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You’ve picked a color for your master bedroom, but nothing else. You love purple, but you’ve struggled to find any purple bedroom furniture online or in stores. You need some help finding Purple Master Bedroom Ideas to make your bedroom the colorful and tasteful place you envision. Try some of these and see if they help you make the room you want.

1) Nature

While most people think of green and brown when they think of nature, purple is actually an excellent color for a nature-themed room, and nature is a great way to tone down purple if it seems too vibrant to sleep well with. Try getting decorations with bits of nature in them. These candles from Amazon are an excellent choice for couples sharing a purple master bedroom since they can create a romantic air for the room.

2) Washed Gray

Gray and purple go together well, even if you choose a bright purple. You can see how a washed gray piece like this from Amazon can match a bright and warm purple, but it can also fit a cool purple. Washed-out gray furniture like this can help break up the purple if it’s too vibrant, and a piece like this washed gray secretary desk from Amazon can make a neat secret desk for doing work in your master bedroom then hiding it away at night.

3) DIY Purple Glam Furniture

Purple is a perfect color for a glamorous bedroom since it’s a bright and rich color. You can make the room look regal or glamorous based on your reference, but either way, a completely purple wall might be more than you want. Take a look at this video by Sonia Miller to learn how you can paint a decorative bright purple table that’ll look good in a glam room and match a very lush regal theme, too. You’ve chosen a bold color, so you might not want to be subtle about it!

4) Stone Look

If you want a tasteful mix of purple and other colors so that your bedroom still feels restful while incorporating a beautiful color, stone look decor might be the right choice. Gray stone will match many shades of purple, and you can use wallpaper like this that looks like a stone wall to create an accent wall and keep the purple from being overwhelming. This is particularly important in a bedroom since you might have trouble sleeping in something too vibrant.

5) Patchwork Hearts

Hearts might seem like a bit much for an adult bedroom, but these cute patchwork hearts are an excellent old-fashioned decoration. Old fashioned decorations make your bedroom look timeless and create a vintage look even in a room that uses more modern color choices, and you can make patchwork hearts using purple cloth by following these directions. If you turn them into a prayer quilt with these instructions, it could be something you pass down to your children to place in another master bedroom someday.

6) Pink Flameless Candles

If you share your master bedroom with a partner, you might want some romantic decor or merely the option of creating a romantic environment when you want to. Purple is a great color for romance, and you can add pink decorations into a purple room that will match well. Try getting romantic pink candles like this; they’re even flameless so that you don’t have to worry if you accidentally leave them lit overnight. The interesting thing about using pink cables is that a room with a lot of purple may make pink candles look purple.

7) Shades of Purple

One way to make purple look lovely in a bedroom is to pick more than one shade of purple and create a monochromatic color scheme the way Amy Mosher describes in this article. By using two slightly different shades of purple, you can make a tasteful purple room. You can also use two different shades to isolate a sitting area or other section of your bedroom so that it feels like a separate space. This is important for a bedroom office since you want one area to be a workspace and one to be a restful one.

8) Fantasy

When you add purple to a normal nature scene, it tends to become more fantastical and magical-looking. If you love that fantasy effect, then you’ll want to add some aspects of nature into your bedroom. Try getting curtains like these with a beautiful image of a fantasy doorway. With purple furnishing around them, they’ll make it look like your master bedroom is the portal into a magical realm. This is your master bedroom, and you can do anything you want with it, so you might as well do something fantastic.

9) DIY Stenciled Wall

Solid purple is pretty, but it might be a bit too strong for bedroom walls. If you like the idea of purple bedroom walls, think about using a stencil to create an accent wall using the directions in this video by Royal Design Studio Stencils. You can use the accent wall to break up a room with too much purple or use it to add a more subtle amount of purple to a white room. An accent wall like this would be too fancy for a lot of bedrooms, but it’s perfect for a master bedroom.

10) Lava Lamp

The generation that grew up with lava lamps is getting older. They have their own houses now, and suddenly the things they wanted as a child are available to them as adults. Lava lamps were the coolest things as a teenager, and as an adult, you like bold colors like purple. You can add something bold like this purple lava lamp and light up the room. The orange in the lamp even provides some contrast to make it even bolder.

