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Coral is a beautiful color for nurseries. It’s very bright, bold, and vibrant, making the nursery a cheerful-looking place for your little one to grow up in. It looks beautiful as a theme by itself or paired with oceanic elements like shells and coral sculptures. 

Of course, much like with other color themes, it can be difficult to know where to begin on decor. So many great items exist in the color coral, but which ones are right for your specific nursery? In this article, I’m going to explore some coral nursery ideas to help you out. Let’s get started!

1) Coral Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are great for making a nursery feel cozy and comfortable, but sometimes it can be difficult to find ones that match your nursery’s aesthetics perfectly. Not to worry, that’s what throw pillow covers are for! These cute coral throw pillow covers from Amazon can give your nursery chair a pop of color and give it a cohesive look.

2) Coral Letterboard

Letterboards are a versatile piece of decor for your nursery since, unlike a poster or wall decal, you can customize it to say whatever you want. It could be your baby’s name, an inspirational quote, or a sweet personal message. 

They’re also a popular option for photos since you can put how old your baby is on the letterboard and track its growth over time (much like a milestone blanket). You can buy a coral letterboard from Amazon.

3) Coral Sculpture DIY

Nurseries that are coral in color don’t have to involve oceanic elements, but they certainly can! If you’re going for more of a beachy theme, then this coral sculpture DIY is a great decor choice. It looks very intricate, making it an eye-catching statement piece for your coral nursery.

4) Coral Rug

Coral rugs make beautiful accents for nurseries. They’re especially great if you have neutral floors that you want to tie into the theme, like hardwood flooring. You can buy a coral rug from Amazon.

5) Coral Artificial Succulents

Succulents make for lovely nursery decor. They’re small, so you can fit them just about anywhere, and they won’t take room away from your favorite decor items. You can put them on a shelf, dresser, bookshelf, or end table, or even put a few succulents in various places around the nursery. You can buy some artificial coral succulents at Amazon.

6) Coral Garland

Many parents love garlands as nursery decor since they’re so versatile. You can use them to accent shelves, decorate the wall behind your baby’s crib, decorate a bookshelf, plus so many other possibilities. No matter where you decide to put a coral garland, it’s sure to add a lovely pop of color to your nursery’s furniture or walls. Buy a coral garland from Etsy.

7) “Just Another Day in Paradise” Sign

Give your coral nursery a lovely tropical theme with this “Just Another Day in Paradise” sign. It’s a cute and simple piece of decor that would look great as a door sign or a small piece of wall decor. You can buy this sign from Amazon.

8) Coral Flower Wall Art

You can add a touch of elegance to your nursery with this lovely coral flower wall art. Whether by itself or as part of an eye-catching wall display, it’s sure to beautify your nursery walls.

9) Coral Throw Blanket

Throw blankets come with a surprising amount of decorative possibilities. You can use them to decorate a plain-looking chair, and depending on the positioning, it can change the aesthetics. Neatly folding a blanket onto a chair or over the side tends to make your nursery look more organized while throwing it onto a chair effortlessly can give it a more lived-in look. You can buy a coral throw blanket from Amazon.

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10) Coral Light Switch Cover

If you want every part of your nursery to feel cute and coordinated, why not get a coral light switch cover? It’s both functional and fashionable, adding a gorgeous touch to your walls. You can buy this light switch cover from Etsy.

11) Coral Curtains

Spruce up your nursery’s windows with some cute coral curtains. Along with being aesthetic, curtains are also practical for privacy reasons and for blocking out light during naptime or at night if your neighborhood has bright street lights. You can buy these coral curtains from Amazon.

12) Coral Sand

Coral sand is a very versatile decor item. One of the most popular ways to use it is as a vase filler. It can look gorgeous in a clear vase by itself, or it can hold artificial flowers in place. You can even layer multiple sand colors on top of each other for a colorful and visually interesting display. Buy some coral sand from Amazon.

13) Coral Paint

If you want to go all-out with your coral nursery theme, you can even paint the walls coral. If you go this route, I highly recommend offsetting your coral decor with some other colors like turquoise to prevent it from looking overly monocolor. Alternatively, you can paint one wall coral, which is great if you want to make a single wall a focal point in the nursery, like the wall behind your baby’s crib. You can buy some coral paint from Home Depot.

14) Coral Clock

Coral clocks make lovely pieces of wall decor. By themselves, they look beautiful over a doorway or near a wall shelf. They also look great in an arrangement with other wall decor pieces like paintings. You can buy a coral clock from Amazon.

15) Tassel Garland

Garlands are often used for accenting other things like cribs, but some garlands look very bold by themselves, like this tassel garland. Since each tassel hangs far down, you can also pin photos onto the strings to make the nursery feel more like home. Buy this tassel garland from Amazon.

16) Coral Paper Flower Wall Decor

Paper flowers look beautiful on the wall by themselves or for accenting other decors. Many parents like putting up a custom name sign and accenting it with cute flowers to tie it into the theme. You can buy coral paper flowers from Etsy.

17) Conch Shell

Conch shells like this one have a vibrant array of colors, like coral, that are sure to match your nursery decor. They’re particularly great if your coral nursery is ocean-themed and make great focal pieces due to their larger size. You can buy a conch shell from Etsy.

18) Coral Artificial Calla Lilies

Artificial flowers are great for adding to a cute decorative vase. Also, the nice thing about them is that you can get them in vibrant colors they wouldn’t ordinarily come in if they were real, like these coral calla lilies. You can buy these artificial calla lilies from Amazon.

19) Coral Watercolor Name Print

You can make your nursery feel more personalized to your baby with this cute coral name print. I like this one in particular due to the watercolor effect. Despite being a bright color, it has a softer look. You can buy this personalized name print from Etsy.

20) Coral Artificial Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a popular vase filler and perfect for adding a bohemian vibe to your nursery. You can buy artificial coral pampas grass from Amazon.

21) Coral Metal Flower Wall Decor

Metal flowers are great wall decor since you can do so many things with them. They look great by themselves to accent a wall, or you can get many mental flowers and create a lovely eye-catching arrangement. You can buy a metal flower from Amazon.

Summary and Top Picks

Did you enjoy looking at all of these coral nursery ideas? I hope they helped you narrow down the possibilities so you can create the perfect nursery design for your baby. 

While I loved all of these picks, I’d have to say my favorites were:

  • #6 Coral Garland: If any part of your nursery is feeling a bit bland, you can usually fix it with a simple coral garland like this one. 
  • #12 Coral Sand: Coral sand is versatile since you can put it in a vase by itself, use it to hold up other vase fillers like artificial flowers or pampas grass, or even use it as the basis of a DIY like layered sand art. 
  • #13 Coral Paint: If you want a nursery that truly stands out, coral paint can help you do just that. Since you’re doing the painting yourself, you get to decide which walls to paint, whether it’s just one accent wall or all four. 

Now I’d love to know your thoughts. Which of these decor items would you decorate your coral nursery with? Let me know in the comments!

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