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You played around with some ideas for styling your bed or your child's bed, but nothing has really stood out until you came across the idea of enclosing the bed. You love the look of an enclosed bed, but now you have to figure out what type is best for you. We found these gray enclosed bed ideas to help you out!

1) Closet Bed Nook

Having an enclosed bed doesn't necessarily mean you need to build a structure on top of the bed. We loved this design from Designer Trapped, in which they made a bed inside of a closet! This is ideal for a twin or a children's bed since they're small enough to fit comfortably in a closet. If you have a larger bed, we found some variants for larger beds that we'll show you later. The neat thing about a closet nook like this is that you can keep the shelves at the top for more storage.

2) Bed Tent

One neat variation to a typical enclosed bed is a bed tent. A bed tent like this one from Amazon can make you feel like you're camping, and it creates a more private experience if you share a bedroom with someone else. This makes it great for a teenager or a child's bedroom, and it even comes in full or queen size for adults. Since it's breathable and keeps insects out, it's an inexpensive alternative to mosquito netting, as well.

3) Canopy Kit

Canopies are probably the most popular option for a covered bed, and nowadays, they're relatively easy to get. You can get them from a kit and then assemble them the way Live&Gather Co. did in this video. This makes the bed a much larger centerpiece for a room, so it's great if you want the bed to be the most prominent part of your room. Try getting or making a bold background for the headboard or painting the wall behind it in a decorative pattern.

4) Tipi

If you want a really creative canopy bed, then you'll have to think outside of the box with something like this amazing tipi canopy. The tipi is designed for your backyard or patio, but you can easily make it into a tipi-shaped bed canopy indoors. Since this is a Native design, you can add some Native American decorations like dreamcatchers and make it a theme. If you want, try using Navajo blankets and other Native patterns, too!

5) House Frame

If you or your child have a twin-sized bed, you can get a neat enclosure like this house frame over the bed. This type of cover is terrific for creating a fun place for a teenager or child to hang out, play, or sleep. This house-shaped bed frame from Amazon is designed for a floor bed and even comes with a short picket fence around it. You can cover it with a cloth to make it look more like a covered fort, and when your child needs a larger bed, you can convert this into a play fort.

6) Partial Closet Bed Nook

Closet bed nooks are an extraordinary and unique way to design an enclosed bed, but they're too small for most beds. If you have a larger bed but like the idea of tucking it into a closet, you can still do so by using these directions from Knock It Off Kim to create a homemade Closet Bed Nook. While your entire bed won't be covered, you'll still have the cozy feeling of being inside of the closet nook.

7) Partial House Frame

If you have a bunk bed, both bunks can have an enclosure if you want. It's easy to use the top bunk as an enclosure for the bottom bunk, or at least a partial enclosure, but how do you enclose the top bunk? One way to do so is to get this bunk bed set with a partial house enclosure from Amazon. This particular idea is, of course, better for children and teenagers, and they can even use the top bunk as a hangout or get a similar bed with a couch underneath.

8) Built-In Bed

You don't have to use a closet to create a built-in bed nook in the wall. Instead, you can design one like this bed from Vonda's Cabbages and Things that's simply built as a wall nook. Now, obviously, this is thicker than the wall, so you might be wondering how they designed it and how you can do it in your own home. One way to choose the size of your bed nook is to build cabinets around it to thicken the walls. This also allows you to make drawers and cabinets around the bed for extra storage.

9) Balcony Bed

If you have a balcony, you have a unique opportunity to build a bed with a view that you won't have anywhere else. Obviously, you want your bed to be enclosed, but there are ways to take advantage of the unique landscape of a balcony to make an enclosed bed. We liked this neat idea for a pallet bed on a balcony, and you can adopt the concept in this video to make an indoor balcony bed. You can even design it with curtains that move so you can look down from the balcony if you so choose.

10) Cartoon Toddler Tent

If you're looking to enclose your toddler's bed, this bed tent from Amazon is probably the most fun bed idea. Your toddler will absolutely love this if they're a fan of Mickey Mouse, and the tent is removable, so you can take it down later if you want. It also comes with guard rails, so you don't have to worry about your child's safety when they're sleeping in it. The roll-up windows also mean that you can decide how private you want the space to be.

11) Mosquito Net Bed Tent

If you want an enclosed bed because mosquitos and other bugs are getting to you in your sleep, this mosquito net bed tent is perfect for you. The screens keep bugs away, but it's see-through so that you'll still be able to see the rest of your room when you're in bed. This one comes in either twin or full size, so you can get the one that's the right size for your bed or your child's bed.

12) Dual Window Built-In Bed

Built-In beds are pretty cool. If you're not sure what this is, it's basically a bed built into the wall, though that often means that the wall is built around the bed. The one in this article is neat because it has two windows, instead of just one opening you can use to get in bed. This has a neat, old-fashioned look that you rarely see, but that's appropriate for a room with a covered bed. This would be great for a master bedroom, or it could be a neat thing to have in a teenager's room.

13) Wood Frame Canopy

If you want a simple canopy bed, it'll have a more authentic, old-fashioned look if you design it with a wood frame like the one in this video. Metal frames are often more convenient if they come in a kit, but you can get a kit with a wood frame like the one in this video. This has a much better appearance for a master bedroom since it's a classier look than a metal frame.

14) Elegant Metalwork

If you're working on a master bedroom, elegance is essential. For a teenager's room, it might not matter, but you'll need to come up with a way to make your canopy look classier for an adult's space. We liked the idea of some elegant metalwork like the work on this canopy bed from Amazon. Since this comes in a kit, it'll seem much more elegant, but it won't take any extra work to put together, and it'll make a great centerpiece with more decoration than a typical bed.

15) Elegant Mosquito Net

Elegance is the name of the game for a master bedroom. You're looking for an elegant bed, but you really need to keep mosquitoes away more than anything. Luckily, you can accomplish both of these things with something like this mosquito net from Amazon. It drapes in a beautiful, old-fashioned manner that you'll love, and of course, it'll still keep the mosquitoes away at night. Since it hangs from the ceiling, you don't need a special frame for it, either.

16) Playroom Bed

If you're looking for an enclosed bed for your kids, there's no reason why it can't be a source of entertainment, too. When we saw this playroom bed by Ana White, we thought this would be perfect for an enclosed bed for a child's room since it has play space above it, and the entire bed is designed to look like a playhouse. It even has stairs so that you don't have to worry about your children climbing unsafe ladders to a typical bunk bed top.

17) Mini Bed Tent

Bed tents are one common type of enclosed bed, particularly for children or people who are worried about keeping mosquitoes and other bugs off of them at night. That said, a bed tent is also a perfectly good canopy decoration for a child's room. It's an extra way that you can customize your child's room to have their favorite cartoon characters without spending a lot of money. If you're not trying to keep bugs off, you don't need a complete bed tent. Instead, you can try a mini one like this from Amazon.

Why do you want an enclosed bed? Do you want it for bug protection, or is decoration more important to you? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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