mounted bathroom organizer from mason jars that'll match a vintage or industrial farmhouse theme.

14) Distressed Metal Wall Shelf

A lot of farmhouses have furniture made from salvaged materials and galvanized buckets in particular. This wall shelf from Amazon looks like somebody took a galvanized container, cut off the bottom, and turned the bottom into a shelf by putting a plank of wood in it. This makes it a great decoration for a large bathroom since it uses a lot of space but fits the farmhouse theme well. You can store practical items, but it's probably better to put a few decorations on it instead.

15) Bathhouse Sign

Signs are a big thing on farms. A lot of vintage farmhouse decorations are some type of sign, whether it's a real one used in a store or a fake one made to look cute. You see them in old diners and in old and new farmhouses, so you'll want something for your bathroom. We picked this sign for an old bathhouse from Amazon that advertises prices for a shower, shave, towel, hair tonic, and whiskey because a bathhouse sign seemed appropriate for a bathroom.

16) DIY Over-The-Toilet Towel Storage Ladder

Over-the-toilet organizers are convenient ways to store things, particularly in a small bathroom, but you'll want something thematic. You can get a white painted metal one for a farmhouse theme, but we personally liked this over-the-toilet towel ladder. Like a blanket ladder, it's designed to have a piece of cloth draped over it, but this is for towels specifically. You can even hang caddies on it. Follow these instructions from Twelve on Main to make it, and if it comes out well, you can try to make some adjustments so that it fits your needs better.

17) Buffalo Check Shower Curtain

Buffalo checks are great because they can work in a farmhouse, Western, or rustic room, so if you change up your decor, you can probably keep them around. Checkers are a typical farm decoration, bringing to mind plaid shirts and picnic blankets on idyllic farms. If you like checkered patterns, you can get a buffalo check bath curtain like this or even turn a red checkered tablecloth into one if you're feeling adventurous. This curtain from Amazon comes in a few different colors, so make sure to find one that matches your other decorations.

18) DIY Galvanized Bucket Trunk Sink

This idea comes from an article from The Journey of 2 Old Souls. In the article, they describe how they took a galvanized bucket and old trunk and turned them into a sink. Galvanized metal is found on a lot of farms, and this DIY project is a great way to make an old-fashioned style bathroom that might be found in a real farmhouse. Remember, if you don't like the look of their exact project, you can find a trunk that you like better from an antique store or by looking for imitations that are in better shape.

19) Mason Jar Over-Cabinet Lights

Mason jars are a tried and true farmhouse decoration. They're common enough, and you're unlikely to find a farmhouse without a few repurposed ones. If you're looking for mason jar decorations other than a typical toothbrush holder or other containers, this fixture from Amazon might be just the thing. This set of over-the-cabinet lights from Amazon has light covers that look like mason jars to give the fixture a farmhouse look in a way that you probably haven't seen before.

20) Handmade Custom Tub and Flower Image

Unlike a lot of modern bathrooms, farmhouse bathrooms focus on aesthetics. They're supposed to look nice, even if that means having quite a few decorations that don't serve a purpose. You can get handmade decorations to make the bathroom seem more realistic and look vintage, and look for things that are bathroom-themed, like this handmade picture of a freestanding bathtub with a daisy in it. This is particularly neat since a lot of old bathtubs get turned into planters and put on farmhouse lawns.

21) Slate Tile

Slate was common in farmhouses, and in some cases, farmers still use it. It's durable and lasts a while, and it creates a rustic look that fits a farmhouse well. If you want your bathroom to look like an old-fashioned farmhouse, you can have slate tile installed. Slate is expensive, so make sure you hire a contractor to install it the right way and use some of these tips by Shereyll Pineda from to keep it in good shape.

22) Barn Red Checks

Checkered patterns are great for farmhouse bathrooms, and there are so many options! Red checkers are probably the most traditional, and you can get bright picnic blanket red checks like the ones on these shower curtains from Amazon. This particular curtain has ruffles on it, too, making it a little bit nicer and more decorative than a typical, purely functional shower curtain. You can also look for other things, like bath mats, with these same checks.

23) Freestanding Tub

Clawfoot tubs are a fancy addition to any home, and they were once more common than they are now. Whether or not you can find a clawfoot tub, a freestanding tub will fit a farmhouse theme better than a built-in sleek white tub. You can get one like this with a place to sit back and soak to combine comfort with a style that fits a farmhouse slightly more. You can also go with an old-fashioned clawfoot tub, but it might not be as comfortable.

