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You just moved into a new home or into the master bedroom of your current home, and the ceiling is...not right. It's not to your taste, or it's old and dingy, and you need to find a way to make it look better, but you're not sure what to do. See if our Master Bedroom Ceiling Ideas list inspires you or helps you find the decor you need.

1) Rustic Plank Ceiling

If you like rustic designs, rustic plank ceilings are ideal for a remodel because you can cover up an existing old and ugly ceiling with them. They're not uniform, so it might be easier to hire somebody to install them, but you can install pieces like these yourself to create a gorgeous and unique rustic ceiling. Planks are a bit more expensive than typical ceiling paint, but this is a master bedroom, so this is one of the better places to splurge.

2) Recessed Grid Pattern

A master bedroom should look big, even if it's not the most sizeable bedroom in the house. If you have a small room, think about adding a tray ceiling and then filing it with a recessed grid pattern like the one in this article from Manmade DIY. This deep pattern will stand out a lot more than a typical texture, which will make your master bedroom seem more ornate, and if you recess it in a tray ceiling, it'll make the room look big and grand at the same time.

3) Crown Molding

Crown molding is too ornate for most bedrooms, and it's usually reserved for a living room because it makes it seem crowded and overly fancy, but you can use it in a large master bedroom or one with high ceilings. The crown molding will make the room look fancier and add a decorative touch to the whole area. Try installing it using this video by ThisOldHouse and painting it white to create contrast with your walls and floor.

4) DIY Reclaimed Wood

If your home has a farmhouse theme, your master bedroom should have the same theme, and one way to create that is with upcycled materials that would commonly be used on a farm. Try using reclaimed wood to make your ceiling look attractive using the instructions from this article on Fresh Mommy Blog, then whitewashing it if it's not already white-tinted. White paint and whitewash are common in farmhouse themes and will look amazing in your master bedroom.

5) Tray Ceiling

If you have a small master bedroom, it probably won't look as grand as you might want for the primary bedroom in the house. There are a few ways to make it look bigger using your ceiling design, and one of these methods is to install a tray ceiling and actually make the room taller. You can read this article from to learn about tray ceilings and what considerations you'll want to make for one.

6) Mini Chandelier

Chandeliers are too fancy and too big for most bedrooms, but a master bedroom is supposed to be the nicest bedroom in the house, and most master bedrooms are big, too. That said, a full-sized chandelier is probably still too large, so we recommend a mini chandelier like this that has the ornate style of a typical one, but at a much smaller size that's more likely to fit your master bedroom. Consider changing your lighting locations if you need to to make sure the chandelier is in a good spot in your room.

7) DIY Moroccan Pattern Stencil

Stenciling is one way to make a ceiling look good, though you'll have to make sure to pick a stencil that fits your master bedroom and one that you like the look of since you'll be the one looking at it the most. This Moroccan pattern stencil from Amazon is neat, though it's very busy, so you'll want to use calming colors like blue or gray. Avoid red, yellow, or other warm colors that would be too bright. This works best on a high ceiling.

8) Ceiling Border

If you've already painted the ceiling yourself, or the previous owner of the room did, you might have discovered that you or the last painter aren't meant to be painters. If the wall paint bleeds over onto the ceiling, you can use this ceiling border idea by Erin Heaton from Lansdowne Lane to cover it up and create a lovely border at the same time. You can even use different colors to make it interesting as long as they match your theme.

9) Antique Ceiling Tile

A master bedroom is a fixture in a lot of homes. The same bedroom typically becomes the master bedroom for each generation as it's inherited or as it’s bought and sold. You can add some sense of permanency to reflect that age and timelessness by using antique-style ceiling tiles like these ones from Amazon. They're easy to cut so that you can install them yourself, but you can also hire a contractor to make sure it’s done right.

10) Vaulted

A master bedroom ceiling should be more ornate than most bedroom ceilings, and a master bedroom should be grander than most. One way to accomplish both these things is to make a vaulted ceiling in your master bedroom. You can even do it yourself using the instructions in this video by Christina Richardson or hire a contractor. This will also help make a bedroom with a short ceiling look taller and therefore larger and more grand.

11) Mirror Sticker

Ceiling medallions are beautiful decorations that are a bit too fancy for most bedrooms. Still, they can work well for a master bedroom. If you have a fancy light fixture or ceiling fan, you can use them as an accent, and if you want to bring in some natural light, you can get a mirror sticker like this from Amazon that's shaped in a decorative pattern. You can also use it to make a simple light fixture and ceiling look nicer. Make sure to choose a ceiling color that will look good with mirrored or metallic decoration.

