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Your master bedroom isn't just a place to sleep. It's a place to sit and relax after a hard day or to enjoy watching some TV or chat with your partner. When you look around, though, something is missing. You want a sitting area to relax, chat, or maybe watch some TV, but you can't quite figure out what would look right and be comfortable. Hopefully, one of these Master Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas will help!

1) The Foot of the Bed

The first thing you need to decide about your master bedroom sitting area is where to put it. You might have a specific nook in mind that nothing else will fit quite right in, but if you don't, you generally can't go wrong putting the seating at the foot of the bed. As long as you have enough room, this gives you a comfortable place to sit, and if you like to watch TV there, you'll also have the option of watching TV from bed. It's also an ideal place to put a storage ottoman like this for changing clothes.

2) Mini Chandelier

If you have enough space for a full sitting area in your master bedroom, you can make the place feel almost like a private living room. One way to do that is to have a separate lighting source for the sitting area. This also makes it so you can only light the area you're using to save energy. Since it's a large master bedroom, you can go with something nicer than a typical overhead light; try a mini chandelier like this that'll look nice.

3) Decorative Shelving

Your sitting area will need wall decorations that are specific to that area, either because they follow a different theme than the rest of the room or because you can see them the best while using the sitting area. The two most common ways to decorate walls are by hanging or pinning things on walls or by placing things on wall shelves, but the shelf can also be a decoration. Check out this video to learn how you can build a triangular shelf that holds decorations and is a decoration at the same time.

4) Round Coffee Table

Why do you want a sitting area in your bedroom? If you'd like a place to sit and chat with your partner, or read books, then each seat should be facing the other seats instead of a TV on a wall. One of the best ways to set up a sitting area so that people are encouraged to talk and can chat easily is to have a round coffee table like this one from Amazon in the center. It's attractive, and it doesn't have an obvious direction that people should face other than towards it and each other.

5) Deep Jewel Tones

A master bedroom belongs to the master of the house, so it should be the most glamorous room in the house. If you like a glamorous style to match your glam bedroom, deep jewel tones like the ones Jenna from Rain on a Tin Roof used in her master bedroom remodel to create a more luxurious look than even a typical glam living room. You can create an area that looks like it's part of a master bedroom in a mansion with these types of colors and designs!

6) Big, Plush Accessories

Your master bedroom should be a comfortable place for you to be. While a living room is comfortable, it's also a place where you might eat, watch TV, entertain guests, or even do work. A bedroom is a place that's wholly dedicated to being comfortable, so when you design your sitting area, make sure to have plenty of big, plush accessories like the wide-knit blankets this DIYer used to make it look and feel like the master of the house's private sitting area.

7) Crescent Moon Shelf

Your sitting area needs some decorations, and some of them should be unique to that area to help define that space. One way to define space is to put a contained shelf like this crescent moon shelf from Amazon in the center of the nearest wall. This helps show that the sitting area is a separate space, and you can put sitting area decorations on the shelf. You could do this with any decorations, but the shelf is neat because it's both a decoration and a way to hold decorations.

8) Hobbies

As a teenager, it was probably pretty obvious that you could design your room any way you want. If you wanted a pink polka dot ceiling, it seemed only natural to try to get your parents to agree to it. A master bedroom is a more adult fixture, but that doesn't mean you can't still decorate it any way you want. If you're looking for a more socially acceptable option than pink polka dots, think about your favorite hobby. For example, if you like baseball, add a few baseball-themed touches like building a baseball-themed side table for the sitting area.

9) Floor Sofa

A master bedroom sitting area can be ornate and fancy if you have a traditional room, but it can also be a stylish man cave or lounge-type space. Since it's in a bedroom and not a living room, it needs to be much more plush and comfortable, and you don't have to make concessions for guests; it only matters if it looks nice to you and your partner. A floor sofa like this one from Amazon is a great way to combine comfort with the feeling of lounging around in a mini-man cave.