24) DIY Wood Trash Can

One of the keys to authentic farmhouse decorating is that things on farms tend to be handmade. If you want a break from metal decorations, you can try making wood decorations like this gorgeous wood trash can. You can watch this video by With The Grain Woodworking to learn how to make a wood trash can that's the right size for a bathroom, has a cover, and has a farmhouse look to it with its square shape and dark stain.

25) Mason Jar Counter Set

Mason jars are great farmhouse decorations if you can find something original to do with them, but you also want a few tried and true decorations like toothbrush holders. This bathroom set from Amazon looks similar to mason jars, but it has nicer lids. It even comes with a soap dispenser that looks like a mason jar, which would be a difficult thing to make yourself. You can use the two little jars to hold decorations or for cue tips and other vanity items.

26) Galvanized Toilet Brush Holder

Galvanized decorations are common in farmhouses, but you don't need to restrict yourself to obvious choices like galvanized buckets. You can find things like this galvanized toilet brush holder that's designed to look like a farmhouse decoration. This is different from typical galvanized decor, and it'll look a lot better than a plastic holder since it covers the toilet brush completely and matches a farmhouse theme. Look for or make something similar for your plunger to cover all your bathroom accessories.

27) DIY Sliding Barn Door Medicine Cabinet

Sliding barn doors are a great thing to add to any farmhouse-themed room, including a bathroom. While you might want your main bathroom door to close snugly, you can create a medicine cabinet with barn doors using these directions from Shanty 2 Chic. If you're worried that, with one side of the cabinet open, kids will get into things they shouldn't, you can build a hidden compartment for medicines that you don't want the kids to get to.

28) Welcome Sign

A welcome sign is always a great thing to have for a guest room, including a guest bathroom. This welcome sign is funny, too, with the statement "please seat yourself," on it, along with a picture of a toilet. This kind of humor is great for a farmhouse bathroom if you like the joke, and it certainly fits a bathroom more than any other room in the house. The sign itself looks like it's made from faded wood boards, which fits a farmhouse look.

29) DIY Mason Jar Toothbrush Holder

Don't forget the classic when you're making and buying your mason jar decorations. While you want to get creative, you also want a few classics, and there's no reason to buy something you can make easily. Use these directions by Angie Holden from The Country Chic Cottage to learn how you can make a convenient mason jar toothbrush holder that separates toothbrushes so that they don't touch and even adds some extra farmhouse elements like chicken wire.

30) Antique White Tin Ceiling Tiles

If you want an antique farmhouse look, try using antique white paint and furnishings. Look for white things that look a bit worn or brushed like these tin ceiling tiles. Tin is a realistic material for a farmhouse bathroom, and the antique white finish on these ceiling tiles will match white furniture and standard white appliances and paint. You can use these for the ceiling and look for similarly worn-looking white floor tiles. Try to find antique-looking farmhouse furniture so that the tiles will look antique instead of just worn out.

31) Buffalo Plaid Bathmat

Plaid is a great farmhouse design since it makes one think of plaid shirts that farmhands often wear and because a lot of tablecloths and other farmhouse decorations have plaid in them. To reflect that, you can make the few cloth items in the bathroom plaid. For example, you can get a buffalo plaid bath mat like this from Amazon. It should be long enough to be comfortable for a bathtub if you have an old-fashioned farmhouse-style tub.

32) Photos on Wood

If you want your farmhouse bathroom to look vintage, you'll want some vintage photos. While you could just print your photos in black and white, there's another way to give them a neat faded look that'll match a farmhouse bathroom. Check out this youtube video by CrystalAnn to learn how you can take a photograph and transfer it onto wood to make your photos into rustic farmhouse decorations. These will also look better in a bathroom than clear pictures on photo paper.

33) Galvanized Toilet Paper and Candle Holder

Galvanized decorations are a big part of a lot of farmhouse decorating, so you'll want to find some unique ways to include them in your farmhouse bathroom. This toilet paper and candle holder is neat because it has a farmhouse look, and it has a spot for a candle in it so that you can keep the bathroom smelling nice in an old-fashioned way that better fits a farmhouse-style bathroom. You can also use that space for extra toilet paper, of course.

34) Rustic Floating Shelves

If you need storage in your bathroom, you can add almost any shelf without taking away from the farmhouse theme, but we found this shelf that actually adds to the theme and makes the bathroom look even better. This shelf from Amazon has a rustic farmhouse style, and it has a towel bar for hand towels and a raised bar around the edge to keep things from sliding off, making it ideal for a bathroom.

