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You're remodeling your master bedroom, or maybe you just moved into a new house, and you're designing the master bedroom from scratch. You're trying to pick the floor right now, but there are so many choices. How can you know which one is right for your room, and what effects do floors really have on your design and comfort? Your flooring choice is important, and we've got some Master Bedroom Flooring Ideas to make your room grand and comfortable!

1) Wood-Look Luxury Vinyl

Your master bedroom should be luxurious. It should look and feel fabulous and have only the best materials...but that's not always practical. Instead, make it look like it has the most high-end and luxurious materials using wood-look vinyl like this. The flooring is interlocking, so you can do it yourself, though a contractor will likely do a better job, and it might be worth the extra money to make sure the master bedroom doesn't have any defects.

2) Engineered Hardwood

Hardwood is generally cited as the best quality flooring because of its durability and beautiful appearance, but it can be expensive, so there's nothing wrong with looking for an alternative. That said, you want the best for your master bedroom, so you don't have to go with only the cheapest option. You can even get real hardwood for a lower cost by getting engineered hardwood like this. It's made from real hardwood, but it's composite. This means that it's durable and looks like hardwood, but it can't be refinished like solid hardwood. It's also easier to install.

3) DIY Refinish!

One of the greatest advantages to hardwood floors is that they can be refinished. If your bedroom has old and worn hardwood floors that you're trying to replace, don't just tear them up! Instead, sand them down and refinish them using the instructions in this video or by hiring a contractor. This way, you can choose a new stain to make them look different or just clear coat the floor to make it look fresh, new, and beautiful.

4) DIY Farmhouse

You can save a lot of money in your master bedroom by decorating with a farmhouse theme, and it's a pretty and old-fashioned look that suits a master bedroom. If you're thinking about a retro or farmhouse look, you can use plywood plank flooring and paint it like this DIYer from Woods and Ivory did. Since you're painting it, you don't need an expensive and pretty hardwood underneath, which can save you a lot of money. The paint will match a farmhouse style, and you can add area rugs near the bed for when you're walking around barefoot.

5) Peel-and-Stick Tiles

Tiles might sound like a strange choice for a bedroom, but they have some unique patterns that you don't see in hardwoods, and they're durable like other vinyl flooring. You can get a patterned carpet, but if you're sharing the master bedroom with pets, you'll need something easy to clean. This makes the vinyl tile a great alternative if you'd like something patterned but don't want to worry about the new puppy who isn't potty trained yet. Since they're peel-and-stick, you can install them yourself and save the cost of a contractor or hire a contractor.

6) DIY Carpet

Carpet is soft and plush, and it makes a room feel more luxurious and fancier. There was a time when carpet was expensive, and while it's gone down in price, it still feels like a luxury that you might reserve for special areas of the home. Your master bedroom is a great place to put carpet since you probably don't have little kids spilling juice cups, and you don't have to let untrained pets inside if you don't want to. You can use the step-by-step instructions in this video to install it yourself or hire somebody to put it down.

7) DIY Paint

There's something about farmhouse-style bedrooms that feels traditional. Farmhouses are timeless places, and making your house look like the family farm makes it feel stable and comforting. When you create this look in your bedroom, you'll want to choose a flooring style that matches your farmhouse theme. In farmhouses, there's a lot of painted metal and wood. You can paint your floors white like this family did and include a lot of vintage furniture to complete the look.

8) Prefinished Solid Hardwood

Solid hardwood is generally considered one of the highest quality floors. It lasts a long time, and you can sand and refinish it multiple times if you need to. This is one of the best choices if you want a long-lasting master bedroom that you can pass on to future generations. When you buy hardwood, you can pick between unfinished and finished pieces. If you don't want an incredibly involved project, or if your carpentry skills don't extend to installing a floor from scratch, your best bet is to buy prefinished flooring like this.

9) Unfinished Hardwood

If you like the durability and longevity that goes with a classic material like solid hardwood, but can't find a shade that matches your bedroom exactly, don't settle for something close. After all, your master bedroom would reflect your preferences and fit the rest of the house's style perfectly, and you don't want to spend a lot of money on solid hardwood unless you're getting exactly what you want. If you're not sure how to finish it, but don't want to hire an expensive contractor, you can use these instructions to get precisely the look you want.

10) Reviver

You don't want dingy floors in your master bedroom since it should be the most attractive and well-cared-for bedroom in the house. That said, you might not need to replace it. If your floors are just a bit worn and need their luster back, you can try a product like this Minwax hardwood floor reviver to make your floors look new again. It doesn't require sanding, though if there's damage to the floors, you'll want to sand and restrain them.

11) Pergo

If you share a bedroom with your dog, you want durable floors that can stand up to the scratching of their claws against the floor. While hardwood is nice, it's also expensive if you know that your dog is going to scuff it up. Pergo is resistant to scratches, so you don't have to worry as much about your pet scuffing up the floor. Since it looks like hardwood, you can have an attractive and fancy-looking floor that'll still hold up to you living your life.

Did any of these ideas help you figure out how to make the best master bedroom you can? Are you planning to refinish your floors and let their natural beauty shine, or replace them with something incredible?

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