10) Floor Chair

Just because this is a master bedroom doesn't mean it has to be stuffy and old-fashioned. You're the master of the house, and you can have anything you want. Bedrooms are places to be comfortable, and if you're young enough to feel comfortable sitting on a low chair but too old to feel comfortable sitting on the floor, a floor chair like this one from Amazon can make it feel like you're at a slumber party.

11) DIY Shiplap Fireplace and Mantel

If you like the idea of a traditional master bedroom, you'll want a more elegant sitting area. It should be fancier than the other bedrooms, and you might reserve some of the nicer bedroom features for it. One way to create an elegant and modern sitting area is to add a fireplace or surround an existing one with shiplap. This way, you have the luxury of a fireplace without the stuffy or worn traditional look. You can create a great mantel and shiplap fireplace with these instructions or hire a contractor.

12) Old Fashioned Fan Light

Ceiling fans are great for any large room because they circulate air, and if your master bedroom is big enough for a dedicated sitting area, you'll definitely want one. It's also helpful to be able to light the part of the room that you're using, so when you get a fan, look for a fan and ceiling light combination like this. It has a simple look that’d go well in a minimalist or old-fashioned master bedroom.

13) Chair Bed

This is a bedroom, and while you might not want to watch TV in bed, you might like the option of just falling asleep for a short nap while watching TV. Unlike most beds, this chair bed can recline; it basically acts like a cross between a recliner and a bed. This way, you don't learn to associate your bed with watching TV so that you can still get a restful night's sleep in it and have a comfortable napping chair.

14) Coordinate

Your master bedroom isn't just any old space. Unlike a teenager or child's bedroom, you'll want something coordinated that'll be soothing and pleasing to the eye. This means that you'll want to coordinate the sitting area decor and furnishings so that they match the rest of the room. While there are plenty of tips and tricks, you can see this type of design through this article by Kelley Nan and learn how she coordinated her master bedroom sitting area with the rest of the bedroom.

15) Wall Sconces

If you want a complete sitting area in your master bedroom, you'll probably want to do something to separate it visually. There are a lot of different ways to do this, and one option is to use lighting. Buy a wall sconce or two like this and attach them to the wall, then place a couch under them so that you'll have adequate lighting for reading or anything else you do in the sitting area. The sconce or sconces will be decorative and create a small bubble of light to isolate your sitting area.

16) Dreamcatcher

A bedroom sitting area is unique because, unlike most sitting rooms, you're encouraged to sleep there. Dreamcatchers are often used as decorations, but they're supposed to promote restful sleep, so the place they truly belong is in the bedroom. If you like the idea of them in sitting areas, use a dreamcatcher like this in the bedroom sitting area. This way, it can be a decoration and serve its proper function. Get a big one like this to make it the centerpiece of your sitting area.

17) Use Widows

If you have windows, they make a great place to put a sitting area. Even a window shining on the sitting area can be nice and give you some natural lighting for work or reading, but a bay window is even better. Instead of wasting the big ledge provided by the bay window, you can build a window seat. A seat like the one Pretty Handy Girl built with storage will also help you keep the bedroom from being cluttered, which is important if you're sharing the bedroom with a partner. Check out her instructions to build one!

18) Dimmable Modern Fan Light

Fans are excellent for large rooms, and if you have a big enough master bedroom to have a sitting area, they're a great idea. Since you already need one, we recommend placing a fan-light combination in your sitting area. They let you light up different locations based on what you're using at the time, but if you have a partner, there's one important feature you'll also want. Think about getting a dimmable one like this so that you can get just enough light to read or play on your phone while your partner has a darker place to nap.

19) Sunken Seating Area

A seating area in a master bedroom can be anything from a small ottoman to a small living room, and if you have enough space, you might as well make it grand. One way to make this sitting area stand out from the living room or the other bedrooms is to build a sunken seating area. If this sounds appealing, though, don't jump on it too fast. Check out the advantages and disadvantages here to see if it's really right for you.

