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Congratulations on your little boy or girl! We can’t wait to help you design the perfect nursery for them. At the moment, you’re looking for the perfect window valance to complete the look you’re creating, so we compiled some Nursery Window Valance Ideas. Whether you have a bold theme or just want a wistful and relaxing room, these should help you complete a theme or even give you inspiration on how to start decorating.

1) Space

Outer space is a fun nursery theme because it looks almost magical and gives children a chance to wonder about the world. If you’ve chosen an outer space theme or just want to include fun things that’ll spark your baby’s imagination as they grow, a space-themed valance would make sense. This valance from Amazon has outlines of spacecraft and stars, making it a wonderful complement to space-themed curtains or a fun touch for a subtler, light gray nursery.

2) DIY No-Sew

If you’re not going with a typical theme, it makes sense that you’re having trouble finding a valance. You might not be able to find one that you like, and you may not have the skill to manufacture one. That’s why we found this tutorial for making a valance that doesn’t require sewing skills. Using these directions, you can choose any fabric that matches your theme, whether it’s an unusual color, rare cartoon, or something else. Then, make it into a valance.

3) DIY Scalloped

Scalloped designs transform a valance from plain to fancy or fantasy, making them ideal for a nursery. If you’re trying to create a simple and plain room, making scalloped curtains like these could be a way to add just a little dash of creativity without interfering with the stability of the room. In a more luxurious or fantasy-themed room, this option is also ideal since you’ll want to make sure that you have something more than a standard, plain valance.

4) Lush

To make your baby’s nursery feel like a soft wonderland, you’ll want some lush decorations, and your valances are no exception. We found this valance from Amazon that’s wheat-colored with many small circles that give it a full, soft-textured look. This nursery idea can help create a fantasy or increase the luxury of the nursery, giving the impression of clouds since it’s a small puff of softness near the ceiling. Due to the wheat color, it’ll probably work the best in a neutral brown, tan, or white room.

5) Jungle

Jungles are a common nursery theme because they’re an exotic environment for most children, and they’re crowded pieces of underexplored nature with infinite potential. If you have a jungle, adventure, or even animal theme, this valance might be a good choice. It has a jungle theme with cute animals across it that are perfect for engaging the interest of infants and children. After all, babies typically love animals, making jungle animals a good way to represent that location.

6) DIY Butterflies

Butterflies are a cute addition to any butterfly-themed or generic nursery, so if you’re looking to outfit a space that’s not thematic, a butterfly valance like this could be the best option. You can use this tutorial to learn how to make a simple and easy-to-build box valance with butterfly fabric. Naturally, you could choose any fabric, though bright colors like the butterfly cloth they used are wonderful for a nursery. Bold colors can make the valance stand out, and if the room is no longer a nursery later, you can easily replace the cloth.

7) Nature

Exposing children to nature at a young age is a wonderful way to promote natural intelligence and give them a head start enjoying the real world they live in. Nowadays, it’s never too early to teach children that nature is beautiful and that we need to preserve and enjoy it. This window valance has leaves on it in a natural brownish color that’d blend wonderfully into a nature-themed nursery, but you can also add it to a classic or simple room along with baskets and other decorations made with natural materials.

8) Elephant

People love putting elephants into nurseries because they’re cute and they’re easy for humans to identify with. Elephants share many cultural traits with humans, from grieving their dead to the cute way that they play and exhibit curiosity, and they look adorable, making them the perfect animals to introduce to your infant early on. You can use window valances like these that are gray with elephants and would go perfectly in a natural gray room, white room, or even a pink one since gray goes well with pink.

9) DIY Colorful Box

Box valances are popular for nurseries. They’re something you can make yourself and they block light from coming up over the top of the curtains, which is valuable when the room’s occupant is likely to sleep during the daytime. If you’re making a box valance, you can make it colorful like the one in this DIY project article so that it’ll fit in with the rest of the nursery and draw attention to it. Since it’s close to the ceiling, making it colorful is a good way to encourage people to look at all edges of the room.

10) Taupe Plaid

You need a valance to help block sunlight from coming over the curtains but don’t want to do something bright and colorful. In that case, you might need to find something that’s neutral and simple but not too dull for a nursery. A taupe plaid valance like this one will have a soft look that’s appropriate for a nursery, and while it adds a little color, it’s not intense enough to become overwhelming. This is ideal for a farmhouse style or a neutral room that’s white or tan.

11) DIY Foam Board

If you’re having trouble finding valances that you’re confident will block light the way you need to, you might be trying to find a quick, cheap, and easy way to make your own. We found this tutorial for making valances from foam board, which is cheaper than wood and will still block sunlight. Plus, you’ll have the option to customize the valances to be the shape and color that you want. Foam board won’t be as durable as some options, but you may want to change the look of the room once it’s no longer a nursery anyway.

12) Flowers

Flowers are nature’s most prevalent and colorful decorations, making them the perfect way to bring nature and beauty into a nursery. We found this vintage floral valance that’s perfect for a vintage-style nursery or any little girl’s nursery. It has a variety of flowers in pink, white, and yellow, so it’ll fit any nursery regardless of the color scheme. The flowers on it are realistic enough that they add an element of nature to the room, too.

13) DIY Rustic Wood

If you’re creating a cabin-themed or hunting nursery, then you’ll want a valance with a rustic look. One good option for this is to build a simple wood box valance, but what if you don’t have the skill to build one? We found this tutorial for making a wood valance that’d look lovely in a rustic-themed, cabin-style, or any nature-themed nursery. It does require some tools, but you can have boards cut to length or use a circular or hand saw if you don’t have a miter saw.

14) Foxes

If you’re having a little girl, pink and gray is a popular color combination, but you might not want to go with the typical gray and pink elephant color scheme. It’s easier to find elephant decorations, but they’re so common and you might want something unique that’ll stand out. We found these pink and gray valances with foxes on them that are playing, sleeping, and sitting in adorable poses that you and your baby can both enjoy.

15) Dinosaurs

Kids typically love dinosaurs, and young boys, in particular, often become obsessed with them. If you’re creating an eclectic or dinosaur-themed room or even a jungle theme, a dinosaur valance would be a fun addition. You can get a valance like this one that has blue, gray, and green dinosaurs of all different species and says “RAWR!” The nice thing about this is that it’ll still be fun for years to come since children often like dinosaurs into their preteens.

What style are you decorating with? Did you see any ideas you liked? Please let us know in the comments below.

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