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Your master bedroom is getting cluttered, but you don't have enough space! You try to stow things in the closet, but they're falling all over each other, and you and your significant other struggle to find things when you get dressed every morning! It's driving you nuts, and you need some Master Bedroom Closet Ideas! Check out our suggestions below to see if they inspire you.

1) Maximize Your Space

One of the most important things when it comes to making a clean, attractive, and organized closet is space. You need a lot of it, or you need to use it to the best of your ability. If you're looking for ideas on how to make the most of the room you have, check out this article by Rachel from Shades of Blue Interiors to learn how you can create an organized closet, even if it's a bit small.

2) Experiment

One of the great things about closets is that they're not visible most of the time. While it's still a part of your master bedroom, your master bedroom closet is a place where you can test some fantastic master bedroom ideas. You can try something new like this stenciling project, and if it doesn't turn out well, it won't be visible most of the time. You can always paint or panel over it, and if it does come out well, maybe the master bedroom is next!

3) Hidden Door Shelf

You don't have to stick with a typical style of closet, where the only unique features are your paint colors and what type of organizer you use. Get creative if you want! For example, you can design your closet behind a hidden door and shelf. This adds some extra storage space since you can store decorations on the shelf, and you've got a neat hideaway closet. It's particularly great if you have a small master bedroom since it'll make the room feel more spacious. Check out this video to learn how.

4) Paint Color

The colors your use in your closet aren't as important as the rest of the room, but it's still a master bedroom. You want it to look nice, and you'll see it every time you open the closet. While, for most closets, it might not matter, for a walk-in closet like a lot of master bedrooms have, you'll want a light neutral color like this that'll make the closet seem brighter instead of looking dull and dingy. If you don't have a light in the closet, get glossier paint, too.

5) DIY Barn Door Mirror

Your master bedroom is often the best place for a full-length mirror, particularly if you tend to get dressed in the bedroom and prefer to do your final outfit checks there. That said, a full-length mirror can take up a lot of wall room. One neat way to get around this is to make sliding closet doors with a mirror attached to one of them. That way, it won't take up any extra space. If you have a farmhouse theme, you can make sliding barn doors like Kristi from Chatfield Court did.

6) Cedar Walls

Cedar has long been used for closets because it repels bugs. It's also attractive and smells nice, making it an enjoyable choice for your master bedroom. You definitely want something attractive, but you'll have to decide how to install it. One option is using cedar planks on the walls. The planks look great, and you can use the instructions in this article and video to put them in yourself if you don't want to go to the expense of hiring a contractor.

7) Curtain Doorway

Some of what you'll need for a great master bedroom closet is a beautiful and functional interior, but you'll also want the entrance to look nice since that's the part you'll see from your master bedroom, and you want the master room to look nice. You can get a curtain or a classy tapestry like this to serve as your closet door and as a bedroom decoration. This will also match a farmhouse, bohemian, or rustic-themed room.

8) Knee Walls With Hidden Doors

If your master bedroom is in an awkward space, like an attic or basement, you might be struggling to figure out what to do with some knee walls or half walls. While it won't be a traditional closet, you can get creative and save space by building a unique master bedroom closet in the knee walls. Think about making hidden knee wall doors with the instructions in this video. This way, if your kids hang out in your bedroom, you still have a little bit of private closet space.

9) IKEA Hack Walk-In

Walk-In closets are great for master bedrooms because they're luxurious and have enough room for two people sharing a bedroom if needed. They're a privilege of being the master of the household, but they can be difficult and expensive to design if you have an empty one. Instead of spending a lot of money on shelves or trying to build them from scratch, you can try out this IKEA hack by Hannah from Handmade Weekly to make walk-in closet organizers.

10) Motion Sensor Lights

Your master bedroom closet should be easy to access and have all the luxuries you want. One neat thing you can set up in your closet is motion sensor lights. This way, your closet lights turn on the instant you open the door or when you step inside so that you won't have to hunt for a lightswitch in the early hours of the morning before you've even showered and dressed. You can get battery-powered ones like these from Amazon so that you don't have to mess with any wiring.

11) DIY Rotating Shoe Rack

Shoes are fun for a lot of people, but they can cause a problem in your closet. Unlike most other clothes, they don't fold and stack, but you still want to be able to get to your favorite pair when you need them. If shoes are your problem, you can use the directions in this video to learn how to build a big rotating shoe rack. This works very well if you have a small closet and still want to be able to access all the shoes quickly, and you can make the rack whatever size you want.