20) Fountain

Your master bedroom is a special part of your home. Unlike most bedrooms, you probably don't have kids and might not have pets that can knock things down and ruin them. If that's the case, you can have fragile decorations in them, unlike a lot of bedrooms. This fountain from Amazon is beautiful, and the trickling of the water can be soothing as you try to fall asleep. Think about getting one of these for your coffee table or an end table in the sitting area.

21) DIY Recessed Bookshelf

A sitting area is a versatile place, but you probably have a good idea of what you and your significant other are likely to do there. If you're a bookworm, you know that you need bookshelves somewhere, and you've probably got them in your bedroom, not just in the living room. Try building a recessed bookshelf into your seating area using these instructions. This way, if you barely have room for a seating area, you don't use any extra space with the bookshelf, and you can still have your books nearby.

22) Corner Chair

A sitting area doesn't have to be a full miniature living room. If you don't have a lot of space but still want a sitting area for your master bedroom, you can get a big corner chair to snuggle up in or to read in while your partner sleeps in the bed. This corner chair from Amazon is a great one because it has a footrest to make it comfortable and looks ornate and elegant enough for a traditional room.

23) Electric Fireplace TV Console

Fireplaces used to be a fixture in every bedroom, but nowadays, if they exist at all, they're in the master bedroom. Even if yours was built without one, you can create the appearance of a fireplace to make your master bedroom look more old-fashioned by getting an electric fireplace like this one from Amazon. This one is neat because it's also a TV console so that you can combine the new and the old for a warm, inviting, and entertaining sitting area.

24) DIY Coffee Table with Metal Design

Your master bedroom should look nice, sure, but it's not like a guest room. It's not all about coordinating it to look nice; you need to create something that matches your personality and that of your partner if they share the room. One way to do that is to build customized furniture, but most people don't have that skill set. If you're among the group that’d like customized furniture, but you don't have the skills or money to make it, check out this video to learn how you can build a coffee table with an embedded metal design.

25) Floor Protectors

Your master bedroom probably has nicer floors than the rest of your bedrooms, and if you went all-out with high-quality floors, you don't want scuff marks ruining them. If your sitting area is a work area, you've probably got chairs with wood or metal legs that can damage most floors if you aren't careful. These chair leg protectors from Amazon will help keep your floor looking nice so that you don't have to refinish or replace it anytime soon.

26) Area Rug

There are typically two ways to set up a sitting room in a bedroom; you can make it a separate space as if it were a separate room, or you can make it all feel like one space by blending the sitting area and bed's spaces together. You don't want a master bedroom to feel cluttered, so if you have the option, you'll probably have it separated. One way to do that is with an area rug like this one from Amazon.

27) DIY Recessed Picture Ledge

If you have a sitting area separated from the rest of the room, you'll want to define the space somehow. Sometimes you'll do that with obvious things like an area rug under the sitting area, but you'll also want to include subtle touches. For a unique decoration and visual separation device, try building a small recessed picture ledge using these directions. This way, you can add a customized touch like a personal photo and make the ledge as wide as the sitting area. You can also have multiple small picture ledges in that space.

28) Flameless Candles

If you share your master bedroom with your significant other, you might want a touch of romance and classier decorations in your sitting area. That way, you can enjoy a romantic meal or chat without being disturbed by the other household members, if there are any. Flameless candles like these are a great way to add ambiance to the room, and since they're flameless, you don't have to worry about having a live fire in your bedroom.

29) Floor Lamp With Shelves

If your sitting area is in the center of the bedroom or near your bed, you won't have wall decor or lights, and if it's close to the bed, you might not want a large overhead light. Instead, get a floor lamp like this that can light the small area and serve as a decoration. This lamp has shelves, too, so you can add decorations to the shelves or use it to hold a few small things like coasters or your favorite book.

