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You just got home from work, and you're exhausted. It's time to relax, and you're headed to your master bedroom to do so. You lie down to watch TV or read a book, but the blankets are too warm. They're a little bit scratchy, or their bright colors are giving you a headache. For whatever reason, you hate the way they look or feel. It's time for some new Master Bedroom Bedding Ideas, and luckily, we've got some!

1) Ruffled Skirt

Ruffles are fancy and pretty, and they're a great way to make your master bedroom look classy. Bedskirts and less and less common nowadays, and they make the whole space feel just a bit fancier as a result. You can get a simple and elegant skirt with a single layer of ruffles if you want, or buy a fancier one with several tiers of ruffles like this. It all depends on whether you have a simple bedroom design or a lush and decorative one.

2) Antique Rose Quilt

Master bedrooms are a future in most houses. There's generally one bedroom that's bigger and more comfortable than the rest, and it becomes the master bedroom. Master bedrooms are timeless in the sense that they usually get passed from one generation to another if the house is in the family long enough, and this makes them a great place for antique furnishings and for an antique decorating scheme. You can use antique-looking blankets like this antique rose quilt from Amazon to make it look like you inherited the room from your parents and grandparents.

3) DIY Ruffled Bedspread

Ruffles are great for a master bedroom. They make it seem fancy, but the question is, where and how do you want to make your ruffles? You can get a ruffled bed skirt, but you might not want a bed skirt to begin with, or you might want even more ruffles. A ruffled bedspread is another way to create a fancy and frilly look for your master bedroom. You can even make them yourself using this video tutorial by Sarah Beth.

4) Layering

Your master bedroom should look a little fancier and more impressive than a typical bedroom. One way to make it look a bit nicer is to layer the bedding correctly instead of just putting down a couple sheets and a blanket. The layering is part of what makes it look good, and it gives it a higher quality, slightly old fashioned look, though it can look right in any plush or fancy master bedroom. If you're not sure how to layer bedding for the maximum effect, you can check out this article from StoneGable to learn how.

5) Cozy Farmhouse

Your master bedroom should look nice, and it'll probably have some sort of theme, whether it's a planned one with matched sets or just a collection of things that fit a common theme. Farmhouse master bedrooms are some of the coziest choices, so if you're thinking about a farmhouse or country theme, you'll want some bedding to match. This brown patterned quilt set from Amazon has neutral colors so that it'll fit almost any country or farmhouse themed room, and the brown is dark enough to create a bold look.

6) Lace and Ruffles

If you want a feminine or old fashioned-looking bed, you'll want plenty of lace and ruffles. Ruffes make the bed look pretty and old fashioned, and the lace makes it look more delicate and airy for an elegant look overall. You can create a vintage look using a floral bedding set with ruffles and lace, like this one from Amazon, or look for something with a pattern you like better for a more customized and modern look.

7) DIY Duvet Cover

Duvets are expensive, and if you have a nice warm one, you're probably reluctant to get rid of it. That's okay; you don't have to! Think about what theme you want for your room or what you want your duvet to look like. Do you want something glamorous and bright or sleek and modern? Maybe you want an antique or farmhouse look. Then, go to the store and buy sheets with a pattern that fits, or get them on Amazon, and use the instructions in this article to make a duvet cover using them.

8) Farmhouse

If you want your master bedroom to look lived in, as if you inherited it from parents and grandparents and so on, you don't have to furnish it with antiques that can be expensive and might not suit your tastes. A farmhouse theme is another way to make something seem a bit older than it is and make it feel like the bedroom is one you inherited since farms are one of the few types of homes that are still passed from parent to child a lot. Try getting farmhouse-style bedding like this to create a farmhouse theme.

9) Hand Crocheted Look

Master bedrooms are an old fashioned fixture, and even a modern-themed one should have some small elements of timelessness. You can create an entirely vintage room, or just place one or two items around that look like your grandmother hand-sewed them back when she was using the room (even if she never actually used it). You can get a comfortable and even modern bed set, but use a bed cover like this that looks handmade to add a touch of timelessness to the room.

10) DIY No-Sew Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are often underrated. People think about them when decorating living rooms and trying to make the couch look nicer, but most people don't have any on their bed. Throw pillows are a great way to make the room look more plush and luxurious for little money, and you can use them to prop up your back if you watch TV in bed or during those long talks with your significant other. If you want them to match your current pillows, you can watch this video to learn how to make throw pillows without sewing.

11) Mix and Match

You probably don't want the master bedroom to look like a complete hodgepodge of random objects thrown around, but a matched bedding set can be kind of boring, too. The happy middle ground is to find pieces of bedding you like and then put them together in a coordinated way. If you're not sure how to mix and match and still have everything come out looking good, you can get some advice from this article by Ballard Designs.

12) Grey

Grey probably sounds like the most boring choice ever, but it offers a lot of versatility and can look really nice in a master bedroom. You just have to know how to use it. If you have an industrial or minimalist room, a grey bedding set like this is ideal, but that's not the only theme it works for. Imagine how dramatic this light to medium grey bedding set would look in a room with darker grey or light purple walls. This is also a neutral color, so you don't need to buy new bedding if you repaint.

13) DIY Patchwork Quilt

Your master bedroom should look nicer than a typical bedroom. This means that you don't want everything to be one color, and you don't want to just have one type of blanket. You can use a few different textures and colors to make the area look more interesting by making or buying a patchwork quilt. This way, you can choose a variety of colors, and the patchwork look will create a different texture than most blankets. If you like the idea of customizing your quilt, you can do so with these directions by Rachel Denbow from A Beautiful Mess.

14) Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatchers are a good thing to have in any bedroom since they catch bad dreams and help you have a restful night's sleep. While traditionally, they’d be hung on a wall, you can get creative with dreamcatcher designs. Blankets with dreamcatchers on them usually have vibrant colors and amazing images of wolves and other animals, so if you have a rustic, ethnic, or cabin-themed room, a dreamcatcher bedding set like this one will make the bed stand out.

How’re you using your bedding in your master bedroom? There are so many different themes and ways to use bedding in your decorating, and we can't wait to hear what you've done! Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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