12) Popcorn

A lot of people shy away from popcorn ceilings, but if you're looking for some way to make your bedroom ceiling exciting and textured, or if you need to cover up flaws in the ceiling finish, popcorn is an option. If you already have popcorn that looks ugly, but you hate the struggle you'll go through to tear it up and replace it, you can use these directions from to paint over it and cover ugly ceiling stains.

13) Wallpaper

Turns out, wallpaper isn't just for walls; you can put it on your ceiling, too. If you want a fancy ceiling but don't have the skills or money to build a more luxurious and expensive choice, try using a wood look wallpaper like this. This will give the ceiling texture and make it stand out from the other bedrooms. The wallpaper also has a vintage look that'll make the bedroom look like it's been well-cared for for a long time.

14) White Painted Wood Plank Ceiling

Wood planks are a beautiful ceiling choice used a lot in dining rooms and living rooms, but are they right for a bedroom? For a master bedroom, you don't have to worry much about them being too expensive or fancy since this is the best bedroom to get fancy in, but you need to make sure they match your decor. If you have a farmhouse or vintage theme, though, try installing wood planks and painting them white with the information in this article by Marian Parsons.

15) LED-Lit Tray Ceiling

We love tray ceilings for master bedrooms, so here's another idea, though you could use this in other ceiling styles, too. Check out this video from Artf Diy projects to learn how to make an amazing tray ceiling and install LED lights around the edges. You don't need a harsh lighting source for a bedroom, so LED rope lights are a great way to create ambient lighting that won't be hard on your eyes. You'll want bedside lamps for you and a partner, if you have one and if you like to read in bed, though.

16) Drywall Texture

If your ceiling looks horrible because it has imperfections in the drywall, like bumps visible drywall taped seams, you can cover it up with ceiling texture instead of replacing it. Use a roller like this one from Amazon to create a vine pattern that'll look good in a natural or rustic bedroom, and create an interesting pattern that you can look at while covering up and mistakes or wear in the ceiling drywall. Keep in mind that you'll want to spray paint the ceiling instead of brush painting it.

17) Stained Wood Slat

While the inspiration for this idea came from a bathroom ceiling remodel, we're confident that this ceiling would look amazing in a master bedroom. The dark wood of this stained wood slat ceiling designed by Addicted 2 Decorating would create an elegant master bedroom look if paired with dark stained furniture and white or off-white walls, or you could use it for a rustic cabin theme if you used a lighter stain and rustic furnishings.

18) DIY Paintable Decorative Ceiling Tile

Your master bedroom is your space, and hopefully, it'll be your private space for a long time. This means you can make big changes without worrying about whether they're trendy. Instead, look for things that'll last a long time or things that look like they already have. A paintable ceiling tile like this from Amazon can create an old-fashioned look to give the impression that the master bedroom has been decorated the same since your grandparents lived there, or you can paint it with your favorite colors, and the tile will create an interesting texture.

19) Reclaimed White Stikwood

Reclaimed wood is popular nowadays. It has a beautiful look that can match a rustic or modern decorating scheme. You can even use it for a farmhouse theme, making it a versatile choice if you don't want to redo your ceiling ever again. We wouldn't blame you if you wanted a break from big renovations after this, but placing stikwood isn't too difficult if you have a guide like this video by The DIY Mommy, and you can hire a contractor to install it. Try using this method to create a matching stikwood border on the walls, too.

20) Medallion Stencil

Medallions are a neat way to highlight spaces since a lot of people neglect ceilings, and ceiling medallions are a somewhat fancy-looking decoration. This makes them a good fit for a master bedroom, but a lot of them stick on and run the risk of peeling off. Try getting a stencil like this that you can use to paint the medallion on, and since it's reusable, you can put the same stencil on each light fixture to create a uniform look if you have a big master bedroom.

21) Exposed Wood Beams

Exposed beams are less and less common nowadays because most houses actually have joists, not beams. If you have ceiling beams, you can open up the ceiling and expose them, making it look taller and making the whole room look bigger. If the room is already large, you can actually create fake wood beams to create an industrial look. Check out the master bedroom with exposed wood beams shown in this article and see if the look suits you.

What's your motivation for redoing your bedroom ceiling? Did any of these ideas inspire you? Please tell us in the comments below.

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