30) DIY Porch Extension

If you have a small room and you're trying to figure out how to add a sitting area, you don't need a lot of space in your bedroom or even your house. Instead, you can create a new room by building a porch extension and connecting it to your bedroom. If you have a porch and don't think it'll work as a bedroom sitting area, check out this article to get some inspiration on how to convert it. You can also hire a contractor to do the conversion so that all you have to do is decorate.

31) Electric Heater

A master bedroom should feel at least a little bit more luxurious than the other bedrooms in the house, and fireplaces are great ways to add that touch of luxury, but the problem is, they're expensive. Not to mention that a fireplace is a major remodel that you might not be looking to do right now. If you want something nice but don't want a massive renovation, you can get an electric heater like this that's designed to look like a fireplace and make it the centerpiece for your sitting area.

32) Romantic Prints

If you share your master bedroom with a significant other, you'll want to add a bit of subtle romance to your decor. This can help keep the romance alive and create an atmosphere that reminds you of how you feel about one another. You can make your sitting area look ready for date night together by adding a romantic print like this of a couple on a date. The image is beautiful and dramatic and will go on any grey or neutral wall.

33) DIY Board and Batten

Your bedroom probably wasn't designed to have a sitting area unless you appropriated the dining or living room and turned it into a master bedroom, so it probably doesn't have any protection for the walls. While board and batten trim is commonly used for accent walls as a decoration, it's actually designed to protect the walls from the backs of chairs. If your sitting area has any hard-backed chairs or recliners that could hit the walls, you can add board and batten using these instructions. It'll also make the bedroom look a little more high-end.

34) Giant Furniture

Your master bedroom is your personal playground, and if you're going to design a sitting area, you want to make sure it's a place you'll enjoy. If you want the sitting area to feel like an extension of your bedroom, one way to do it is to make the furniture as comfortable as possible. If you're part of a couple, one way to make the furniture cozy is to get furniture designed for two people like this incredibly comfy giant bean bag chair.

35) Vibrant Art

If you have a bedroom with a lot of neutral colors, you'll want something to brighten them. One way to make the sitting stand out from the rest of the bedroom is to get bold art pieces like this one from Amazon. They'll also help define the area if you center them on the wall next to your sitting area. Vibrant details like this are great for the sitting area since you might not want more energetic pieces to be visible from your bed while you're trying to sleep.

36) DIY Dog Bed

If your dog shares the master bedroom with you, they might like to sit with you in your sitting area, too. That makes it a good place to put the dog bed, but it's the master bedroom. Most bedrooms have a nice queen or king-sized bed, and your dog deserves something nice, too. Instead of just throwing down a random dog bed, you can make a customized dog bed using these instructions. This one is great for a farmhouse-themed bedroom.

37) Decorative Floating Shelves

If the sitting room is taking up most of your free bedroom space, you don't want to take up any extra space with your decorations and shelving. Instead of having less decoration, though, you can get more interesting shelves that can fit more decorations on them like these. The neat intersecting design makes the shelves their own decoration, and there are a lot of little spaces to put small, bright-colored decorations that'll catch people's eye. This will also keep your master bedroom from feeling cluttered.

38) Big Wall Clock

A massive clock might not seem like a normal decoration for a sitting area, but it's a neat thing to put up, and you can make it the centerpiece of your sitting area by putting it on the wall behind your couch. Since it doesn't tick, the clock will tell time at a glance without disturbing your sleep. It's a great option for a large master bedroom since you'll be able to see it from the bed.

39) DIY Herringbone Plywood Coffee Table

If you have a complete sitting area, you'll want a coffee table to set down drinks or a laptop while you work. While you might be tempted to get something simple, it's a master bedroom, so you'll want something nice, and you don't want it to look generic like a guest bedroom table might. Try making something unique like a herringbone-patterned coffee table using the directions in this video. The best thing about this project is that it's made from plywood, so it should cost less than it would to buy the same table.

40) Modern Electric Fireplace Insert

Fireplaces are traditional fixtures in bedrooms, and nowadays, you still see them fairly often in master bedrooms, but if yours doesn't have one, your sitting area might feel like something is missing. Installing a wood fireplace might not be an option, but you can add an electric fireplace insert like this to create the ambiance of a real fireplace. It's even got a convenient remote control so that you can turn it on from the bed or from your seat.