35) Bowl Sink

Have you ever seen an old washbasin? They're a neat thing to put in a farmhouse-style home, but you might be wondering how to incorporate one as something other than a table decoration. They can take up a lot of room that way, but with this idea, they won't take up any extra space. You can use the instructions from this article by Claribel Pope to turn a washbasin into a sink that matches your theme.

36) Poo-Pourri

Potpourri is a great way to make a room smell nicer, and, of course, that's an important thing to have in a bathroom. You can include traditional potpourri in your farmhouse bathroom, but if you want something a little more modern that's still related to a traditional farmhouse, you can get a cute spray like this one from Amazon. It has a funny pun on it that just makes it even better; it's called "poo-pourri" instead of "potpourri."

37) Whitewash and Clearcoat

White paint is typical on farms and has been for a long time. A lot of farmhouse decorations are metal with white paint, and you'll want to have some white painted furniture and decorations in your bathroom. You can look at this article by Hadley Keller to learn how to whitewash furniture to give it a worn farmhouse look, then use that on your bathroom vanity. Make sure to use some sort of clearcoat to make it waterproof since it's in a bathroom.

38) Cows Shower Curtain

Cows are a big part of farm life, of course, so you'll want some in your farmhouse bathroom. We don't mean to bring actual cows in, but there are a lot of decorations you can use with cows on them, like this cow shower curtain from Amazon. This cute curtain has three cows staring at you like they're curious to know what you're doing in here. If you're bathful, you might want to keep the curtain open so that the cows aren't staring at you all the time.

39) DIY Vintage Table Vanity

If you want an old-fashioned farmhouse bathroom, you can use vintage furniture, even if it's not designed for a bathroom. For example, you can turn a vintage table into a vanity, as Nancy Mitchell describes in this article. This creates a farmhouse look, and you can search for vintage furniture that matches your bathroom the best. If you can't find vintage furniture you like, look for imitation furniture or farmhouse-style furniture that you can convert the same way.

40) Antique Bronze Tiles

Antique bronze is an excellent addition to a farmhouse bathroom. It's fancier than the common dark bronze or galvanized metals people often use, but it still looks right in a slightly nicer farmhouse bathroom. You can use these tiles from Amazon as a backsplash for your sink if you decorate with warm tones like natural wood. They should shine well enough to make a dimly lit bathroom look nicer, too, so you can use farmhouse-style sconce lights, even if they don't provide as much light as bright overhead lights.

41) Etched Shower Glass

Most showers nowadays have curtains instead of glass, but a glass shower has a more old-fashioned look and higher quality. If you have a shower with a glass door, or if you're thinking about getting one, you can etch the glass to create farmhouse designs, quotes, or sayings, but you have to be careful since shower glass is finicky when it comes to etching. You can look at this article to learn how to etch shower glass or hire somebody to etch it for you if you want a complex picture.

42) Unfinished Wood Mirror

Unfinished wood is typical in a rustic room, but if it's done right, it can be an amazing addition to a farmhouse theme, too. When you're looking for the perfect bathroom mirror, don't settle for something generic when you can get something thematic. We picker this unfinished bathroom mirror from Amazon because it matches a farmhouse theme, and it can be either a wall mirror or a floor mirror, depending on what fits your bathroom best.

43) Corrugated Metal and Wood Toilet Paper Holder

Barn doors have a neat look, which is why they're so popular in a lot of farmhouse-themed rooms. How can you fit them in your bathroom besides making a barn door medicine cabinet, though? The criss-cross of the wood is distinctive, so you can get decorations like this toilet paper holder with that distinctive wood "x." for your bathroom. This one from Amazon even has some galvanized metal to make it look even more like a farmhouse decoration.

44) DIY Rustic Clock

While repurposed milk cans and galvanized tubs are typical farm decorations, they're part of a bigger farmhouse trend; repurposing things. Pallets are reused a lot on farms, and you can repurpose pallet wood in your farmhouse furniture. The wood from pallets usually has a rustic or worn look, just like barn wood, but for a lot less money. Try using this video by Well Done Tips to learn how you can make a clock from pallet wood that'll fit your bathroom's style.

45) Patchwork Wood Bathroom Sign

Patchwork quilts and other patchwork decorations are unique to farmhouse decorating, and you can use them in your bathroom even if you don't have cloth items like quilts. Instead of patching together cloth, try getting a wood sign like this one from Amazon that looks like it's made from a variety of wood for a patchwork look that imitates the farmhouse look in other areas of the house. Naturally, the sign says "bathroom." You can place it outside to let guests know where to go.