11) Be Bold

You like bold colors, and this is your master bedroom. While normally you wouldn’t paint a bedroom in a bold color like purple, you’re the master of the house, and this is one place you can make everything completely the way you like it. Don’t be afraid to use as much purple as you need to and create a bold and energetic color scheme if that’s what you want. You can even make amazing accent walls like the one in this article by Rhian Westbury with designs of your choice.

12) Glass

Purple is vibrant and bold, and if you use a lot of glass in your bedroom, the purple should reflect in the glass to add a new dimension to your purple bedroom. You can get textured glass furniture like these lamps with a diamond pattern. These also have a bluish tint already that will help them reflect purple from walls and bedding, and you can use them as bedside lamps for you and your partner. You can even get purple lightbulbs or color-changing light bulbs for them if the purple doesn’t reflect in the glass on its own.

13) Purple and White

Cool colors are calming, and they’re often the best for a bedroom for that reason. If you still want a bold look, you can choose dark purple and white for contrast and because dark purple is bolder than light purple when it comes to cooler tones. Take a look at this article from building our story to see how you can use dark, cool purple with white to create a beautiful, bold look that befits a master bedroom.

14) Purple Chandelier

Purple is a royal color, and you can use it to create a regal bedroom. Since this is your master bedroom, a regal look will be tasteful and create a beautiful, lush look. To add to the regal look, you can get more ornate fixtures like chandeliers that might seem over-the-top in a regular bedroom. The purple glass chandelier from Amazon is small enough to look okay in a bedroom and big enough to look regal.

15) Purple Glam

Purple is a great color for a glam bedroom, so if you like bold and bright purples, you can make your master bedroom glamorous in a way that fits a master bedroom. You don’t want something dull and lifeless, particularly if you’ve chosen a unique color like this, and you can use this video to create a glam bedroom with purple, black, and white. The video shows a bedroom with a TV and sitting area, so you’ll get plenty of inspiration for a glam master room.

16) Pastel

Purple is beautiful, but you don’t have to pick the boldest and brightest purples. In fact, you’re probably better off using a less vibrant shade of purple since you’ll need a restful room, particularly if you sleep with a partner and struggle to get a good night’s rest. Try using a bedspread like this with cool pastel colors that’ll keep your room feeling restful while creating an old-fashioned impression for your master bedroom. If you like lavender, a pale bedspread like this is perfect.

17) DIY Patterned Artwork

Purple is a bright color, so instead of painting the whole room purple, you might want to focus more on purple artwork and smaller purple decorations and furniture. You’ll still want something big because it’s a master bedroom, but an entire wall might be too much. Try making large purple art pieces using the directions in this article from Kammy’s Korner. Since you’ll be using stencils, you don’t need to be an artist, either, so don’t worry if you lack artistic talent.

18) Eggplant

There are a variety of purples you can use when you design your bedroom, and eggplant is a common one for a good reason. Since it’s a cool color, it’ll create a more calming environment than a bright or warm purple, and it’s an attractive and unique shade. With eggplant furniture like this pair of bedside lamps, you’ll have a shade of purple that’s closer to gray so that you can use a combination of gray and purple for a more subtle and soothing look. This way, your master bedroom is more tasteful.

19) Analogous Colors

Purple is the sort of color that can take over an area, and you might be struggling to think of another color that you can mix with it in a room to keep the bedroom from being overwhelmingly purple. If you don’t want to use white, you can try using analogous colors like blue. These colors should look nice with purple, though you’ll have to play with the shades, and blue in particular is one of the most soothing colors for a bedroom. If you’re unsure, you can use this article for advice on using analogous colors in a bedroom.

20) Intricate Designs

Your master bedroom should be the most ornate bedroom in your house, and one way to make it fancy while keeping the purple theme is to get purple bedding with intricate designs like the ones on this bedding set from Amazon. Purple bedding can be hard to find, particularly in large sizes like this queen-size bedding set from Amazon. This set has a classy look that fits a master bedroom, with subtle blue mixed in; you can look for furniture in a similar shade of blue to create a blue and purple room.

21) Coral and Green

Coral is a great color to combine with warm purple if you want a vibrant bedroom. It looks good in a natural setting, just like purple. Since coral and purple both go with green, you can get green and coral decorations like this to add some variety to a purple room, and the green will help tone down the brightest purple. This coral green curtain set would be a welcome break if you have bright purple walls, and it should block light to make your room more restful.

What shades of purple do you prefer? Did any of these ideas help you create the regal, glamorous, or otherwise beautiful master bedroom you wanted? Please let us know in the comments below.

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