41) Color-Changing Light Bulbs

Your master bedroom is a showpiece of sorts in that it should be the most attractive and fanciest bedroom in the house, but it doesn't need to be generic. Instead, make it look cool, like the bedroom you always wanted but couldn't make when you weren't the master of the house. Try using color-changing light bulbs like these in a lamp in your sitting area to make the sitting area look cool. You can also use it as a colored night light or turn it off at night using the remote.

42) Crystal Lamp

If your bedroom wasn't designed for a sitting area, there probably aren't any lights that light the sitting area well. If you share the room with somebody, you might want to be able to turn lights on in one section of the room so that you can read while your partner takes a nap on the other side of the room. A table lamp is an excellent way to accomplish this, and since it's a master bedroom, something fancy won't look out of place. Try something glamorous like this crystal lamp.

43) Scented Candles

A master bedroom sitting room is an excellent choice for couples who share a master bedroom since they can use it for date night if they have kids or pets that get in the way the rest of the time and keep them from going out often. If this is you, add a few permanent decorations to the sitting room to make date night a little nicer. You can try these romantic scented candles and a vase of flowers to start.

44) DIY No-Sew Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a great way to decorate any sitting area for little money since they can change the area's appearance a lot, but they don't cost much. That said, you might have a unique theme for your room, and if you can't find pillows that match your personal theme, think about making throw pillows yourself. You can even use these instructions to make them without sewing if you don't know how to sew. The best thing about this is that you'll have throw pillows that nobody else has, because they're one of a kind!

45) Non Slip Furniture Pads

Hardwood floors are a great master bedroom flooring choice because they look nice and they're high quality and durable, but it can be a problem for a sitting area since furniture can slide around on it and damage it. One way to fix this so that you can enjoy your sitting area without worrying that you'll damage fancy floors is to get floor protectors like this that protect the hardwood and keep the furniture from slipping.

46) Nostalgia

If this is the first time you've stayed in the master bedroom, you're probably excited about it. Instead of worrying about whether it'll look like a classic master bedroom, focus on getting the things you couldn't get when you were a kid. You might also be feeling a touch of nostalgia, so instead of trying to create something you're not comfortable with, focus on making your sitting area a nostalgic lounge with decorations like this bean bag chair.

47) Fireplace Mantel With Storage

While fireplaces aren't as common as they once were, they still exist in some master bedrooms. If you have an older room that's on the small side, this might be more of a hindrance than anything, though. You'll definitely want the sitting area next to the fireplace if possible since it's a great centerpiece, but you can make a mantel with storage using these instructions so that you can get a little extra storage to make up for the space the sitting area and fireplace are taking up.

48) Reclining Loveseat

Loveseats are designed so that two people can sit in them, but they'll have to sit close to each other. This makes them an excellent choice for a couple's bedroom, so if you and your partner want a cozy sitting area for your master bedroom, a reclining loveseat like this is a great place to sit and watch TV together. You won't have to worry about collecting extra pillows since you can both lean against the back of the seat.

49) Wall Paint

Your bedroom is probably already painted, so you might think that you don't have to worry about paint, but you'll want to make the sitting area look like a separate space from the rest of the bedroom. Check out the advice in this article to learn how you can use paint to make the section of the wall beside the sitting area look subtly different without making a big change to the entire room's decor or color scheme.

50) Tapestry

There are a lot of ways to make the sitting area feel like a separate space from the rest of the bedroom, and a tapestry is one. A tapestry will make the area feel more ornate if you want a fancier master bedroom, and the great thing about it is that you can buy one that suits your tastes to make it feel like it belongs in your personal space. Try getting a neat tapestry like this or something that fits your or color scheme decor better.

