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Mickey Mouse is part of the iconic and child-friendly Disney legacy that so many people grew up with. When you watch him, you’re transported to simpler times, and you’d like to connect to those times with your child. You want their nursery to be filled with reminders of that iconic show, but you’re not sure how to do it. Try some of these Mickey Mouse Nursery Ideas!

1) Mickey and Stars Changing Pad

One odd thing that you might have noticed about Mickey Mouse is that his profile is recognizable. You can look at a simple black image of his head and know that it’s him, making his head a perfect replacement for polka dots. Try getting subtly Mickey-themed things like this changing pad that has Mickey Mouse heads and stars instead of polka dots. The pattern will be stimulating and give your baby something to look at without being too intense.

2) Milestone Blanket

There are many milestones in a child’s life, but at a young age, we tend to measure them in months more than with any other yardstick. That’s why we have milestone blankets that we can use to show their progress as they grow and learn, and since your baby is growing and learning with your favorite cartoon character, their milestone blanket should have him in it. You can get a milestone blanket like this one so that Mickey will be standing next to your baby in every picture!

3) Mickey Polka Dot Walls

Mickey Mouse polka dots are probably the coolest polka dots in existence, so you’ll want to take advantage of them for your nursery. Mickey is one of the few cartoon characters that can be turned into a polka dot this easily, making this feature one-of-a-kind. Try making an entire polka dot wall with Mickey Mouse stickers, just like they did in this video! You can also do the same thing with stencils and black paint if you’re okay with a more permanent look that you’ll need to paint over to change.

4) Growth Chart

When you have an infant, you spend a lot of time charting growth. You note when they learned to walk, take pictures, and talk about how big your baby has gotten. Growth charts are one of the many ways people keep track as their little one ages, so it only makes sense to have a Mickey Mouse one. This cute growth chart will fit in with the rest of the Mickey Mouse decorations, and it’s removable so that you can take it off if you change the room’s theme later.

5) DIY Mickey Mouse Night Light

Night Lights are critical for nurseries because you’ll need to be able to come inside to check on your baby without tripping over tiny baby furniture and toys. You’ll also want enough light to see if they’re sleeping without having to turn on bright lights that could wake them. Try making a Mickey Mouse night light like the one in this nursery. All it takes is a cardboard mouse head cutout with some LED string lights taped to the back.

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6) Mickey Sleeping on the Moon

If your baby will be sleeping in the nursery, it makes sense to include some sleep-related images and other decorations that encourage restfulness. For Mickey-themed decorations, you can try this bedding set with Mickey Mouse sleeping on the moon, along with stars that are sleeping just as restfully as Mickey is. The light gray and happy pale yellow will help promote calm sleep and happiness while encouraging your little one to “reach for the stars.”

7) Sketches

There are a lot of different ways to design a nursery, from bright and colorful to old-fashioned to pastel. Since Disney is an old company and Mickey Mouse is one of the oldest Disney cartoons, it makes sense to have old-fashioned-looking decorations like the cartoon sketches as a nursery idea. The sketches include various characters, but you can choose Mickey Mouse and adjacent characters like Minnie Mouse. Try printing out something like these and framing them in a black and white dollar store frame.

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8) Sketch Polka Dots

Sketches are a neat way to show the old-fashioned nature of a Mickey Mouse nursery. Mickey Mouse has a few unique features, from its age to the ease with which you can make Mickey Mouse polka dots, so you can take advantage of these aspects all at once. If you like the idea of focusing on the timelessness of the older Mickey Mouse cartoons, you can get things like this blanket that has Mickey Mouse polka dots, but with slightly more shading to give it the same look as an old sketch.

9) DIY Mickey Mouse Letters

Lettering is popular in nurseries because it’s a way to make the space feel unique to your baby before they have individual interests to set them apart. You’ll want lettering that matches your theme, so we found these printable sheets to let you trace and paint your child’s name in Mickey Mouse letters. Just print them out and trace them onto a wall or pieces of wood, then get some paint and copy them onto the wall or wood piece.

10) Mickey Mouse Cloth

If you’re a crafty person, then you can make any number of decorations or turn almost anything into a Mickey Mouse-themed decoration. All you need to do is buy Mickey Mouse cloth like this from Amazon. Try wrapping a piece of cardboard with it and paint your child’s name on it to make a sign, or place it behind a collage of photographs to act as a background. You can even glue it to almost anything to make things fit your theme; try getting thrift store finds and covering them with this cloth!

11) Black and White

If you’re pregnant and plan to have the baby sleep in this nursery right away, some black and white patterns can be an ideal way to stimulate your child. They won’t be able to see color right away, so black and white will be easier for them to see. It’s easy to find black and white Mickey Mouse decorations like the crib sheets in this nursery, and they’ll not only stimulate your baby’s mind for that short period before they begin to see color but give the nursery an old-fashioned look that befits one of the oldest Disney characters.

12) The Whole Cast

Mickey Mouse isn’t alone. There are plenty of other characters that we see side-by-side with him, including Goofy, Minnie, and Donald Duck. While the nursery is mostly about Mickey, you can add a few other characters for variety and to show him with his friends. Try getting fun posters like this with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, then scatter them throughout the room or make a gallery wall with them. These are an excellent way to add a splash of color, even if you’re creating an old-fashioned nursery with a lot of black and white images.

13) Mickey Cloud and Stars Wall

Since the nursery is probably where your baby will sleep, you’ll want sleep-related imagery that also fits your theme. This sticker with Mickey Mouse sleeping peacefully on a moon amidst the stars is a restful image that will help your baby sleep. Since blue and gray are both cool colors, they’ll make it easier to sleep, so a sticker like this with gray stars and Mickey wearing blue pajamas. Since it’s a single sticker, it won’t take forever to set up like decals with many small stickers do.

14) DIY Topiary

Natural intelligence is essential in a day and age where so few children get the chance to explore nature in depth. If you live in a city, in particular, you’ll want to make sure your baby has some plants and other parts of nature inside with them. While that might seem at odds with a Mickey Mouse theme, you can make things like these cute Mickey Mouse topiaries. You can make these using some inexpensive materials and the instructions here.

Did any of these ideas seem right for your Mickey Mouse nursery? Do you have any ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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