46) Black Metal Sconces

Black metal is a little classier than galvanized metal, but it fits a farmhouse theme just as well. For a higher-end farmhouse bathroom, you can get lights like these that are made from black metal and have an old-fashioned style. While these are designed to go over a cabinet, you can get similar ones to light the entire bathroom and use similar metal for all your lighting and other bathroom fixtures. If these are too dark, try a vintage bronze instead.

47) DIY Sliding Barn Door Vanity

You have to scroll to the bottom of this article by Shanty 2 Chic to see why we picked this idea, but when you do, you'll see an amazing vanity with barn doors painted a classic farmhouse white. This vanity is perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom in particular since it has a clean look instead of an antique or vintage whitewash. You might need to know a bit about woodworking to understand the directions, though.

48) Bucket Trash Can

We suggested a wood trash can earlier, but we understand if you don't find that practical for a bathroom since wood is a bit difficult to clean. This bucket trash can is made of metal, so it'll be easier to clean, and it looks like an actual farmhouse bucket. Since it's black, it'll match darker bathroom themes, and the repurposed look matches a farmhouse theme pretty well. The bucket doesn't have a lid, but it looks more authentic without it.

49) Distressed Wood Shelf

Some farmhouse bathrooms are designed to look like an actual farmhouse, but others are made with farm-themed decorations instead. If you want a modern farmhouse bathroom instead of a vintage one that looks like a real farm bathroom, this distressed wood shelf is an excellent choice. The backing looks like a wood fence, which makes it match a farmhouse theme well and match barn doors in particular. You can also build one like this by using some boards for backing and installing floating shelves in front of them.

50) DIY Wash Basin and Pitcher Sink and Vanity

Washbasins are old-fashioned, and they look like something you'd still find in a farmhouse today. That said, they're not practical nowadays. If you want your washbasin to stay practical, you can use these directions to turn the washbasin and pitcher into a sink. This project is neat because the pitcher will still pour water into the basin like it was designed to, but from a tap. This adds a neat element to a normal wash basin-inspired sink.

51) His and Hers Towel Hooks

His and hers decorations are great for a quirky, old-fashioned room, and particularly for a bathroom. These his and hers towel hooks are neat, practical decorations for a farmhouse-themed bathroom because they're made from painted cast iron. This matches a farmhouse theme, and if you and your partner share the bathroom, such as in a shared master bath, you'll both have two hooks that are yours and yours alone. If you have a lot of bathroom disputes, these might help while keeping within your theme.

52) Cattle Feed Shower Curtain and Mat Set

Cattle is a big part of ranching and farming life, so it's a neat choice for a farmhouse or farm-themed bathroom. If you like to focus on the cattle aspect of farming, or if you like sheep and cattle, you might enjoy the shower curtains and bath mats in this set from Amazon. They advertise cattle feed, so they'd go well with vintage signage and fake bathhouse price lists. Try finding a sign advertising baths for five cents or something similar to match these.

53) DIY Refinish Antique Dry Sink

Antique dry sinks are beautiful farmhouse decorations, and if you have room for one, adding one to your bathroom is a great idea. If you have a small bathroom, or even a medium-sized one, you'll only want practical furnishings. In this article, Lynne from A Farmhouse Reborn describes how you can turn an old dry sink into a sink so that you can continue to use it as a sink while keeping up the antique farmhouse look.

54) Get Naked

It's a bathroom, so you're supposed to get naked, right? Not in a half bath! This funny sign from Amazon says, "Get Naked - just kidding, this is a half bath, don't make it weird." It has the crass humor you often find in farmhouse decorations, and if you're decorating a half bath in the farmhouse style, it's a perfect way to amuse guests with that same sense of humor. The sign design is simple, and it's made from wood, so it'll fit most farmhouse bathroom decorations, too.

55) Galvanized Bathroom Counter Set

This bathroom set from Amazon is unique. Each piece is made from galvanized metal, which is a typical part of farmhouse decor, but the pieces aren't things you typically see in galvanized metal. The set comes with a toothbrush holder with multiple compartments to keep your toothbrushes from touching, a couple jars for miscellaneous things, and a soap dispenser that's labeled "soap" in the simple manner that's common with farmhouse decorations. Each piece even has a knob handle that makes them easy to take apart.

What kinds of things are you looking to put in your farmhouse bathroom. Did you find anything here you wanted? Please let us know in the comments below.

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