51) Coffee Table With Shelves

A sitting room is an excellent addition to a master bedroom since it makes it a little nicer and gives both occupants their own space if there are two people using the room. If you use the master bedroom sitting area for work, but your partner likes to sit and watch TV there sometimes, you can actually make a space that works for both office work and relaxing by getting a coffee table like this that has plenty of shelf space for storing papers.

52) Entryway

While a lot of bedroom sitting areas are at the end of the bed, particularly in master bedrooms with large beds, you can also put a small sitting area in your entryway. Entryway sitting areas are great because you can have a bench to put your purse and other things on while getting ready for work and then grab them on your way out the door. You can also design an entryway sitting area like this designer did to use up a bit of awkward space on the way into a large master bedroom.

53) Papasan Chair

Since this sitting area is in a bedroom, you can make it an extension of the bedroom so that you can watch TV or read books without disturbing a partner and without sitting in bed with a bunch of pillows propped up under you. Cozy and comfy chairs are a great way to make it an extension of the bedroom, but you'll still want some back support and something raised off the ground; otherwise, you could just lie in bed. Try a Papasan chair like this one from Amazon.

54) Touch Table Lamp

Your bedroom probably wasn't designed for a sitting area, so you'll need to figure out how to light the sitting area. If you're using it to work from home or relax and read a book, you need more light than you might normally have in your room, so adding lamps is a great idea. A touch lamp like this is a convenient choice because you don't need to wire in a light switch, and you won't have to try and turn on a difficult lamp switch in the dark if you're trying not to disturb a partner with overhead lights.

55) Faux Fireplace and Mantel

Fireplaces are a great thing to have in a master bedroom, but they're rare nowadays. Making the bedroom look like it has a fireplace is a fantastic way to make it stand out from the other bedrooms, and you can make the fireplace and mantel the centerpiece of the sitting area. You can use these directions to make a faux fireplace and mantel that won't require the same maintenance and costs that a real one would have.

56) Throw Blankets

Throw blankets like this one are a great living room decoration, and they're even better for a bedroom. They don't cost much, and a throw blanket can cover a lot of space to radically change the way your sitting area looks. It also gives you something to keep you warm while you sit there, and if you and your partner like different temperatures when you sleep, you can grab the throw blanket and use it to stay warmer on your half of the bed.

57) Faux Window

Windows are a great centerpiece for a sitting area, and you'll want to make sure you have a centerpiece to make the area distinct from the rest of the bedroom. Unfortunately, if your bedroom is an interior room, you might not have a real window, or you might like to have your bed near the window instead. That's okay; you can make a faux window like this to act as a centerpiece. You can even put a lightbox behind it to make it look like a real window instead of an art piece.

58) Niches

If you have a big bedroom in an attic or basement, you've probably got a few odd niches that you can't do much with. These are perfect places for sitting areas! You can tuck cushions almost anywhere, including on bay windows or knee walls, to create comfortable seating. You can also build nooks in any master bedroom by recessing them into the wall and making cushions to fit whatever size space you have. If you don't know how to sew, you can use these instructions to make the cushions.

59) Roman Numeral Clock

Roman numerals have a more elegant look than most numbers and create a timeless feeling that's great for a master bedroom. If you want a timeless feeling but don't like vintage decorating, you can use roman numerals to make a modern style and still have some older elements. Try using a roman numeral clock like this as a centerpiece for your sitting area to create an elegant space with a modern look and touches of old-fashioned decor.

60) Inspirational Messages

If you share the master bedroom with your partner, you'll want some decor that reflects both of you. Some of that decor will be things that reflect both of your hobbies, but some of it’ll be couple-themed decorations and inspirational messages. We fell in love with these pieces when we saw them, and the message is one of commitment and love, making it the perfect choice for a bedroom shared by two people who are in love. This is great for a sitting area because you can see it when you're not in bed and about to fall asleep.

Did you find anything suitable for your master bedroom sitting area? What kinds of things are you stocking it with? Everyone's room has a different setup and decor, and we'd like to head about yours. Let us know in the comments below.

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