12) DIY Industrial Pipe Closet

Your master bedroom's theme will generally match the rest of the house’s theme, but if it's in an attic, or if your bedroom is the attic, you can switch to an industrial theme. For industrial-themed master bedrooms, you can create shelving for a walk-in closet using pipe by following the directions in this article from Meaningful Mama. This way, you'll have the luxury of a walk-in closet in an industrial style that matches your theme.

13) Cedar Furniture

Cedar is always an excellent closet choice because it repels bugs and therefore keeps them from eating your clothes. It also smells good, and depending on how you use it, the wood looks good. It's essential to have an element of attractiveness in a master bedroom closet, particularly if you and your kids spend a lot of time in the bedroom. Think about getting cedar furniture like this shoe rack and bench. The cedar will repel insects, and the bench will give you a comfortable place to sit while you get ready, making it excellent for elderly people.

14) Weathered Knotty Pine Paneling

Your master bedroom should be the nicest bedroom in the house, and part of that is looking nice, including the closets. If you have a walk-in closet, the walls are probably more visible than in most closets, and you need to choose a good paint color of paneling for them. Knotty pine paneling is a beautiful choice for any room, including but not limited to rustic-themed master bedrooms. You can see how it stands out in this article by David Murphy and learn some of the advantages of it.

15) Scented Shelf Liner

Your master bedroom should be the nicest-looking bedroom in the house, but it can also smell the best. If you want your closet to look and smell nice, but you can't afford something like real cedar paneling, we understand! One way to get around this is to get a pretty shelf liner like this one from Amazon. It's scented, so you'll get the benefits of both its appearance and a lovely aroma. This liner even comes with a few different prints to choose from.

16) Accent Wall

This idea is a good one because it works for both walk-in closets and regular ones, though we recommend a walk-in closet for a master bedroom. An accent wall like the one in this article will make the closet stand out the same way it does a bedroom, and you can place it on the back wall of any closet with built-in shelving. Since the shelves are built-in, they won't block the view of the accent wall. It's also a great way to designate space for an open closet.

17) DIY Partitions

If you have a grand master bedroom, you should have a grand master bedroom closet. One way to create this is to build partitions in the closet like this DIYer does in this video by Home With Stefani. You can frame walls using the same method she does and build partitions to divide up the closet into two separate spaces. This is a great way to organize your closet if you have two people sharing it so that you don't fight over closet space.

18) Full-Length Mirror

Do you get dressed in the bathroom or bedroom? We're not trying to get too personal, but if you get dressed in your bedroom, you'll want a full-length mirror for your last-minute outfit checks. If you have a walk-in closet like a lot of master bedrooms, you can place the mirror in the closet instead of just leaning it against the wall where somebody can trip on it. You can even get a mirror that can hang or lean against the wall like this one from Amazon if you're not sure which you'll prefer.

19) DIY Wood Shelving

Since this is in your master bedroom, you'll want only the best quality you can afford. Wood shelves are generally more durable and look nicer than plastic or composite, but it can be expensive to buy them or hire somebody to build them. If you want wood, you don't have to spend a lot on a carpenter or buy premade things that don't fit quite right. Instead, you can use these directions to make a shelving unit that attaches to the wall. This is great for an open closet in particular since it only needs a wall on one side.

20) Battery Lights

There are a lot of ways to light up a closet, but even in a master bedroom, the most important thing is convenience, not just aesthetics. If you already have a light in your closet, you can use these tiny tap lights so that you don't disturb your partner if you wake up before them. If you don't already have a light in your master bedroom closet, these don't have to be wired in, saving you a lot of effort and making it so that you don't have to cut up your walls.

21) DIY Customize Walk-In Closet Built-Ins

Master bedrooms are generally the best bedroom in the house because, as the master of the house, you deserve some luxury. A walk-in closet is one of the things that you deserve in your master bedroom, and the most comfortable way to create a walk-in closet is usually with built-in shelves. If you don't have the carpentry knowledge needed to make built-ins, you can make something that looks built-in, like Jillian did in this article.

What have you done with your master bedroom closet? Every bedroom is different, and we're looking forward to hearing about yours. Please tell us about it in the comments below.

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